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■ Abbreviation / Long Form : PGC1alpha / proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator 1-alpha

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Abbreviation:   PGC1alpha  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator 1-alpha
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Anti-Obesity Effects of Metformin: A Scoping Review Evaluating the Feasibility of Brown Adipose Tissue as a Therapeutic Target. AMPK, BAT, FGF21, NRF1, UCP1
2023 Beneficial Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Gastrocnemius Muscle Promoted by High-Intensity Interval Training in Elderly Female Rats. AMPK, ERRalpha, HIIT, MICT, P38 MAPK
2023 Bidirectional effect of vitamin D on brown adipogenesis of C3H10T1/2 fibroblast-like cells. BAT, PRDM16, UCP1
2023 Dietary tryptophan supplementation enhances mitochondrial function and reduces pyroptosis in the spleen and thymus of piglets after lipopolysaccharide challenge. AMPK, GSDMD, LPS, NLRP3, Sirt1
2023 Lespedeza bicolor extract supplementation reduced hyperglycemia-induced skeletal muscle damage by regulation of AMPK/SIRT/PGC1α-related energy metabolism in type 2 diabetic mice. AMPK, LB, LBE, SIRT, T2DM
2023 PMCA inhibition reverses drug resistance in clinically refractory cancer patient-derived models. ---
2023 Real-ambient particulate matter exposure-induced FGFR1 methylation contributes to cardiac dysfunction via lipid metabolism disruption. AAV9, AMPK, BSP, DNMTs, FGFR1, IVC, MSP, PM
2022 Age-Dependent Alterations of Cognition, Mitochondrial Function, and Beta-Amyloid Deposition in a Murine Model of Alzheimer's Disease-A Longitudinal Study. AD, CREB1, SYP1
2022 Anticonvulsant activity of oxaprozin in a rat model of pentylenetetrazole-induced seizure by targeting oxidative stress and SIRT1/PGC1alpha signaling. GTCS, NO, OXP, SIRT1
10  2022 Artemether Ameliorates Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis by Repressing Lipogenesis, Inflammation, and Fibrosis in Mice. ACC, ART, ATGL, FASN, HFD, MCD, NAFLD, NASH, RNA-Seq, SREBP-1c
11  2022 Benzalkonium Chloride, Even at Low Concentrations, Deteriorates Intracellular Metabolic Capacity in Human Conjunctival Fibroblasts. alpha-SMA, BAC, CHOP, Col, ECM, FN, GRP, HConF, HIF1alpha, sXBP1, TEER, XBP1
12  2022 Bone morphogenic protein 9 is a novel thermogenic hepatokine secreted in response to cold exposure. BMP9, CBP, CREB, iWAT, MAPK, rBMP9, S-V, UCP1
13  2022 Chlorogenic acid alleviated liver fibrosis in methionine and choline deficient diet-induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in mice and its mechanism. CGA, ECM, HMGB1, HSCs, MCD
14  2022 Deoxynivalenol triggers porcine intestinal tight junction disorder through hijacking SLC5A1 and PGC1alpha-mediated mitochondrial function. DON
15  2022 Dietary dimethylglycine sodium salt supplementation alleviates redox status imbalance and intestinal dysfunction in weaned piglets with intrauterine growth restriction. DMG-Na, IUGR, NBW, SIRT1
16  2022 Differential Expression of Metabolism-Related Genes in Plateau Pika (Ochotona curzoniae) at Different Altitudes on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. PRDM16, RMR, SLN, UCP1
17  2022 Discovery of 5,7-Dimethoxy-2-(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenoxy)-chromen-4-one with Lipid Lowering Effects in Hepatocytes. NAFLD, NASH, OA
18  2022 Elucidating the Beneficial Effects of Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) in Parkinson's Disease. AD, AKT, AMPK, ERK, MAPK, NF-kappaB, PD, PI3K
