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Long Form:   Pannexin1
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A physiologic rise in cytoplasmic calcium ion signal increases pannexin1 channel activity via a C-terminus phosphorylation by CaMKII. ATP, CaMKII, MS, rPanx1
2021 Absence of Pannexin 1 Stabilizes Hippocampal Excitability After Intracerebral Treatment With Aβ (1-42) and Prevents LTP Deficits in Middle-Aged Mice. AD, AP, LTP, Panx1-ko, WT
2021 Biomaterial Stiffness Guides Cross-talk between Chondrocytes: Implications for a Novel Cellular Response in Cartilage Tissue Engineering. Cx43, ECM
2021 Capillary-associated microglia regulate vascular structure and function through PANX1-P2RY12 coupling in mice. CAMs
2021 Cardiac Connexin-43 Hemichannels and Pannexin1 Channels: Provocative Antiarrhythmic Targets. Cx43, GJCs, HCs
2021 Caspase-11 promotes NLRP3 inflammasome activation via the cleavage of pannexin1 in acute kidney disease. AKI, I/R, IL-1beta, PTCs
2021 Convergent NMDA receptor-Pannexin1 signaling pathways regulate the interaction of CaMKII with Connexin-36. CaMKII, Cx36
2021 Deacetylation as a receptor-regulated direct activation switch for pannexin channels. alpha1-ARs, GPCRs, mDia
2021 Effects of miR-224-5p-enhanced downregulation of pannexin-1 on docetaxel-induced apoptosis in amoeboid-like CD44high oral cancer cells. CD44, OSCC
10  2021 Functional Coupling between the P2X7 Receptor and Pannexin-1 Channel in Rat Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons. TG
11  2021 High extracellular ATP levels released through pannexin-1 channels mediate inflammation and insulin resistance in skeletal muscle fibres of diet-induced obese mice. CBX, FDB, HFD, NCD, OLE, qPCR
12  2021 Human immunodeficiency virus-1/simian immunodeficiency virus infection induces opening of pannexin-1 channels resulting in neuronal synaptic compromise: A novel therapeutic opportunity to prevent NeuroHIV. HIV, SIV
13  2021 Identification of pannexin 1-regulated genes, interactome, and pathways in rhabdomyosarcoma and its tumor inhibitory interaction with AHNAK. RMS
14  2021 IκB kinase inhibition remodeled connexins, pannexin-1, and excitatory amino-acid transporters expressions to promote neuroprotection of galantamine and morphine. Cxs, EAATs, IKK
15  2021 Novel Pannexin-1-Coupled Signaling Cascade Involved in the Control of Endothelial Cell Function and NO-Dependent Relaxation. eNOS
16  2021 Pannexin 1 binds β-catenin to modulate melanoma cell growth and metabolism. ---
17  2021 Pannexin 1 Mediates Gastric Cancer Cell Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition via Aquaporin 5. AQP5, sh, si
18  2021 Pannexin 1 mutation found in melanoma tumor reduces phosphorylation, glycosylation, and trafficking of the channel-forming protein. SRC
19  2021 Pannexin 1-a novel regulator of acute hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction. HAPE, HPV, PASMC, PH, TRPV4
20  2021 Pannexin-1 channel regulates nuclear content packaging into apoptotic bodies and their size. ApoBDs
21  2021 Pannexin-1 Channels as Mediators of Neuroinflammation. ATP, CNS
22  2021 Purinergic signaling in nervous system health and disease: Focus on pannexin 1. ATP
23  2021 Reduced pannexin 1-IL-33 axis function in donor livers increases risk of MRSA infection in liver transplant recipients. ATP, IL-33, MRSA
24  2021 Structure of the full-length human Pannexin1 channel and insights into its role in pyroptosis. cryo-EM, hPANX1, MD
25  2021 The Contribution of Astrocyte and Neuronal Panx1 to Seizures Is Model and Brain Region Dependent. SE
26  2021 The Pannexin 1/Purinergic Receptor P2X4 Pathway Controls the Secretion of MicroRNA-Containing Exosomes by HCV-Infected Hepatocytes. miRNAs
27  2021 [Mechanism of Chuanxiong Rhizoma intervention on central sensitization of Panx1-Src-NMDAR-2B signaling pathway in neuropathic pain model rats]. ACC, CRE, CS, D-Ser, ET, Glu, GLUC, Gly, HPLC, IFN-gamma, IL-1beta, KC/GRO, Lac, MWT, NPP, SDH, SNI
28  2020 A Genetic Polymorphism in the Pannexin1 Gene Predisposes for The Development of Endothelial Dysfunction with Increasing BMI. BMI, CPT, MBF, MFR, SNP
29  2020 Acute Pannexin 1 Blockade Mitigates Early Synaptic Plasticity Defects in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. AD, APP, LTP, MAPK, PBN, PS1, sAbetaos, Tg
