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Long Form:   skin temperature
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Comparative Assessment of Thermotolerance in Dorper and Second-Cross (Poll Dorset/Merino × Border Leicester) Lambs. HS, RH, RR, RT, SC, TN
2021 Differential response of soil CO2 , CH4 , and N2 O emissions to edaphic properties and microbial attributes following afforestation in central China. BD, DOC, GHG, PLFAs, SM
2021 Effects of residue removal and tillage on greenhouse gas emissions in continuous corn systems as simulated with RZWQM2. SRD, VWC
2021 Evaluation of Thermal Indices as the Indicators of Heat Stress in Dairy Cows in a Temperate Climate. CCI, ET, ETI, ETIC, RR, RT, TIs
2021 Heart Rate Variability Changes in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder: Related to Confounding Factors, Not to Symptom Severity? ANS, HRV, MDD, RHR, RR, SC
2021 Influence of conservation tillage on Greenhouse gas fluxes and crop productivity in spring-wheat agroecosystems on the Loess Plateau of China. CA, CT, CTS, GWP, NT, NTS, SOC, STN, SWC
2021 Spectral analysis of soil temperature and their coincidence with air temperature in Iran. AT, Prc, QBO, SSA
2021 Suppression of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi aggravate the negative interactive effects of warming and nitrogen addition on soil bacterial and fungal diversity and community composition. AMF, AN, PLFA, SEM
2021 The thermal antinociceptive effects of a high-concentration formulation of buprenorphine alone or followed by hydromorphone in conscious cats. TT
10  2020 A test-retest reliability study of assessing small cutaneous fibers by measuring current perception threshold with pin electrodes. CPT, CV, ICC, SBF
11  2020 Assessment of Athletes' Attitude: Physiological Evaluation via Wearable Sensors during Grappling Competitions. HR, SC
12  2020 Effects of deep thermotherapy on chest wall mobility of healthy elderly women. CRet, DT, HP, sham
13  2020 Effects of fossil shell flour supplementation on heat tolerance of dohne merino rams. ADFI, ADWI, FSF, GLU, Hb, MCHC, MCV, PCV, PR, RBC, RR, RT, TPP
14  2020 Late-gestation heat stress abatement in dairy heifers promotes thermoregulation and improves productivity. BCS, PTA, RR, RT, SR, VT
15  2020 Methods for assessing heat stress in preweaned dairy calves exposed to chronic heat stress or continuous cooling. CL, HR, HT, MI, RR, RT, THI
16  2020 Nonlinearity in interspecific interactions in response to climate change: Cod and haddock as an example. ---
17  2020 Novel polymorphism of HSP70 gene affected caprine physiological vital parameters. HR, HSP70, RR, RT, THI
18  2020 Optimizing alfalfa productivity and persistence versus greenhouse gases fluxes in a continental arid region. GHG, SOC, STN, SWC
19  2020 Quantitative studies of gully slope erosion and soil physiochemical properties during freeze-thaw cycling in a Mollisol region. BD, FC, FTC, GSE, MDT, RL, RW, SL, SM, SOC, SS, SW, TN, VC, WA
20  2020 Recognition of Negative Emotion using Long Short-Term Memory with Bio-Signal Feature Compression. ECG, GSR, LSTM, NN, SAE
21  2020 Summertime physiological and thermal responses among activity levels in campus outdoor spaces in a humid subtropical city. BP, HR, MST, PET, TSV, UTCI
22  2020 Technical note: Calving prediction in dairy cattle based on continuous measurements of ventral tail base skin temperature using supervised machine learning. ---
23  2019 A systematic review of studies investigating the effects of controlled whole-body vibration intervention on peripheral circulation. BF, WBV
24  2019 Aboveground net primary productivity not CO2 exchange remain stable under three timing of extreme drought in a semi-arid steppe. ANPP, GPP, NEE, Re, SWC
25  2019 Comparing task-induced psychophysiological responses between persons with stress-related complaints and healthy controls: A methodological pilot study. GSR, HR
26  2019 Computed tomography perfusion study evaluating the curative effect of tibial transverse transport in patients with severe diabetic foot. DF, NTF, RBV, rMTT, TF, TTT
27  2019 Does the Application of Tecar Therapy Affect Temperature and Perfusion of Skin and Muscle Microcirculation? A Pilot Feasibility Study on Healthy Subjects. IMBF, LSCI, PSMC, TT
28  2019 Effects of soil erosion and reforestation on soil respiration, organic carbon and nitrogen stocks in an eroded area of Southern China. SOC, SR, TN
29  2019 Evaluation of Wearable Digital Devices in a Phase I Clinical Trial. FDA, HR, RR
30  2019 Grazing alters the phenology of alpine steppe by changing the surface physical environment on the northeast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China. BGS, EGS, GSL, SM
