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Abbreviation:   MELK  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 AMPK-like proteins and their function in female reproduction and gynecologic cancer. AMPK, LKB1
2023 ANKRD22 promotes glioma proliferation, migration, invasion, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition by upregulating E2F1-mediated MELK expression. ANKRD22, E2F1
2023 Differential Effects of Overexpression of Wild Type and Kinase-Dead MELK in Fibroblasts and Keratinocytes, Potential Implications for Skin Wound Healing and Cancer. ---
2023 Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase in tumor cells and tumor microenvironment: An emerging player and promising therapeutic opportunity. AMPK
2023 Network Pharmacology and Experimental Validation to Explore the Effect and Mechanism of Kanglaite Injection Against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. AURKA, CDC25A, Cdc25B, CDK1, CDK2, CHEK1, GO, KEGG, KLTi, PPI, TNBC
2023 Structure-based virtual screening of chemical libraries as potential MELK inhibitors and their therapeutic evaluation against breast cancer. TNBC
2022 Comprehensive analysis to identify noncoding RNAs mediated upregulation of maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase (MELK) correlated with poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma. C-index, HCC, ICGC, ncRNAs, OS, TCGA-LIHC
2022 Computational exploration of maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase (MELK) as a cancer drug target. RMSD
2022 Identification of biomarkers related to tumorigenesis and prognosis in breast cancer. CCNA2, CDK1, CENPF, DEGs, GEPIA, HPA, KIF2C, KIF4A, PBK, PPI, PRC1, TPX2, UALCAN
10  2022 LncRNA OSTM1-AS1 acts as an oncogenic factor in Wilms' tumor by regulating the miR-514a-3p/MELK axis. lncRNAs, OSTM1-AS1, WT
11  2022 Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase (MELK) optimally regulates the HIV-1 uncoating process. HIV-1
12  2022 Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase serves as a potential prognostic marker and leads to sorafenib chemoresistance modified by miR-142-5p in hepatocellular carcinoma. DAVID, HCC, HCC/SR, RT-PCR
13  2022 MELK is a prognostic biomarker and correlated with immune infiltration in glioma. CGGA, DEGs, GEO, GSEA, ssGSEA
14  2022 MELK predicts poor prognosis and promotes metastasis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma via activating the NF‑kappaB pathway. ESCC, IKK
15  2022 Preclinical assessment of synergistic efficacy of MELK and CDK inhibitors in adrenocortical cancer. ACC, CDK
16  2022 Structural classification of MELK inhibitors and prospects for the treatment of tumor resistance: A review. ---
17  2022 Subtype-specific expression of MELK is partly due to copy number alterations in breast cancer. BLBC, CN, DCIS, IDC, IHC, TNBC
18  2021 A novel carbon-11 radiolabeled maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase inhibitor for PET imaging of triple-negative breast cancer. HPLC, PET, TNBC
19  2021 A synthetic lethal screen identifies HDAC4 as a potential target in MELK overexpressing cancers. SCF
20  2021 AMPKalpha-like proteins as LKB1 downstream targets in cell physiology and cancer. AMP, AMPKalpha, BRSKs, LKB1, MARKs, SIK, UV
21  2021 Analysis of crucial genes, pathways and construction of the molecular regulatory networks in vascular smooth muscle cell calcification. COs, CVSMCs, DANCR, DEGs, DETF, ECM, FOX, lncRNA, SNAI2, TFs, VC, VSMCs
22  2021 Circ_0007031 Silencing Inhibits Cell Proliferation and Induces Cell Apoptosis via Downregulating MELK at a miR-485-3p-Dependent Way in Colorectal Cancer. circRNA, CRC, EdU, miR-485-3p, qRT-PCR
23  2021 Consensus Virtual Screening Identified [1,2,4]Triazolo[1,5-b]isoquinolines As MELK Inhibitor Chemotypes. ---
24  2021 Ectopic expression of MELK in oral squamous cell carcinoma and its correlation with epithelial mesenchymal transition. EMT, OSCC
25  2021 Functional genomics for breast cancer drug target discovery. ---
26  2021 KLF5-induced BBOX1-AS1 contributes to cell malignant phenotypes in non-small cell lung cancer via sponging miR-27a-5p to up-regulate MELK and activate FAK signaling pathway. BBOX1-AS1, lncRNA, NSCLC
27  2021 Maternal embryonal leucine zipper kinase immunoreactivity in atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumors: a study of 50 cases. IHC
28  2021 MELK expression in breast cancer is associated with infiltration of immune cell and pathological compete response (pCR) after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. AJCC, CYT, IFN, pCR, TNBC
29  2021 MELK Inhibition Effectively Suppresses Growth of Glioblastoma and Cancer Stem-Like Cells by Blocking AKT and FOXM1 Pathways. AKT, FOXM1, GBM, GSCs
30  2021 Molecular analysis of cell survival and death pathways in the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib-resistant PC3 prostate cancer cell line. ---