19  2022 Exercise Preconditioning Blunts Early Atrogenes Expression and Atrophy in Gastrocnemius Muscle of Hindlimb Unloaded Mice. AMPK, CSA, HU, SIRT1
20  2022 FACI Is a Novel CREB-H-Induced Protein That Inhibits Intestinal Lipid Absorption and Reverses Diet-Induced Obesity. cAMP, Cas9, CRISPR, FACI, HNF4alpha, SREBP1
21  2022 Inorganic nitrate and nitrite ameliorate kidney fibrosis by restoring lipid metabolism via dual regulation of AMP-activated protein kinase and the AKT-PGC1alpha pathway. AMPK, NO, UUO
22  2022 Knockdown of sarcolipin (SLN) impairs substrate utilization in human skeletal muscle cells. FOXO1, OA, SLN, SLN-KD
23  2022 Metformin mitigates gas explosion-induced blast lung injuries through AMPK-mediated energy metabolism and NOX2-related oxidation pathway in rats. AMPK, BLI, CAT, MET
24  2022 Methylglyoxal reduces molecular responsiveness to 4 weeks of endurance exercise in mouse plantaris muscle. MG, TLR4
25  2022 Mitochondrial Exhaustion of Memory CD4 T-Cells in Treated HIV-1 Infection. INR, PLWH
26  2022 MitoQ supplementation augments acute exercise-induced increases in muscle PGC1alpha mRNA and improves training-induced increases in peak power independent of mitochondrial content and function in untrained middle-aged men. HIIT
27  2022 Muscle mitochondrial remodeling by intermittent glucocorticoid drugs requires an intact circadian clock and muscle PGC1alpha. BMAL1
28  2022 Nuclease-Treated Stabilized Fermentation Product of Cetobacterium somerae Improves Growth, Non-specific Immunity, and Liver Health of Zebrafish (Danio rerio). FCR, HFD, IL-10, IL-1beta, IL-6, TAG, UCP2
29  2022 Oolong tea extract alleviates weight gain in high-fat diet-induced obese rats by regulating lipid metabolism and modulating gut microbiota. FASN, HFD, OTE, SREBP1, UCP1
30  2022 Persistent diastolic dysfunction in chronically ischemic hearts following coronary artery bypass graft. CABG, HM, MRI, NF-kappaB
31  2022 PGC1alpha Cooperates with FOXA1 to Regulate Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition through the TCF4-TWIST1. EMT, FOXA1, ID1, TGF-beta1
32  2022 PGC1alpha overexpression preserves muscle mass and function in cisplatin-induced cachexia. MUNE, Tg, WT
33  2022 PGC1alpha plays a pivotal role in renal fibrosis via regulation of fatty acid metabolism in renal tissue. AMPK, EGFR, Hes1, LKB1, TWEAK
34  2022 Platelet-derived extracellular vesicles ameliorate intervertebral disc degeneration by alleviating mitochondrial dysfunction. IVDD, NP, PEVs, PLTs, ROS, SIRT1
35  2022 Preconditioning intensive training ameliorates reduction of transcription biofactors of PGC1alpha-pathway in paretic muscle due to cerebral ischemia. ELISA, HIIT
36  2022 Quercetin alleviates cyclophosphamide-induced premature ovarian insufficiency in mice by reducing mitochondrial oxidative stress and pyroptosis in granulosa cells. GCs, POI
37  2022 Raspberry ketone promotes FNDC5 protein expression via HO-1 upregulation in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. FNDC5, HO-1, PRDM16, RK, UCP1
38  2022 Regulation of PGC1α Downstream of the Insulin Signaling Pathway Plays a Role in the Hepatic Proteotoxicity of Mutant α1-Antitrypsin Deficiency Variant Z. ATZ, LIRKO
39  2022 SGLT2i reduces renal injury by improving mitochondrial metabolism and biogenesis. AKI, AMPKalpha1, NRF1
40  2022 SIRT3 regulates mitochondrial biogenesis in aging-related diseases. SIRT3
