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Abbreviation:   GHBP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   GH-binding protein
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Associations of GHR, IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 expression in adipose tissue cells with obesity-related alterations in corresponding circulating levels and adipose tissue function in children. AT, GH, GHR, IGF-1, IGFBP-3
2022 Biomarkers of growth and carbohydrate metabolism in neonatal rats supplemented with fish oil and/or antioxidants during intermittent hypoxia. CoQ10, ELGANs, GCK, GH, GLP, IGF, IGFBP, IH, RA
2020 IGF-I/IGFBP3/ALS Deficiency in Sarcopenia: Low GHBP Suggests GH Resistance in a Subgroup of Geriatric Patients. ADL, ALS, BMI, GH, IGF-I, IGFBP3, MMSE, SMI
2019 Severe growth failure associated with a novel heterozygous nonsense mutation in the GHR transmembrane domain leading to elevated growth hormone binding protein. GH, GHR, IGF, IGFBP, LS
2016 Impaired phosphorylation of JAK2-STAT5b signaling in fibroblasts from uremic children. ALS, AU, CKD, IQR, PD, rhGH
2015 Pegvisomant-primed glucagon stimulation test in assessing GH reserve and GH/IGF kinetics in adults suspected of GH deficiency. GHD, GST, ITT, PEGV, PegV-GST
2015 Response to IGF-1 Generation Test in Short Prepubertal Children Born Very Preterm or at Term. GH, IGF-1, IGFBP-1, rhGH
2014 Clinical and biochemical consequences of an intragenic growth hormone receptor (GHR) deletion in a large Chinese pedigree. GHI, GHR
2013 A novel GHR intronic variant, c.266+83G>T , activates a cryptic 5' splice site causing severe GHR deficiency and classical GH insensitivity syndrome. GHI, GHR
10  2013 Evaluation of endocrine function in children admitted to pediatric intensive care unit. ACTH, GH, IGFBP-3, IL-6, PELOD, PICU, PRISM
11  2013 The role of human growth hormone's C-terminal disulfide bridge. GHR, HEK, hGH
12  2012 Adaptation of ghrelin and the GH/IGF axis to high altitude. ALS, AMS, HA, IGFBPs
13  2012 Automated 22-kD growth hormone-specific assay without interference from Pegvisomant. GH
14  2012 Growth hormone regulation of follicular growth. GH, GHR, IGFBPs
15  2012 Measurement of free GH and bioactive IGF-I in non-diabetic haemodialysis patients treated with GH for 7 days. ESRF, GH, IGF-I, rh
16  2012 Peripheral regulation of the growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor system in fish and other vertebrates. GH, GHR, IGFBP, IGFR
17  2011 Growth hormone/IGF-I axis and growth hormone receptor mutations in idiopathic short stature. GH, GHR, ISS
18  2011 Immunoreactive and bioactive growth hormone responses to resistance exercise in men who are lean or obese. bGH, GH, iGH, RE
19  2011 Innate dysfunction promotes linear growth failure in pediatric Crohn's disease and growth hormone resistance in murine ileitis. CD, CI, GH, GHR, GM-CSF Ab, NSAID, PCR
20  2011 Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is associated with increased GHBP and reduced GH/IGF-I levels. ALS, IGFBPs, NAFLD
21  2011 Quantification of the GH/IGF-axis components: lessons from human studies. GHR, IGF-IR, KIRA
22  2010 Atypical GH insensitivity syndrome and severe insulin-like growth factor-I deficiency resulting from compound heterozygous mutations of the GH receptor, including a novel frameshift mutation affecting the intracellular domain. GHR
23  2009 The shortness of Pygmies is associated with severe under-expression of the growth hormone receptor. GH, GHR, IGF-I, ISS
24  2008 Determination of free growth hormone. ---
25  2008 Leptin does not mediate short-term fasting-induced changes in growth hormone pulsatility but increases IGF-I in leptin deficiency states. IGFBP, r-metHuLeptin
26  2008 Lessons from the genetics of laron syndrome. GHI, GHR
27  2008 The extracellular domain of the growth hormone receptor interacts with coactivator activator to promote cell proliferation. CoAA, GHR
28  2008 [Significance of the changes of growth hormone receptor mRNA in liver after cardiopulmonary bypass in a rat model]. CPB, GH, GHR mRNA, IL
29  2007 GH mutant (R77C) in a pedigree presenting with the delay of growth and pubertal development: structural analysis of the mutant and evaluation of the biological activity. GHR, wt-GH
30  2007 Growth hormone-binding protein is directly and IGFBP-3 is inversely associated with risk of female breast cancer. OR
31  2006 Acromegaly and end-stage renal disease: a diagnostic challenge. IGFBP
32  2006 Circulating growth hormone binding protein levels and mononuclear cell growth hormone receptor expression in uremia. ESRD, GH, PBMC
33  2006 GH-binding protein is related to bone mineral density in non-obese androgenized women. BMD, FH
34  2006 Kinetics and secretion of placental growth hormone around parturition. BMI, CS, PGH
35  2006 The role of growth hormone in the pathogenesis of diabetic kidney disease. GH, GHR, GHRA, IGFs, KO, UAE
