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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Characteristics of the Oxidative Status in Dairy Calves Fed at Different Milk Replacer Levels and Weaned at 14 Weeks of Age. AOPP, FRAP, GSH-Px, RES, TBARS
2021 Effect of milk or milk replacer offered at varying levels on growth performance of Friesian veal calves. BW, CS
2021 Effect of partial exchange of lactose with fat in milk replacer on ad libitum feed intake and performance in dairy calves. HF, HL
2021 Effect of solid feed level and types of roughage on passage kinetics of milk replacer, concentrate, and roughage in veal calves. SF
2021 Effects of 2 liquid feeding rates over the first 3 months of life on whole-body energy metabolism and energy use efficiency of dairy calves up to 5 months. BW, COX, HP, MEI
2021 Effects of a blend of essential oils in milk replacer on performance, rumen fermentation, blood parameters, and health scores of dairy heifers. BW, IGF-1
2021 Effects of different planes of milk feeding and milk total solids concentration on growth, ruminal fermentation, health, and behavior of late weaned dairy calves during summer. HPM, LPM, PM, TS
2021 Effects of energy source in milk replacer on glucose metabolism of neonatal dairy calves. HF, HL
2021 Effects of feeding milk replacer at a moderate rate, ad libitum, or with a step-up program on Holstein calf growth performance to 4 months of age. ADLIB, BW, HW, MOD, STEPUP
10  2021 Effects of milk feeding strategies on short- and long-term productivity of Holstein heifers. MEq, NSM, SAS
11  2021 Effects of milk replacer feeding rate and fat content on Jersey calf nutrient digestion and performance to 4 months of age. CSI, TTD
12  2021 Effects of milk replacer meal size on feed intake, growth performance, and blood metabolites and hormones of calves fed milk replacer with or without butyrate ad libitum: A cluster-analytic approach. HI, LO
13  2021 Effects of mixed tocopherols added to milk replacer and calf starter on intake, growth, and indices of stress. BW, CP, DM, TMIX
14  2021 Effects of physical forms of starter feed on growth, nutrient digestibility, gastrointestinal enzyme activity, and morphology of pre- and post-weaning lambs. PS, TS
15  2021 Effects of spray-dried bovine plasma protein in milk replacers fed at a high plane of nutrition on performance, intestinal permeability, and morbidity of Holstein calves. SDP
16  2021 Increasing preweaning milk replacer supply affects postweaning energy metabolism of Holstein male calves. IVGTT
17  2021 Intestinal adaptations to energy source of milk replacer in neonatal dairy calves. HF
18  2021 Lactobacillus plantarum GB LP-1 as a direct-fed microbial for neonatal calves. ADG, CS, LP
19  2021 Lysine and Methionine Supplementation for Dairy Calves Is More Accurate through the Liquid than the Solid Diet. SC
20  2021 Preweaning nutrient supply alters serum metabolomics profiles related to protein and energy metabolism and hepatic function in Holstein heifer calves. ELE, RES
21  2021 Preweaning to postweaning rumen papillae structural growth, ruminal fermentation characteristics, and acute-phase proteins in calves. BW, SAS
22  2021 The effect of neomycin inclusion in milk replacer on the health, growth, and performance of male Holstein calves during preweaning. BW, CON, LT, ST
23  2021 Using compositional mixed-effects models to evaluate responses to amino acid supplementation in milk replacers for calves. ---
24  2020 Determining the nutritional boundaries for replacing lactose with glucose in milk replacers for calves fed twice daily. ---
25  2020 Effect of amount of milk replacer fed and the processing of corn in starter on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and rumen and fecal fibrolytic bacteria of dairy calves. BW, CS
26  2020 Effects of 2 colostrum and subsequent milk replacer feeding intensities on methane production, rumen development, and performance in young calves. BW, DMI, MFI, SF
27  2020 Effects of feeding a moderate- or high-energy close-up diet to cows on response of newborn calves to milk replacer feeding and intravenous injection of glucagon-like peptide 1. DM, GLP-1, i.v
28  2020 Effects of feeding frequency and protein source in milk replacer for Holstein calves. BW, CON
29  2020 Effects of milk replacer feeding rates on growth performance of Holstein dairy calves to 4 months of age, evaluated via a meta-analytical approach. ADG, CP, DM, HI, MOD, NDF, OM
30  2020 Effects of n-3 fatty acids on growth, antioxidant status, and immunity of preweaned dairy calves. GPx
31  2020 Evaluating the potential role of tryptophan in calf milk replacers to facilitate weaning. ---
32  2020 Evaluation of essential oils and a prebiotic for newborn dairy calves. CON, CP, EO
33  2020 Feeding an amino acid formulated milk replacer for Holstein calves. AA, BW, CP, CS
34  2020 Feeding an amino acid-formulated milk replacer for Holstein calves during 2 time periods. BW, CP, CS, EAA
35  2020 Health and growth of veal calves provided a fatty acid supplement and a dry teat. ADG, BCS, BRD, TT