31  2019 Influence of electroacupuncture stimulation on skin temperature, skin blood flow, muscle blood volume and pupil diameter. EA, MBV, PD, SBF
32  2019 Physiological Responses to Basic Tastes for Sensory Evaluation of Chocolate Using Biometric Techniques. HR
33  2019 Soil respiration and its Q10 response to various grazing systems of a typical steppe in Inner Mongolia, China. Rs, SM
34  2019 The antinociceptive effects of intravenous administration of three doses of butorphanol tartrate or naloxone hydrochloride following hydromorphone hydrochloride to healthy conscious cats. SS, TE, TT
35  2019 The effects of freeze-thaw process on soil water migration in dam and slope farmland on the Loess Plateau, China. DF, SF, SWC
36  2019 The influence of soil temperature and water content on belowground hydraulic conductance and leaf gas exchange in mature trees of three boreal species. SWC
37  2019 Thermal antinociceptive, sedative and cardiovascular effects of Governing Vessel 1 dexmedetomidine pharmacopuncture in healthy cats. GV 1, HR, IM, TT
38  2019 Thermotolerance indicators related to production and physiological responses to heat stress of holstein cows. HS, RR, RT, THI
39  2018 A Globally Generalized Emotion Recognition System Involving Different Physiological Signals. CNN
40  2018 Changes in soil water repellency after prescribed burnings in three different Mediterranean forest ecosystems. SOM, SWC, SWR
41  2018 Effect of Different Dosages of ST36 Indirect Moxibustion on the Skin Temperature of the Lower Legs and Feet. Exp. 1, Exp. 2, IM
42  2018 Evaluation of combined radiofrequency and chemical blockade of multi-segmental lumbar sympathetic ganglia in painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy. AE, CT, DOS, LSG, pDPN, RF, TRR, VAS
43  2018 Interactions between sire family and production environment (temperate vs. tropical) on performance and thermoregulation responses in growing pigs. BFT, CR, LW, RT, TEMP, TROP
44  2018 Physical Fitness and Blood Glucose Influence Performance in IndyCar Racing. BR, CK, HR
45  2018 Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Effects of Far-Infrared Emitting Ceramic Fabric Shirts and Control Polyester Shirts on Transcutaneous PO2. CEL, PET
46  2018 Winter plant phenology in the alpine meadow on the eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. AGB, QTP, SCF, SM
47  2017 Effect of season on physiological, biochemical, hormonal, and oxidative stress parameters of indigenous sheep. ALT, AST, BUN, Ca, Cr, GPx, IP, LPO, PR, RR, SOD, THI
48  2017 Influence of film mulching on soil microbial community in a rainfed region of northeastern China. AM, NM, PFM, SM, SMC
49  2017 Survival of Pochonia chlamydosporia on the soil surface after different exposure intervals at ambient conditions. AT, CFUs, IR, RH
50  2017 Thermal antinociception following oral administration of tapentadol in conscious cats. TT
51  2017 Use of Wearable Sensors and Biometric Variables in an Artificial Pancreas System. AP, CGM, EE, GSR, HF, HR, MAD, NBT, PLS, T1D, VIP
52  2016 Annotation and prediction of stress and workload from physiological and inertial signals. BVP, GSR, IBI
53  2016 Exploration of conditioned pain modulation effect on long-term potentiation-like pain amplification in humans. CES, CPCS, CPM, HPT, LTP, SBF, SES, SF-MPQ
54  2016 Geospatial variability of soil CO2-C exchange in the main terrestrial ecosystems of Keller Peninsula, Maritime Antarctica. ER, GPP, SM
55  2016 Skin blood flow and temperature oscillations during cold pressor test. CPT, LDF
56  2016 Study of circadian rhythmicity of physiological response and skin temperature of sheep during summer and winter in semi-arid tropical environment. HR, RH, RR, RT
57  2016 The effects of the court-type Thai traditional massage on anatomical relations, blood flow, and skin temperature of the neck, shoulder, and arm. BF, CTTM, DA, MaSP, PS
58  2016 [Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Its Controlling Factors in a Coastal Saline Wetland in North Jiangsu]. AT, BF, GWP
59  2015 Acclimation of fine root respiration to soil warming involves starch deposition in very fine and fine roots: a case study in Fagus sylvatica saplings. NSC, SS
60  2015 Acute effects of simultaneous electromyostimulation and vibration on leg blood flow in spinal cord injury. BV, ES, MBV, PBV, SCI, WBV
61  2015 Comparison between whole-body vibration, light-emitting diode, and cycling warm-up on high-intensity physical performance during sprint bicycle exercise. BL, LED, WBV, WU
