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Abbreviation:   OMCD  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   outer medullary collecting duct
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Comparison of Isotonic Activation of Cell Volume Regulation in Rat Peritoneal Mesothelial Cells and in Kidney Outer Medullary Collecting Duct Principal Cells. PD, RVD
2019 Higher Expression Levels of Aquaporin Family of Proteins in the Kidneys of Arid-Desert Living Lepus yarkandensis. AQPs, CCD
2016 Brattleboro rats have impaired apical membrane water permeability regulation in the outer medullary collecting duct principal cells. ---
2015 Altered response of pendrin-positive intercalated cells in the kidney of Hoxb7-Cre;Mib1f/f mice. CCD, CNT, ICs, Mib1, PCs
2013 Regulatory volume decrease of rat kidney principal cells after successive hypo-osmotic shocks. RVD
2012 Intercalated cell-specific Rh B glycoprotein deletion diminishes renal ammonia excretion response to hypokalemia. CCD, Rhbg
2011 Aldosterone stimulates vacuolar H(+)-ATPase activity in renal acid-secretory intercalated cells mainly via a protein kinase C-dependent pathway. ---
2011 Effect of hypokalemia on renal expression of the ammonia transporter family members, Rh B Glycoprotein and Rh C Glycoprotein, in the rat kidney. Rhbg, Rhcg
2009 Deletion of the chloride transporter slc26a7 causes distal renal tubular acidosis and impairs gastric acid secretion. ---
10  2009 Vasopressin and hyperosmolality regulate NKCC1 expression in rat OMCD. ---
11  2008 Cell volume and sodium content in rat kidney collecting duct principal cells during hypotonic shock. ---
12  2007 Immunolocalization of anion exchanger 1 (Band 3) in the renal collecting duct of the common marmoset. CCD, CNT
13  2006 Differential effects of hyperosmolality on Na-K-ATPase and vasopressin-dependent cAMP generation in the medullary thick ascending limb and outer medullary collecting duct. AVP, MAL
14  2006 H+-ATPase activity in selective disruption of H+-K+-ATPase alpha 1 gene of mice under normal and K-depleted conditions. HKA, ICs, KO, WT
15  2006 Kidney collecting duct acid-base "regulon". ---
16  2005 Renal expression of the ammonia transporters, Rhbg and Rhcg, in response to chronic metabolic acidosis. IMCD, Rhbg, Rhcg
17  2005 Vasopressin induces expression of the Cl-/HCO3- exchanger SLC26A7 in kidney medullary collecting ducts of Brattleboro rats. ---
18  2004 Differential regulation of basolateral Cl-/HCO3- exchangers SLC26A7 and AE1 in kidney outer medullary collecting duct. A-IC
19  2004 Nongenomic stimulation of vacuolar H+-ATPases in intercalated renal tubule cells by aldosterone. ---
20  2004 PKC expression is regulated by dietary K intake and mediates internalization of SK channels in the CCD. CCD, PAO, PKC, SK
21  2004 Plasticity of mouse renal collecting duct in response to potassium depletion. SAGE
22  2004 Protein tyrosine kinase is expressed and regulates ROMK1 location in the cortical collecting duct. CCD, HK, KD, PAO, TAL
23  2003 ANG II reduces net acid secretion in rat outer medullary collecting duct. ---
24  2003 Detection of prepro-ET-1 mRNA in normal rat kidney by in situ RT-PCR. CCD, ET-1, TDL
25  2003 Effect of dDAVP on basolateral cell surface water permeability in the outer medullary collecting duct. ---
26  2003 Renal and hepatic expression of the ammonium transporter proteins, Rh B Glycoprotein and Rh C Glycoprotein. CCD, CNT, ICT, IMCD, Rhbg, Rhcg
27  2003 SLC26A7: a basolateral Cl-/HCO3- exchanger specific to intercalated cells of the outer medullary collecting duct. ---
28  2002 Apical H(+)/base transporters mediating bicarbonate absorption and pH(i) regulation in the OMCD. ---
29  2002 Contribution of the Na(+)-K(+)-2Cl(-) cotransporter (NKCC1) to transepithelial transport of H(+), NH(4)(+), K(+), and Na(+) in rat outer medullary collecting duct. DOCP, Na
30  2002 Developmental expression and functional significance of Kir channel subunits in ureteric bud and nephron epithelia. CCD
31  2002 Localization of the ammonium transporter proteins RhBG and RhCG in mouse kidney. CCD, CNT, ICT, IMCD, Rhbg, Rhcg
32  2002 Nephron specific regulation of chloride channel CLC-K2 mRNA in the rat. CNT/CCD, CTAL, DCT, dTL, glom, IMCD, MTAL, RT-PCR
