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Abbreviation:   FTAI  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   fixed-time artificial insemination
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Association between length of proestrus, follicular size, estrus behavior, and pregnancy rate in beef heifers subjected to fixed-time artificial insemination. CL
2021 A retrospective analysis of bull:cow ratio effects on pregnancy rates of beef cows previously enrolled in fixed-time artificial insemination protocols. ---
2021 Cattle stress and pregnancy responses when imposing different restraint methods for conducting fixed time artificial insemination. ---
2021 Cholesterol-cyclodextrin complex as a replacement for egg yolk in bull semen extender: sperm characteristics post-thawing and in vivo fertility. TG
2021 Effect of fixed-time artificial insemination on corpus luteum gene expression at the day 16 and 25 pregnancy of gilt. APG
2021 Effects on Synchronization and Reproductive Efficiency of Delaying the Removal of the Intravaginal Progesterone Device by 24 h in the 5d Co-Synch Protocol in Heifers. CR, TSR
2021 Equine chorionic gonadotropin pretreatment 15 days before fixed-time artificial insemination improves the reproductive performance of replacement gilts. AI, eCG, GnRH
2021 Estradiol cypionate administered at the end of a progesterone-based protocol for FTAI induces ovulation and improves postovulatory luteal function and uterine environment in anestrous beef cows. ECP
2021 Estradiol cypionate treatment in suckling/weaning and estrous cycling/anestrous beef cows subjected to fixed-time artificial insemination. ECP, P/AI
10  2021 Evaluation of the 7 & 7 Synch and 7-day CO-Synch + CIDR treatment regimens for control of the estrous cycle among beef cows prior to fixed-time artificial insemination with conventional or sex-sorted semen. CIDR, dpp, GnRH
11  2021 GPGMH, a New Fixed Timed-AI Synchronization Regimen for Swamp and River Crossbred Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis). ---
12  2021 Oxytocin increases pregnancy rates after fixed time artificial insemination in Kazak ewes. ---
13  2021 Parenteral Copper Administration at the Beginning of a Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination Protocol in Beef Cattle: Effect on Ovarian Function and Pregnancy Rates. ACL, APF, CLBF
14  2021 Pharmacological approaches to induce follicular growth and ovulation for fixed-time artificial insemination treatment regimens in ewes. EB
15  2021 Probability of pregnancy to artificial insemination either after detected oestrus or at a fixed time in dairy cows: Influence of intrinsic and extrinsic factors in a large-scale, on-farm study. ---
16  2021 Progesterone supplementation in Holstein heifers subjected to cooling and timed AI during summer: physiological and reproductive variables and thyroid hormone concentrations. ---
17  2021 Sperm subpopulations influence the pregnancy rates in cattle. ---
18  2021 The effect of fixed-time artificial insemination protocol initiated at different stages of the estrous cycle on follicle development and ovulation in gilts. ---
19  2020 Administering an additional prostaglandin F2alpha injection to Bos indicus beef cows during a treatment regimen for fixed-time artificial insemination. BCS
20  2020 Applied use of interferon-tau stimulated genes expression in polymorphonuclear cells to detect pregnancy compared to other early predictors in beef cattle. ACC, ISG, NPV, PAG, PMNs, PPV, Se, Sp
21  2020 Comparison of long-term progestin-based protocols to synchronize estrus prior to natural service or fixed-time artificial insemination in Bos indicus-influenced beef heifers. NS, RTS
22  2020 Comparison of Single, Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination in Gilts Using Two Different Protocols to Synchronize Ovulation. pLH
23  2020 Comparison of single, fixed-time artificial insemination in weaned sows using 2 different protocols to synchronize ovulation. ---
24  2020 Effect of a second treatment of prostaglandin F2alpha during the Ovsynch program on fixed-time artificial insemination conception rates and luteolysis in split-calving, pasture-fed dairy cows. MO, OV
