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Abbreviation:   JA-Ile  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   jasmonoyl-isoleucine
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 AtGH3.10 is another jasmonic acid-amido synthetase in Arabidopsis thaliana. JA, JAR1
2022 Constitutive expression of JASMONATE RESISTANT 1 induces molecular changes that prime the plants to better withstand drought. JA, JAR1
2022 Elevating herbivore-induced JA-Ile enhances potato resistance to the polyphagous beet armyworm but not to the oligophagous potato tuber moth. BAW, PTM
2022 Identification of Genes and Metabolic Pathways Involved in Resin Yield in Masson Pine by Integrative Analysis of Transcriptome, Proteome and Biochemical Characteristics. Car, Chl a, Chl b, DLST, Fru, GA1, GA15, GA19, GA24, GA3, GA53, GA9, GLU, HXK, JA, JMT, OPR, PGK, SUS
2022 Investigating the Mechanism of Unilateral Cross Incompatibility in Longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.) Cultivars (Yiduo × Shixia). JA, SY, UCI, YS
2022 Molecular and functional characterization of a jasmonate resistant gene of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). JA, JAR1
2022 The AtMYB60 transcription factor regulates stomatal opening by modulating oxylipin synthesis in guard cells. 12-OPDA, ABA, JA
2022 ZmCOI2a and ZmCOI2b redundantly regulate anther dehiscence and gametophytic male fertility in maize. COR, JA, MS
2021 A salivary calcium-binding protein from Laodelphax striatellus acts as an effector that suppresses defense in rice. JA, SBPH
10  2021 A small molecule antagonizes jasmonic acid perception and auxin responses in vascular and nonvascular plants. COI1, JA
11  2021 An evolutionarily ancient fatty acid desaturase is required for the synthesis of hexadecatrienoic acid, which is the main source of the bioactive jasmonate in Marchantia polymorpha. AtFAD5, dn-OPDA, Myr
12  2021 Broad-spectrum stress tolerance conferred by suppressing jasmonate signaling attenuation in Arabidopsis JASMONIC ACID OXIDASE mutants. JA
13  2021 Deciphering OPDA Signaling Components in the Momilactone-Producing Moss Calohypnum plumiforme. dnOPDA, JA, OPDA
14  2021 Differential Regulation of the Ribosomal Association of mRNA Transcripts in an Arabidopsis Mutant Defective in Jasmonate-Dependent Wound Response. WT
15  2021 Discovery, characterization and engineering of ligases for amide synthesis. CfaLs
16  2021 DNA hypomethylation in tetraploid rice potentiates stress-responsive gene expression for salt tolerance. JA, TEs
17  2021 Interactions between zinc and Phomopsis longicolla infection in roots of Glycine max. cwSyA
18  2021 Jasmonate biosynthesis arising from altered cell walls is prompted by turgor-driven mechanical compression. KOR1
19  2021 Linking jasmonates with vitamin E accumulation in plants: a case study in the Mediterranean shrub Cistus albidus L. JA, MeJA, OPDA
20  2021 Metabolism, signaling, and transport of jasmonates. JA, JAs, JAT, SCF
21  2021 The GH3 amidosynthetases family and their role in metabolic crosstalk modulation of plant signaling compounds. COP1, GH3, GSTU, JA, NRPS, SA
22  2021 The jasmonoyl-isoleucine receptor CORONATINE INSENSITIVE1 suppresses defense gene expression in Arabidopsis roots independently of its ligand. AOS, COI1, COI1AA, JAZ
23  2021 The Meloidogyne javanica effector Mj2G02 interferes with jasmonic acid signalling to suppress cell death and promote parasitism in Arabidopsis. JA, JAZ
