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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Activated protein C plays no major roles in the inhibition of coagulation or increased fibrinolysis in acute coagulopathy of trauma-shock: a systematic review. ACoTS, CDSR, CENTRAL, PAI-1
2018 Coagulotoxic Cobras: Clinical Implications of Strong Anticoagulant Actions of African Spitting Naja Venoms That Are Not Neutralised by Antivenom but Are by LY315920 (Varespladib). FXa
2018 Emicizumab-mediated haemostatic function in patients with haemophilia A is down-regulated by activated protein C through inactivation of activated factor V. APC, TG
2018 Factor V Has Anticoagulant Activity in Plasma in the Presence of TFPIalpha: Difference between FV1 and FV2. FV, FXa, TFPIalpha
2018 Protein S K196E mutation reduces its cofactor activity for APC but not for TFPI. APC, C4BP, FXa, PS, TFPI, VTE
2018 TFPIalpha interacts with FVa and FXa to inhibit prothrombinase during the initiation of coagulation. FXa, TFPIalpha
2017 Reduced Prothrombinase Inhibition by Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor Contributes to the Factor V Leiden Hypercoagulable State. FVL, FXa, TF
2016 A direct thrombin inhibitor suppresses protein C activation and factor Va degradation in human plasma: Possible mechanisms of paradoxical enhancement of thrombin generation. aPC-PCI, AT, PC, TG, TM
2016 Discovery of Novel Nonactive Site Inhibitors of the Prothrombinase Enzyme Complex. FXa, MD, PT, PTase
10  2015 Factor Xa dimerization competes with prothrombinase complex formation on platelet-like membrane surfaces. CK, FEGR, FXa, MPs, PS
11  2015 Lyso-Sulfatide Binds Factor Xa and Inhibits Thrombin Generation by the Prothrombinase Complex. FXa, lyso-SF
12  2015 The Dual Regulatory Role of Amino Acids Leu480 and Gln481 of Prothrombin. FXa, rFII
13  2015 Thrombotic Role of Blood and Endothelial Cells in Uremia through Phosphatidylserine Exposure and Microparticle Release. EC, FXa, MP, PBC, PS
14  2014 Comparative response of platelet fV and plasma fV to activated protein C and relevance to a model of acute traumatic coagulopathy. APC, ATC, fVdp, PT, TEG
15  2014 Factor Va alternative conformation reconstruction using atomic force microscopy. AFM
16  2014 Improved hemostasis in hemophilia mice by means of an engineered factor Va mutant. APC
17  2014 Molecular basis of the clotting defect in a bleeding patient missing the Asp-185 codon in the factor X gene. FX, FXa
18  2014 New insights into the spatiotemporal localization of prothrombinase in vivo. FXa
19  2014 Voltammetric aptasensor combined with magnetic beads assay developed for detection of human activated protein C. APC, BSA, DNA APT, DPV, MBs, PC, PGE, Thr
20  2013 A new regulatory function of activated factor V: inhibition of the activation by tissue factor/factor VII(a) of factor X. FVII, RVV-V, TF, TFPI, TG
21  2013 Amino acid region 1000-1008 of factor V is a dynamic regulator for the emergence of procoagulant activity. FV, FXa
22  2013 Factor Xa activation of factor V is of paramount importance in initiating the coagulation system: lessons from a tick salivary protein. FXa
23  2013 Protein C and protein S deficiency - practical diagnostic issues. APC, DVT, MLPA, PC, PS, VTE
24  2011 Function of the activated protein C (APC) autolysis loop in activated FVIII inactivation. APC, FVIIIa
25  2011 Notecarin D binds human factor V and factor Va with high affinity in the absence of membranes. FV, FXa, NotD, ProT
26  2010 Activated protein C cofactor function of protein S: a critical role for Asp95 in the EGF1-like domain. APC, CAT, EGF1, FVIIIa, TSR, WT
27  2010 Cellular regulation of blood coagulation: a model for venous stasis. LPS, rTF
28  2010 Covalent antithrombin-heparin effect on thrombin-thrombomodulin and activated protein C reaction with factor V/Va. APC, AT, HUVECs, PC, TM, UFH
29  2010 Deep vein thrombosis in protein S deficiency. FVIIIa
30  2010 Down regulation of prothrombinase by activated protein C during prothrombin activation. APC
31  2010 Inhibition of thrombin formation by active site mutated (S360A) activated protein C. APC, FVIIIa
32  2010 Properties of procoagulant platelets: defining and characterizing the subpopulation binding a functional prothrombinase. ---
