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Abbreviation:   HCAECs  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   human coronary artery endothelial cells
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Circular RNA expression profile of H2O2 induced ferroptosis model of human coronary artery endothelial cells. CAD, circRNAs, Fer-1, LDH, Lipid ROS, MDA
2023 Ginsenoside Rg1 ameliorates chronic intermittent hypoxia-induced vascular endothelial dysfunction by suppressing the formation of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species through the calpain-1 pathway. CIH, NO, OSA, ROS, VED
2023 The role of FOXO4/NFAT2 signaling pathway in dysfunction of human coronary endothelial cells and inflammatory infiltration of vasculitis in Kawasaki disease. FOXO4, KD, PBMCs, TF
2022 Apolipoprotein A-I Inhibits Transendothelial Transport of Apolipoprotein B-Carrying Lipoproteins and Enhances Its Associated High-Density Lipoprotein Formation. ABCA1, ALK1, apoB-LPs, HDL, MAECs, SR-BI
2022 Blood Endothelial-Cell Extracellular Vesicles as Potential Biomarkers for the Selection of Plasma in COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Therapy. BEC-EVs, CCP, COVID-19
2022 Co-culture of peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) and human coronary artery endothelial cell (HCAEC) reveals the important role of autophagy implicated in Kawasaki disease. 3-MA, HCAEC, KD, PBMC, PBMCs
2022 Ex vivo coronary endothelial cell activation associated with indoor coal combustion initiated atherosclerosis. ELISA, PSM
2022 HADH may be the target molecule of early vascular endothelial impairment in T2DM. AS, DEGs, GEO, qPCR, ROC curve, T2DM, VECD, WGCNA
2022 Interleukin-33/ST2 Axis as Potential Biomarker and Therapeutic Target in Kawasaki Disease. CALs, DAMPs, IL, KD, sST2
10  2022 iTRAQ Proteomics Identified the Potential Biomarkers of Coronary Artery Lesion in Kawasaki Disease and In Vitro Studies Demonstrated That S100A4 Treatment Made HCAECs More Susceptible to Neutrophil Infiltration. CAL, CAT, ELISA, iTRAQ, KD
11  2022 Kawasaki disease: ubiquitin-specific protease 5 promotes endothelial inflammation via TNFalpha-mediated signaling. KD, NF-kappaB, USP5
12  2022 Melatonin alleviates vascular endothelial cell damage by regulating an autophagy-apoptosis axis in Kawasaki disease. CAWS, CREB, ELISA, KD, MT
13  2022 Normoxic HIF-1α Stabilization Caused by Local Inflammatory Factors and Its Consequences in Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells. HIF
14  2022 Platelet-derived extracellular vesicles encapsulate microRNA-34c-5p to ameliorate inflammatory response of coronary artery endothelial cells via PODXL-mediated P38 MAPK signaling pathway. CAD, EVs, IL-1beta, miR-34c-5p, ox-LDL, PODXL, TNF-alpha
15  2022 Platelet-derived microRNA-223 attenuates TNF-alpha induced monocytes adhesion to arterial endothelium by targeting ICAM-1 in Kawasaki disease. EC, ICAM-1, KD, LCWE, PMPs
16  2022 Possible causes of atherosclerosis: lncRNA COLCA1 induces oxidative stress in human coronary artery endothelial cells and impairs wound healing. COLCA1, LDL, ox-LDL, SPP1
17  2022 Protective effect of Astragaloside IV on chronic intermittent hypoxia-induced vascular endothelial dysfunction through the calpain-1/SIRT1/AMPK signaling pathway. AS-IV, CIH, NO, OSA, SRT1720, VED
