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Abbreviation:   NPR-A  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   natriuretic peptide receptor-A
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2022 Atrial Natriuretic Peptide and the Epithelial Sodium Channel Contribute to Spinal Cord Injury-Induced Polyuria in Mice. ANP, ENaC, SCI
2022 Effects of bisphenol A on human umbilical arteries. BPA, HUA, HUSMC, LTCC, sGC
2022 Effects of cGMP/Akt/GSK-3beta signaling pathway on atrial natriuretic peptide secretion in rabbits with rapid atrial pacing. AF, ANP, cGMP, PGC, RAP
2022 Genetic Disruption of Guanylyl Cyclase/Natriuretic Peptide Receptor-A Triggers Differential Cardiac Fibrosis and Disorders in Male and Female Mutant Mice: Role of TGF-β1/SMAD Signaling Pathway. MMP-2, -9, PCNA, pSMAD, qRT-PCR, TGF
2022 Ligand-Dependent Downregulation of Guanylyl Cyclase/Natriuretic Peptide Receptor-A: Role of miR-128 and miR-195. ANP, BNP, BP, CNP, CPT-cGMP, GC, HEK293, PKG
2022 Moderate Aerobic Training Inhibits Middle-Aged Induced Cardiac Calcineurin-NFAT Signaling by Improving TGF-ss, NPR-A, SERCA2, and TRPC6 in Wistar Rats. NFAT, PLB, SERC2A, TGF-beta, TRPC6
2022 Natriuretic Peptide-Based Novel Therapeutics: Long Journeys of Drug Developments Optimized for Disease States. ANP, BNP, CNP, GC-A, NPs
2022 Shunxin decoction improves diastolic function in rats with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction induced by abdominal aorta constriction through cyclic guanosine monophosphate-dependent protein kinase Signaling Pathway. BATMAN-TCM, GC, HFpEF, IVSd, NT-proBNP, PDE5A, PWd
2022 The landscape of N6-methyladenosine modification patterns and altered transcript profiles in the cardiac-specific deletion of natriuretic peptide receptor A. ANP, BNP, PDK4
10  2021 Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Inhibited ABCA1/G1-dependent Cholesterol Efflux Related to Low HDL-C in Hypertensive Pregnant Patients. ABCA1, ABCG1, ANP, HDL-C, HDP, LDL-C, LXRalpha, PPARgamma, TC, TGs
11  2021 Glipizide Combined with ANP Suppresses Breast Cancer Growth and Metastasis by Inhibiting Angiogenesis through VEGF/VEGFR2 Signaling. ANP, HUVECs, VEGF
12  2021 Integrative Proteomic and Metabolomic Analysis Reveals Metabolic Phenotype in Mice With Cardiac-Specific Deletion of Natriuretic Peptide Receptor A. ANP, BNP, cGMP, LC-MS, MYH7
13  2021 Natriuretic peptide receptor a promotes gastric malignancy through angiogenesis process. GC
14  2020 Angiotensin II represses Npr1 expression and receptor function by recruitment of transcription factors CREB and HSF-4a and activation of HDACs. ANP, CREB, HSF-4a, PI-3K, TK
15  2020 Cardiac‑specific deletion of natriuretic peptide receptor A induces differential myocardial expression of circular RNA and mRNA molecules involved in metabolism in mice. ANP, BNP, circRNA, miRNA
16  2020 Functional modulation of sarcolemmal KATP channels by atrial natriuretic peptide-elicited intracellular signaling in adult rabbit ventricular cardiomyocytes. ANP, CaMKII, ERK, ROS, RyR, sarcKATP
17  2020 High salt-induced weakness of anti-oxidative function of natriuretic peptide receptor-C and podocyte damage in the kidneys of Dahl rats. ANP, DS, MDA, NADPH, NOS, PLNa, SBP, SCr, SDHase
18  2020 Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 deficiency in cardiomyocytes reduces susceptibility to insulin resistance and obesity. FA, FAO, HFD, LRP1, pro-ANP
19  2019 Cardiovascular Pleiotropic Effects of Natriuretic Peptides. ANP, BNP, CNP, I/R, NPs
20  2019 Emerging concepts of receptor endocytosis and concurrent intracellular signaling: Mechanisms of guanylyl cyclase/natriuretic peptide receptor-A activation and trafficking. ---
21  2019 Expression and Regulation of Brain Natriuretic Peptide and Natriuretic Peptide Receptor A (NPR-A) in L6-S1 Dorsal Root Ganglia in a Rat Model of Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis. BNP, CNP, DRG, PCR, SPF
