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2020 Alterations in chromatin at antigen receptor loci define lineage progression during B lymphopoiesis. AgR, IgH, MNase, TCRalpha
2020 Functional requirement of terminal inverted repeats for efficient ProtoRAG activity reveals the early evolution of V(D)J recombination. TIRs
2020 Inefficient V(D)J recombination underlies monogenic T cell receptor beta expression. AgR, Ig, TCR
2020 Sequence-dependent dynamics of synthetic and endogenous RSSs in V(D)J recombination. PCs
2019 Cut-and-Run: A Distinct Mechanism by which V(D)J Recombination Causes Genome Instability. ESC
2019 Germline DNA Retention in Murine and Human Rearranged T Cell Receptor Gene Coding Joints: Alternative Recombination Signal Sequences and V(D)J Recombinase Errors. TR
2019 Intra-Vkappa Cluster Recombination Shapes the Ig Kappa Locus Repertoire. DSBs, RC
2019 The ESC: The Dangerous By-Product of V(D)J Recombination. ESC
2018 CTCF-Binding Elements Mediate Accessibility of RAG Substrates During Chromatin Scanning. CBEs, RC
10  2018 Development of a Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization Probe for Detecting IKZF1 Deletion Mutations in Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. FISH
11  2018 DNA melting initiates the RAG catalytic pathway. ---
12  2018 Structural gymnastics of RAG-mediated DNA cleavage in V(D)J recombination. bp
13  2017 iRAGu: A Novel Inducible and Reversible Mouse Model for Ubiquitous Recombinase Activity. RAGs
14  2015 Chromosomal Loop Domains Direct the Recombination of Antigen Receptor Genes. CBE
15  2015 Molecular Mechanism of V(D)J Recombination from Synaptic RAG1-RAG2 Complex Structures. ---
16  2015 Recruitment of RAG1 and RAG2 to Chromatinized DNA during V(D)J Recombination. ---
17  2015 Single-molecule analysis of RAG-mediated V(D)J DNA cleavage. HMGB1
18  2015 VH replacement in primary immunoglobulin repertoire diversification. BCR, bps
19  2014 DNA bending in the synaptic complex in V(D)J recombination: turning an ancestral transpososome upside down. PC, RAG
20  2014 Noncore RAG1 regions promote Vbeta rearrangements and alphabeta T cell development by overcoming inherent inefficiency of Vbeta recombination signal sequences. ---
21  2014 Synapsis alters RAG-mediated nicking at Tcrb recombination signal sequences: implications for the “beyond 12/23” rule. ---
22  2013 Cooperative recruitment of HMGB1 during V(D)J recombination through interactions with RAG1 and DNA. HMGB, RAG
23  2013 RAG and HMGB1 create a large bend in the 23RSS in the V(D)J recombination synaptic complexes. PC
24  2013 Transcription-coupled eviction of histones H2A/H2B governs V(D)J recombination. ---
25  2013 Unifying model for molecular determinants of the preselection Vbeta repertoire. ---
26  2012 Rearrangement patterns of the canine TCRgamma locus in a distinct group of T cell lymphomas. TRG
27  2010 Aberrant V(D)J cleavages in T cell receptor beta enhancer- and p53-deficient lymphoma cells. RAGs, TCR
28  2010 Non-consensus heptamer sequences destabilize the RAG post-cleavage complex, making ends available to alternative DNA repair pathways. NHEJ, PCC, SE
29  2010 RAG-dependent recombination at cryptic RSSs within TEL-AML1 t(12;21)(p13;q22) chromosomal translocation region. ChIP, cRSSs, Ig, LM-PCR, RAG, TCR
30  2010 RSSsite: a reference database and prediction tool for the identification of cryptic Recombination Signal Sequences in human and murine genomes. cRSSs
31  2009 Early steps of V(D)J rearrangement: insights from biochemical studies of RAG-RSS complexes. ---
32  2009 Germline transcription: a key regulator of accessibility and recombination. ---
33  2009 HMGB1/2 can target DNA for illegitimate cleavage by the RAG1/2 complex. ---
34  2009 Initiation of V(D)J recombination by Dbeta-associated recombination signal sequences: a critical control point in TCRbeta gene assembly. TCR
35  2009 Large-scale chromatin remodeling at the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus: a paradigm for multigene regulation. IgH, Igk
36  2009 Molecular mechanism underlying RAG1/RAG2 synaptic complex formation. ---
37  2009 Violations of the 12/23 rule at the mouse immunoglobulin kappa locus, including V kappa-V kappa rearrangement. ---
38  2008 Activation of 12/23-RSS-dependent RAG cleavage by hSWI/SNF complex in the absence of transcription. ---
39  2008 RAG2's non-core domain contributes to the ordered regulation of V(D)J recombination. RAG, WT
40  2007 Expression of recombination-activating genes and T cell receptor gene recombination in the human T cell leukemia cell line. CDR3, NHEJ, RAG, sjTRECs, TCR
41  2007 Fluorescence resonance energy transfer analysis of recombination signal sequence configuration in the RAG1/2 synaptic complex. FRET, PC
42  2007 RAG-heptamer interaction in the synaptic complex is a crucial biochemical checkpoint for the 12/23 recombination rule. RAG