36  2005 Age-related effects of IGF-1 on the NMDA-, GH- and IGF-1-receptor mRNA transcripts in the rat hippocampus. GH, GHR, IGF-1, LTP
37  2005 Different growth hormone sensitivity of target tissues and growth hormone response to glucose in HIV-infected patients with and without lipodystrophy. AUC-GH, GH, IGF-I, IGFBP-3, NAIVE
38  2005 Growth hormone binding protein and maternal body mass index in relation to placental growth hormone and insulin requirements during pregnancy in type 1 diabetic women. BMI, GH, IGFs, PGH
39  2005 Postoperative evaluation of patients with acromegaly: clinical significance and timing of oral glucose tolerance testing and measurement of (free) insulin-like growth factor I, acid-labile subunit, and growth hormone-binding protein levels. ALS, OGTT, TA
40  2005 The IGF-system is not affected by a twofold change in protein intake in patients with type 1 diabetes. HNP, IGFBPs, LNP
41  2004 Differential impact of simple childhood obesity on the components of the growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-IGF binding proteins axis. ALS, GH, GHR, IGF, IGF-I
42  2004 Gene expression of the GH receptor in subcutaneous and intraabdominal fat in healthy females: relationship to GH-binding protein. GHR, GHR
43  2004 Insulin-like growth factor-I response to a single bolus of growth hormone is increased in obesity. BMI, NM, OM
44  2004 Insulin-like growth factors, insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins, insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-3 protease, and growth hormone-binding protein in lipodystrophic human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients. GH, HIV, IGFBPs, IGFs, LIPO
45  2004 Modulation by progestogens of the effects of oestrogen on hepatic endocrine function in postmenopausal women. ---
46  2003 A novel mutation of the growth hormone receptor gene (GHR) in a Chinese girl with Laron syndrome. GHIS, GHR, hGH, IGF, IGFBP
47  2003 Association between the GH receptor/exon 3 genotype and the level of exon 3-positive GH-binding protein in human serum. GHR
48  2003 Lactogenic hormone responsive element reporter gene activation assay for human growth hormone. LHRE
49  2003 Reduced proteolysis of rabbit growth hormone (GH) receptor substituted with mouse GH receptor cleavage site. GH, GHR, rb
50  2003 The growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor axis in adult patients with Prader Willi syndrome. GH, IGFBP, PWS
51  2002 A novel bioassay for human somatogenic activity in serum samples supports the clinical reliability of immunoassays. MTT
52  2002 Activity of GH/IGF-1 axis in burn patients: comparison with normal subjects and patients with GH deficiency. ICU, NS, pre-A, TRA
53  2002 Amplified and orderly growth hormone secretion characterizes lean adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome. ApEn, BMI, IFMA, IGFBP, PCOS
54  2002 Body composition and circulating levels of insulin, insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-1 and growth hormone (GH)-binding protein affect the pharmacokinetics of GH in adults independently of age. GH, IGFBP-1
55  2002 Can exaggerated response to a GH provocative test identify patients with partial GH insensitivity syndrome? BA, BMI, DeltaBA, GHI, GHR, IGFBP-3, ISS, MPH, SDS, SDS
56  2002 GH-IGF-I axis in non-obese women with functional hyperandrogenism. FH, FT, IGFBP-3
57  2002 Growth hormone (GH) action in the brain: neural expression of a GH-response gene. GH, GHR
58  2002 Growth hormone is required for ovarian follicular growth. GHR, KO
59  2002 IGF-I, IGF-I-binding proteins and GH-binding protein in malnourished elderly patients with inflammation receiving refeeding therapy. CRP, IGFBP, IL-6
60  2002 Impact of GHBP interference on estimates of GH and GH pharmacokinetics. BMI, MCR
61  2002 Inability of heterologous growth hormone (GH) to regulate GH binding protein in GH-transgenic swine. GH
62  2002 Localization and regulation of the growth hormone receptor and growth hormone-binding protein in the rat growth plate. GH, GHR, RT-PCR, s.c, TH, TSA
63  2002 Metalloproteinases and the modulation of GH signaling. GHR, TACE
64  2002 Spontaneous growth hormone secretory characteristics in children with partial growth hormone insensitivity. hGH
65  2002 Structurally distinct membrane-associated and soluble forms of GH-binding protein in the mouse. GHR
66  2002 Structure and regulation of expression of the mouse GH receptor. ER, GHR
67  2002 The involvement of growth hormone-binding protein in altered GH-IGF axis in IDDM. BMI, PG, uGH
68  2002 [Truncated growth hormone receptor mutations function as dominant-negative inhibitors of the full-length receptor and cause genetic short stature]. GH, GHR
69  2001 A comparison of circulating and regional growth hormone-binding protein in cirrhosis. BMI, GH, IGF-I
