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Abbreviation:   HULIS  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   humic-like substances
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Size-Resolved Redox Activity and Cytotoxicity of Water-Soluble Urban Atmospheric Particulate Matter: Assessing Contributions from Chemical Components. DTT, MLR, PM, WSOC
2022 Abundance, chemical structure, and light absorption properties of humic-like substances (HULIS) and other organic fractions of forest aerosols in Hokkaido. HP-WSOM, HR-AMS, OA, TOEF, WISOM
2022 Are fireworks a significant episodic source of brown carbon? BC, BrC, FTIR, NACs
2022 Chromophoric dissolved organic carbon cycle and its molecular compositions and optical properties in precipitation in the Guanzhong basin, China. EEM, ESI, FT-ICR MS, GB, PARAFAC, PMF, PRLIS, UV-vis, WSOC, XN
2022 Effects of NO2 and RH on secondary organic aerosol formation and light absorption from OH oxidation of omicron-xylene. HONO, NOCs, OSc, RH, SOA, VOC
2022 Molecular characterization of nitrogen-containing organic compounds in fractionated atmospheric humic-like substances (HULIS) and its relationship with optical properties. PM
2022 Molecular compositions, optical properties, and implications of dissolved brown carbon in snow/ice on the Tibetan Plateau glaciers. BrC, PRLIS, RF, TP, WSOC
2022 Optical properties, molecular characterizations, and oxidative potentials of different polarity levels of water-soluble organic matters in winter PM2.5 in six China's megacities. HP-WSOM, OP, ROS, UV, WSOM
2022 Oxidation potential and coupling effects of the fractionated components in airborne fine particulate matter. ROS
10  2022 pH modifies the oxidative potential and peroxide content of biomass burning HULIS under dark aging. BBOA, OP
11  2022 pH-Dependent Chemical Transformations of Humic-Like Substances and Further Cognitions Revealed by Optical Methods. WSOC
12  2022 Seasonal variability of nitroaromatic compounds in ambient aerosols: Mass size distribution, possible sources and contribution to water-soluble brown carbon light absorption. 4NC, BrC, MNCs, NACs, NPs
13  2022 Significant Promotion of Light Absorption Ability and Formation of Triplet Organics and Reactive Oxygen Species in Atmospheric HULIS by Fe(III) Ions. ---
14  2021 Aqueous-phase oxidation of syringic acid emitted from biomass burning: Formation of light-absorbing compounds. aqSOA, HPLC/MS
15  2021 Assessment of oxidative potential by hydrophilic and hydrophobic fractions of water-soluble PM2.5 and their mixture effects. HPI, HPO, OP, TMs
16  2021 Chemical Fingerprinting of HULIS in Particulate Matters Emitted from Residential Coal and Biomass Combustion. ---
17  2021 Concentration, optical characteristics, and emission factors of brown carbon emitted by on-road vehicles. BrC, EFs, OC, WS-BrC, WSOC
18  2021 Concentrations, optical properties and sources of humic-like substances (HULIS) in fine particulate matter in Xi'an, Northwest China. PMF
19  2021 Distinctive Sources Govern Organic Aerosol Fractions with Different Degrees of Oxygenation in the Urban Atmosphere. HP-WSOM, OA, PMF, WISOM
20  2021 Diurnal evolutions and sources of water-soluble chromophoric aerosols over Xi'an during haze event, in Northwest China. ---
21  2021 Effects of albumin, transferrin and humic-like substances on iron-mediated OH radical formation in human lung fluids. BALF, ROS
22  2021 Evolution of the chromophore aerosols and its driving factors in summertime Xi'an, Northwest China. EEM
23  2021 Humic-like substances (HULIS) in springtime aerosols at a high-altitude background station in the western North Pacific: Source attribution, abundance, and light-absorption. BB, LABS
24  2021 Investigation of the Acid-Mediated Photosensitized Reactions of Amphiphilic alpha-Keto Acids at the Air-Water Interface Using Field-Induced Droplet Ionization Mass Spectrometry. ---