33  2010 Reevaluation of the role of HDL in the anticoagulant activated protein C system in humans. APC
34  2010 The R306G and R506Q mutations in coagulation Factor V reveals additional cleavage sites for Activated Protein C in the R313-R321 region and at R505. APC
35  2009 APC resistance: biological basis and acquired influences. APC, APC, FV
36  2009 Differences in prethrombin-1 activation with human or bovine factor Va can be attributed to the heavy chain. Pre-1
37  2009 Factor V Leiden and activated protein C resistance. APC, APC
38  2009 Functional and structural characterization of factor Xa dimer in solution. FXa
39  2009 Novel APC-cleavage sites in FVa provide insights into mechanisms of action of APC and its cofactor protein S. APC
40  2009 Platelet factor 4 impairs the anticoagulant activity of activated protein C. APC, Gla, PF4
41  2009 Prothrombin amino terminal region helps protect coagulation factor Va from proteolytic inactivation by activated protein C. APC
42  2009 The effects of phosphatidylserine-dependent antiprothrombin antibody on thrombin generation. APS, APTs, LAC
43  2008 A phosphatidylserine binding site in factor Va C1 domain regulates both assembly and activity of the prothrombinase complex. FXa, PS
44  2008 Effects of prothrombin on the individual activated protein C-mediated cleavages of coagulation factor Va. APC, FXa
45  2008 Factor Va alters the conformation of the Na+-binding loop of factor Xa in the prothrombinase complex. ---
46  2008 Human activated protein C variants in a rat model of arterial thrombosis. APC, FVIIIa, PS
47  2008 Identification of surface epitopes of human coagulation factor Va that are important for interaction with activated protein C and heparin. APC
48  2008 Location of the multimerin 1 binding site in coagulation factor V: an update. FV, MMRN1
49  2007 A novel anticoagulant protein with high affinity to blood coagulation factor Va from Tegillarca granosa. SPR, TGAP, TT
50  2007 Factor Va residues 311-325 represent an activated protein C binding region. APC, FXa
51  2007 Role of the alpha-helix 163-170 in factor Xa catalytic activity. FXa
52  2006 Deuterium solvent isotope effect and proton-inventory studies of factor Xa-catalyzed reactions. FXa, KSIEs
53  2006 Effects of factor Xa and protein S on the individual activated protein C-mediated cleavages of coagulation factor Va. FXa
54  2006 Inflammation and the activated protein C anticoagulant pathway. EPCR, TM
55  2006 Proposed structural models of the prothrombinase (FXa-FVa) complex. FXa, PT
56  2005 Anti-prothrombin IgG from patients with anti-phospholipid antibodies inhibits the inactivation of factor Va by activated protein C. APC
57  2005 Megakaryocytes endocytose and subsequently modify human factor V in vivo to form the entire pool of a unique platelet-derived cofactor. FV
58  2005 Regulation of blood coagulation by the protein C anticoagulant pathway: novel insights into structure-function relationships and molecular recognition. APC, EPCR, FVIIIa, PAR-1
59  2005 Selective modulation of protein C affinity for EPCR and phospholipids by Gla domain mutation. APC, EPCR
60  2004 Altered inactivation pathway of factor Va by activated protein C in the presence of heparin. APC, UFH
61  2004 Enhanced rate of cleavage at Arg-306 and Arg-506 in coagulation factor Va by Gla domain-mutated human-activated protein C. APC, WT
62  2004 Functional properties of recombinant factor V mutated in a potential calcium-binding site. FXa, HC, LC, rFV-wt
63  2004 Progress in the understanding of the protein C anticoagulant pathway. APC, FVIIIa
64  2004 Prothrombin residues 473-487 contribute to factor Va binding in the prothrombinase complex. Fl-fVa, FXa
65  2003 Factor Va is inactivated by activated protein C in the absence of cleavage sites at Arg-306, Arg-506, and Arg-679. APC, FVIIIa, rFV
66  2003 Factor Va-factor Xa interactions: molecular sites involved in enzyme:cofactor assembly. FV, FXa
67  2003 Importance of protein S and phospholipid for activated protein C-mediated cleavages in factor Va. APC
68  2003 Role of the Gla and first epidermal growth factor-like domains of factor X in the prothrombinase and tissue factor-factor VIIa complexes. FIX, FVII, FX, Gla domain, TF-FVIIa, wt-FX