22  2019 Is Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP) and Natriuretic Peptide Receptor-A (NPR-A) Expression in Human Placenta and Decidua Normal? ANP, NPR
23  2019 Natriuretic peptide receptor a promotes breast cancer development by upregulating MMP9. MMP-9
24  2019 Spinal somatostatin-positive interneurons transmit chemical itch. SOM
25  2018 Association of fat mass profile with natriuretic peptide receptor alpha in subcutaneous adipose tissue of medication-free healthy men:A cross-sectional study. BMI
26  2018 Immunolocalization of natriuretic peptides and their receptors in goat (Capra hircus) heart. ANP, BNP, CNP, NPR-B, NPR-C, PAP
27  2018 [Up-regulation of atrial natriuretic peptide and GATA3 levels in peripheral blood of children with respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis]. ANP, IL-4, PBMCs
28  2017 Atrial natriuretic peptide regulates adipose tissue accumulation in adult atria. AF, EAT, Wnt10b
29  2017 Discovery and dimeric approach of novel Natriuretic Peptide Receptor A (NPR-A) agonists. ---
30  2017 Discovery and in vivo effects of novel human natriuretic peptide receptor A (NPR-A) agonists with improved activity for rat NPR-A. ---
31  2017 Discovery and SAR of a novel series of Natriuretic Peptide Receptor-A (NPR-A) agonists. ---
32  2017 DNA methylation dysregulations in valvular atrial fibrillation. AF, SR
33  2017 Natriuretic peptide C receptor in the developing sheep lung: role in perinatal transition. ANP, ATIIs
34  2017 Natriuretic peptide receptor A is related to the expression of vascular endothelial growth factors A and C, and is associated with the invasion potential of tongue squamous cell carcinoma. TSCC
35  2017 Optical control of a receptor-linked guanylyl cyclase using a photoswitchable peptidic hormone. AMPP, ANP
36  2017 The multifaceted role of natriuretic peptides in metabolic syndrome. ANP, BNP, CNP, NAFLD, NP, NPR-B, NPR-C
37  2016 Brain natriuretic peptide suppresses pain induced by BmK I, a sodium channel-specific modulator, in rats. BNP, DRG, TG
38  2016 Brain natriuretic peptide: Much more than a biomarker. BNP
39  2016 Localization of corin and atrial natriuretic peptide expression in human renal segments. ANP
40  2016 Natriuretic peptide receptor A inhibition suppresses gastric cancer development through reactive oxygen species-mediated G2/M cell cycle arrest and cell death. AMPK, ANP, JNK, ROS
41  2016 Retinoic acid and sodium butyrate suppress the cardiac expression of hypertrophic markers and proinflammatory mediators in Npr1 gene-disrupted haplotype mice. beta-MHC, HB, HDAC, HW/BW, MMPs, NF-kappaB, RA, SB
42  2016 Serum and Glucocorticoid Regulated Kinase 1 in Sodium Homeostasis. ENaC, SGK1
43  2016 Systemic inflammatory response syndrome following burns is mediated by brain natriuretic peptide/natriuretic peptide A receptor-induced shock factor 1 signaling pathway. BNP, CRP, ELISA, HSF1, IL, MNCs, shRNAs, SIRS, TNF, WB
44  2016 [Effect of Acupuncture on Histology of Thymus and Expressions of ANP and NPR-A in Anxiety Rats]. AD, ANP, CUS, EA, EPM
45  2016 [Serum levels of ANP signaling in different degree of allergic asthmatics and its role in the pathogenesis of
allergic asthma]. ANP, ELISA, PBMC
46  2015 A synthetic cGMP-sensitive gene switch providing Viagra()-controlled gene expression in mammalian cells and mice. BNP, cGMP, CRP, GCs, GMP, GTP, PDEs
47  2015 Angiotensin II down-regulates natriuretic peptide receptor-A expression and guanylyl cyclase activity in H9c2 (2-1) cardiac myoblast cells: Role of ROS and NF-kappaB. Ang II, ANP, GC, NAC, PDTC, ROS
48  2015 ANP-induced signaling cascade and its implications in renal pathophysiology. ANP
49  2015 Attenuation of renovascular hypertension by cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor partly through ANP release. Ang II, ANP, BNP, COX-2
