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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Assay to Study the Phase-transition Behavior of Edc3, a Conserved Processing Body (P-body) Marker Protein. P-body, SGs
2022 Condensation properties of stress granules and processing bodies are compromised in myotonic dystrophy type 1. CTG, SGs
2022 CPEB3 suppresses gastric cancer progression by inhibiting ADAR1-mediated RNA editing via localizing ADAR1 mRNA to P bodies. CPEB3, GC
2022 Deformation of caveolae impacts global transcription and translation processes through relocalization of cavin-1. ---
2022 Exploring Breakthroughs in Three Traits Belonging to Seed Life. MKK3, PRC2, RBPs
2022 Meiotic exit in Arabidopsis is driven by P-body-mediated inhibition of translation. SMG7, TDM1
2022 P-bodies directly regulate MARF1-mediated mRNA decay in human cells. EDC4
2022 P-body dynamics revealed by DDX6 protein knockdown via the auxin-inducible degron system. AID
2022 Processing body (P-body) and its mediators in cancer. P-body
10  2022 The Parkinson's disease protein alpha-synuclein is a modulator of processing bodies and mRNA stability. alphaS, PD
11  2022 Ubiquitination and deubiquitination of 4E-T regulate neural progenitor cell maintenance and neurogenesis by controlling P-body formation. NPCs
12  2021 Adaptable P body physical states differentially regulate bicoid mRNA storage during early Drosophila development. bcd
13  2021 Cancer cell adaptability: turning ribonucleoprotein granules into targets. RNPs, SGs, TME
14  2021 Coordinated repression of pro-differentiation genes via P-bodies and transcription maintains Drosophila intestinal stem cell identity. ECs
15  2021 Dynamic subcellular compartmentalization ensures fidelity of piRNA biogenesis in silkworms. piRNAs, RNP
16  2021 EDC3 phosphorylation regulates growth and invasion through controlling P-body formation and dynamics. EDC3
17  2021 Enterovirus 71 2A Protease Inhibits P-Body Formation To Promote Viral RNA Synthesis. ---
18  2021 Functionally distinct roles for eEF2K in the control of ribosome availability and p-body abundance. eEF2K
19  2021 G3BPs in Plant Stress. SGs
20  2021 IP6K1 upregulates the formation of processing bodies by influencing protein-protein interactions on the mRNA cap. ---
21  2021 Stress Granule-Mediated Oxidized RNA Decay in P-Body: Hypothetical Role of ADAR1, Tudor-SN, and STAU1. IR, OS, ROS, SG, STAU1, Tudor-SN
22  2021 The mRNA decapping complex is buffered by nuclear localization. ---
23  2021 Using quantitative reconstitution to investigate multicomponent condensates. LLPS
24  2020 AtXRN4 Affects the Turnover of Chosen miRNA*s in Arabidopsis. AtAGO2, pri-miRNAs, sRNA
25  2020 Does Inter-Organellar Proteostasis Impact Yeast Quality and Performance During Beer Fermentation? ER, HG, SGs, VHG
26  2020 Drosophila decapping protein 2 modulates the formation of cortical F-actin for germ plasm assembly. dDcp2, osk
27  2020 Mesenchymal stromal cells reprogram monocytes and macrophages with processing bodies. hCT-MSCs, MSCs
28  2020 NcPuf1 Is a Key Virulence Factor in Neospora caninum. ---
29  2019 Cellular stress leads to the formation of membraneless stress assemblies in eukaryotic cells. ER
30  2019 CPEB3 inhibits translation of mRNA targets by localizing them to P bodies. CPEB3, SUMO
31  2019 ES-mediated chimera analysis revealed requirement of DDX6 for NANOS2 localization and function in mouse germ cells. ---
32  2019 Impact of Wolbachia infection on Drosophila female germline stem cells. GSCs, Sxl
33  2019 Phosphorothioate Antisense Oligonucleotides Bind P-Body Proteins and Mediate P-Body Assembly. ASOs, PS-ASOs
34  2019 Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV)-induced stress granules are associated with viral replication complexes and suppression of host translation. PRRSV, SGs, VRCs
35  2019 Processing bodies control the selective translation for optimal development of Arabidopsis young seedlings. ---