33  2002 [Effect of dehydration and dDAVP on water permeability of basolateral membranes of epithelial cells in the kidney collecting tubules]. Pf
34  2001 A combined SEM and TEM study on the basal labyrinth of the collecting duct in the rat kidney. CCD, i-IMCD, SEM, TEM
35  2001 Contribution of the Na+-K+-2Cl- cotransporter NKCC1 to Cl- secretion in rat OMCD. ---
36  2001 Immunocytochemical and immunoelectron microscopic localization of alpha-, beta-, and gamma-ENaC in rat kidney. CCD, CD, CNT, ENaC
37  2001 Increased synthesis and avp unresponsiveness of Na,K-ATPase in collecting duct from nephrotic rats. AC, CCD, PAN
38  2001 Nephron distribution of total low Km cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase in mouse, rat and rabbit kidney. ATP, cAMP-PDE, cTAL, DCT, MTAL
39  2001 Postnatal disappearance of type A intercalated cells in carbonic anhydrase II-deficient mice. AQP2
40  2001 The distal convoluted tubule of rabbit kidney does not express a functional sodium channel. CNT, DCT, ENaC
41  2001 Upregulation of the secretory-type Na(+)/K(+)/2Cl(-)-cotransporter in the kidney by metabolic acidosis and dehydration in rats. ---
42  2001 [Effect of vasopressin on water permeability of epithelial cells in the kidney collecting duct during postnatal ontogenesis in rats]. ---
43  2000 A mathematical model of the outer medullary collecting duct of the rat. ---
44  2000 An overview of salt absorption by the nephron. IMCD
45  2000 Axial distribution and characterization of basolateral P2Y receptors along the rat renal tubule. ATP, PCT
46  2000 Cellular localization of type 5 and type 6 ACs in collecting duct and regulation of cAMP synthesis. AC
47  2000 Cellular origin and hormonal regulation of K(+)-ATPase activities sensitive to Sch-28080 in rat collecting duct. CCD, dD-AVP
48  2000 Immunohistochemical demonstration of Cl- pump in type A intercalated cells of rat kidney. CCD
49  2000 Pathways for HCO3-reabsorption in mouse medullary collecting duct segments. cHKA, DES, gHKA, IMCDt
50  1999 Cation channels of the rabbit outer medullary collecting duct. ---
51  1999 Cell-specific coupling of PGE2 to different transduction pathways in arginine vasopressin- and glucagon-sensitive segments of the rat renal tubule. AVP, MTAL, PGE2, PTX
52  1999 HCO-3 reabsorption in renal collecting duct of NHE-3-deficient mouse: a compensatory response. CCD, WT
53  1999 Identification of two arginase isoenzyme activities along the nephron of Meriones shawi. ---
54  1999 Intrarenal distribution of the colonic H,K-ATPase mRNA in rabbit. CCD, CNT, RT-PCR, SN-RTPCR
55  1999 [Morphometric analysis of the effects of vasopressin in the rat kidney collecting tubules]. ---
56  1998 Colonic H+-K+-ATPase is induced and mediates increased HCO3- reabsorption in inner medullary collecting duct in potassium depletion. HKA, IMCD
57  1998 K+ depletion increases HCO3- reabsorption in OMCD by activation of colonic H(+)-K(+)-ATPase. cHKA, HKA
58  1998 Localization of cytochrome P-450 4A isoforms along the rat nephron. 20-HETE, CCD, CTAL, IMCD, MTAL, PCT, PST
59  1998 Regulation of Na+, K(+)-ATPase in the rat outer medullary collecting duct during potassium depletion. ---
60  1997 Metabolic acidosis stimulates H+ secretion in the rabbit outer medullary collecting duct (inner stripe) of the kidney. ---
61  1997 Microlocalization and effects of adrenomedullin in nephron segments and in mesangial cells of the rat. AM, cAMP, CCD, Glm, IMCD, MC, MTAL, PCT, RT-PCR
62  1996 Cell-specific expression of amiloride-sensitive, Na(+)-conducting ion channels in the kidney. CCD, DCT, ENaC, IMCD, MTAL, RT-PCR
63  1996 Cisplatin-induced toxicity in immortalized renal cell lines established from transgenic mice harboring temperature sensitive SV40 large T-antigen gene. ---
64  1996 Identification of distinct subpopulations of intercalated cells in the mouse collecting duct. CCD, CNT
65  1996 Postnatal differentiation of rabbit collecting duct intercalated cells. CCD, PNA
66  1996 Quantitation of aquaporin-2 abundance in microdissected collecting ducts: axial distribution and control by AVP. AQP2, CCD, LE, SD