25  2020 Effect of environmental factors on estrus synchronization and artificial insemination success in farmers flock in sheep under semi-arid tropical region. ES, RH, THI
26  2020 Effect of expression of estrus and treatment with GnRH on pregnancies per AI in beef cattle synchronized with an estradiol/progesterone-based protocol. EB, ECP, GnRH, P/AI, PGF2 alpha
27  2020 Effects of equine chorionic gonadotropin administered via the Baihui acupoint on follicular ovarian dynamics and the luteal function of cattle during an ovulation synchronization treatment regimen for fixed-time artificial insemination. eCG, FD, im, US
28  2020 Effects of inorganic selenium injection on the performance of beef cows and their subsequent calves. ---
29  2020 Improving ovulation in gilts using anti-inhibin serum treatment combined with fixed-time artificial insemination. ---
30  2020 Pregnancy rates in hair sheep after Ovsynch synchronization and a combined intracervical fixed-time artificial insemination and 10-day mating period. NM, PGF2 alpha
31  2020 Sodium caseinate improves longevity and fertility of frozen bull semen. EY, HMP, iPAM, IVF, PMI
32  2020 Zinc supplementation within the reference ranges for zinc status in cattle improves sperm quality without modifying in vitro fertilization performance. IVF, Zn
33  2019 Effect of complexed trace minerals on cumulus-oocyte complex recovery and in vitro embryo production in beef cattle1,2. CNT, COCs, IVF, OPU, TRT
34  2019 Effects of fixed-time artificial insemination using triptorelin on the reproductive performance of pigs: a meta-analysis. AI, CI, FR, FTAI-TRI, NBA, PR, RR, TNB, TRI, WMD
35  2019 Effects of recombinant bovine somatotropin on pregnancy per artificial insemination, corpus luteum cellular composition and endometrial gland morphometry in beef cattle. bST, CL, P/AI, s.c
36  2019 Estrous expression during a fixed-time artificial insemination protocol enhances development and interferon-tau messenger RNA expression in conceptuses from Bos indicus beef cows. CL, EST, mRNA
37  2019 Estrous expression during a fixed-time artificial insemination protocol enhances development and interferon-tau messenger RNA expression in conceptuses from Bos indicus beef cows. CL, EST, mRNA
38  2019 In vitro evaluation of cryopreserved bovine sperm and its relation to field fertility in fixed-time artificial insemination. ---
39  2019 Is prostaglandin F2alpha administration at the beginning of a progesterone and estradiol-based treatment for FTAI an effective strategy in Bos taurus heifers? PG
40  2019 Parenteral Zinc Supplementation Increases Pregnancy Rates in Beef Cows. ACL, ALP, CL, Zn
41  2019 Use of injectable progesterone and hCG for fixed-time artificial insemination during the non-breeding season in goats. hCG
42  2019 Uterine hemodynamics during a short-term progesterone synchronization protocol in ewes. AD, BFV, EVD, IM, PI, PSV, RI, TAMAX, TAMEAN
43  2018 Effect of equine chorionic gonadotropin on reproductive performance in a dairy herd in Northern Queensland, Australia. eCG, HR, OR, P/AI, PSM
44  2018 Effect of GnRH or hCG administration on Day 4 post insemination on reproductive performance in Merino sheep of North Patagonia. BCS, CRL, PG
45  2018 Evaluation of SexedULTRA 4M™ sex-sorted semen in timed artificial insemination programs for mature beef cows. GnRH, STAI
46  2018 Follicular dynamics, circulating progesterone, and fertility in Holstein cows synchronized with reused intravaginal progesterone implants that were sanitized by autoclave or chemical disinfection. AUT, CHEM
47  2018 Genetic market in cattle (Bull, AI, FTAI, MOET and IVP): financial payback based on reproductive efficiency in beef and dairy herds in Brazil. AI
48  2018 Inducing ovulation with hCG in a five-day progesterone-based fixed-time AI protocol improves the fertility of anestrous dairy cows under heat stress conditions. GnRH, hCG, HS, THI
49  2018 Kisspeptin Modulates Luteinizing Hormone Release and Ovarian Follicular Dynamics in Pre-pubertal and Adult Murrah Buffaloes. ---
