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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Analysis of root and canal morphology of fused and separate rooted maxillary molar teeth in Turkish population. CBCT, MFM, MSM
2021 Assessment of the presence of a second mesiobuccal canal in maxillary first molars according to the location of the main mesiobuccal canal-a micro-computed tomographic study. AUC, ROC
2021 Effect of cavity design and material type on fracture resistance and failure pattern of molars restored by computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing inlays/onlays. CAD/CAM, CG, CS, DB, KZ
2021 Influence of Tooth-Brushing on Early Healing after Access Flap Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Preliminary Study. BOP, CAL, DB, DL, FMBS, FMPS, ML, PPD, REC
2021 Mesiobuccal and Palatal Interorifice Distance May Predict the Presence of the Second Mesiobuccal Canal in Maxillary Second Molars with Fused Roots. ---
2020 Influence of the Preparation Order in Four-Canal Maxillary Molars with WaveOne Gold System. DB
2020 Mesiobuccal Root Canal Morphology of Maxillary First Molars in a Brazilian Sub-Population - A Micro-CT Study. ---
2020 Micro-computed tomographic analysis of the mesial root of mandibular first molars with bifid apex. micro-CT, ML, MMC
2020 Micro-computed tomography analysis of the relationship between root canal number and root concavity in maxillary first and second molars in a Japanese population. ---
10  2020 Morphological measurements of two separate mesiobuccal canals in maxillary first molars using micro-computed tomography. muCT
11  2020 Root dentine thickness of danger zone in mesial roots of mandibular first molars. CBCT, MFMs, ML, MRs
12  2020 Safety of large preparation with different instruments in the buccal canals of maxillary molars. CA, DB, HCM, MCT, RCT, RDT, RDW, REC, TFA, WT
13  2020 The MB3 canal in maxillary molars: a micro-CT study. micro-CT
14  2020 Topographic Analysis of the Isthmus in Mesiobuccal and Mesial Roots of First Molars in a South Korean Population. ---
15  2019 Comparative evaluation of instrumentation timing and cleaning efficacy in extracted primary molars using manual and NiTi rotary technique - Invitro study. DB, ML
16  2019 Coronal root canal morphology of permanent two-rooted mandibular first molars with novel 3D measurements. CBCT, DB, DL, ML
17  2019 Evaluation of dentine thickness of middle mesial canals of mandibular molars prepared with rotary instruments: a micro-CT study. ML, MM
18  2019 Incidence of Middle Mesial Canals Based on Distance between Mesial Canal Orifices in Mandibular Molars: A Clinical and Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Analysis. CBCT, ML, MMCs
19  2019 Morphologic Analysis of Maxillary Sinus Floor and its Correlation to Molar Roots using Cone Beam Computed Tomography. CBCT, DB
20  2019 Presence of isthmi in mandibular mesial roots and associated factors: an in vivo analysis. CBCT, MFM, ML, MM, RCS
21  2019 Three-rooted maxillary first premolars incidentally detected on cone beam CT: an in vivo study. B-P, CBCT, CEJs, DB, MFPs
22  2018 Cone beam computed tomographic survey of the mesiobuccal root canal anatomy in the maxillary first and second molar teeth of an Iranian population. ---
23  2018 Deviations of Mesial Root Canals of Mandibular First Molar Teeth at the Apical Third: A Micro-computed Tomographic Study. micro-CT, ML
24  2018 Management of maxillary first molar with six canals using operating microscope. ---
25  2017 A comparative study of cone-beam computed tomography and periapical radiographs in decision-making after endodontic instrument fractures. CBCT, DB, PRs
26  2017 A Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Study of Apical Surgery-related Morphological Characteristics of the Distolingual Root in 3-rooted Mandibular First Molars in a Chinese Population. BL, DB, DL, MD
27  2017 A Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Study of Root and Canal Morphology of Maxillary First and Second Permanent Molars in a Thai Population. CBCT
28  2017 Cone-beam computed tomography as advanced diagnostic aid in endodontic treatment of molars with multiple canals: Two case reports. CBCT