25  2021 Light absorption and source apportionment of water soluble humic-like substances (HULIS) in PM2.5 at Nanjing, China. BB, BrC, MLR, PMF, WSOC
26  2021 Light absorption properties and molecular profiles of HULIS in PM2.5 emitted from biomass burning in traditional "Heated Kang" in Northwest China. BB, EF, FT-IR, OC, TOC, UV-vis
27  2021 Molecular Characterization of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds in Humic-like Substances Emitted from Biomass Burning and Coal Combustion. AImod, BB, CC, NOCs
28  2021 Particle-Phase Photoreactions of HULIS and TMIs Establish a Strong Source of H2O2 and Particulate Sulfate in the Winter North China Plain. TMIs
29  2020 A preliminary study on humic-like substances in particulate matter in Malaysia influenced by Indonesian peatland fires. EEM, TSP, WSOC
30  2020 Assessment of Interactions between Transition Metals and Atmospheric Organics: Ascorbic Acid Depletion and Hydroxyl Radical Formation in Organic-Metal Mixtures. PM, ROS, TMs
31  2020 Bio-Based Hydrogels Composed of Humic Matter and Pectins of Different Degree of Methyl-Esterification. HS
32  2020 Biomass burning organic aerosols significantly influence the light absorption properties of polarity-dependent organic compounds in the Pearl River Delta Region, China. BBOA, BrC, LP, MP
33  2020 Correction to: Speciation of carboxylic components in humic-like substances (HULIS) and source apportionment of HULIS in ambient fine aerosols (PM2.5) collected in Hong Kong. ---
34  2020 Enhanced photodegradation of applied dithianon fungicides on plant leaves by dissolved substances in atmosphere under simulated sunlight. DAS, FA
35  2020 Light absorption and emissions inventory of humic-like substances from simulated rainforest biomass burning in Southeast Asia. BB, BrC, EFs, MAE365, WSOC
36  2020 Nitrated monoaromatic hydrocarbons (nitrophenols, nitrocatechols, nitrosalicylic acids) in ambient air: levels, mass size distributions and inhalation bioaccessibility. ALF, NMAHs, WSOC
37  2020 Optical properties of aerosol brown carbon (BrC) in the eastern Indo-Gangetic Plain. babs, BB, BC, BrC, IGP, MAE365, PAHs, WI-BrC
38  2020 ROS-generation potential of Humic-like substances (HULIS) in ambient PM2.5 in urban Shanghai: Association with HULIS concentration and light absorbance. ROS, SLF
39  2020 Sources and atmospheric processing of brown carbon and HULIS in the Indo-Gangetic Plain: Insights from compositional analysis. BB, BrC, HP, IGP, MOA, SOA and BBOA, WSOM
40  2020 Speciation of carboxylic components in humic-like substances (HULIS) and source apportionment of HULIS in ambient fine aerosols (PM2.5) collected in Hong Kong. ---
41  2020 Synergistic and antagonistic interactions among organic and metallic components of the ambient particulate matter (PM) for the cytotoxicity measured by Chinese hamster ovary cells. 1,2-NQ, 1,4-NQ, 5H-1,4NQ, CHO, MTI, PM
42  2019 Dithiothreitol (DTT) concentration effect and its implications on the applicability of DTT assay to evaluate the oxidative potential of atmospheric aerosol samples. DTT, OP
43  2019 Effect of metal-organic interactions on the oxidative potential of mixtures of atmospheric humic-like substances and copper/manganese as investigated by the dithiothreitol assay. DTT, Mn, OP, PM, ROS
44  2019 Enhancement in Particulate Organic Nitrogen and Light Absorption of Humic-Like Substances over Tibetan Plateau Due to Long-Range Transported Biomass Burning Emissions. BBOA, NOCs, OC, WSOC
45  2019 Inflammation Response of Water-Soluble Fractions in Atmospheric Fine Particulates: A Seasonal Observation in 10 Large Chinese Cities. IL, WSOC
46  2019 Optical properties, source apportionment and redox activity of humic-like substances (HULIS) in airborne fine particulates in Hong Kong. DTT, LRT, PMF, ROS, WSOM
