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Abbreviation:   MNCs  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   multinucleated cells
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Identification of Novel Genes for Cell Fusion during Osteoclast Formation. BMMs, RANKL, SNCs
2021 Inhibitory Effects of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles on the Differentiation into Osteoclasts In Vitro. CTSK, GNPs, NFATc1, RANKL, SNPs, TRAP
2021 Profiles of Human Papillomavirus Detection of the Multinucleated Cells in Cervical Smears. HPVs
2021 Yukmijihwang-Tang Suppresses Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor Kappa-B Ligand (RANKL)-Induced Osteoclast Differentiation and Prevents Ovariectomy (OVX)-Mediated Bone Loss. BMMs, NFATc1, OPG, RANKL, TRAP, YJ
2019 Cell-substrate traction force regulates the fusion of osteoclast precursors through cell-cell interaction. ---
2018 Evaluation of cytogenic damage in the form of micronuclei in oral exfoliated buccal cells in tobacco users. MN
2018 Micronuclei Induction in Amniotic Fluid Cells from Cyclophosphamide Treated Rats. CP
2018 Multi-nucleated cells use ROS to induce breast cancer chemo-resistance in vitro and in vivo. ROS
2018 Peptides from rice endosperm protein restrain periodontal bone loss in mouse model of periodontitis. ---
10  2017 Melittin inhibits osteoclast formation through the downregulation of the RANKL-RANK signaling pathway and the inhibition of interleukin-1beta in murine macrophages. BMMs, ERK, IL-1beta, M-CSF, MAPKs, MMP-9, NF-kappaB, NFATc1, RANKL, TRAF6, TRAP
11  2017 Role of LIGHT in the pathogenesis of joint destruction in rheumatoid arthritis. ELISA, M-CSF, OA, OPG, RA, RANKL, SF, TRAP
12  2017 Widely used non-ionic surfactant 4-nonylphenol: showing genotoxic effects in various tissues of Channa punctatus. BNCs, LC50, NP, TM
13  2016 Lysosomal Ca2+ Signaling is Essential for Osteoclastogenesis and Bone Remodeling. TRAP, TRP
14  2015 Massive elimination of multinucleated osteoclasts by eupatilin is due to dual inhibition of transcription and cytoskeletal rearrangement. BMCs, OC, RANK
15  2015 The Inhibitory Effect of Angelica tenuissima Water Extract on Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor-Kappa-B Ligand-Induced Osteoclast Differentiation and Bone Resorbing Activity of Mature Osteoclasts. ATWE, COX-2, F-actin, JNK, NFATc1, RANKL, TRAP
16  2014 (+)-Vitisin A inhibits osteoclast differentiation by preventing TRAF6 ubiquitination and TRAF6-TAK1 formation to suppress NFATc1 activation. c-Src, MMP-9, NFATc1, OC-STAMP, RANKL, TRAF6
17  2014 Frequency and size of micronuclei induced in gill cells of medaka fish (Oryzias latipes) after whole-body exposure to clastogenic chemicals. COL, CP, DEN, EMS, MMC, MN
18  2014 Glechoma hederacea Suppresses RANKL-mediated Osteoclastogenesis. BMMs, DHP, GH, GHE, NFATc1, RANKL, TRAP
19  2014 Osteoclast formation elicited by interleukin-33 stimulation is dependent upon the type of osteoclast progenitor. RANKL
20  2013 Diverse osteoclastogenesis of bone marrow from mandible versus long bone. BMSCs, LB, MB, OCs, OPG, PTH, RANKL, TRAP
21  2012 Apolipoprotein E inhibits osteoclast differentiation via regulation of c-Fos, NFATc1 and NF-kappaB. APOE, BMMs, DC-STAMP, NFATc1, RANKL, TRAP
22  2012 Effects of Ethyl Acetate Extract of Poncirus trifoliata Fruit for Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis. ALP, BMD, DEX, EtOAc, OPG, OPN, PTF, TRAP
23  2012 Low-magnitude high-frequency vibration inhibits RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation of RAW264.7 cells. LMHFV, MMP-9, RANKL, TRAP