30  2020 Adaptive thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue involves activation of pannexin-1 channels. 18F-FDG, ATP, BAT, beta-AR, PET, UCP1
31  2020 Blocking pannexin1 reduces airway inflammation in a murine model of asthma. BALF, OVA
32  2020 Cryo-EM structures of the ATP release channel pannexin 1. ATP
33  2020 Endothelial Pannexin 1 Channels Control Inflammation by Regulating Intracellular Calcium. ---
34  2020 Extracellular ATP: A Feasible Target for Cancer Therapy. ABC, ATP, CALHM1, MACs, TME, VRACs
35  2020 Focused Ultrasound Stimulates ER Localized Mechanosensitive PANNEXIN-1 to Mediate Intracellular Calcium Release in Invasive Cancer Cells. FUS
36  2020 Frontline Science: P2Y11 receptors support T cell activation by directing mitochondrial trafficking to the immune synapse. APCs, IS
37  2020 Glial ATP and Large Pore Channels Modulate Synaptic Strength in Response to Chronic Inactivity. ATP, Cx43 HCs, HSP, P2X7R, VGLUT1
38  2020 Inhibiting pannexin-1 alleviates sepsis-induced acute kidney injury via decreasing NLRP3 inflammasome activation and cell apoptosis. CBX, IHC, LPS, NGAL, NLRP3, SI-AKI
39  2020 Injection of minocycline into the periaqueductal gray attenuates morphine withdrawal signs. CREB, i.p, Iba1, p-mTOR, PAG, PKA
40  2020 Myeloid Pannexin-1 mediates acute leukocyte infiltration and leads to worse outcomes after brain trauma. ATP, CCI, TBI
41  2020 Oleic and Linoleic Acids Induce the Release of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps via Pannexin 1-Dependent ATP Release and P2X1 Receptor Activation. FAO, LA, NEFAs, NETs, OA, PMN
42  2020 Pannexin 1 inhibition delays maturation and improves development of Bos taurus oocytes. COCs
43  2020 Pannexin 1 Regulates Dendritic Protrusion Dynamics in Immature Cortical Neurons. KO
44  2020 Pannexin-1 Deficiency Decreases Epileptic Activity in Mice. ---
45  2020 Pannexin-1 in the CNS: Emerging concepts in health and disease. CNS
46  2020 Sarcoma Family Kinase-Dependent Pannexin-1 Activation after Cortical Spreading Depression is Mediated by NR2A-Containing Receptors. CSD, i.c.v, SFK
47  2020 Structures of human pannexin 1 reveal ion pathways and mechanism of gating. ---
48  2020 The Cryo-EM structure of pannexin 1 reveals unique motifs for ion selection and inhibition. ---
49  2020 The interplay between α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, pannexin-1 channels and P2X7 receptors elicit exocytosis in chromaffin cells. nAChR
50  2020 The Role of Connexin 43 and Pannexin 1 During Acute Inflammation. Cx43
51  2020 [Regulatory effect of the pannexin1 channel on invasion and migration of testicular cancer Tcam-2 cells and its possible mechanism]. CBX, PBN
52  2019 A pannexin 1 channelopathy causes human oocyte death. ---
53  2019 Astrocyte and Neuronal Pannexin1 Contribute Distinctly to Seizures. ADK
54  2019 ATP amplifies NADPH-dependent and -independent neutrophil extracellular trap formation. BB-FCF, BMDNs, NETs, PMA, WT
55  2019 ATP release into ADPKD cysts via pannexin-1/P2X7 channels decreases ENaC activity. ADPKD, CD, PKD
56  2019 Calmodulin and protein kinases A/G mediate ciliary beat response in the human nasal epithelium. ACh, CBF
57  2019 Chronic fructose renders pancreatic beta-cells hyper-responsive to glucose-stimulated insulin secretion through extracellular ATP signaling. ---
58  2019 Circulating levels of ATP is a biomarker of HIV cognitive impairment. ART, HIV-1
59  2019 Connexin 43 hemichannels and pannexin-1 channels contribute to the alpha-synuclein-induced dysfunction and death of astrocytes. Cx43, NO
60  2019 Connexin43 Modulates X-Ray-Induced Pyroptosis in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells. Cx43, FLICA, HUVECs
61  2019 Constitutive SRC-mediated phosphorylation of pannexin 1 at tyrosine 198 occurs at the plasma membrane. alpha1-AR, SFK, SRC
62  2019 Destination and consequences of Panx1 and mutant expression in polarized MDCK cells. ---
63  2019 Developmental studies on the acquisition of perception conducting pathways via TRP channels in rat molar odontoblasts using immunohistochemistry and RT-qPCR. DSP, NF, PN, RT-qPCR, TRPA, TRPV
64  2019 Effects of Cadmium on ZO-1 Tight Junction Integrity of the Blood Brain Barrier. BBB, Cd, CNS, ER, ROS, TJ, ZO-1
65  2019 Inflammasome Activation Induces Pyroptosis in the Retina Exposed to Ocular Hypertension Injury. GCL, INL, OHT, RGCs, WT