50  2018 Reproductive performance of cows after fixed-time artificial insemination with ovulation synchronisation and re-synchrony in southern Australian dairy herds. 6WIC, FSCR
51  2018 The GnRH analogue dephereline given in a fixed-time AI protocol improves ovulation and embryo survival in dairy cows. CL
52  2018 Transcriptome data of peripheral white blood cells from beef heifers collected at the time of artificial insemination. AI, NB, PWBC
53  2017 Comparative efficacy of oestrus synchronization protocols in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). beta-OHB, CR, GnRH, OIR
54  2017 Effect of insemination site and diameter of the pre-ovulatory follicle on the odds of pregnancy in heifers using sexed or non-sexed semen. CI, OR
55  2017 Effects of ovarian structures identified at Ovsynch™ enrolment, disease history and lactation variables on odds of pregnancy to a fixed-time artificial insemination after Ovsynch™. CL, GLMMs
56  2017 Equine chorionic gonadotropin administration after insemination affects luteal function and pregnancy establishment in postpartum anestrous beef cows. eCG
57  2017 Estrus induction and fertility response following different treatment protocols in Murrah buffaloes under field conditions. PMSG
58  2017 Estrus resynchronization in ewes with unknown pregnancy status. AI, IVD, MPA, NM
59  2017 Evaluation of the 14-d CIDR-PG and 9-d CIDR-PG protocols for synchronization of estrus in Bos indicus-influenced and Bos taurus beef heifers. CIDR, RTS
60  2017 Infrared thermography relationship between the temperature of the vulvar skin, ovarian activity, and pregnancy rates in Braford cows. IRT
61  2017 Investigation of in vitro measurable sperm attributes and their influence on electroejaculated bull semen with a fixed-time artificial insemination protocol in Australian Bos indicus cattle. ---
62  2017 Ovsynch Plus protocol improves ovarian response in anovular Murrah buffaloes in low-breeding season. DF, eCG
63  2017 Reproductive performance of lactating dairy cows after inducing ovulation using hCG in a five-day progesterone-based fixed-time AI protocol. CL, GnRH, hCG
64  2017 Semen deposition by cervical, transcervical and intrauterine route for fixed-time artificial insemination (FTAI) in the ewe. ---
65  2017 The 9-d CIDR-PG protocol II: Characterization of endocrine parameters, ovarian dynamics, and pregnancy rates to fixed-time AI following use of long-term CIDR-based estrus synchronization among mature beef cows. BCS, dpp, GnRH
66  2017 The copper transporter (SLC31A1/CTR1) is expressed in bovine spermatozoa and oocytes: Copper in IVF medium improves sperm quality. OF
67  2016 Alternative programs for synchronizing and resynchronizing ovulation in beef cattle. P/AI
68  2016 Comparative efficacy of different estrus synchronization protocols on estrus induction response, fertility and plasma progesterone and biochemical profile in crossbred anestrus cows. CIDR
69  2016 Comparing strategies to synchronize estrus before fixed-time artificial insemination in primiparous 2-year-old beef cows. CIDR, GnRH, STAI
70  2016 Factors associated with fertility of nulliparous dairy heifers following a 10-day fixed-time artificial insemination program with sex-sorted and conventional semen. ---
71  2016 Invitro and invivo fertilization potential of cryopreserved spermatozoa from bull epididymides stored for up to 30hours at ambient temperature (18C-20C). EJ, EP
72  2016 Progesterone-based fixed-time artificial insemination protocols for dairy cows: Gonadotropin-releasing hormone versus estradiol benzoate at initiation and estradiol cypionate versus estradiol benzoate at the end. CL, EB, ECP
73  2016 Resynchronising returns to service in anoestrous dairy cows in the South Island of New Zealand. PSM
74  2016 Short-term dietary concentrate supplementation during estrus synchronization treatment in beef cows increased IGF-I serum concentration but did not affect the reproductive response. CIDR
75  2016 Single fixed-time artificial insemination in gilts and weaned sows using pLH at estrus onset administered through vulvar submucosal route. AFR, AIs, Exp 1, Exp. 2, pLH, TPB