41  2022 Study on the role and mechanism of lncRNA in the remodeling of atrial energy metabolism in rabbits with atrial fibrillation based on nano sensor technology. AF, lncRNA
42  2022 Sulforaphane Increase Mitochondrial Biogenesis-Related Gene Expression in the Hippocampus and Suppresses Age-Related Cognitive Decline in Mice. NF-E2, NRF1, SAMP8, SAMR1, SFN
43  2022 The Critical Role of AMPKalpha1 in Regulating Autophagy and Mitochondrial Respiration in IL-15-Stimulated mTORC1Weak Signal-Induced T Cell Memory: An Interplay between Yin (AMPKalpha1) and Yang (mTORC1) Energy Sensors in T Cell Differentiation. AMPKalpha1, AQP9, ATG7, CD62L, FAO, FOXO1, HIF-1alpha, KLRG, LC3II, mTORC1, OPA1, TCF-1, TE, Tm, ULK1
44  2022 The diagnostic value of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma coactivator-1alpha in identifying different chronic heart failure phenotypes. AUC, BNP, CI, ELISA, HF, NT, ROC
45  2022 The effect of Cyclophilin D depletion on liver regeneration following associating liver partition and portal vein ligation for staged hepatectomy. ALPPS, CypD, KO, WT
46  2022 Transcriptomics reveals the anti-obesity mechanism of Lactobacillus plantarum fermented barley extract. AMPK, HFD, LFBE, TEM
47  2021 "Cell Membrane Theory of Senescence" and the Role of Bioactive Lipids in Aging, and Aging Associated Diseases and Their Therapeutic Implications. AA, ALA, DGLA, GLA, LA, LXA4, PGE2, PLA2, PUFAs
48  2021 2,6-Dimethoxy-1,4-benzoquinone increases skeletal muscle mass and performance by regulating AKT/mTOR signaling and mitochondrial function. DMBQ, MHC, mTOR, OXPHOS, S6K
49  2021 Adipose triglyceride lipase protects renal cell endocytosis in a Drosophila dietary model of chronic kidney disease. ATGL, CKD, Cubn, DGAT1, ER, HFD
50  2021 AUF1 gene transfer increases exercise performance and improves skeletal muscle deficit in adult mice. AAV, AUF1
51  2021 Aurora kinase A inhibition reverses the Warburg effect and elicits unique metabolic vulnerabilities in glioblastoma. ATAC-seq, AURKA, ChIP-seq, FAO, GBM, PPARA
52  2021 Bariatric surgery can acutely modulate ER-stress and inflammation on subcutaneous adipose tissue in non-diabetic patients with obesity. AMPK, BMI, CALR, EIF2AK3, ERS, GCN2, MCP-1, Nrf2, RYGB, TNF-alpha
53  2021 Berberine Protects against Neurological Impairments and Blood-Brain Barrier Injury in Mouse Model of Intracerebral Hemorrhage. AMPK, BBB, ICH
54  2021 BNIP3-Dependent Mitophagy via PGC1alpha Promotes Cartilage Degradation. BNIP3, DMM, miR, OA, UTR
55  2021 BST204 Protects Dexamethasone-Induced Myotube Atrophy through the Upregulation of Myotube Formation and Mitochondrial Function. DEX
56  2021 Causes and consequences of impaired methionine synthase activity in acquired and inherited disorders of vitamin B12 metabolism. Cbl, IECM, MS, PP2A, SAM
57  2021 Continuous positive airway pressure affects mitochondrial function and exhaled PGC1-alpha levels in obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP, EBC, OSA
58  2021 Dietary N-carbamylglutamate or l-arginine supplementation improves hepatic energy status and mitochondrial function and inhibits the AMP-activated protein kinase-peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator-1alpha-transcription factor A pathway in intrauterine-growth-retarded suckling lambs. AMPKalpha1, Arg, ATP, IUGR, NCG, tAMPKalpha
59  2021 Effect of the protein hydrolysate of rice syrup meal on the endurance exercise performance of BALB/c mice. BCAAs, CON, p-AMPK, RL
60  2021 Effects of Urolithin A on Mitochondrial Parameters in a Cellular Model of Early Alzheimer Disease. AD, ATP, ESRR, MMP, qRT-PCR, ROS, UA