31  2021 OTS167 blocks FLT3 translation and synergizes with FLT3 inhibitors in FLT3 mutant acute myeloid leukemia. AML, eIF4B, FLT3, TKIs
32  2021 Up-regulation of MELK by E2F1 promotes the proliferation in cervical cancer cells. ---
33  2021 [18F]F-ET-OTSSP167 Targets Maternal Embryo Leucine Zipper Kinase for PET Imaging of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. TNBC
34  2020 Ablation of AMPK-Related Kinase MPK38/MELK Leads to Male-Specific Obesity in Aged Mature Adult Mice. LH, MPK38
35  2020 An electrophilic warhead library for mapping the reactivity and accessibility of tractable cysteines in protein kinases. JAK3
36  2020 Anti-cancer immunotherapy using cancer-derived multiple epitope-peptides cocktail vaccination clinical studies in patients with refractory/persistent disease of uterine cervical cancer and ovarian cancer [phase 2]. AEs, CC, DR, FOXM1, HIG-2, HJURP, OC, PS, URLC10, VEGFR
37  2020 Anticancer Agents Based on Vulnerable Components in a Signalling Pathway. Chk1, IAP, MDM2, ROS1, SK2, WEE1
38  2020 Cloning, tissue distribution, expression pattern, and function of porcine maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase. pMELK, STS, SUVEC
39  2020 Enigmatic MELK: The controversy surrounding its complex role in cancer. TNBC
40  2020 High expression of maternal embryonic leucine-zipper kinase (MELK) impacts clinical outcomes in patients with ovarian cancer and its inhibition suppresses ovarian cancer cells growth ex vivo. mRNA
41  2020 Mass spectrometry-based selectivity profiling identifies a highly selective inhibitor of the kinase MELK that delays mitotic entry in cancer cells. CDK1, MIB/MS
42  2020 Maternal Embryonic Leucine Zipper Kinase Promotes Tumor Growth and Metastasis via Stimulating FOXM1 Signaling in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. ESCC
43  2020 Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase serves as a poor prognosis marker and therapeutic target in osteosarcoma. ---
44  2020 Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase: A novel biomarker and a potential therapeutic target in lung adenocarcinoma. GEPIA, LUAD
45  2020 MELK Accelerates the Progression of Colorectal Cancer via Activating the FAK/Src Pathway. ---
46  2020 MELK promotes Endometrial carcinoma progression via activating mTOR signaling pathway. EC
47  2020 MELK/MPK38 in cancer: from mechanistic aspects to therapeutic strategies. MPK38
48  2020 microRNA-375 released from extracellular vesicles of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells exerts anti-oncogenic effects against cervical cancer. BMSCs, EVs, miRNAs, TEM
49  2020 Mutant P53 induces MELK expression by release of wild-type P53-dependent suppression of FOXM1. TNBC
50  2020 Phillygenin, a MELK Inhibitor, Inhibits Cell Survival and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Pancreatic Cancer Cells. DFS, EMT, OS, PC, PHI
51  2020 Resistance to drugs and cell death in cancer stem cells (CSCs). CSCs, IAPs, mTOR, PI3K
52  2019 5-Keto-3-cyano-2,4-diaminothiophenes as selective maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase inhibitors. ---
53  2019 Arrestin-3 interaction with maternal embryonic leucine-zipper kinase. ---
54  2019 Crystal structure of Maternal Embryonic Leucine Zipper Kinase (MELK) in complex with dorsomorphin (Compound C). ---
55  2019 Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modeling of novel 1H-pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine derivatives as potential anti-tumor agents. ---
56  2019 EZH2 Phosphorylation Promotes Self-Renewal of Glioma Stem-Like Cells Through NF-kappaB Methylation. CSCs, EZH2, GSCs
57  2019 Inhibition of MELK Protooncogene as an Innovative Treatment for Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma. EZH2, FOXM1, iCCA, IHC, siRNA
58  2019 Maternal Embryonic Leucine Zipper Kinase (MELK), a Potential Therapeutic Target for Neuroblastoma. EZH2, PRC2
59  2019 Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase is a novel target for diffuse large B cell lymphoma and mantle cell lymphoma. DLBCL, MCL
60  2019 MEK/MELK inhibition and blood-brain barrier deficiencies in atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumors. AT/RT, BBB, CNS, MEK, SHH
61  2019 MELK inhibition targets cancer stem cells through downregulation of SOX2 expression in head and neck cancer cells. CSCs, HNSCC, SOX2, TFs
62  2019 MELK is Upregulated in Advanced Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma and Promotes Disease Progression by Phosphorylating PRAS40. ccRCC, DEGs, mTORC1
63  2019 Thr55 phosphorylation of p21 by MPK38/MELK ameliorates defects in glucose, lipid, and energy metabolism in diet-induced obese mice. AMPK, CDK, MDM2, MPK38, PPARgamma
64  2018 A Conditional Dependency on MELK for the Proliferation of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells. ---