24  2021 Transcriptional and Hormonal Responses in Ethephon-Induced Promotion of Femaleness in Pumpkin. ACO, CK, DEGs, GO, IAM, JA, KEGG, pTR
25  2020 A new functional JAZ degron sequence in strawberry JAZ1 revealed by structural and interaction studies on the COI1-JA-Ile/COR-JAZs complexes. MD
26  2020 An Ancient COI1-Independent Function for Reactive Electrophilic Oxylipins in Thermotolerance. COI1, dn-OPDA, JAZ
27  2020 Induction of Jasmonoyl-Isoleucine (JA-Ile)-Dependent JASMONATE ZIM-DOMAIN (JAZ) Genes in NaCl-Treated Arabidopsis thaliana Roots Can Occur at Very Low JA-Ile Levels and in the Absence of the JA/JA-Ile Transporter JAT1/AtABCG16. JAZ
28  2020 Inhibition of jasmonate-mediated plant defences by the fungal metabolite higginsianin B. ---
29  2020 Overexpression of a Cytosolic 6-Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase Gene Enhances the Resistance of Rice to Nilaparvata lugens. BPH, JA, PPP, WT
30  2020 Phytohormone responses in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) leaves under a high density of aphid infestation. ABA, hpi, IAA, JA, JAs, SA
31  2020 Rice phenolamindes reduce the survival of female adults of the white-backed planthopper Sogatella furcifera. JA, PAs, WBPH
32  2020 Stress- and pathway-specific impacts of impaired jasmonoyl-isoleucine (JA-Ile) catabolism on defense signalling and biotic stress resistance. ---
33  2019 12-Hydroxy-Jasmonoyl-l-Isoleucine Is an Active Jasmonate That Signals through CORONATINE INSENSITIVE 1 and Contributes to the Wound Response in Arabidopsis. ---
34  2019 Analysis of eight phytohormone concentrations, expression levels of ABA biosynthesis genes, and ripening-related transcription factors during fruit development in strawberry. ABA, ET, GA4, IAA, JA, MJ, SA, TFs
35  2019 Characterization of Jasmonoyl-Isoleucine (JA-Ile) Hormonal Catabolic Pathways in Rice upon Wounding and Salt Stress. JA, JAR1
36  2019 Disruption of Arabidopsis neutral ceramidases 1 and 2 results in specific sphingolipid imbalances triggering different phytohormone-dependent plant cell death programmes. Cer, FB1, LCB, NCER, PCD, SA
37  2019 Early Brassica Crops Responses to Salinity Stress: A Comparative Analysis Between Chinese Cabbage, White Cabbage, and Kale. ABA, BRs, JA
38  2019 JAZ4 is involved in plant defense, growth, and development in Arabidopsis. COI1, COR, JA, JAZ
39  2019 Metabolic Control within the Jasmonate Biochemical Pathway. CYP94, JA, jao2, JAs
40  2019 Multiple Roles of Jasmonates in Shaping Rhizotaxis: Emerging Integrators. AR, LR, PR
41  2019 Mutation in the Arabidopsis regulatory-associated protein TOR 1B (RAPTOR1B) leads to decreased jasmonates levels in leaf tissue. JA, LST8, OPDA, RAPTOR, RAPTOR1B, TOR
42  2019 Natural variation in the HAN1 gene confers chilling tolerance in rice and allowed adaptation to a temperate climate. 12OH-JA-Ile, QTL
43  2019 Omega hydroxylated JA-Ile is an endogenous bioactive jasmonate that signals through the canonical jasmonate signaling pathway. ---
44  2019 OsMKK3, a Stress-Responsive Protein Kinase, Positively Regulates Rice Resistance to Nilaparvata lugens via Phytohormone Dynamics. ABA, BPH, JA, MAPK, MeJA, oe-MKK3, SA
45  2019 Plant-Insect Bioassay for Testing Arabidopsis Resistance to the Generalist Herbivore Spodoptera littoralis. JA
46  2019 Reconstitution of the Jasmonate Signaling Pathway in Plant Protoplasts. JA
47  2019 Tasselseed5 encodes a cytochrome C oxidase that functions in sex determination by affecting jasmonate catabolism in maize. ts1, ts2, Ts5