61  2021 Exploring the aging effect of the anticancer drugs doxorubicin and mitoxantrone on cardiac mitochondrial proteome using a murine model. CS, DOX, MnSOD, MTX, PDHA1
62  2021 IGF2 deficiency causes mitochondrial defects in skeletal muscle. IGF2, PMSCs, SIRT1
63  2021 Inflammation-Induced Protein Unfolding in Airway Smooth Muscle Triggers a Homeostatic Response in Mitochondria. ASM, Drp1, ER, Mfn2, mtUPR, PINK1, pIRE1alpha, PTEN, ROS, TNF-alpha
64  2021 L-Arabinose suppresses gluconeogenesis through modulating AMP-activated protein kinase in metabolic disorder mice. ACC, AMPK, FOXO1, G6Pase, HFHSD, HSD, PEPCK
65  2021 Lipoxin A4 promotes adipogenic differentiation and browning of mouse embryonic fibroblasts. ChREBP, COX-2, FASN, GLUT4, LXA4, MEFs, PPARgamma, PRDM16, qRT-PCR, SCD1, UCP1
66  2021 MED1 Deficiency in Macrophages Accelerates Intimal Hyperplasia via ROS Generation and Inflammation. LPS, MED1, pSTAT1, ROS, VSMCs
67  2021 MicroRNA-128 inhibits mitochondrial biogenesis and function via targeting PGC1alpha and NDUFS4. miR-128
68  2021 Overexpression of retinoidXreceptor beta provides protection against oxidized low-density lipoprotein-induced inflammation via regulating PGC1alpha-dependent mitochondrial homeostasis in endothelial cells. HAECs, HFD, ox-LDL, RXRbeta
69  2021 PGC1alpha is required for the renoprotective effect of lncRNA Tug1 invivo and links Tug1 with urea cycle metabolites. DN, Tug1
70  2021 Pharmacological postconditioning with sappanone A ameliorates myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury and mitochondrial dysfunction via AMPK-mediated mitochondrial quality control. AMPK, CK-MB, cTnI, LDH, MIRI, mPTP, mtDNA, PPC, SA
71  2021 Phytochemical‑rich herbal formula ATG‑125 protects against sucrose‑induced gastrocnemius muscle atrophy by rescuing Akt signaling and improving mitochondrial dysfunction in young adult mice. apo, GO, KEGG, Nmrk2, UCP3
72  2021 RANBP2 Activates O-GlcNAcylation through Inducing CEBPalpha-Dependent OGA Downregulation to Promote Hepatocellular Carcinoma Malignant Phenotypes. CEBPalpha, HCC, OGA, OGT, PTM, RANBP2, SUMO
73  2021 Recovery From Repeat Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Adolescent Rats Is Dependent on Pre-injury Activity State. BDNF, mTBI, rTBI
74  2021 Reduced mitochondrial DNA and OXPHOS protein content in skeletal muscle of children with cerebral palsy. CP, mtDNA, PCR
75  2021 Screening of flavor compounds using Ucp1-luciferase reporter beige adipocytes identified 5-methylquinoxaline as a novel UCP1-inducing compound. UCP1
76  2021 Sex-based differences after a single bout of exercise on PGC1alpha isoforms in skeletal muscle: A pilot study. EDL, HSP60, IL-6, MHC
77  2021 The mitochondrial regulator PGC1α is induced by cGMP-PKG signaling and mediates the protective effects of phosphodiesterase 5 inhibition in heart failure. PDE5i
78  2021 The Novel Role of PGC1alpha in Bone Metabolism. NAD
79  2021 The sympathetic/beta-adrenergic pathway mediates irisin regulation of cardiac functions in zebrafish. FNDC5
80  2021 Thyroid Hormone Receptor alpha Regulates Autophagy, Mitochondrial Biogenesis, and Fatty Acid Use in Skeletal Muscle. ERRalpha, LAMP, RTHalpha, SM, TRalpha
81  2021 Twist1 signaling in age-dependent decline in angiogenesis and lung regeneration. ECs
82  2021 Ubiquilin 1 suppresses the cancer stem cell-like traits of non-small cell lung cancer cells by regulating reactive oxygen species homeostasis. CSC, NSCLC, ROS, UBQLN1