47  2019 Oxidative Potential of Particulate Matter and Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species in Epithelial Lining Fluid. PM, ROS
48  2019 Sources of humic-like substances (HULIS) in PM2.5 in Beijing: Receptor modeling approach. CMAQ, PMF
49  2019 [Day-night Characteristics of Humic-like Substances in PM2.5 During Winter in Changzhou]. HULISc
50  2019 [Light Absorption and Fluorescence Characteristics of Atmospheric Water-soluble Organic Compounds and Humic-like Substances During the Winter Season in Guangzhou]. EEM-PARAFAC, WSOC
51  2019 [Secondary Organic Aerosol Mass Yield and Characteristics from 4-ethylguaiacol AqueousOH Oxidation: Effects of Initial Concentration]. GC-MS, HPLS, IC, SOA, SP-AMS, UV-vis
52  2018 Atmospheric HULIS and its ability to mediate the reactive oxygen species (ROS): A review. PMs, ROS
53  2018 Humic-Like Substances (HULIS) in Aerosols of Central Tibetan Plateau (Nam Co, 4730 m asl): Abundance, Light Absorption Properties, and Sources. TP, TSP
54  2018 Investigation into Photoinduced Auto-Oxidation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Resulting in Brown Carbon Production. BrC, PAH
55  2018 Molecular Characterization of Water-Soluble Humic like Substances in Smoke Particles Emitted from Combustion of Biomass Materials and Coal Using Ultrahigh-Resolution Electrospray Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry. AImod, BB
56  2018 Sources, compositions, and optical properties of humic-like substances in Beijing during the 2014 APEC summit: Results from dual carbon isotope and Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry analyses. APEC, BrC, FT-ICR MS, WSOC
57  2018 Synergistic and Antagonistic Interactions among the Particulate Matter Components in Generating Reactive Oxygen Species Based on the Dithiothreitol Assay. DTT, PM, ROS
58  2018 The toxicology of air pollution predicts its epidemiology. ETS
59  2017 Chemical characteristics and source apportionment of PM2.5 in Lanzhou, China. OC/EC, PAHs, WSIN, WSOC
60  2017 HULIS Enhancement of Hydroxyl Radical Formation from Fe(II): Kinetics of Fulvic Acid-Fe(II) Complexes in the Presence of Lung Antioxidants. ROS, SLF, SRFA
61  2017 Human lung injury following exposure to humic substances and humic-like substances. HS
62  2017 Influence of haze pollution on water-soluble chemical species in PM2.5 and size-resolved particles at an urban site during fall. SIS, WSOC
63  2017 Modeling Photosensitized Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation in Laboratory and Ambient Aerosols. IC, SOA
64  2017 Molecular Characterization of Nitrogen-Containing Organic Compounds in Humic-like Substances Emitted from Straw Residue Burning. N-bases, NOC
65  2017 Speciation and Sources of Brown Carbon in Precipitation at Seoul, Korea: Insights from Excitation-Emission Matrix Spectroscopy and Carbon Isotopic Analysis. BrC, EEM, PARAFAC
66  2017 Speciation of organic fraction does matter for source apportionment. Part 1: A one-year campaign in Grenoble (France). OC, PAHs, PMF, SOA
67  2017 Two-Dimensional Offline Chromatographic Fractionation for the Characterization of Humic-Like Substances in Atmospheric Aerosol Particles. RP-HPLC, SEC
68  2016 Chemical characterization of humic-like substances (HULIS) in PM2.5 in Lanzhou, China. ELSD, OC/EC, WSOC
69  2016 Maillard Chemistry in Clouds and Aqueous Aerosol As a Source of Atmospheric Humic-Like Substances. ---
70  2016 Organic complexation of copper in throughfall and open field bulk deposition: Influence of the tree canopy of Mediterranean forest ecosystems. BD, TF
71  2016 Springtime precipitation effects on the abundance of fluorescent biological aerosol particles and HULIS in Beijing. ---
72  2016 [Pollution Characteristics and Source of HULIS in the Fine Particle During the Beijing APEC]. ---
73  2015 Characterization of fine mode atmospheric aerosols by Raman microscopy and diffuse reflectance FTIR. FTIR