50  2015 Brain natriuretic peptide constitutively downregulates P2X3 receptors by controlling their phosphorylation state and membrane localization. TG
51  2015 Dimerization Domain of Retinal Membrane Guanylyl Cyclase 1 (RetGC1) Is an Essential Part of Guanylyl Cyclase-activating Protein (GCAP) Binding Interface. GCAP, GCAPs, RD3, RetGC1
52  2015 Glipizide suppresses embryonic vasculogenesis and angiogenesis through targeting natriuretic peptide receptor A. EMT, YSM
53  2015 Nandrolone decanoate induces cardiac and renal remodeling in female rats, without modification in physiological parameters: The role of ANP system. ANP, ND
54  2015 Nesfatin-1 and the Cardiovascular System: Central and Pheripheral Actions and Cardioprotection. CV, I/R, NUCB2
55  2015 NPR-A: A Therapeutic Target in Inflammation and Cancer. ANP, BNP
56  2014 Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) inhibits DMBA/croton oil induced skin tumor growth by modulating NF-kappaB, MMPs, and infiltrating mast cells in swiss albino mice. ANP, CRP, DMBA
57  2014 B-type natriuretic peptide is neither itch-specific nor functions upstream of the GRP-GRPR signaling pathway. BNP, DRG, GRP, GRPR
58  2014 Brain natriuretic peptide and C-type natriuretic peptide maintain porcine oocyte meiotic arrest. ANP, BNP, CNP, LH, NPR-B, OMI
59  2014 Expression of natriuretic peptide receptor-A in esophageal squamous cell carcinomas and the relationship with tumor invasion and migration. ESCC
60  2014 Impact of NPR-A expression in gastric cancer cells. ANP
61  2014 Natriuretic peptide receptor A as a novel target for cancer. ANP
62  2014 New proteomic insights on the role of NPR-A in regulating self-renewal of embryonic stem cells. CDK4, ESCs, histone H2A.2, Impalpha4, Ipo5, NONO, PDCD5, ROA2, siRNA
63  2013 Angiotensin-II down-regulates cardiac natriuretic peptide receptor-A mediated anti-hypertrophic signaling in experimental rat hearts. Ang II, ANP
64  2013 ANP-NPRA signaling pathway--a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of malignancy. ANP, PCa
65  2013 Atrial natriuretic peptide suppresses Th17 development through regulation of cGMP-dependent protein kinase and PI3K-Akt signaling pathways. ANP, PI3K
66  2013 Attenuation of monocyte chemotaxis--a novel anti-inflammatory mechanism of action for the cardio-protective hormone B-type natriuretic peptide. BNP, HF, MCP
67  2013 B-type natriuretic peptide-induced delayed modulation of TRPV1 and P2X3 receptors of mouse trigeminal sensory neurons. ATP, BNP, TG, TRPV1
68  2013 Gestational hypertension in atrial natriuretic peptide knockout mice and the developmental origins of salt-sensitivity and cardiac hypertrophy. BP, CH
69  2013 Isolation, homology modeling and renal effects of a C-type natriuretic peptide from the venom of the Brazilian yellow scorpion (Tityus serrulatus). NPs
70  2013 Nanoparticle PET/CT imaging of natriuretic peptide clearance receptor in prostate cancer. C-ANF, NPR-C, PCa, PET
71  2013 Natriuretic peptide receptor A signaling regulates stem cell recruitment and angiogenesis: a model to study linkage between inflammation and tumorigenesis. ANP, MSCs
72  2013 Potent and direct presynaptic modulation of glycinergic transmission in rat spinal neurons by atrial natriuretic peptide. eEPSCs, SDCN
73  2013 Suppression of atrial natriuretic peptide/natriuretic peptide receptor-A-mediated signaling upregulates angiotensin-II-induced collagen synthesis in adult cardiac fibroblasts. Ang II, ANP, CF, ECM
74  2012 Atrial natriuretic peptide attenuates agonist-induced pulmonary edema in mice with targeted disruption of the gene for natriuretic peptide receptor-A. ANP, BAL, LPS, PMVEC, TRAP
75  2012 Calcineurin regulates homologous desensitization of natriuretic peptide receptor-A and inhibits ANP-induced testosterone production in MA-10 cells. ANP