83  2020 A Class I Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Attenuates Insulin Resistance and Inflammation in Palmitate-Treated C2C12 Myotubes and Muscle of HF/HFr Diet Mice. EHHADH, HDAC, HF, HFr, MCAD, PA, PPARalpha, TG
84  2020 Andrographolide modulates HNF4alpha activity imparting on hepatic metabolism. AP, apoB, G6PC, HNF4alpha, MTP, PLA2G12B, VLDL
85  2020 Antiepileptic Drug-Activated Constitutive Androstane Receptor Inhibits Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor alpha and Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor gamma Coactivator 1alpha-Dependent Gene Expression to Increase Blood Triglyceride Levels. CAR, PPARalpha
86  2020 BST204, a Rg3 and Rh2 Enriched Ginseng Extract, Upregulates Myotube Formation and Mitochondrial Function in TNF-alpha-Induced Atrophic Myotubes. ROS, TNF-alpha
87  2020 Cardiopulmonary Bypass Suppresses Forkhead Box O3 and Downstream Autophagy in the Diabetic Human Heart. CPB, mTOR, ULK1
88  2020 Cerebral Mitochondrial Function and Cognitive Performance during Aging: A Longitudinal Study in NMRI Mice. CAT, creb-1, GAP43, NRF1, SOD2, SYP1
89  2020 Cold-Pressed Nigella Sativa Oil Standardized to 3% Thymoquinone Potentiates Omega-3 Protection against Obesity-Induced Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Markers of Insulin Resistance Accompanied with Conversion of White to Beige Fat in Mice. ACC, AMPK, FGF21, HFD, HO-1, IRbeta, Mfn2, PRDM16, SIRT1, TQ, TWIST2, UCP1, WAT
90  2020 Complex Mitochondrial Dysfunction Induced by TPP+-Gentisic Acid and Mitochondrial Translation Inhibition by Doxycycline Evokes Synergistic Lethality in Breast Cancer Cells. alpha-KGDHC, BC, DMKG, ETC, mAsp
91  2020 Effect of forkhead box O1 in renal tubular epithelial cells on endotoxin-induced acute kidney injury. AAV, AKI, FOXO1, RTECs
92  2020 Effect of quercetin on nonshivering thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue in high-fat diet-induced obese mice. ADRB3, AMPK, BAT, CIDEA, HFD, MAPK, mtTFA, RWAT, UCP1, WAT
93  2020 Effects of PGC1alpha on myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury and the underlying mechanisms. ChIP, HIF-1alpha, MitoSOX, TTC
94  2020 Exercise Training-Induced PPARbeta Increases PGC-1alpha Protein Stability and Improves Insulin-Induced Glucose Uptake in Rodent Muscles. CS, Cyto C, Ext, GLUT4, NUO, PPARbeta
95  2020 Farnesol induces mitochondrial/peroxisomal biogenesis and thermogenesis by enhancing the AMPK signaling pathway in vivo and in vitro. AMPKalpha, ATGL, HSL, OCR, OXPHOS, PRDM16, UCP1
96  2020 H3K27me3-mediated PGC1alpha gene silencing promotes melanoma invasion through WNT5A and YAP. TCF12
97  2020 Herbal Combination of Phyllostachys pubescens and Scutellaria baicalensis Inhibits Adipogenesis and Promotes Browning via AMPK Activation in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes. AMPK, aP2, FAS, p-ACC, PPARgamma, PRDM16, SREBP-1c, UCP, UPLC
98  2020 Impact of neural stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles on mitochondrial dysfunction, sirtuin 1 level, and synaptic deficits in Alzheimer's disease. AD, EVs, Fis1, GAP43, MAP2, NRF1 and 2, NSC, PSD-95, SIRT1, SYP, Tg
99  2020 Impairment of mitochondrial dynamics involved in iron oxide nanoparticle-induced dysfunction of dendritic cells was alleviated by autophagy inhibitor 3-methyladenine. 3-MA, CCR7, DCs, PEG-Fe3 O4
100  2020 IRF1-mediated downregulation of PGC1alpha contributes to cardiorenal syndrome type 4. CKD, CRS4, HP, IRF-1