48  2019 Tasselseed5 overexpresses a wound-inducible enzyme, ZmCYP94B1, that affects jasmonate catabolism, sex determination, and plant architecture in maize. JA, Ts5
49  2019 The glycosyltransferase UGT76E1 significantly contributes to 12-O-glucopyranosyl-jasmonic acid formation in wounded Arabidopsis thaliana leaves. 11-HHT, 12-O-Glc-JA, 12-OH-JA, 13-HOT, UGT
50  2019 Transporter-Mediated Subcellular Distribution in the Metabolism and Signaling of Jasmonates. ABCG, JA, JATs
51  2018 An OPR3-independent pathway uses 4,5-didehydrojasmonate for jasmonate synthesis. OPDA, OPR3
52  2018 Expressing OsMPK4 Impairs Plant Growth but Enhances the Resistance of Rice to the Striped Stem Borer Chilo suppressalis. ET, JA, MPKs, SA, SSB, TrypPIs
53  2018 Jasmonate-Elicited Stress Induces Metabolic Change in the Leaves of Leucaena leucocephala. JA, MeJA, PCA, PLS-DA
54  2018 JAZ repressors of metabolic defense promote growth and reproductive fitness in Arabidopsis. JAZ
55  2018 Ligand-receptor co-evolution shaped the jasmonate pathway in land plants. ---
56  2018 LOL2 and LOL5 loci control latex production by laticifer cells in Euphorbia lathyris. JA, LOL
57  2018 Structural analysis of the woodland strawberry COI1-JAZ1 co-receptor for the plant hormone jasmonoyl-isoleucine. FvCOI1, JA, MD
58  2018 Synthesis and mode of action studies of N-[(-)-jasmonyl]-S-tyrosin and ester seiridin jasmonate. JA, JA-Tyr
59  2018 The Active Jasmonate JA-Ile Regulates a Specific Subset of Plant Jasmonate-Mediated Resistance to Herbivores in Nature. JA, WT
60  2017 Conserved function of mediator in regulating nuclear hormone receptor activation between plants and animals. JAZ
61  2017 Jasmonate signaling and manipulation by pathogens and insects. JAs
62  2017 Jasmonic Acid Oxidase 2 Hydroxylates Jasmonic Acid and Represses Basal Defense and Resistance Responses against Botrytis cinerea Infection. COI1, JA, JAOs, JAR1, JAs
63  2017 Mediator subunit MED25 links the jasmonate receptor to transcriptionally active chromatin. COI1, HAC1, JA, JAZ
64  2017 Overexpression of the Novel Arabidopsis Gene At5g02890 Alters Inflorescence Stem Wax Composition and Affects Phytohormone Homeostasis. ABA, ER, JA, VLCFA
65  2017 Phytohormone and Putative Defense Gene Expression Differentiates the Response of 'Hayward' Kiwifruit to Psa and Pfm Infections. beta-1,3-glucosidase, JA, JIH1, Pfm, Psa, SA
66  2017 Species-specific regulation of herbivory-induced defoliation tolerance is associated with jasmonate inducibility. JA
67  2017 Structural insights into alternative splicing-mediated desensitization of jasmonate signaling. CMID, JA, JAZ
68  2017 Transporter-Mediated Nuclear Entry ofJasmonoyl-Isoleucine Is Essential forJasmonate Signaling. JA
69  2016 COI1-Regulated Hydroxylation of Jasmonoyl-L-isoleucine Impairs Nicotiana attenuata's Resistance to the Generalist Herbivore Spodoptera litura. ---
70  2016 Dynamics of Jasmonate Metabolism upon Flowering and across Leaf Stress Responses in Arabidopsis thaliana. JA
71  2016 Functional Characterization of CYP94-Genes and Identification of a Novel Jasmonate Catabolite in Flowers. ---
72  2016 GTR1 is a jasmonic acid and jasmonoyl-l-isoleucine transporter in Arabidopsis thaliana. JA
73  2016 Jasmonates are induced by the PAMP flg22 but not the cell death-inducing elicitor Harpin in Vitis rupestris. ETI, JAs, MAPK, MeJA, PAMP
74  2016 Jasmonoyl-l-isoleucine is required for the production of a flavonoid phytoalexin but not diterpenoid phytoalexins in ultraviolet-irradiated rice leaves. UV