74  2015 Organic aerosols associated with the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by water-soluble PM2.5. AMS, BBOA, COA, DTT, HOA, Isop_OA, LO-OOA, MO-OOA, OA, ROS
75  2015 Reactive Oxygen Species Production Mediated by Humic-like Substances in Atmospheric Aerosols: Enhancement Effects by Pyridine, Imidazole, and Their Derivatives. DTT, PM, ROS
76  2015 Size distribution and sources of humic-like substances in particulate matter at an urban site during winter. AD, HLB, MOUDI, NAD, SOA, WSOC
77  2015 Wood Smoke Particle Sequesters Cell Iron to Impact a Biological Effect. FAC, IL, MAP, Nrf2 ARE, WSP
78  2014 Catechol oxidation by ozone and hydroxyl radicals at the air-water interface. aqSOA, LMW, PHA, PHQ, SOA
79  2014 Light-absorbing oligomer formation in secondary organic aerosol from reactive uptake of isoprene epoxydiols. BrC, IEPOX, SOA
80  2013 Comparative study for separation of atmospheric humic-like substance (HULIS) by ENVI-18, HLB, XAD-8 and DEAE sorbents: elemental composition, FT-IR, 1H NMR and off-line thermochemolysis with tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH). TMAH
81  2013 DRIFTS studies on the role of surface water in stabilizing catechol-iron(III) complexes at the gas/solid interface. PAH, SOA
82  2013 Measurement of humic-like substances in aerosols: a review. ---
83  2013 Photosensitised humic-like substances (HULIS) formation processes of atmospheric significance: a review. ---
84  2012 Could triplet-sensitised transformation of phenolic compounds represent a source of fulvic-like substances in natural waters? ---
85  2012 Elemental composition of HULIS in the Pearl River Delta Region, China: results inferred from positive and negative electrospray high resolution mass spectrometric data. ESI, PRD, UHRMS
86  2012 Organosulfates in humic-like substance fraction isolated from aerosols at seven locations in East Asia: a study by ultra-high-resolution mass spectrometry. BVOCs, DBE, ESI, OS, PRD, UHRMS
87  2011 DRIFTS studies on the photosensitized transformation of gallic acid by iron(III) chloride as a model for HULIS in atmospheric aerosols. DRIFTS, GA, PAH, QCM, RH
88  2011 Generation of reactive oxygen species mediated by humic-like substances in atmospheric aerosols. DTT, PM, ROS
89  2010 Contribution of fulvic acid to the photochemical formation of Fe(II) in acidic Suwannee River fulvic acid solutions. E-value, SRFA
90  2009 Application of the integrating sphere method to separate the contributions of brown and black carbon in atmospheric aerosols. BC, EC, OC, POM
91  2009 DRIFTS studies on the photodegradation of tannic acid as a model for HULIS in atmospheric aerosols. DRIFTS, TA
92  2009 Hydration-influenced sorption of organic compounds by model and atmospheric humic-like substances (HULIS). LSM
93  2008 The complex refractive index of atmospheric and model humic-like substances (HULIS) retrieved by a cavity ring down aerosol spectrometer (CRD-AS). CRD-AS
94  2007 Evaporative light scattering: a novel detection method for the quantitative analysis of humic-like substances in aerosols. ELSD, OC/OM, PM1
95  2007 Evidence for organosulfates in secondary organic aerosol. SOA
96  2007 Reactions of Cl*/Cl2*- radicals with the nanoparticle silica surface and with humic acids: model reactions for the aqueous phase chemistry of the atmosphere. HA, NP
97  2006 Photochemical reactions in the tropospheric aqueous phase and on particulate matter. ---
98  2005 Carbon-specific analysis of humic-like substances in atmospheric aerosol and precipitation samples. ---
99  2005 Reversed-phase liquid chromatographic characterization and analysis of air particulates humic (-like) substances in presence of pollens. DMF, FLD, HS
100  2003 Hygroscopic properties of two model humic-like substances and their mixtures with inorganics of atmospheric importance. AS, FA, NAFA, RH, SRFA