36  2019 RNA processing bodies are disassembled during Old World alphavirus infection. ActD, CHIKV, MEFs, SFV, SGs
37  2018 CD151 regulates expression of FGFR2 in breast cancer cells via PKC-dependent pathways. FGFR2
38  2018 Intracellular signalling pathways and cytoskeletal functions converge on the psoriasis candidate gene CCHCR1 expressed at P-bodies and centrosomes. CCHCR1, RNA-Seq
39  2018 Overexpression of mRNA-decapping enzyme 1a affects survival rate in colorectal carcinoma. CRC, DCP1A
40  2018 P-Bodies: Composition, Properties, and Functions. LLPS, RNP
41  2018 Phase Transitions Drive the Formation of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Replication Compartments. NNS, VSV
42  2018 Role of TAF15b in transcriptional regulation of autonomous pathway for flowering. FLC, Pol II, RRM, TAF15b
43  2018 Stress granule formation is induced by a threshold temperature rather than a temperature difference in Arabidopsis. ---
44  2018 Y-box protein-associated acidic protein (YBAP1/C1QBP) affects the localization and cytoplasmic functions of YB-1. HABP1, mRNPs
45  2017 Dual RNA Processing Roles of Pat1b via Cytoplasmic Lsm1-7 and Nuclear Lsm2-8 Complexes. snRNA, tri-snRNP
46  2017 Hepatitis C virus plays with fire and yet avoids getting burned. A review for clinicians on processing bodies and stress granules. HCV, mRNA, SGs
47  2017 Nup358 binds to AGO proteins through its SUMO-interacting motifs and promotes the association of target mRNA with miRISC. AL, miRISC, miRNA, SGs, SIM
48  2017 P-body and Stress Granule Quantification in Caenorhabditis elegans. RNP, SGs
49  2017 P-Body Purification Reveals the Condensation of Repressed mRNA Regulons. FAPS
50  2017 P-body-induced inactivation of let-7a miRNP prevents the death of growth factor-deprived neuronal cells. ---
51  2017 Regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastasis by TGF-beta, P-bodies, and autophagy. EMT, TGF-beta
52  2017 The eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF4E wears a "cap" for many occasions. ---
53  2016 A Polymorphism in the Processing Body Component Ge-1 Controls Resistance to a Naturally Occurring Rhabdovirus in Drosophila. DCP1, DMelSV, RISC, siRNA
54  2016 Analysis of the Physiological Activities of Scd6 through Its Interaction with Hmt1. mRNPs
55  2016 C9ORF72 Regulates Stress Granule Formation and Its Deficiency Impairs Stress Granule Assembly, Hypersensitizing Cells to Stress. ALS, FTLD, SGs
56  2016 Heterologous Expression Screens in Nicotiana benthamiana Identify a Candidate Effector of the Wheat Yellow Rust Pathogen that Associates with Processing Bodies. EDC4
57  2016 IRAV (FLJ11286), an Interferon-Stimulated Gene with Antiviral Activity against Dengue Virus, Interacts with MOV10. DENV
58  2016 Ribonucleoprotein bodies are phased in. LLPS, RNPBs, SGs
59  2016 The Activity-Dependent Regulation of Protein Kinase Stability by the Localization to P-Bodies. RNP
60  2016 Tristetraprolin disables prostate cancer maintenance by impairing proliferation and metabolic function. TTP
61  2015 Control of the localization and function of a miRNA silencing component TNRC6A by Argonaute protein. AGO, miRNA
62  2015 Deletion analysis of LSm, FDF, and YjeF domains of Candida albicans Edc3 in hyphal growth and oxidative-stress response. ---
63  2015 Evolutionarily conserved 5'-3' exoribonuclease Xrn1 accumulates at plasma membrane-associated eisosomes in post-diauxic yeast. ---
64  2015 Functional analyses of phosphorylation events in human Argonaute 2. Ago2, RNAi
65  2015 Processing Body Formation Limits Proinflammatory Cytokine Synthesis in Endotoxin-Tolerant Monocytes and Murine Septic Macrophages. Ago2, RBM4
66  2015 Rotavirus disrupts cytoplasmic P bodies during infection. ---
67  2015 Stress responsive miRNAs and isomiRs in cereals. ---
68  2015 The Assembly of EDC4 and Dcp1a into Processing Bodies Is Critical for the Translational Regulation of IL-6. SGs