76  2015 Comparison of pregnancy rates in beef cattle after a fixed-time AI with once- or twice-used controlled internal drug release devices. CIDR
77  2015 Cooled semen for fixed-time artificial insemination in beef cattle. ---
78  2015 Fertility after implementation of long- and short-term progesterone-based ovulation synchronization protocols for fixed-time artificial insemination in beef heifers. CIDR, GnRH, LT, RTS, ST
79  2015 Increasing estradiol benzoate, pretreatment with gonadotropin-releasing hormone, and impediments for successful estradiol-based fixed-time artificial insemination protocols in dairy cattle. EB, Exp, P/AI
80  2015 Influence of category--heifers, primiparous and multiparous lactating cows--in a large-scale resynchronization fixed-time artificial insemination program. ---
81  2015 Progesterone supplementation after ovulation: effects on corpus luteum function and on fertility of dairy cows subjected to AI or ET. CIDR, ET, P/ET
82  2014 Comparison of a 16- versus a 19-day interval between controlled internal drug release removal and prostaglandin F2alpha following a 14-day controlled internal drug release treatment and fixed-time artificial insemination in postpartum beef cows. CIDR
83  2014 Comparison of the pregnancy rates and costs per calf born after fixed-time artificial insemination or artificial insemination after estrus detection in Bos indicus heifers. im, IPRD, PRs
84  2014 Conception rates to fixed-time artificial insemination of two oestrus synchronisation programmes in dairy heifers. ---
85  2014 Delayed insemination of non-estrous heifers and cows when using conventional semen in timed artificial insemination. CIDR, RTS
86  2014 Delayed insemination of nonestrous cows improves pregnancy rates when using sex-sorted semen in timed artificial insemination of suckled beef cows. CIDR
87  2014 Effect of estradiol cypionate and amount of progesterone in the intravaginal device on synchronization of estrus, ovulation and on pregnancy rate in beef cows treated with FTAI based protocols. EB, ECP, PID
88  2014 Effects of different five-day progesterone-based fixed-time AI protocols on follicular/luteal dynamics and fertility in dairy cows. AI, CL
89  2014 Estrus synchronization and fixed-time artificial insemination in sheep under field conditions of a semi-arid tropical region. AI
90  2014 Evaluation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone hydrogen chloride at 3 doses with prostaglandin F2alpha for fixed-time artificial insemination in dairy cows. P/FTAI
91  2014 Fixed-time post-cervical artificial insemination in sows receiving porcine luteinising hormone at oestrus onset. FTPCAI, PCAI, pLH
92  2014 Synchronization of ovulation and fixed-time artificial insemination in beef cattle. AI
93  2014 Use of porcine luteinizing hormone at oestrous onset in a protocol for fixed-time artificial insemination in gilts. IOEO, pLH, TB
94  2013 Effect of progesterone concentrations, follicle diameter, timing of artificial insemination, and ovulatory stimulus on pregnancy rate to synchronized artificial insemination in postpubertal Nellore heifers. CIDR, CIDR1
95  2013 Efficacy of inclusion of equine chorionic gonadotrophin into a treatment protocol for anoestrous dairy cows. eCG, GEE
96  2013 Factors affecting reproductive performance of white-tailed deer subjected to fixed-time artificial insemination or natural mating. CIDR
97  2013 The effect of exogenous follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and endogenous plasma leptin concentrations on the pregnancy rate of beef heifers subjected to fixed-timed artificial insemination (FTAI). CIDR, EB, FSH
98  2013 The effects of progesterone treatment following artificial insemination on the reproductive performance of dairy cows. ---
99  2012 Determination of the appropriate delivery of prostaglandin F2alpha in the five-day CO-Synch + controlled intravaginal drug release protocol in suckled beef cows. CIDR
100  2012 Factors influencing pregnancy per artificial insemination in repeat-breeder cows induced to ovulate with a CIDR-based protocol. P/AI, RBC, THI