24  2011 Formation of solid tumors by a single multinucleated cancer cell. ---
25  2011 T cell-mediated increased osteoclast formation from peripheral blood as a mechanism for Crohn's disease-associated bone loss. CD, TRACP
26  2010 Chromosome damage and cytotoxicity in oral mucosa cells after 2 months of exposure to anabolic steroids (decadurabolin and winstrol) in weight lifting. ---
27  2009 The effect of selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor on human osteoclast precursors to influence osteoclastogenesis in vitro. COX-2, M-CSF, PBMCs, PGE2, sRANKL, TRAP
28  2008 DNA damage in lymphocytes and buccal mucosa cells of children with malignant tumours undergoing chemotherapy. ---
29  2008 Formation of osteoclast-like cells from peripheral blood of periodontitis patients occurs without supplementation of macrophage colony-stimulating factor. M-CSF, PBMCs, RANKL
30  2008 Increased frequency of micronucleated exfoliated cells among humans exposed in vivo to mobile telephone radiations. BE, BN, KH, KL, MN, TMN
31  2008 Polymethylmethacrylate particles stimulate bone resorption of mature osteoclasts in vitro. PMMA
32  2008 Protective effects of vitamin E against atrazine-induced genotoxicity in rats. ---
33  2008 Receptor activator of NF-kappaB ligand induces the fusion of mononuclear preosteoclasts into multinucleated osteoclasts. OCLs, RANKL, TRAP
34  2008 The interaction of monocytes with rheumatoid synovial cells is a key step in LIGHT-mediated inflammatory bone destruction. MMP-9, RA, RANKL, TNF, TRAP
35  2007 Bipolar genome reductional division of human near-senescent, polyploid fibroblast cells. ---
36  2007 Cellular and humoral mechanisms of osteoclast formation in Ewing's sarcoma. M-CSF, RANK, TAMs, TNF, TRAP, VNR
37  2007 Micronuclei in diabetes: folate supplementation diminishes micronuclei in diabetic patients but not in an animal model. DM, FA, MNE, MNPCE
38  2006 Gingival fibroblasts are better at inhibiting osteoclast formation than periodontal ligament fibroblasts. GF, PBMC, PLF, TRACP
39  2006 Human diploid fibroblast cells in senescence; cycling through polyploidy to mitotic cells. ---
40  2005 Ascorbic acid inhibits osteoclastogenesis of RAW264.7 cells induced by receptor activated nuclear factor kappaB ligand (RANKL) in vitro. AA, OCL, RANKL, TRAP
41  2005 Budded karyoplasts from multinucleated fibroblast cells contain centrosomes and change their morphology to mitotic cells. EL
42  2005 Inhibitory effect of CGRP on osteoclast formation by mouse bone marrow cells treated with isoproterenol. CGRP, OPG, RANKL, sRANKL, TRAP
43  2004 Bone loss in regucalcin transgenic rats: enhancement of osteoclastic cell formation from bone marrow of rats with increasing age. Tg, TRACP
44  2004 Dose- and time-dependent responses for micronucleus induction by X-rays and fast neutrons in gill cells of medaka (Oryzias latipes). RBE
45  2004 Expression of regucalcin in rat bone marrow cells: involvement of osteoclastic bone resorption in regucalcin transgenic rats. DNA, RT-PCR, Tg, TRACP
46  2004 Induction of micronucleated cells in the shed skin of salamanders (Ambystoma sp.) treated with colchicine or cyclophosphamide. COL, CP, MN
47  2004 Receptor activator of NF-kappaB ligand-stimulated osteoclastogenesis in mouse marrow culture is suppressed by zinc in vitro. DRB, LPS, RANKL, TNF-alpha, TRACP
48  2004 Regucalcin stimulates osteoclast-like cell formation in mouse marrow cultures. CT, CX, DRB, TRACP
49  2004 Spontaneous cell transformation: karyoplasts derived from multinucleated cells produce new cell growth in senescent human epithelial cell cultures. EL