18  2022 SGLT2 inhibitor dapagliflozin reduces endothelial dysfunction and microvascular damage during cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury through normalizing the XO-SERCA2-CaMKII-coffilin pathways. CaM, DAPA, eNOS, IRI, SERCA2, XO
19  2022 Targeting Circulating lncRNA ENST00000538705.1 Relieves Acute Coronary Syndrome via Modulating ALOX15. ACS
20  2022 The effects and mechanisms of ghrelin upon angiogenesis in human coronary artery endothelial cells under hypoxia. Ang-1, Ang-2, GHS-R, VEGF
21  2022 Transcription factor GATA1 represses oxidized-low density lipoprotein-induced pyroptosis of human coronary artery endothelial cells. AS, CVDs, GATA1, GSDMD-N, IL, NLRP3, ox-LDL, RORalpha
22  2022 Yes-associated protein contributes to magnesium alloy-derivedinflammation in endothelial cells. Mg alloy, YAP
23  2022 Zhilong Huoxue Tongyu Capsule Alleviated the Pyroptosis of Vascular Endothelial Cells Induced by ox-LDL through miR-30b-5p/NLRP3. AS, ox-LDL
24  2022 [Recombinant human interleukin 35 (rhIL-35) alleviates the damage of coronary artery endothelial cells in Kawasaki disease by inhibiting NF-kappaB pathway]. KD, NF-kappaB p65, rhIL-35, TNF-alpha, ZO-1
25  2021 A novel role of kallikrein-related peptidase 8 in the pathogenesis of diabetic cardiac fibrosis. Ad-KLK8, EndMT, HIF, KLKs, siRNA, Sp1, TGF, VE
26  2021 Activation of neutral sphingomyelinase 2 through hyperglycemia contributes to endothelial apoptosis via vesicle-bound intercellular transfer of ceramides. LEVs, nSMase2, sEVs
27  2021 Adiponectin forms a complex with atherogenic LDL andinhibits its downstream effects. CHO, ELISAs, LDL, LOX-1, oxLDL
28  2021 Antimicrobial Properties of Palladium and Platinum Nanoparticles: A New Tool for Combating Food-Borne Pathogens. HaCaT, HDFs, HRTECs, NPs, TEM
29  2021 Cardiac Spheroids as in vitro Bioengineered Heart Tissues to Study Human Heart Pathophysiology. ECM, HCFs, hiPSC-CMs or iCMs
30  2021 CUL5-Mediated Visfatin (NAMPT) Degradation Blocks Endothelial Proliferation and Angiogenesis via the MAPK/PI3K-AKT Signaling. NAMPT, VEGF
31  2021 Empagliflozin reduces oxidative stress through inhibition of the novel inflammation/NHE/[Na+]c/ROS-pathway in human endothelial cells. EMPA, HUVECs, NHE, ROS, SGLT2i's
32  2021 Expansion of Monocytic Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells in Patients Under Hemodialysis Might Lead to Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Events. M-MDSCs, MDSCs, OS
33  2021 Extracellular-vesicle containing miRNA-503-5p released by macrophages contributes to atherosclerosis. EVs, miR-503-5p, SMCs
34  2021 Gastrin exerts a protective effect against myocardial infarction via promoting angiogenesis. CCK2R, LAD, MI, VEGF
35  2021 Immobilization of Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3beta Inhibitor on 316L Stainless Steel via Polydopamine to Accelerate Endothelialization. FTIR, GSKi, SEM
36  2021 LncRNA TONSL-AS1 participates in coronary artery disease by interacting with miR-197. CAD, HDL-C, LDL-C, lncRNA
37  2021 Lysophosphatidylcholine in phospholipase A2-modified LDL triggers secretion of angiopoietin 2. Ang-2, PLA2, WPB
38  2021 MicroRNA-17-5p, a novel endothelial cell modulator, controls vascular re-endothelialization and neointimal lesion formation. ECs
39  2021 MicroRNA-197-3p mediates damage to human coronary artery endothelial cells via targeting TIMP3 in Kawasaki disease. IPA, KD, miR-197-3p
40  2021 Molecular mechanism of Chuanxiong Rhizoma in treating coronary artery diseases. CAD, CR, NO
