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Abbreviation:   LIDT  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   laser-induced damage threshold
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A Congruent-Melting Mid-Infrared Nonlinear Optical Vanadate Exhibiting Strong Second-Harmonic Generation. mid-IR, NLO, SHG
2021 AZn4Ga5Se12 (A = K, Rb, or Cs): Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials with Simultaneous Large Second Harmonic Generation Responses and High Laser-Induced Damage Thresholds. IR, NCS, NLO, SHG
2021 Balanced infrared nonlinear optical performance achieved by modulating the covalency and ionicity distributions in the electron localization function map. ELF, NLO
2021 Cu4MnGe2S7 and Cu2MnGeS4: two polar thiogermanates exhibiting second harmonic generation in the infrared and structures derived from hexagonal diamond. DLS, IR
2021 Femtosecond laser-induced damage threshold of nematic liquid crystals at 1030  nm. ---
2021 Halogen-Ion-Induced Structural Phase Transition Giving a Polymorph of HgBr2 with Balanced Nonlinear Optical Properties. NLO
2021 Helical {[HgS]}n Chain-Induced Balanced Nonlinear-Optical Performance for Trigonal Mercury Sulfide. NLO, SHG
2021 Hf1-xSixO2 Nanocomposite Coatings Prepared by Ion-Assisted Co-Evaporation Process for Low-Loss and High-LIDT Optics. ---
2021 High laser fluence ITO coatings utilizing a Fabry-Perot thin film filter to reduce effective absorption. ITO
10  2021 High-Performance Second-Harmonic-Generation (SHG) Materials: New Developments and New Strategies. NCS, SHG, SHG
11  2021 Impact of threshold assessment methods in laser-induced damage measurements using the examples of CCD, CMOS, and DMD. CCD, CMOS, DMD
12  2021 Introduction of Li into Ag-Based Noncentrosymmetric Sulfides for High-Performance Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials. NLO, SHG
13  2021 Low-dispersion mirror with a broad bandwidth and high laser damage resistance. GD, LDM, NLDM
14  2021 Predicting lifetime of optical components with Bayesian inference. MCMC
15  2021 Study on the Absorption Characteristics and Laser Damage Properties of Fused Silica Optics under Flexible Polishing and Shallow DCE Process. CCOS, DCE, IBF, MRF
16  2021 Three-in-One Strategy Constructing a Series of Hybrid Tetrahedral Motif-Based Selenides with Balanced Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Performance. NLO, SHG
17  2021 [o-C5 H4 NHOH]2 [I7 O18 (OH)]⋅3 H2 O: An Organic-Inorganic Hybrid SHG Material Featuring an [I7 O18 (OH)] ∞ 2 - Branched Polyiodate Chain. NCS, SHG
18  2020 A2 SnS5 : A Structural Incommensurate Modulation Exhibiting Strong Second-Harmonic Generation and a High Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (A=Ba, Sr). SHG
19  2020 Combined modulation of incident laser light by multiple surface scratches and their effects on the laser damage properties of KH2PO4 crystal. ---
20  2020 CsVO2 F(IO3 ): An Excellent SHG Material Featuring an Unprecedented 3D [VO2 F(IO3 )]- Anionic Framework. SHG
21  2020 Designing Sulfide Borate as a Novel Type of Second-Order Nonlinear-Optical Material. B5O9, B5O9, NLO
22  2020 Hexagonal In2Se3: A Defect Wurtzite-Type Infrared Nonlinear Optical Material with Moderate Birefringence Contributed by Unique InSe5 Unit. NLO, SHG
23  2020 High surface laser-induced damage threshold of SrB4O7 single crystals under 266-nm (DUV) laser irradiation. CARE
24  2020 Laser induced damage in coatings for cryogenic Yb:YAG active mirror amplifiers. AR, HR
25  2020 Low-loss GaOx-core/SiO2-cladding planar waveguides on Si substrate. GaOx
26  2020 Nanosecond laser-induced surface damage and its mechanism of CaF2 optical window at 248 nm KrF excimer laser. DUV, FDTD, FEM, UV
27  2020 Quantitative investigation of laser-induced damage fatigue in HfO2 and ZrO2 single layer coatings. TRDHM
28  2020 Role of wavelength in photocarrier absorption and plasma formation threshold under excitation of dielectrics by high-intensity laser field tunable from visible to mid-IR. PFT
29  2020 Study on defect-induced damage behaviors of ADP crystals by 355 nm pulsed laser. LID
30  2020 Temporal dependency in the picosecond regime of laser damage growth. ---