66  2019 Inhibition of Pannexin 1 Reduces the Tumorigenic Properties of Human Melanoma Cells. CBX, PBN
67  2019 Pannexin 1 activation and inhibition is permeant-selective. ---
68  2019 Pannexin 1 mediates ferroptosis that contributes to renal ischemia/reperfusion injury. AKI, ERK, HK-2, HO-1, IRI, MAPK, MDA
69  2019 Pannexin 1 Regulates Network Ensembles and Dendritic Spine Development in Cortical Neurons. ---
70  2019 Pannexin-1 limits the production of proinflammatory cytokines during necroptosis. MLKL, RIPK3
71  2019 Pannexin1 Is Associated with Enhanced Epithelial-To-Mesenchymal Transition in Human Patient Breast Cancer Tissues and in Breast Cancer Cell Lines. BRCA, EMT, GSEA
72  2019 Panx1 promotes invasion-metastasis cascade in hepatocellular carcinoma. EMT, HCC, HR, IHC, tumor, node, metastasis
73  2019 Probenecid Relieves Cerebral Dysfunction of Sepsis by Inhibiting Pannexin 1-Dependent ATP Release. CLP, IL, PRB, TNF-alpha
74  2019 Role of pannexin-1 in the cellular uptake, release and hydrolysis of anandamide by T84 colon cancer cells. AEA
75  2019 Selective inhibition of Panx1 channels decreases hemostasis and thrombosis in vivo. VTE
76  2019 Suppression of Presynaptic Glutamate Release by Postsynaptic Metabotropic NMDA Receptor Signalling to Pannexin-1. TRPV1
77  2019 TGF-beta1 facilitates cell-cell communication in osteocytes via connexin43- and pannexin1-dependent gap junctions. Cx43, GJIC
78  2018 Angiotensin II-Induced Mesangial Cell Damaged Is Preceded by Cell Membrane Permeabilization Due to Upregulation of Non-Selective Channels. Ang II, Cx43, Cx43-HCs, Panx1 Chs, TBARS
79  2018 Blockade of Pannexin-1 Channels and Purinergic P2X7 Receptors Shows Protective Effects Against Cytokines-Induced Colitis of Human Colonic Mucosa. P2X7R, ZO-1
80  2018 Cationic control of Panx1 channel function. ---
81  2018 Endothelial cell Pannexin1 modulates severity of ischemic stroke by regulating cerebral inflammation and myogenic tone. ---
82  2018 Epithelial and Endothelial Pannexin1 Channels Mediate AKI. IRI
83  2018 Evidence for protein kinase involvement in the 5-HT-[Ca2+ ]i -pannexin-1 signalling pathway in type II glial cells of the rat carotid body. 5-HT, CB, I5-HT
84  2018 Expression analysis of Pannexin1 channel gene in response to immune challenges and its role in infection-induced ATP release in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). ---
85  2018 Expression of pannexin-1 in the trigeminal ganglion after chronic constriction injury of the infraorbital nerve in a rat model. CCI, ION, TG, TN
86  2018 Haploinsufficient TNAP Mice Display Decreased Extracellular ATP Levels and Expression of Pannexin-1 Channels. ATP, HPP, TNAP
87  2018 Heavy Alcohol Exposure Activates Astroglial Hemichannels and Pannexons in the Hippocampus of Adolescent Rats: Effects on Neuroinflammation and Astrocyte Arborization. COXs, Cx43, IL-1beta, iNOS, MAPK, TNF-alpha
88  2018 Inhibition of pannexin-1 channel activity by adiponectin in podocytes: Role of acid ceramidase activation. AC, S1P
89  2018 Knockout of Pannexin-1 Induces Hearing Loss. ABR, CM, DPOAE, Gen-Panx1, KO
90  2018 Microglial pannexin-1 channel activation is a spinal determinant of joint pain. ATP, IL-1beta, MIA, P2X7Rs
91  2018 Pannexin 1 inhibits rhabdomyosarcoma progression through a mechanism independent of its canonical channel function. ARMS, RMS
92  2018 Pannexin-1 channels on endothelial cells mediate vascular inflammation during lung ischemia-reperfusion injury. I/R
93  2018 Pannexin1: a multifunction and multiconductance and/or permeability membrane channel. ---
94  2018 Purinergic Cooperation Between P2Y2 and P2X7 Receptors Promote Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Control: Involvement of Pannexin-1 and Leukotrienes. ATP, LTB4, NO, UTP, WT
95  2018 Role of pannexin 1 channels in load-induced skeletal response. P2X7R
96  2018 The Pannexin-1 Channel Inhibitor Probenecid Attenuates Skeletal Muscle Cellular Energy Crisis and Histopathological Injury in a Rabbit Endotoxemia Model. LPS, Pro
97  2018 The Pannexin1 membrane channel: distinct conformations and functions. ---
98  2018 The weak voltage dependence of pannexin 1 channels can be tuned by N-terminal modifications. GS
99  2018 Trovafloxacin attenuates neuroinflammation and improves outcome after traumatic brain injury in mice. ATP, CCI
100  2017 A quantized mechanism for activation of pannexin channels. ---