70  2001 Binding and functional studies with the growth hormone receptor antagonist, B2036-PEG (pegvisomant), reveal effects of pegylation and evidence that it binds to a receptor dimer. ---
71  2001 Blood growth hormone-binding protein levels in premenopausal and postmenopausal women: roles of body weight and estrogen levels. BIA, BMI, DEXA, FM, TF, WHR
72  2001 Changes in the growth hormone-IGF-I axis in non-obese diabetic mice. GHR, NOD
73  2001 Effects of short-term administration of low-dose rhGH on IGF-I levels in obesity and Cushing's syndrome: indirect evaluation of sensitivity to GH. CS, IGFBP-3, NS, OB
74  2001 Gene expression of a truncated and the full-length growth hormone (GH) receptor in subcutaneous fat and skeletal muscle in GH-deficient adults: impact of GH treatment. GH, mRNA
75  2001 Growth hormone (GH)-induced dimerization inhibits phorbol ester-stimulated GH receptor proteolysis. GH, GHR, PMA
76  2001 Measurement of growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor I and their binding proteins: the clinical aspects. ALS, GH, IGF-I, IGFBP-3
77  2001 Morphine decreases the levels of the gene transcripts of growth hormone receptor and growth hormone binding protein in the male rat hippocampus and spinal cord. GHR
78  2001 Phorbol ester- and growth factor-induced growth hormone (GH) receptor proteolysis and GH-binding protein shedding: relationship to GH receptor down-regulation. CHO, GH, GHR, PDGF, PKC, rbGHR
79  2001 Potential use of growth hormone receptor antagonist in the treatment of diabetic kidney disease. GH, GHR, GHRAs, IGFs, KO, UAE
80  2001 [Clinical study on the changes of growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor-I axis in patient with obstructive jaundice]. GH, IGF-I, OJ
81  2000 Clinical review 112: Does serum growth hormone (GH) binding protein reflect human GH receptor function? GH, GHI, GHR, hGHR
82  2000 Dose-response effects of a new growth hormone receptor antagonist (B2036-PEG) on circulating, hepatic and renal expression of the growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor system in adult mice. GH, GHR, GHRA, IGF, IGFBP-3
83  2000 Effects of a 7-day continuous infusion of octreotide on circulating levels of growth factors and binding proteins in growth hormone (GH)-treated GH-deficient patients. ALS, GH, GHD, OCT
84  2000 Intersubject responsiveness of high-affinity growth hormone (GH)-binding protein (GHBP) to long-term GH replacement therapy. GH, GHD, IGF-1, IGFBP-3
85  2000 Placental growth hormone (GH), GH-binding protein, and insulin-like growth factor axis in normal, growth-retarded, and diabetic pregnancies: correlations with fetal growth. GH, IGF-I, IGFBP-1, PGH
86  2000 Pubertal adolescent male-female differences in insulin sensitivity and glucose effectiveness determined by the one compartment minimal model. ---
87  2000 Resistance to growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I in acidotic rats. ADU, GH, IGF-I
88  2000 Tumor necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme (TACE) is a growth hormone binding protein (GHBP) sheddase: the metalloprotease TACE/ADAM-17 is critical for (PMA-induced) GH receptor proteolysis and GHBP generation. GHR, PMA, rb, TACE, TNF-alpha
89  1999 A missense mutation in the GHR gene of Cornell sex-linked dwarf chickens does not abolish serum GH binding. GH, GHR, SLD
90  1999 Administration of growth hormone or IGF-I to pregnant rats on a reduced diet throughout pregnancy does not prevent fetal intrauterine growth retardation and elevated blood pressure in adult offspring. GH, IGF-I, IUGR
91  1999 Characterization of a low affinity binding protein for growth hormone in rat serum. hGH
92  1999 Circulating levels of free insulin-like growth factors in obese subjects: the impact of type 2 diabetes. GH, IGF, IGFBP
93  1999 Differential expression of the growth hormone receptor and growth hormone-binding protein in epithelia and stroma of the mouse mammary gland at various physiological stages. GHR
94  1999 Functional characterization of truncated growth hormone (GH) receptor-(1-277) causing partial GH insensitivity syndrome with high GH-binding protein. GH, GHR, GHR, GHR-277, STAT5
95  1999 Generation of chicken growth hormone-binding proteins by proteolysis. cGHR, GH
96  1999 GH insensitivity induced by endotoxin injection is associated with decreased liver GH receptors. GH, GHR, IGF
97  1999 Growth hormone (GH) and 17beta-estradiol regulation of the expression of mouse GH receptor and GH-binding protein in cultured mouse hepatocytes. ER, GH, GHR
98  1999 Growth hormone binding protein correlates strongly with leptin and percentage body fat in GH-deficient adults, is increased by GH replacement but does not predict IGF-I response. DEXA, GHR
99  1999 Growth hormone in obesity. GH, GHRH, GHRPs, IGF-I, IGFBP-1
100  1999 Identification of serum GH-binding proteins in the goldfish (Carassius auratus) and comparison with mammalian GH-binding proteins. bGH, Mr, rcGH