36  2020 Ileal digestibility and endogenous protein losses of milk replacers based on whey proteins alone or with an enzyme-treated soybean meal in young dairy calves. AA, CP, ESBM
37  2020 Milk Replacer Supplementation with Docosahexaenoic Acid from Microalgae Does Not Affect Growth and Immune Status in Goat Kids. DHA, DHA, PUFA
38  2020 Postweaning response on growth and nutrient digestion to using different weaning strategies when feeding moderate and high amounts of milk replacer to Holstein calves. ab, BW, CP, dC, DM, GR, HH, HI, HW, MOD
39  2020 Reproductive tract development and histomorphometric analysis of testes in neonatal Zaraibi kids raised on milk replacer supplemented with sodium butyrate. SB
40  2020 Short communication: Effects of transition milk and milk replacer supplemented with colostrum replacer on growth and health of dairy calves. MCR
41  2020 Short communication: Hypernatremia in diarrheic calves associated with oral electrolyte administration in water and milk replacer in absence of access to water. CON, OES, OES
42  2020 Technical note: Evaluation of 3 methods to determine mucin protein concentration in ileal digesta of young preweaning calves. ESBM, MUP, NFREE
43  2020 The effect of meloxicam on neonatal dairy calves: Immunoglobulin G uptake and preweaning performance. BW, CR, PL, SL
44  2020 The effect of milk feeding strategy and restriction of meal patterning on behavior, solid feed intake, and growth performance of male dairy calves fed via computer-controlled milk feeders. CON, RES, STEP, UNRES
45  2019 Age-Related Serum Biochemical Reference Intervals Established for Unweaned Calves and Piglets in the Post-weaning Period. RIs
46  2019 Early Feeding Regime of Waste Milk, Milk, and Milk Replacer for Calves Has Different Effects on Rumen Fermentation and the Bacterial Community. WM
47  2019 Effect of supplementation with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and/or beta-glucans on performance, feeding behaviour and immune status of Holstein Friesian bull calves during the pre- and post-weaning periods. CON, GL, PUFA
48  2019 Effects of ad libitum milk replacer feeding and butyrate supplementation on the epithelial growth and development of the gastrointestinal tract in Holstein calves. ADL, IGF
49  2019 Effects of colostrum and milk replacer feeding rates on intake, growth, and digestibility in calves. DM, MC
50  2019 Effects of feeding different amounts of milk replacer on growth performance and nutrient digestibility in Holstein calves to 2 months of age using different weaning strategies. ab, CP, dC, DM, GR, HI, MOD
51  2019 Effects of milk replacer feeding levels on performance and metabolism of preweaned dairy calves during summer. CON, CP, DM, DOA
52  2019 Effects of milk replacer feeding rate and long-term antibiotic inclusion in milk replacer on performance and nutrient digestibility of Holstein dairy calves up to 4 months of age. HI, MOD
53  2019 Feeding Pasteurized Waste Milk to Preweaned Dairy Calves Changes Fecal and Upper Respiratory Tract Microbiota. OTUs, PWM
54  2019 Impact of early weaning on small intestine, metabolic, immune and endocrine system development, growth and body composition in artificially reared lambs. EW
55  2019 Impact of weaning age on rumen development in artificially reared lambs1. BHBA, DBS, DS, EW, SCFA
56  2019 Influence of the Use of Milk Replacers and pH on the Texture Profiles of Raw and Cooked Meat of Suckling Kids. NM
57  2019 Intake, nutrient digestibility, and growth performance of Holstein dairy calves consuming a milk replacer at moderate or high feeding rates. BW, CP, DM
58  2019 Performance and Behavioural Responses of Group Housed Dairy Calves to Two Different Weaning Methods. ADG, AW, FCE, GW, HRV, LWT
59  2019 Performance of ad libitum fed dairy calves weaned using fixed and individual methods. DYN, LIN, ME, STEP
60  2019 Preweaning nutrient supply alters mammary gland transcriptome expression relating to morphology, lipid accumulation, DNA synthesis, and RNA expression in Holstein heifer calves. DEG, ELE, FC, IPA, RES
61  2019 Short communication: Performance, intestinal permeability, and metabolic profile of calves fed a milk replacer supplemented with glutamic acid. ---
62  2019 The effect of calf jacket usage on performance, behaviour and physiological responses of group-housed dairy calves. ADG, FCE, LWT, NJ
63  2019 The effect of docosahexaenoic acid-rich algae supplementation in milk replacer on performance and selected immune system functions in calves. DHA-RA, SM
64  2019 The Effect of Milk Replacer Composition on the Intestinal Microbiota of Pre-ruminant Dairy Calves. OS
65  2019 The effect of tributyrin supplementation to milk replacer on plasma glucagon-like peptide 2 concentrations in pre-weaning calves. BHBA, IGF-1, ME, TB
66  2019 Using Non-Invasive Monitoring Technologies to Capture Behavioural, Physiological and Health Responses of Dairy Calves to Different Nutritional Regimes during the First Ten Weeks of Life. CS14, CS56, GS56
67  2019 Weaning Performance of Beef Cattle Calves Based on Concentrate Intake. ADG, BW
68  2018 An intensive milk replacer feeding program benefits immune response and intestinal microbiota of lambs during weaning. NE, TNF-alpha