41  2021 Nanostructured Lipid Carriers Deliver Resveratrol, Restoring Attenuated Dilation in Small Coronary Arteries, via the AMPK Pathway. AMPK, L-NNA, NLCs, RV
42  2021 Neutrophil-Derived Semaphorin 4D Induces Inflammatory Cytokine Production of Endothelial Cells via Different Plexin Receptors in Kawasaki Disease. CALs, ECs, KD, Sema4D, sSema4D
43  2021 Overexpressed Neuropilin-1 in Endothelial Cells Promotes Endothelial Permeability through Interaction with ANGPTL4 and VEGF in Kawasaki Disease. ANGPTL4, EC, KD, NRP-1, sNRP1, VEGF, VEGFR2
44  2021 Oxidative Phosphorylation-Mediated E-Selectin Upregulation Is Associated With Endothelia-Monocyte Adhesion in Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells Treated With Sera From Patients With Kawasaki Disease. KD, OXPHOS
45  2021 PDSS2 Inhibits the Ferroptosis of Vascular Endothelial Cells in Atherosclerosis by Activating Nrf2. AS
46  2021 Platelet Microparticles Enriched in miR-223 Reduce ICAM-1-Dependent Vascular Inflammation in Septic Conditions. ICAM-1, LDPs, miRNAs, PBMCs, PMPs, TRAP
47  2021 Potential role of epicardial adipose tissue in coronary artery endothelial cell dysfunction in type 2 diabetes. conEAT, CPs, EAT, gplEAT, IFNA2, IL-13, IL-5, IL1B, TNF-alpha
48  2021 Prednisolone Suppresses the Extracellular Release of HMGB-1 and Associated Inflammatory Pathways in Kawasaki Disease. ERK, HMGB1, IL, JNK, KD, NF-kappaB, PSL, sJIA, TNF
49  2021 Sodium Glucose Co-Transporter 2 Inhibitors Ameliorate Endothelium Barrier Dysfunction Induced by Cyclic Stretch through Inhibition of Reactive Oxygen Species. CANA, DAPA, EMPA, NAC, NOXs, ROS
50  2021 Tanshinone IIA protects human coronary artery endothelial cells from ferroptosis by activating the NRF2 pathway. TSA
51  2020 Activation of the CaR-CSE/H2S pathway confers cardioprotection against ischemia-reperfusion injury. CaR, I/R, siCSE
52  2020 Aspirin protects human coronary artery endothelial cells by inducing autophagy. Ang II, ECs, HG, NO, ox-LDL, p-NF-kappaB, p-p38 MAPK, sICAM-1, sVCAM-1
53  2020 Attenuation of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Induced Inflammation by Umbilical Cord-Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Exosome-Mimetic Nanovesicles in Endothelial Cells. FT, NVs, TFF, TNF-alpha, UC-MSCs
54  2020 CCL4 Inhibition in Atherosclerosis: Effects on Plaque Stability, Endothelial Cell Adhesiveness, and Macrophages Activation. ICAM-1, IL-6, NF-kappaB, oxLDL, TNF, VCAM-1
55  2020 Coronary endothelial dysfunction prevented by small-conductance calcium-activated potassium channel activator in mice and patients with diabetes. MHECs, ND
56  2020 Diagnostic Utility and Pathogenic Role of Circulating MicroRNAs in Vasospastic Angina. eNOS, miR, VA, VA
57  2020 DNA hypermethylation: A novel mechanism of CREG gene suppression and atherosclerogenic endothelial dysfunction. 5-aza-dC, DNMT, HUVECs, NAC, ox-LDL
58  2020 Fatty-Acid-Binding Protein 4 as a Novel Contributor to Mononuclear Cell Activation and Endothelial Cell Dysfunction in Atherosclerosis. CAD, FABP4, MNCs, ox-LDL
59  2020 Functional benefits of corticosteroid and IVIG combination therapy in a coronary artery endothelial cell model of Kawasaki disease. DEX, G-CSF, HMGB1, IVIG, KD, qPCR
60  2020 Hyperbaric oxygen activates visfatin expression and angiogenesis via angiotensin II and JNK pathway in hypoxic human coronary artery endothelial cells. Ang II, HBO, HIF-1alpha, JNK