65  2018 Caenorhabditis elegans ced-3 Caspase Is Required for Asymmetric Divisions That Generate Cells Programmed To Die. ---
66  2018 Elucidating the Role of the Maternal Embryonic Leucine Zipper Kinase in Adrenocortical Carcinoma. ACC
67  2018 Identify Cross Talk Between Circadian Rhythm and Coronary Heart Disease by Multiple Correlation Analysis. CELF, CFL1, GNAO1, GNB1, MAP4, MYH7, PRKCG, QKI, TUBA1C
68  2018 Inhibition of maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase with OTSSP167 displays potent anti-leukemic effects in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. CLL
69  2018 Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase: A novel biomarker and a potential therapeutic target of cervical cancer. ---
70  2018 MELK as a potential target to control cell proliferation in triple-negative breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cells. JNK, TNBC
71  2018 MELK expression correlates with tumor mitotic activity but is not required for cancer growth. ---
72  2018 MELK Inhibition in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. BBB, DIPG
73  2018 MELK is a novel therapeutic target in high-risk neuroblastoma. NB, pRb
74  2018 Phase I Study of Multiple Epitope Peptide Vaccination in Patients With Recurrent or Persistent Cervical Cancer. FOXM1
75  2018 Sanguinarine triggers intrinsic apoptosis to suppress colorectal cancer growth through disassociation between STRAP and MELK. CRC, ROS, STRAP
76  2018 Structure-based discovery of new maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase inhibitors. FAK
77  2017 Caenorhabditis elegans CES-1 Snail Represses pig-1 MELK Expression To Control Asymmetric Cell Division. NSM
78  2017 CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis invalidates a putative cancer dependency targeted in on-going clinical trials. ---
79  2017 Discovery of a potent inhibitor of MELK that inhibits expression of the anti-apoptotic protein Mcl-1 and TNBC cell growth. TNBC
80  2017 Dual Functions of Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes: Anti-Metastasis and Lysosome-Damaged Photodynamic Therapy. ---
81  2017 Genome-wide effects of MELK-inhibitor in triple-negative breast cancer cells indicate context-dependent response with p53 as a key determinant. TNBC
82  2017 Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase (MELK) reduces replication stress in glioblastoma cells. ---
83  2017 Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition by regulating transforming growth factor-beta signaling. EMTs, TGF-beta
84  2017 Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase is a novel target for proliferation-associated high-risk myeloma. ---
85  2017 MELK and EZH2 Cooperate to Regulate Medulloblastoma Cancer Stem-like Cell Proliferation and Differentiation. EZH2
86  2017 MELK expression in ovarian cancer correlates with poor outcome and its inhibition by OTSSP167 abrogates proliferation and viability of ovarian cancer cells. EOC
87  2017 MELK is not necessary for the proliferation of basal-like breast cancer cells. BBC
88  2017 MELK Promotes Melanoma Growth by Stimulating the NF-kappaB Pathway. SILAC
89  2017 MELK: a potential novel therapeutic target for TNBC and other aggressive malignancies. TNBC
90  2017 MicroRNA-214-3p inhibits proliferation and cell cycle progression by targeting MELK in hepatocellular carcinoma and correlates cancer prognosis. HCC, miR-214-3p, OS, qRT-PCR, RFS
91  2017 Phosphorylation of the HIV-1 capsid by MELK triggers uncoating to promote viral cDNA synthesis. ---
92  2017 The microRNA expression signature of small cell lung cancer: tumor suppressors of miR-27a-5p and miR-34b-3p and their targeted oncogenes. CENPF, miRNA, SCLC, SOX1, TOP2A
93  2017 The target landscape of clinical kinase drugs. SIK2
94  2017 Up-Regulated Maternal Embryonic Leucine Zipper Kinase Predicts Poor Prognosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients in a Chinese Han Population. HCC
95  2016 Development of small molecular compounds targeting cancer stem cells. CSCs, TTK
96  2016 Effective growth-suppressive activity of maternal embryonic leucine-zipper kinase (MELK) inhibitor against small cell lung cancer. CSCs, SCLC
97  2016 Expression of Maternal Embryonic Leucine Zipper Kinase (MELK) Correlates to Malignant Potentials in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. HCC, OS, PCR, PIVKA-II, RFS
98  2016 Identification of IL11RA and MELK amplification in gastric cancer by comprehensive genomic profiling of gastric cancer cell lines. IL11RA
99  2016 Maternal Embryonic Leucine Zipper Kinase (MELK) as a Novel Mediator and Biomarker of Radioresistance in Human Breast Cancer. TNBC
100  2016 MELK is an oncogenic kinase essential for early hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence. HCC