69  2018 Effects of ad libitum milk replacer feeding and butyrate supplementation on behavior, immune status, and health of Holstein calves in the postnatal period. ADL, Res
70  2018 Effects of feeding frequency of an elevated plane of milk replacer and calf age on behavior, and glucose and insulin kinetics in male Holstein calves. SAS
71  2018 Effects of feeding milk replacer at 2 rates with pelleted, low-starch or texturized, high-starch starters on calf performance and digestion. CS, DM
72  2018 Effects of gradual and later weaning ages when feeding high milk replacer rates on growth, textured starter digestibility, and behavior in Holstein calves from 0 to 4 months of age. ADG, DM
73  2018 Invited review: Use of butyrate to promote gastrointestinal tract development in calves. GIT, WM
74  2018 Low Concentration of Antibiotics Modulates Gut Microbiota at Different Levels in Pre-Weaning Dairy Calves. LCA, LSA
75  2018 Milk replacer restriction during early life impairs the live body weight and progesterone patterns of ewe lambs during the replacement period. ADLB, RFI
76  2018 Short communication: Effects of meloxicam administration on protein metabolism and growth performance in transported Jersey calves. MEL
77  2018 The impact of early life nutrition and housing on growth and reproduction in dairy cattle. BCS
78  2017 Ad libitum milk replacer feeding, but not butyrate supplementation, affects growth performance as well as metabolic and endocrine traits in Holstein calves. ADL, CON, Res
79  2017 Decreasing the pH of milk replacer containing soy flour affects nutrient digestibility, digesta pH, and gastrointestinal development of preweaned calves. CP, SP/CP
80  2017 Different milk feeding intensities during the first 4 weeks of rearing in dairy calves: Part 1: Effects on performance and production from birth over the first lactation. WM
81  2017 Effect of dietary supplementation with carnosic acid or vitamin E on animal performance, haematological and immunological characteristics of artificially reared suckling lambs before and after road transport. CA, LW, RBC, WBC
82  2017 Effect of different feeding regimens on energy and protein utilization and partitioning for maintenance and growth in pre-weaned lambs reared artificially. LW, ME, ME
83  2017 Effect of milk replacer feeding rate, age at weaning, and method of reducing milk replacer to weaning on digestion, performance, rumination, and activity in dairy calves to 4 months of age. CP, DM
84  2017 Effects of amount of colostrum replacer, amount of milk replacer, and housing cleanliness on health, growth, and intake of Holstein calves to 8 weeks of age. ---
85  2017 Effects of egg yolk inclusion, milk replacer feeding rate, and low-starch (pelleted) or high-starch (texturized) starter on Holstein calf performance through 4 months of age. BCS, DM
86  2017 Effects of feeding pasteurized waste milk to dairy calves on phenotypes and genotypes of antimicrobial resistance in fecal Escherichia coli isolates before and after weaning. PWM
87  2017 Effects of feeding unlimited amounts of milk replacer for the first 5 weeks of age on rumen and small intestinal growth and development in dairy calves. ADLIB, IGF
88  2017 Effects of preweaning nutrient intake in the developing mammary parenchymal tissue. ---
89  2017 Evaluation of essential oils and prebiotics for newborn dairy calves. CON, EO, YCW
90  2017 Feeding of waste milk to Holstein calves affects antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli and Pasteurella multocida isolated from fecal and nasal swabs. DO, ENR, WM
91  2017 Influence of ad libitum milk replacer feeding and butyrate supplementation on the systemic and hepatic insulin-like growth factor I and its binding proteins in Holstein calves. ADL, GHR1A, IGF, IGFBP
92  2017 Only 7% of the variation in feed efficiency in veal calves can be predicted from variation in feeding motivation, digestion, metabolism, immunology, and behavioral traits in early life. ADG
93  2017 Short communication: Promotion of glucagon-like peptide-2 secretion in dairy calves with a bioactive extract from Olea europaea. CON, GLP
94  2017 Short communication: Supplementation of fructo-oligosaccharides does not improve insulin sensitivity in heavy veal calves fed different sources of carbohydrates. scFOS
95  2017 Short communication: Use of fecal starch concentration as an indicator of dry feed digestion in preweaned dairy calves. DM, FS, SI, TTSD
96  2017 Supplementing a yeast probiotic to pre-weaning Holstein calves: Feed intake, growth and fecal biomarkers of gut health. ME, SCB
97  2017 Technical note: Evaluating nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for determining body composition in Holstein dairy calves using deuterium oxide dilution methods. CON, CP, DM, MOD, NMR
98  2017 The microbial community of the gut differs between piglets fed sow milk, milk replacer or bovine colostrum. BC, SM
99  2016 Economic and environmental effects of providing increased amounts of solid feed to veal calves. DM, SF
100  2016 Effect of milk replacer feeding rate and functional fatty acids on dairy calf performance and digestion of nutrients. AGG, DM, MOD