29  2017 Efficacy of Different Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Protocols in the Identification of Mesiobuccal Canals of Maxillary First Molars: A Tomographic and ExVivo Study. CBCT
30  2017 Evaluation of the root and canal systems ofmaxillary molars in Taiwanese patients: Aconebeam computed tomography study. CBCT
31  2017 Impact of Partial-Mouth Periodontal Examination Protocols on the Association Between Gingival Bleeding and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Adolescents. DB, DL, FME, GB, ML, OHRQoL, PMPE
32  2017 In vitro Comparison of Apical Debris Extrusion Using Rotary and Reciprocating Systems in Severely Curved Root Canals. ---
33  2017 Partial-mouth periodontal examination protocols for the determination of the prevalence and extent of gingival bleeding in adolescents. AUC, DB, DL, FME, ICC, PMPE
34  2017 The Association between the Anatomic Landmarks of the Pulp Chamber Floor and the Prevalence of Middle Mesial Canals in Mandibular First Molars: An InVivo Analysis. ML, MM, OR, RCS
35  2017 The Effect of the Dental Operating Microscope on the Outcome of Nonsurgical Root Canal Treatment: A Retrospective Case-control Study. ETMs, NSRCT
36  2017 Three-dimensional analysis of the physiological foramen geometry of maxillary and mandibular molars by means of micro-CT. DB
37  2016 Cone-beam Computed Tomography: Anatomic Analysis of Maxillary Posterior Teeth-Impact on Endodontic Microsurgery. ---
38  2016 Detection and management of a complex canal configuration in mesiobuccal root of maxillary first molar using three dimensional imaging. SCT
39  2016 Evaluation of diagnostic accuracy and dimensional measurements by using CBCT in mandibular first molars. BL, CBCT, CEJ, ICC, MD, ML
40  2016 Influence of motion pattern on apical transportation and centering ability of WaveOne single-file technique in curved root canals. CBCT
41  2016 Shaping Ability of Single-file Systems with Different Movements: A Micro-computed Tomographic Study. micro-CT
42  2016 The relation of gingival thickness to dynamics of gingival margin position pre- and post-surgically. GMP, GT, Mi-B
43  2016 Three-Dimensional Alveolar Bone Anatomy of the Maxillary First Molars: A Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Study With Implications for Immediate Implant Placement. DB, MFMs, SF
44  2015 Alterations of the Danger Zone after Preparation of Curved Root Canals Using WaveOne with Reverse Rotation or Reciprocation Movements. CBCT, CCWR, DZ, RCP
45  2015 Apical Extrusion of Debris after Canal Preparation with Hand-Files Used Manually or Installed on Reciprocating Air-Driven Handpiece in Straight and Curved Canals. DE, NiTi
46  2015 The minimum residual root thickness after using ProTaper, RaCe and Gates-Glidden drills: A cone beam computerized tomography study. CBCT, GG, MAF, MRRT
47  2015 The remaining dentin thickness investigation of the attempt to remove broken instrument from mesiobuccal canals of maxillary first molars with virtual simulation technique. ICC, RDT
48  2014 Accuracy of partial-mouth examination protocols for extent and severity estimates of periodontitis: a study in a Chinese population with chronic periodontitis. AL, BOP, DB, DL, ICCs, ML, PD, PMPE, RB
49  2014 Comparison of alternative image reformatting techniques in micro-computed tomography and tooth clearing for detailed canal morphology. MCT, MinIP
50  2014 Effect of master apical file size and taper on irrigation and cleaning of the apical third of curved canals. MAF, SEM, SL
51  2014 Prevalence of middle mesial canals in mandibular molars after guided troughing under high magnification: an in vivo investigation. ML
52  2014 Three-dimensional modelling and concurrent measurements of root anatomy in mandibular first molar mesial roots using micro-computed tomography. ML, muCT
53  2014 [Cone-beam computed tomography was used for study of root and canal morphology of maxillary first and second molars]. CBCT
54  2013 In-depth morphological study of mesiobuccal root canal systems in maxillary first molars: review. ---
55  2012 A micro-computed tomography study of canal configuration of multiple-canalled mesiobuccal root of maxillary first molar. muCT
56  2012 An in vitro study of mesiobuccal root thickness of maxillary first molars. DB, DP