69  2015 The BEACH Domain Protein SPIRRIG Is Essential for Arabidopsis Salt Stress Tolerance and Functions as a Regulator of Transcript Stabilization and Localization. BDCPs, DCP1, SPI
70  2014 Cytoplasmic RNA Granules and Viral Infection. ---
71  2014 Diffuse decapping enzyme DCP2 accumulates in DCP1 foci under heat stress in Arabidopsis thaliana. GFP, RFP
72  2014 Dysregulated expression of lipid storage and membrane dynamics factors in Tia1 knockout mouse nervous tissue. ALS, FTD, mRNAs, SMA
73  2014 Edc3 function in yeast and mammals is modulated by interaction with NAD-related compounds. EDC3
74  2014 HAX-1: a novel p-body protein. ---
75  2014 In vitro reconstitution of a cellular phase-transition process that involves the mRNA decapping machinery. ---
76  2014 Molecular characterization of mouse lens epithelial cell lines and their suitability to study RNA granules and cataract associated genes. LECs, RG, SGs
77  2014 Overexpression of MLN51 triggers P-body disassembly and formation of a new type of RNA granules. EJC
78  2014 Quantifying mRNA targeting to P-bodies in living human cells reveals their dual role in mRNA decay and storage. ---
79  2014 Screening of small molecules affecting mammalian P-body assembly uncovers links with diverse intracellular processes and organelle physiology. GA
80  2014 Tandem CCCH zinc finger proteins in plant growth, development and stress response. mRNPs, SG, TZFs
81  2014 Tetracaine, a local anesthetic, preferentially induces translational inhibition with processing body formation rather than phosphorylation of eIF2alpha in yeast. ---
82  2014 The polysome-associated proteins Scp160 and Bfr1 prevent P body formation under normal growth conditions. ---
83  2014 UVC-induced stress granules in mammalian cells. SGs
84  2013 A MC motif in silkworm Argonaute 1 is indispensible for translation repression. AGO, Dcp2, dsRNA, miRNA, piRNA, RISC, RNAi
85  2013 Activity-dependent synaptic localization of processing bodies and their role in dendritic structural plasticity. ---
86  2013 Akt-mediated phosphorylation of argonaute 2 downregulates cleavage and upregulates translational repression of MicroRNA targets. Ago2, Akt3, miRNA, mRNAs, RNAi
87  2013 Biomass conversion inhibitors furfural and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural induce formation of messenger RNP granules and attenuate translation activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. HMF, mRNP, SGs
88  2013 DDX6 post-transcriptionally down-regulates miR-143/145 expression through host gene NCR143/145 in cancer cells. miRNA
89  2013 Exonuclease hDIS3L2 specifies an exosome-independent 3'-5' degradation pathway of human cytoplasmic mRNA. ---
90  2013 miR-195 competes with HuR to modulate stim1 mRNA stability and regulate cell migration. 3'-UTR, miR-195, STIM1
91  2013 Mov10 and APOBEC3G localization to processing bodies is not required for virion incorporation and antiviral activity. A3G, HIV-1, HMM, LMM
92  2013 Structural organization of the polysomes adjacent to mammalian processing bodies (P-bodies). ---
93  2013 Subcellular localization and interaction network of the mRNA decay activator Pat1 upon UV stress. QNR
94  2013 The Arabidopsis tandem zinc finger 9 protein binds RNA and mediates pathogen-associated molecular pattern-triggered immune responses. MAPKs, PAMPs, TZF9
95  2012 Analysis of RNA helicases in P-bodies and stress granules. mRNAs, mRNPs, SGs
96  2012 Competitive binding of CUGBP1 and HuR to occludin mRNA controls its translation and modulates epithelial barrier function. CUGBP1, TJ
97  2012 Deadenylation and P-bodies. ---
98  2012 Drosophila patterning is established by differential association of mRNAs with P bodies. bcd, grk, RNP, Sqd
99  2012 Global analysis of yeast mRNPs. CLIP, mRNPs
100  2012 Hepatitis C virus infection alters P-body composition but is independent of P-body granules. HCV, miRNA