67  1996 Repressive regulation of the aquaporin-2 gene. AQP2, IMCD
68  1995 Expression of calcineurin activity and alpha-subunit isoforms in specific segments of the rat nephron. CCD, CNT, CsA, MTAL
69  1995 Expression of transmembrane-type protein tyrosine phosphatase mRNA along rat nephron segments. CCD, IMCD, MTAL, PCT, PTK, PTPase
70  1995 Function and structure of H-K-ATPase in the kidney. IMCD
71  1995 Ischemia-induced changes in cell element composition and osmolyte contents of outer medulla. PST
72  1995 Molecular analysis of beta-adrenergic receptor subtypes in rat collecting duct: effects on cell cAMP and Ca2+ levels. beta-ARs, cAMP, CCD
73  1995 Presence and regulation of Raf-1-K (Kinase), MAPK-K, MAP-K, and S6-K in rat nephron segments. AII, EGF, ET, Glm, IMCD, MAPK, MTAL, PCT
74  1994 Activation of acid-secreting intercalated cells in rabbit collecting duct with ammonium chloride loading. CCD
75  1994 Cell-specific expression of epithelial sodium channel alpha, beta, and gamma subunits in aldosterone-responsive epithelia from the rat: localization by in situ hybridization and immunocytochemistry. CCD, CNT, DCT, IMCD
76  1994 H+ secretion in rabbit mesonephric collecting tubule. 6-CF, BCECF-AM, NEM
77  1994 Metabolic acidosis stimulates carbonic anhydrase activity in rabbit proximal tubule and medullary collecting duct. CA, CMA, PCT
78  1994 Renin and renin mRNA in proximal tubules of the rat kidney. CEI, PCT, PST
79  1993 The activation of protein kinase C prevents PGE2-induced inhibition of AVP-dependent cAMP accumulation in the rat outer medullary collecting tubule. cAMP, DOG, OAG, PGE2, PKC, PMA, SSP
80  1993 [Recent advances in vasopressin receptors and signal transduction system]. AVP, CCD, IMCD
81  1992 Ammonium and bicarbonate transport in rat outer medullary collecting ducts. CA, DOC
82  1992 Effect of loop diuretics on organic osmolytes and cell electrolytes in the renal outer medulla. GPC, PST
83  1992 Pharmacological characterization of V1a vasopressin receptors in the rat cortical collecting duct. AVP, CCD, DDAVP, MTAL, OT
84  1992 Postnatal ontogenesis of vasopressin receptors in the rat collecting duct. CCD, IMCD
85  1992 Response of intercalated cells to chloride depletion metabolic alkalosis. CCD, CDA, CON, IC
86  1991 Receptors for neurohypophyseal hormones along the rat nephron: 125I-labelled d(CH2)5[Tyr(Me)2, Thr4, Orn8, Tyr-NH(2)9] vasotocin binding in microdissected tubules. MTAL
87  1990 Effects of ANF on cGMP synthesis in inner medullary collecting duct subsegments of rats. ANF, AVP, cAMP, IMCD
88  1990 Effects of endothelin on peptide-dependent cyclic adenosine monophosphate accumulation along the nephron segments of the rat. AVP, CCD, GL, IMCD, PCT
89  1990 H-K-ATPase immunoreactivity in cortical and outer medullary collecting duct. CCD
90  1990 Maturation of HCO3- transport in rabbit collecting duct. CCD
91  1990 [Morphological and functional alterations in the intercalated cells of outer medullary collecting duct in K-depleted rats--with special reference to ultrastructural change on electron microscopy]. IC-cells
92  1989 Dependency of microdissected nephron segments upon oxidative phosphorylation and exogenous substrates: a relationship between tubular anatomical location in the kidney and metabolic activity. ATP, CCD, cTAL, MTAL, TDL
93  1988 Immunocytochemical localization of band 3 protein in the rat collecting duct. ---
94  1987 cGMP mediates effects of atrial peptides on medullary collecting duct cells. 8-Br-cGMP, ANP, cAMP, hANP, IMCD
95  1987 Effect of acute respiratory acidosis on two populations of intercalated cells in rat cortical collecting duct. CCD
96  1987 Generation of pH gradient across the rabbit collecting duct segments perfused in vitro. CCD, EH, IMCD, pHs
97  1987 Luminal disequilibrium pH and ammonia transport in outer medullary collecting duct [corrected and issued with original paging in Am J Physiol 1987 Aug;253(2 Pt 2)]. ---
98  1987 The cAMP system in vasopressin-sensitive nephron segments of the vitamin D-treated rat. IMCD, MAL
99  1986 Intracellular electrical potentials in the rabbit collecting ducts perfused in vitro. CCD
100  1985 Bicarbonate transport by isolated perfused rat collecting ducts. CCD