69  2003 Unique in vivo modifications of coagulation factor V produce a physically and functionally distinct platelet-derived cofactor: characterization of purified platelet-derived factor V/Va. ---
70  2002 Defining the factor Xa-binding site on factor Va by site-directed glycosylation. FXa
71  2002 Effect of hyperhomocysteinemia on protein C activation and activity. APC, tHcy
72  2002 Factor V and thrombotic disease: description of a janus-faced protein. APC, FV, FXa
73  2002 Gla domain-mutated human protein C exhibiting enhanced anticoagulant activity and increased phospholipid binding. Gla, WT APC
74  2002 Interdomain engineered disulfide bond permitting elucidation of mechanisms of inactivation of coagulation factor Va by activated protein C. APC, FXa
75  2002 Molecular characterization of an extended binding site for coagulation factor Va in the positive exosite of activated protein C. APC
76  2001 Gene targeting in hemostasis: protein C. APC, EPCR, FVIIIa, FX, PAI-1, PC, PS, TAFI, TM
77  2001 Secondary substrate-binding exosite in the serine protease domain of activated protein C important for cleavage at Arg-506 but not at Arg-306 in factor Va. APC, SP
78  2001 The use of prothrombin(S525C) labeled with fluorescein to directly study the inhibition of prothrombinase by antithrombin during prothrombin activation. AT, FXa
79  2001 Three-dimensional model of the SHBG-like region of anticoagulant protein S: new structure-function insights. C4BP, PS, SHBG
80  2000 C4b-binding protein protects coagulation factor Va from inactivation by activated protein C. ---
81  2000 Definition of a factor Va binding site in factor Xa. ---
82  2000 Mutations in a potential phospholipid binding loop in the C2 domain of factor V affecting the assembly of the prothrombinase complex. FVIIIa
83  2000 Substitution of asparagine for arginine 347 of recombinant factor Xa markedly reduces factor Va binding. ATIII, FX, PC
84  2000 The autolysis loop of activated protein C interacts with factor Va and differentiates between the Arg506 and Arg306 cleavage sites. APC, APTT, ChT
85  2000 The second laminin G-type domain of protein S is indispensable for expression of full cofactor activity in activated protein C-catalysed inactivation of factor Va and factor VIIIa. APC, FVIIIa
86  2000 Three-dimensional model of coagulation factor Va bound to activated protein C. APC
87  1999 Cleavage of factor V at Arg 506 by activated protein C and the expression of anticoagulant activity of factor V. APC, FIXa, FV, FVIIIa
88  1999 Importance of individual activated protein C cleavage site regions in coagulation factor V for factor Va inactivation and for factor Xa activation. APC, FV, FXa
89  1998 Differential effects of anti-beta2-glycoprotein I and antiprothrombin antibodies on the anticoagulant activity of activated protein C. APCR, aPL, beta2GPI, dRVVT, KCT, SD
90  1998 Inhibition of prothrombinase by human secretory phospholipase A2 involves binding to factor Xa. FXa, hsPLA2
91  1998 Secretable human platelet-derived factor V originates from the plasma pool. APC, BM, FV
92  1998 Structural investigation of the A domains of human blood coagulation factor V by molecular modeling. APC, CP, FV, FVIII, FXa, HNE, PS
93  1998 The SHBG-like region of protein S is crucial for factor V-dependent APC-cofactor function. APC, FV, FVIIIa, SHBG
94  1997 The effect of Arg306-->Ala and Arg506-->Gln substitutions in the inactivation of recombinant human factor Va by activated protein C and protein S. APC, fVaPLASMA, rfVaWT
95  1996 Binding sites for blood coagulation factor Xa and protein S involving residues 493-506 in factor Va. APC, FXa
96  1995 Inhibitory activity of anti-beta 2-glycoprotein I antibody on factor Va degradation by activated-protein C and its cofactor protein S. aCL, aGPI
97  1995 Prothrombinase components can accelerate tissue plasminogen activator-catalyzed plasminogen activation. FXa, Pg, Pn, tPA
98  1995 Use of a generally applicable tissue factor--dependent factor V assay to detect activated protein C-resistant factor Va in patients receiving warfarin and in patients with a lupus anticoagulant. APC
99  1994 Thrombin-stimulated human platelets express molecular forms of alpha-granule factor V (FV), which differ from FVa. FV
100  1993 Characterization of monocyte-associated factor V. FV