43  2007 The beyond 12/23 restriction is imposed at the nicking and pairing steps of DNA cleavage during V(D)J recombination. TCR
44  2006 Paucity of V-D-D-J rearrangements and VH replacement events in lupus prone and nonautoimmune TdT-/- and TdT+/+ mice. ---
45  2006 RAG and HMGB1 proteins: purification and biochemical analysis of recombination signal complexes. ---
46  2006 V(D)J recombinase mediated inter-chromosomal HPRT alterations at cryptic recombination signal sequences in peripheral human T cells. Ig, Psi, TCR
47  2006 [T cell receptor gene recombination in human T-cell leukemia cell line jurkat]. LM-PCR, PCR, RAG, RT-PCR, sjTRECs, TCR
48  2005 RAG1 core and V(D)J recombination signal sequences were derived from Transib transposons. ---
49  2005 Single-strand recombination signal sequence nicks in vivo: evidence for a capture model of synapsis. RAG
50  2004 Evolution of the variable gene segments and recombination signal sequences of the human T-cell receptor alpha/delta locus. CDRs, TCR
51  2004 Joining mutants of RAG1 and RAG2 that demonstrate impaired interactions with the coding-end DNA. ---
52  2004 Many levels of control of V gene rearrangement frequency. ---
53  2004 Synapsis of recombination signal sequences located in cis and DNA underwinding in V(D)J recombination. ---
54  2004 The bounty of RAGs: recombination signal complexes and reaction outcomes. ---
55  2002 Fine structure and activity of discrete RAG-HMG complexes on V(D)J recombination signals. ---
56  2002 Footprint analysis of recombination signal sequences in the 12/23 synaptic complex of V(D)J recombination. ---
57  2002 Inverse transposition by the RAG1 and RAG2 proteins: role reversal of donor and target DNA. ---
58  2002 Restrictions limiting the generation of DNA double strand breaks during chromosomal V(D)J recombination. DSBs
59  2001 Basic helix-loop-helix proteins E2A and HEB induce immature T-cell receptor rearrangements in nonlymphoid cells. TCR
60  2000 Definition of minimal domains of interaction within the recombination-activating genes 1 and 2 recombinase complex. ---
61  2000 Evolution of the recombination signal sequences in the Ig heavy-chain variable region locus of mammals. TCR, VH
62  2000 Identification of heterologous translocation partner genes fused to the BCL6 gene in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas: 5'-RACE and LA - PCR analyses of biopsy samples. 5'-RACE, CIITA, eif4AII, IgH, LA, Tfr-R
63  2000 Recombination signal sequences restrict chromosomal V(D)J recombination beyond the 12/23 rule. RAG, TCR
64  2000 Stimulation of V(D)J recombination by histone acetylation. ---
65  1999 A dimer of the lymphoid protein RAG1 recognizes the recombination signal sequence and the complex stably incorporates the high mobility group protein HMG2. ---
66  1999 A RAG1 and RAG2 tetramer complex is active in cleavage in V(D)J recombination. ---
67  1999 Detection of RAG protein-V(D)J recombination signal interactions near the site of DNA cleavage by UV cross-linking. ---
68  1999 Mutations of acidic residues in RAG1 define the active site of the V(D)J recombinase. ---
69  1999 Nucleosome structure completely inhibits in vitro cleavage by the V(D)J recombinase. Ig, TCR
70  1999 RAG-2 promotes heptamer occupancy by RAG-1 in the assembly of a V(D)J initiation complex. ---
71  1999 Signal joint formation is inhibited in murine scid preB cells and fibroblasts in substrates with homopolymeric coding ends. ---
72  1998 Footprint analysis of the RAG protein recombination signal sequence complex for V(D)J type recombination. RAG
73  1998 Rejoining of DNA by the RAG1 and RAG2 proteins. ---
74  1998 The V(D)J recombination activating protein RAG2 consists of a six-bladed propeller and a PHD fingerlike domain, as revealed by sequence analysis. ---
75  1998 V(D)J recombination signal recognition: distinct, overlapping DNA-protein contacts in complexes containing RAG1 with and without RAG2. ---
76  1997 A complex of RAG-1 and RAG-2 proteins persists on DNA after single-strand cleavage at V(D)J recombination signal sequences. RAG, TdT
77  1997 Initiation of V(D)J recombination in vivo: role of recombination signal sequences in formation of single and paired double-strand breaks. DSBs
78  1997 RAG-1 and RAG-2-dependent assembly of functional complexes with V(D)J recombination substrates in solution. ---
79  1997 The composition of coding joints formed in V(D)J recombination is strongly affected by the nucleotide sequence of the coding ends and their relationship to the recombination signal sequences. ---
80  1995 Mouse VH7183 recombination signal sequences mediate recombination more frequently than those of VHJ558. ---
81  1988 Diverse organization of immunoglobulin VH gene loci in a primitive vertebrate. Ig, nt
82  1987 A pre-B cell nuclear protein that specifically interacts with the immunoglobulin V-J recombination sequences. ---