61  2020 Inhibition of long noncoding RNA HIF1A-AS2 confers protection against atherosclerosis via ATF2 downregulation. ECs, HFD, HIF1A-AS2, ICAM-1, IL-1beta, IL-6, lncRNAs, MCP-1, SMCs, TNF-alpha, VCAM-1
62  2020 Monomeric C-reactive protein affects cell injury and apoptosis through activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in human coronary artery endothelial cells. COX-2, CRP, ICAM-2, LDH, MAPK, mCRP, pCRP, VCAM-1, VEGF
63  2020 NEAT1/miR-140-3p/MAPK1 mediates the viability and survival of coronary endothelial cells and affects coronary atherosclerotic heart disease. CAD, lncRNA, MAPK1, NEAT1
64  2020 Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Induce MCP-1 at the Culprit Site in ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction. CCR2, CitH3, MCP, NETs, STEMI
65  2020 Nicorandil reversed homocysteine-induced coronary microvascular dysfunction via regulating PI3K/Akt/eNOS pathway. AMI, HHcy, LVEF, LVFS, NOS, PI3K
66  2020 Novel Anti-inflammatory Effects of Canagliflozin Involving Hexokinase II in Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells. Cana, DAPA, EMPA, HKII, IL-6, IL-6, LPS
67  2020 Orai-IGFBP3 signaling complex regulates high-glucose exposure-induced increased proliferation, permeability, and migration of human coronary artery endothelial cells. HG, IGFBP3
68  2020 Puerarin attenuates the endothelial-mesenchymal transition induced by oxidative stress in human coronary artery endothelial cells through PI3K/AKT pathway. EndMT, PI3K
69  2020 Salidroside downregulates microRNA‑133a and inhibits endothelial cell apoptosis induced by oxidized low‑density lipoprotein. AS, Sal
70  2020 Statin rosuvastatin inhibits apoptosis of human coronary artery endothelial cells through upregulation of the JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway. JAK, STAT
71  2020 The role of Ca2+/NFAT in Dysfunction and Inflammation of Human Coronary Endothelial Cells induced by Sera from patients with Kawasaki disease. CsA, KD
72  2019 Core-Shell Polymer-Based Nanoparticles Deliver miR-155-5p to Endothelial Cells. ECs, ER, miRNAs, NPs, PIBCA
73  2019 Differential responses of endothelial cells on three-dimensional scaffolds to lipopolysaccharides from periodontopathogens. Aa, LPS, Pg
74  2019 Empagliflozin and Dapagliflozin Reduce ROS Generation and Restore NO Bioavailability in Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha-Stimulated Human Coronary Arterial Endothelial Cells. DAPA, EMPA, FACS, HUVECs, NO, SGLT2i's, TNF-alpha
75  2019 Endothelial cells from different anatomical origin have distinct responses during SNAIL/TGF-beta2-mediated endothelial-mesenchymal transition. EndMT, TGF-beta
76  2019 Ethanol enhances endothelial ionic currents and nitric oxide release via intermediate-conductance calcium-activated potassium channel. A2AR, KCa, PKA
77  2019 Induction of decay accelerating factor and membrane cofactor protein by resveratrol attenuates complement deposition in human coronary artery endothelial cells. HO
78  2019 Interleukin-37: The Effect of Anti-Inflammatory Response in Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells. IL-37
79  2019 Iodide modulates protein damage induced by the inflammation-associated heme enzyme myeloperoxidase. HOCl, MPO
80  2019 Long noncoding RNA expression analysis reveals the regulatory effects of nitinol-based nanotubular coatings on human coronary artery endothelial cells. CVD, EC, lncRNAs, mRNAs, qRT-PCR, TAF1, TBP