50  2004 Susceptibility of male and female medaka (Oryzias latipes) fish to spontaneous and X-ray induced micronucleus formation in gill cells. AO
51  2004 [Culture of human osteoclasts]. CM, SEM, TRAP
52  2003 Association between bone loss and promoter polymorphism in the IL-6 gene in elderly Japanese women with hip fracture. BMD, IL-6
53  2003 Effects of beta-adrenergic agonists on bone-resorbing activity in human osteoclast-like cells. AR, CAII, Cathe K, CTR, TRAP
54  2003 Menatetrenone (vitamin K2) acts directly on circulating human osteoclast precursors. M-CSF, RANKL, TRAP
55  2002 Fibroblasts from the inner granulation tissue of the pseudocapsule in hips at revision arthroplasty induce osteoclast differentiation, as do stromal cells. CTR, NA-BMCs, RANKL, TRAP
56  2002 Gender- and age-related differences in osteoclast formation from circulating precursors. M-CSF, PBMCs, TRAP
57  2002 Heparin acts synergistically with interleukin-11 to induce STAT3 activation and in vitro osteoclast formation. GP, IL-11, RANKL
58  2002 Human periodontal ligament cells derived from deciduous teeth induce osteoclastogenesis in vitro. DEX, OPG, RANKL, TRAP
59  2002 Lipopolysaccharide supports survival and fusion of preosteoclasts independent of TNF-alpha, IL-1, and RANKL. IL, LPS, M-CSF, RANKL, TNF
60  2002 Nuclear localization of type I parathyroid hormone/parathyroid hormone-related protein receptors in deer antler osteoclasts: evidence for parathyroid hormone-related protein and receptor activator of NF-kappaB-dependent effects on osteoclast formation in regenerating mammalian bone. mRNAs, OPG, PTHrP, RANKL
61  2002 Proinflammatory cytokine (TNFalpha/IL-1alpha) induction of human osteoclast formation. ---
62  2002 The influence of serum cytokines and growth factors on osteoclast formation in Paget's disease. IL, M-CSF, RANKL, TNF-alpha
63  2001 Cells in regenerating deer antler cartilage provide a microenvironment that supports osteoclast differentiation. M-CSF, MMP-9, RANKL, RT-PCR, TRAP
64  2001 Deflazacort increases osteoclast formation in mouse bone marrow culture and the ratio of RANKL/OPG mRNA expression in marrow stromal cells. OPG
65  2000 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 hypersensitivity of osteoclast precursors from patients with Paget's disease. GM-CFU, mRNA, RT-PCR
66  2000 Crucial involvement of the EP4 subtype of prostaglandin E receptor in osteoclast formation by proinflammatory cytokines and lipopolysaccharide. bFGF, IL-1alpha, LPS, mRNA, PGE2, POB, PTH, TNF-alpha
67  2000 Effects of continuous calcitonin treatment on osteoclasts derived from cocultures of mouse marrow stromal and spleen cells. CT, CTR, sCT, TRAP
68  2000 Identification and characterization of the new osteoclast progenitor with macrophage phenotypes being able to differentiate into mature osteoclasts. CAII, CathK, CTR, M-CSF, MDBM, OPN, sRANKL, TRAP
69  2000 Role of multinuclear cells in granulation tissue in osteomyelitis: immunohistochemistry in 66 patients. TRAP
70  2000 Tumor necrosis factor-alpha induces differentiation of and bone resorption by osteoclasts. M-CSF, RANK, TNF-alpha, TRAP
71  1999 Effects of nicotine on cultured cells suggest that it can influence the formation and resorption of bone. TRAP
72  1999 Induction of micronuclei in vitro by organochlorine compounds in beluga whale skin fibroblasts. MN, OC
73  1999 Micronuclei in blood lymphocytes and genetic polymorphism for GSTM1, GSTT1 and NAT2 in pesticide-exposed greenhouse workers. BrdU, GSTM1, MN, NAT2
74  1999 Osteoclast-derived zinc finger (OCZF) protein with POZ domain, a possible transcriptional repressor, is involved in osteoclastogenesis. LRF, OCZF, ODNs, POCs