31  2019 Ba10In6Zn7S26- nZnS: An Inorganic Composite System with Interface Phase-Matching Tuned for High-Performance Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials. MFIR NLO, SHG
32  2019 Contrasted fatigue behavior of laser-induced damage mechanisms in single layer ZrO2 optical coating. ---
33  2019 Dislocations that Decrease Size Mismatch within the Lattice Leading to Ultrawide Band Gap, Large Second-Order Susceptibility, and High Nonlinear Optical Performance of AgGaS2. ---
34  2019 Implications of laser beam metrology on laser damage temporal scaling law for dielectric materials in the picosecond regime. ---
35  2019 Influence of absorption-edge properties on subpicosecond intrinsic laser-damage threshold at 1053 nm in hafnia and silica monolayers. ---
36  2019 Investigation of subsurface damage density and morphology impact on the laser-induced damage threshold of fused silica. FDTD, LIEF, SSD
37  2019 Large Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) Effect and High Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) Observed Coexisting in Gallium Selenide. NLO, SHG
38  2019 Preparation of sol-gel ZrO2 films with high laser-induced damage threshold under high temperature. ---
39  2019 Waterproof coatings for high-power laser cavities. ---
40  2018 Designing an Excellent Deep-Ultraviolet Birefringent Material for Light Polarization. DUV
41  2018 Effect of temperature on surface error and laser damage threshold for self-healing BK7 glass. ---
42  2018 Laser damage resistance of polystyrene opal photonic crystals. DF, PS
43  2018 Laser Induced Damage of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (KDP) Optical Crystal Machined by Water Dissolution Ultra-Precision Polishing Method. PSD, SPDT, WDUP
44  2018 Reducing electric-field-enhancement in metal-dielectric grating by designing grating with asymmetric ridge. CPA
45  2018 Robust optimization of the laser induced damage threshold of dielectric mirrors for high power lasers. ---
46  2018 SnI4 ⋅(S8 )2 : A Novel Adduct-Type Infrared Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Crystal. SHG
47  2017 Enhancement of laser-induced damage threshold in chirped mirrors by electric field reallocation. EFI
48  2017 Experimental and theoretical studies on the NLO properties of two quaternary non-centrosymmetric chalcogenides: BaAg2GeS4 and BaAg2SnS4. DFT, MFIR, NCS, NLO, PM, SHG
49  2017 Importance of surface topography on pulsed laser-induced damage threshold of Sapphire crystals. PSD
50  2017 Improvement of high-power laser performance for super-smooth optical surfaces using electrorheological finishing technology. ERF
51  2017 Increase in nanosecond laser-induced damage threshold of sapphire windows by means of direct dielectric barrier discharge plasma treatment. ---
52  2017 Influence of coating thickness on laser-induced damage characteristics of anti-reflection coatings irradiated by 1064  nm nanosecond laser pulses. AR, EFIs, LID, OM, SEM
53  2017 Nano-indentation and laser-induced damage testing in optical multilayer-dielectric gratings. ---
54  2017 Next generation highly resistant mirrors featuring all-silica layers. GLAD
55  2016 Annealing effects on microstructure and laser-induced damage threshold of HfO2/SiO2 multilayer mirrors. ---
56  2016 Annealing effects on microstructure and laser-induced damage threshold of quasi-rugate filters. AFM, FIB
57  2016 Few-cycle pulse laser induced damage threshold determination of ultra-broadband optics. LIPSS
58  2016 Optimal coating solution for a compact resonating cavity working at Brewster angle. AR, EFI, HR
59  2016 Post-processing of fused silica and its effects on damage resistance to nanosecond pulsed UV lasers. ---
60  2016 Research on laser-induced damage resistance of fused silica optics by the fluid jet polishing method. FJP
61  2015 Atomic layer deposition for fabrication of HfO2/Al2O3 thin films with high laser-induced damage thresholds. ALD
62  2015 Modeling the effect of nanosecond laser conditioning on the femtosecond laser-induced damage of optical films. AI, HR, MPI
63  2015 Physical insight toward electric field enhancement at nodular defects in optical coatings. ADT, EFI, FDTD, HR
64  2015 Spatio-TEmporally REsolved Optical Laser Induced Damage (STEREO LID) technique for material characterization. ---