75  2016 JAZ2 controls stomata dynamics during bacterial invasion. COR, SA
76  2016 Mutations in jasmonoyl-L-isoleucine-12-hydroxylases suppress multiple JA-dependent wound responses in Arabidopsis thaliana. JA
77  2016 The Rise and Fall of Jasmonate Biological Activities. COI1-JAZ, JA, JAs, OPDA
78  2015 CYP94-mediated jasmonoyl-isoleucine hormone oxidation shapes jasmonate profiles and attenuates defence responses to Botrytis cinerea infection. OE
79  2015 Elevated levels of CYP94 family gene expression alleviate the jasmonate response and enhance salt tolerance in rice. JAs
80  2015 Hormone crosstalk in wound stress response: wound-inducible amidohydrolases can simultaneously regulate jasmonate and auxin homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana. IAA, JA
81  2015 Identification of Arabidopsis thaliana NRT1/PTR FAMILY (NPF) proteins capable of transporting plant hormones. ABA
82  2015 Jasmonoyl isoleucine accumulation is needed for abscisic acid build-up in roots of Arabidopsis under water stress conditions. ABA, JA
83  2015 Live Single-Cell Plant Hormone Analysis by Video-Mass Spectrometry. ESI, MS/MS
84  2015 Repression of jasmonate signaling by a non-TIFY JAZ protein in Arabidopsis. F/Y, JAZ
85  2014 Endoplasmic reticulum-associated inactivation of the hormone jasmonoyl-L-isoleucine by multiple members of the cytochrome P450 94 family in Arabidopsis. ER, JA
86  2014 Jasmonoyl-L-isoleucine coordinates metabolic networks required for anthesis and floral attractant emission in wild tobacco (Nicotiana attenuata). COI1, COR, JAs
87  2014 The bacterial effector HopX1 targets JAZ transcriptional repressors to activate jasmonate signaling and promote infection in Arabidopsis. COR, Pta, Pto, SA
88  2013 Hexanoic acid is a resistance inducer that protects tomato plants against Pseudomonas syringae by priming the jasmonic acid and salicylic acid pathways. COR, Hx, Hx-IR, JMT, SA
89  2013 OsJAR1 contributes mainly to biosynthesis of the stress-induced jasmonoyl-isoleucine involved in defense responses in rice. ---
90  2013 Profiling of jasmonic acid-related metabolites and hormones in wounded leaves. ---
91  2013 Response of rice to insect elicitors and the role of OsJAR1 in wound and herbivory-induced JA-Ile accumulation. JA
92  2013 The amidohydrolases IAR3 and ILL6 contribute to jasmonoyl-isoleucine hormone turnover and generate 12-hydroxyjasmonic acid upon wounding in Arabidopsis leaves. JA, JAs
93  2013 The tolerance of the Arabidopsis defense hormone receptor mutant coi1 against the vascular pathogen Verticillium longisporum is not due to increased levels of the active hormone jasmonoyl-isoleucine. COI1
94  2012 Catabolism and deactivation of the lipid-derived hormone jasmonoyl-isoleucine. ---
95  2012 Chemical and genetic exploration of jasmonate biosynthesis and signaling paths. JA
96  2012 Cytochromes P450 CYP94C1 and CYP94B3 catalyze two successive oxidation steps of plant hormone Jasmonoyl-isoleucine for catabolic turnover. ---
97  2012 Light-dependent regulation of the jasmonate pathway. JAs
98  2011 Analysis of Arabidopsis JAZ gene expression during Pseudomonas syringae pathogenesis. COR, JAs, JAZ
99  2011 Arabidopsis CYP94B3 encodes jasmonyl-L-isoleucine 12-hydroxylase, a key enzyme in the oxidative catabolism of jasmonate. ---
100  2011 Cytochrome P450 CYP94B3 mediates catabolism and inactivation of the plant hormone jasmonoyl-L-isoleucine. ---