81  2019 MEF2A alters the proliferation, inflammation-related gene expression profiles and its silencing induces cellular senescence in human coronary endothelial cells. DEGs, GO, KEGG, MEF2A, siRNA
82  2019 MiR-223-3p Alleviates Vascular Endothelial Injury by Targeting IL6ST in Kawasaki Disease. CAWS, ICAM-1, IL-6, IL-6ST, KD, p-STAT3, STAT3, UTR
83  2019 miR-34a-5p was involved in chronic intermittent hypoxia-induced autophagy of human coronary artery endothelial cells via Bcl-2/beclin 1 signal transduction pathway. AV, Bcl-2, CIH, miR-34a-5p, miRNAs, OSAHS
84  2019 Novel gene regulatory networks identified in response to nitro-conjugated linoleic acid in human endothelial cells. CLA, EC, FAs, NO
85  2019 Production of bioactive recombinant human myeloid-derived growth factor in Escherichia coli and its mechanism on vascular endothelial cell proliferation. MYDGF, rh
86  2019 Renin-angiotensin system inhibitor attenuates oxidative stress induced human coronary artery endothelial cell dysfunction via the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway. ROS
87  2019 The Ratio of Factor VIIa:Tissue Factor Content within Microvesicles Determines the Differential Influence on Endothelial Cells. TF
88  2019 Three-Layered Silk Fibroin Tubular Scaffold for the Repair and Regeneration of Small Caliber Blood Vessels: From Design to in vivo Pilot Tests. HAAFs, HASMCs, SF
89  2019 Trimethylamine N-oxide promotes tissue factor expression and activity in vascular endothelial cells: A new link between trimethylamine N-oxide and atherosclerotic thrombosis. CVD, STEMI, TF, TMAO
90  2019 Vascular repair and anti-inflammatory effects of soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitor. AUDA, EETs, IL, IVIG, KD, MMP, sEH, TNF
91  2018 Angiokine Wisp-1 is increased in myocardial infarction and regulates cardiac endothelial signaling. HDAC, MIs, Wisp-1
92  2018 Antibacterial mechanisms of a novel type picosecond laser-generated silver-titanium nanoparticles and their toxicity to human cells. HDFc, NPs
93  2018 Cardioprotective Effects of Puerarin-V on Isoproterenol-Induced Myocardial Infarction Mice Is Associated with Regulation of PPAR-Upsilon/NF-kappaB Pathway. ECG, ISO, LPS, MI, PCR
94  2018 Cell-Specific Protective Signaling Induced by the Novel AT2R-Agonist NP-6A4 on Human Endothelial and Smooth Muscle Cells. CI, DOXO, hCAVSMCs, ROS, RTCA
95  2018 Down-regulation of lncRNA OGFRP1 induces autophagy and growth inhibition by AKT/mTOR signaling pathway in HCAECs. lncRNAs
96  2018 Effects of everolimus and HLA-G on cellular proliferation and neutrophil adhesion in an in vitro model of cardiac allograft vasculopathy. CAV, HCASMC, HLA-G
97  2018 Eikenella corrodens lipopolysaccharide stimulates the pro-atherosclerotic response in human coronary artery endothelial cells and monocyte adhesion. ERK, GM-CSF, ICAM-1, IL-8, LPS, MCP-1, NF-kappaB, TLRs
98  2018 Ghrelin attenuates myocardial fibrosis after acute myocardial infarction via inhibiting endothelial-to mesenchymal transition in rat model. AMI, EndMT, LAD, MF
99  2018 Hyperbaric oxygen boosts long noncoding RNA MALAT1 exosome secretion to suppress microRNA-92a expression in therapeutic angiogenesis. HBO, MALAT1
100  2018 Monocyte-Derived Interleukin-1beta As the Driver of S100A12-Induced Sterile Inflammatory Activation of Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells: Implications for the Pathogenesis of Kawasaki Disease. IL-1beta, IVIG, KD, LPS, RAGE, TLR4