65  2015 Theoretical and experimental research on laser-induced damage of cylindrical subwavelength grating. SWGs
66  2014 Combined technique of elastic magnetorheological finishing and HF etching for high-efficiency improving of the laser-induced damage threshold of fused silica optics. FS, MRF, RI
67  2014 Effect of oxygen vacancies on the laser-induced damage resistance of Y0.26Hf0.74Ox thin films. PL
68  2014 Interfacial damage in a Ta2O5/SiO2 double cavity filter irradiated by 1064 nm nanosecond laser pulses. EFI, FIB, LID
69  2014 Observation and analysis of structural changes in fused silica by continuous irradiation with femtosecond laser light having an energy density below the laser-induced damage threshold. ---
70  2014 Optimal design of ultrahigh-energy laser amplifier chain with high storage energy extraction. IAM, NIAC
71  2013 Anisotropic laser-induced damage threshold and residual stress of TiO2 sculptured thin films. ---
72  2013 Assessment of multi-pulse laser-induced damage threshold of metallic mirrors for Thomson scattering system. ---
73  2013 Damage threshold influenced by the high absorption defect at the film-substrate interface under ultraviolet laser irradiation. ns
74  2013 Enhancement of multi-pulse laser induced damage threshold on Cu mirror under vacuum condition. TEM
75  2013 Nanosecond pulsed laser damage characteristics of HfO2/SiO2 high reflection coatings irradiated from crystal-film interface. E-field, HR, SW, TW
76  2013 Revision of laser-induced damage threshold evaluation from damage probability data. DFM
77  2013 Two important mechanisms damaging KH2PO4 crystal processed by ultraprecision fly cutting and their relationships with cutting parameters. ---
78  2012 A high accuracy femto-/picosecond laser damage test facility dedicated to the study of optical thin films. ---
79  2012 Bulk laser-induced damage threshold of titanium-doped sapphire crystals. ---
80  2012 Characterization of 1064nm nanosecond laser-induced damage on antireflection coatings grown by atomic layer deposition. ALD
81  2012 Femtosecond laser damage resistance of oxide and mixture oxide optical coatings. ---
82  2012 Improvement on laser-induced damage threshold of sol-gel ZrO(2) coatings by crystal structure tuning. CFA, RTA
83  2012 Investigation of the distribution of laser damage precursors at 1064 nm, 12 ns on niobia-silica and zirconia-silica mixtures. IBS
84  2012 Study on characteristic parameters influencing laser-induced damage threshold of KH(2)PO(4) crystal surface machined by single point diamond turning. SPDT
85  2011 Femtosecond spectral pulse shaping with holographic gratings recorded in photopolymerizable glasses. ---
86  2011 Laser damage properties of TiO2/Al2O3 thin films grown by atomic layer deposition. ALD
87  2009 Effect of multiple wavelengths combination on laser-induced damage in multilayer mirrors. ---
88  2009 Effect of water impurity in CsLiB6O10 crystals on bulk laser-induced damage threshold and transmittance in the ultraviolet region. ---
89  2009 Influence of plasma treatment on laser-induced damage characters of HfO2 thin films at 355 nm. ---
90  2009 Laser-induced damage investigation at 1064 nm in KTiOPO4 crystals and its analogy with RbTiOPO4. ---
91  2008 Fluoride antireflection coatings deposited at 193 nm. ---
92  2008 In situ measurement on ultraviolet dielectric components by a pulsed top-hat beam thermal lens. TL, UV
93  2008 Multiscale analysis of the laser-induced damage threshold in optical coatings. ---
94  2007 Enhancement of CsLiB(6)O(10) surface-damage resistance by improved crystallinity and ion-beam etching. ---
95  2007 Laser damage resistance of RbTiOPO(4): evidence of polarization dependent anisotropy. ---
96  2007 Pulsed top-hat beam thermal-lens measurement for ultraviolet dielectric coatings. ---
97  2006 Microstructure of magnesium fluoride films deposited by boat evaporation at 193 nm. ---
98  2006 Microstructure-related properties at 193 nm of MgF2 and GdF3 films deposited by a resistive-heating boat. ---
99  2006 SOCRATE: an optical bench dedicated to the understanding and improvement of a laser conditioning process. ---
100  2005 Characterization of AlF3 thin films at 193 nm by thermal evaporation. ---