57  2012 Microcomputed tomography analysis of mesiobuccal orifices and major apical foramen in first maxillary molars. AF, DB
58  2012 Morphology of maxillary first and second molars analyzed by cone-beam computed tomography in a korean population: variations in the number of roots and canals and the incidence of fusion. CBCT, DB
59  2012 Predictive power of the severity measure of attachment loss for periodontal care need. AL
60  2012 Present and future in the use of micro-CT scanner 3D analysis for the study of dental and root canal morphology. micro-CT
61  2012 [A micro-computed tomographic analysis of the apical anatomy of permanent three-rooted mandibular first molars]. AC, AF, DB, DL, ML
62  2011 Evaluating the potential key factors in assessing the morphology of mesiobuccal canal in maxillary first and second molars. ML
63  2011 Ex vivo detection of mesiobuccal canals in maxillary molars using CBCT at four different isotropic voxel dimensions. CBCT
64  2011 Mesiobuccal root canal anatomy of Korean maxillary first and second molars by cone-beam computed tomography. CBCT
65  2011 Minimum-intensity projection for in-depth morphology study of mesiobuccal root. MCT, TS-MinIP
66  2011 Root canal morphology of permanent three-rooted mandibular first molars: Part III--An odontometric analysis. BL/MD, DB, DL, micro-CT, ML
67  2010 Crown-down preflaring in the determination of the first apical file. ML, SEM
68  2010 Dimension, anatomy and morphology of the mesiobuccal root canal system in maxillary molars. ---
69  2010 Relationship between the size of patency file and apical extrusion of sodium hypochlorite. ---
70  2010 Root canal preparation of maxillary molars with the self-adjusting file: a micro-computed tomography study. DB, SAF
71  2010 Use of CBCT to identify the morphology of maxillary permanent molar teeth in a Chinese subpopulation. CBCT
72  2010 [Morphological characteristics of mesiobuccal root canals of the first maxillary molars]. ---
73  2009 Detection of permanent three-rooted mandibular first molars by cone-beam computed tomography imaging in Taiwanese individuals. CBCT, DB, DL
74  2009 Three-dimensional analysis of maxillary first molar mesiobuccal root canal configuration and curvature using micro-computed tomography. micro-CT
75  2008 Anatomic determination of the mesiobuccal root resection level in maxillary molars. ---
76  2008 Root and canal morphology of the mesiobuccal and distal roots of permanent first molars in a Kuwait population--a clinical study. ---
77  2007 Incidence of periodontal attachment loss over 8 to 10 years among Iowa elders aged 71+ at baseline. ALOSS
78  2007 What molars contribute to an emerging understanding of lateral enamel formation in Neandertals vs. modern humans. DB
79  2006 Quantitative three-dimensional analysis of root canal curvature in maxillary first molars using micro-computed tomography. micro-CT
80  2006 The correlation between root canal patterns and interorificial distance in mandibular first molars. ML
81  2006 Three-dimensional imaging using microcomputed tomography for studying tooth macromorphology. micro-CT
82  2005 Apical anatomy in mesial and mesiobuccal roots of permanent first molars. ---
83  2005 Effect of partial recording protocols on estimates of prevalence of periodontal disease. DB, DL, PRP
84  2005 Root canal preparation with Endo-Eze AET: changes in root canal shape assessed by micro-computed tomography. AET, DB, muCT
85  2004 Two canals in mesiobuccal roots of maxillary molars. MP
86  2002 Location of canal isthmus and accessory canals in the mesiobuccal root of maxillary first permanent molars. ---
87  2000 Intercusp differences in enamel prism patterns in early and late stages of human tooth development. ---
88  1998 The significance of locating and filling the canal isthmus in multiple root canal systems. A scanning electron microscopy study of the mesiobuccal root of maxillary first permanent molars. ---
89  1996 Variations in the clinical sulcus depth of healthy human gingiva: a longitudinal study. BC, PD
90  1990 Incidence and configuration of canal systems in the mesiobuccal root of maxillary first and second molars. ML
91  1983 The potential attachment area of the maxillary first molar. DB, PAL