76  2012 Interactive roles of NPR1 gene-dosage and salt diets on cardiac angiotensin II, aldosterone and pro-inflammatory cytokines levels in mutant mice. Ang II, IL
77  2012 Invitro and invivo pharmacological profile of PL-3994, a novel cyclic peptide (Hept-cyclo(Cys-His-Phe-d-Ala-Gly-Arg-d-Nle-Asp-Arg-Ile-Ser-Cys)-Tyr-[Arg mimetic]-NH(2)) natriuretic peptide receptor-A agonist that is resistant to neutralendopeptidase and acts as a bronchodilator. hNEP, hPCLS
78  2012 Mechanical stretch up-regulates the B-type natriuretic peptide system in human cardiac fibroblasts: a possible defense against transforming growth factor-beta mediated fibrosis. BNP, TGF-beta
79  2012 Nesfatin-1 as a novel cardiac peptide: identification, functional characterization, and protection against ischemia/reperfusion injury. I/R, NUCB2, pGC, PKG
80  2012 Tibolone has anti-inflammatory effects in estrogen-deficient female rats on the natriuretic peptide system and TNF-alpha. ANP, HRT, IL-6, NPR-C, TNF-alpha
81  2012 [Expressions of BNP and NPR-A in rat models of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis and their significance]. BNP, CNP, DRG
82  2011 Atrial natriuretic peptide ameliorates peritoneal fibrosis in rat peritonitis model. ANP, CTGF, mRNA, PAI-1
83  2011 Atrial natriuretic peptide/natriuretic peptide receptor A (ANP/NPRA) signaling pathway: a potential therapeutic target for allergic asthma. ANP, ANP/NPRA
84  2011 Glucocorticoids improve renal responsiveness to atrial natriuretic peptide by up-regulating natriuretic peptide receptor-A expression in the renal inner medullary collecting duct in decompensated heart failure. ANP, DEX, GR, IMCD
85  2011 Heart failure mice exhibit decreased gastric emptying and intestinal absorption. BNP, KO, LV, MI, WT
86  2011 Knockdown of natriuretic peptide receptor-A enhances receptor C expression and signalling in vascular smooth muscle cells. 8-Br-cGMP, AC, AS, cGMP, VSMC
87  2011 Natriuretic peptide receptor a as a novel target for prostate cancer. ANP, MIF
88  2011 NPR-A regulates self-renewal and pluripotency of embryonic stem cells. ES
89  2011 Preparation and Characterization of Molecularly Imprinted Polymeric Nanoparticles for Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP). ANP, BIS, MAA, MIPNPs, NIPAM, NIPNPs
90  2011 Structure, signaling mechanism and regulation of the natriuretic peptide receptor guanylate cyclase. ANP, GC
91  2011 The functional genomics of guanylyl cyclase/natriuretic peptide receptor-A: perspectives and paradigms. GC
92  2010 B-type natriuretic peptide and extracellular matrix protein interactions in human cardiac fibroblasts. BNP, CFs, cGMP, ECM, FN
93  2010 Characterization and functional expression of the natriuretic peptide system in human lens epithelial cells. ANP, BNP, cGMP, CNP, nHLE, NPR-B, NPR-C, NPs, RT-PCR
94  2010 Endogenous vasoactive peptides and the human vagina--a molecular biology and functional study. BK, cAMP, cGMP, CNP, ET-1, NPR-B, NPR-C, RT-PCR, VIP, VPAC1
95  2010 Inhibition of dehydration-induced water intake by glucocorticoids is associated with activation of hypothalamic natriuretic peptide receptor-A in rat. ANP, GR
96  2010 Inhibition of inflammatory pain by activating B-type natriuretic peptide signal pathway in nociceptive sensory neurons. BNP, CFA, CGRP, DRG, IB4
97  2010 Polymorphisms of renin-angiotensin system and natriuretic peptide receptor A genes in patients of Greek origin with a history of myocardial infarction. ACE, AGT, bp, CAD, CI, MI, OR, REN
98  2010 Prolonged atrial natriuretic peptide exposure stimulates guanylyl cyclase-a degradation. ---
99  2010 Role of beta1-adrenoceptor in increased lipolysis in cancer cachexia. ADRA2C, ADRB1, ADRB2, ADRB3, HSL, INSR
100  2010 Role of juxtamembrane and transmembrane domains in the mechanism of natriuretic peptide receptor A activation. ANP, ECD, ICD, JM, TM