75  1999 Reversibility of alendronate-induced contraction in human osteoclast-like cells formed from bone marrow cells in culture. ---
76  1999 Suppressive effect of genistein on rat bone osteoclasts: apoptosis is induced through Ca2+ signaling. TRACP
77  1999 The effect of Kampo formulae on bone resorption in vitro and in vivo. I. Active constituents of Tsu-kan-gan. BMD, PTH, TKG, TRAP
78  1998 Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia presenting multinucleated cells in histology: an ultrastructural study. ---
79  1998 Decrease in bladder cell micronucleus prevalence after intervention to lower the concentration of arsenic in drinking water. ---
80  1998 Expression of IL-6 receptor and GP130 in mouse bone marrow cells during osteoclast differentiation. gp130, IL-6, IL-6R, TRAP
81  1998 Folate, vitamin B12, homocysteine status and DNA damage in young Australian adults. HC, RDI
82  1998 Identification of cell types responsible for bone resorption in rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. CTR, JRA, RA, TRAP
83  1998 Interaction of triiodothyronine with 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on interleukin-6-dependent osteoclast-like cell formation in mouse bone marrow cell cultures. CT, IL-6
84  1998 Involvement of cholesterol in osteoclast-like cell formation via cellular fusion. HMG-CoA, LDL, TRAP
85  1998 Involvement of lymphocyte function-associated antigen-1 and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 in osteoclastogenesis: a possible role in direct interaction between osteoclast precursors. ICAM-1, LFA-1
86  1997 Effects of prostaglandins on human hematopoietic osteoclast precursors. CBMs, hCTR, mRNA, OC, PGE2
87  1997 Multinucleated cells in pigmented villonodular synovitis and giant cell tumor of tendon sheath express features of osteoclasts. GCTTS, PVNS
88  1995 Differential effects of transforming growth factor-beta on osteoclast-like cell formation in mouse marrow culture: relation to the effect of zinc-chelating dipeptides. TGF-beta, TRACP
89  1995 Effects of recombinant human osteogenic protein-1 on the differentiation of osteoclast-like cells and bone resorption. TRAP
90  1995 Generation of multinucleated osteoclast-like cells from canine bone marrow: effects of canine distemper virus. CDV, CT
91  1995 In vitro differentiation of the murine macrophage cell line BDM-1 into osteoclast-like cells. TRAP
92  1995 Macrophage colony-stimulating factor and interleukin-1 alpha maintain the survival of osteoclast-like cells. TRAP
93  1995 Osteoblasts mediate insulin-like growth factor-I and -II stimulation of osteoclast formation and function. IGF-I, TRAP
94  1994 Effects of lead on osteoclast-like cell formation in mouse bone marrow cell cultures. cAMP, PGE2
95  1994 Glucocorticoid regulation of calcitonin receptor in mouse osteoclast-like multinucleated cells. CTR, DEX, GCs, OCs, sCT, TRAP
96  1994 Inhibition of osteoclast-like cell formation by sodium salicylate and indomethacin in mouse bone marrow culture. ---
97  1994 Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist and tumor necrosis factor binding protein decrease osteoclast formation and bone resorption in ovariectomized mice. Ab, IL-1ra, TNFbp
98  1994 Localization of osteopontin in resorption lacunae formed by osteoclast-like cells: a study by a novel monoclonal antibody which recognizes rat osteopontin. ---
99  1994 The effect of sodium salicylate on the osteoclast-like cell formation and bone resorption in a mouse bone marrow culture. ---
100  1993 Effect of 24R,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on the formation and function of osteoclastic cells. ---