62  2015 Comparison of sleep-wake classification using electroencephalogram and wrist-worn multi-modal sensor data. ACC, EEG, SC
63  2015 Influence of isolated or simultaneous application of electromyostimulation and vibration on leg blood flow. ES, MBV, PBV, WBV
64  2015 Pasture-derived greenhouse gas emissions in cow-calf production systems. CO, GHG, GRE, NO, WC
65  2015 Physiological Responses and Lactation to Cutaneous Evaporative Heat Loss in Bos indicus, Bos taurus, and Their Crossbreds. RR, RT, SR, THI
66  2015 Quantifying components of soil respiration and their response to abiotic factors in two typical subtropical forest stands, southwest China. AT, SM, SOM, SR
67  2015 [Monitoring the thermal plume from coastal nuclear power plant using satellite remote sensing data: modeling, and validation]. BT, CTD, GNPS, IRS, LUT, NCEP, SST, TR
68  2014 Effect of heat stress on physiological parameters and blood composition in Polish Merino rams. HR, RR, RT
69  2014 Facial expressions and autonomous nervous system responses elicited by tasting different juices. ANS, HR, PVA, SCL
70  2014 Thermoregulatory responses during thermal acclimation in pigs divergently selected for residual feed intake. ADG, RR, RT, Ta
71  2013 Combined impacts of freeze-thaw processes on paddy land and dry land in Northeast China. SWC
72  2013 Effect of rest duration on recovery from repeated exercise in near-market-weight pigs. HR, RR
73  2013 Effects of forest age on soil autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration differ between evergreen and deciduous forests. AR, HR, SR, SWC
74  2013 Thermal and mechanical nociceptive threshold testing in pregnant sheep. ---
75  2012 A comparison of whole body vibration and moist heat on lower extremity skin temperature and skin blood flow in healthy older individuals. MHPV, SBF
76  2012 A multi-centre, blinded, randomised, placebo-controlled, laboratory-based study of MQX-503, a novel topical gel formulation of nitroglycerine, in patients with Raynaud phenomenon. BF, RP
77  2012 Bioharness(™) multivariable monitoring device: part. I: validity. ACC, BF, HR
78  2012 Bioharness(™) Multivariable Monitoring Device: Part. II: Reliability. ACC, BF, CV, HR
79  2012 Combined analyses of bacterial, fungal and nematode communities in andosolic agricultural soils in Japan. PCA, PCR-DGGE, RDA, TC, TN
80  2012 Relationship between soil temperature and fruit colour development of 'Clemenpons' Clementine mandarin (Citrus clementina Hort ex. Tan). ---
81  2012 Temporal-spatial variation and controls of soil respiration in different primary succession stages on glacier forehead in Gongga Mountain, China. CV, MBC, SM, SOC, SR
82  2011 A comparison of the effect of a variety of thermal and vibratory modalities on skin temperature and blood flow in healthy volunteers. SBF
83  2011 Field measurements of soil CO2 efflux in Heteropogon contortus dominated grassland of semi-arid eco-system. SM, SR
84  2011 Nursing interventions for family members waiting during cardiac procedures. BP, FMs, HR, ICP, IR, PPV, SOC
85  2011 Psychophysiological responses to sedative music in patients awaiting cardiac catheterization examination: a randomized controlled trial. HR
86  2010 A segmental effect involved in the changes of skin blood flow induced by acupuncture in normal health human. AP, AS, BP, CGRP, PP, RW, SBF
87  2010 Autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration in needle fir and Quercus-dominated stands in a cool-temperate forest, central Korea. SWC
88  2010 Influence of stand density on soil CO2 efflux for a Pinus densiflora forest in Korea. HD, LAI, LD, MD, SWC, TBCA
89  2008 Changes in skin and rectal temperature in lactating buffaloes provided with showers and wallowing during hot-dry season. PR, RR, RT, SG, WG
90  2008 Heat tolerance in Brazilian sheep: physiological and blood parameters. BR, HR, PCV, RT, SR
91  2007 Cross-correlation patterns of air and soil temperatures, rainfall and Diaprepes abbreviatus root weevil in citrus. AT, RH
92  2007 Physiological effects of slot play in women. BP, HR, NODS, RR, SC
93  2007 Stress detection in computer users based on digital signal processing of noninvasive physiological variables. BVP, GSR, PD
94  2007 [Clinical study on effect of keeping perioperative normal body temperature on skin flap survival]. PT
95  2006 A preliminary investigation into the relationship between cervical snags and sympathetic nervous system activity in the upper limbs of an asymptomatic population. SC, SNAGs, SNS
96  2006 Stress detection in computer users through non-invasive monitoring of physiological signals. BVP, GSR, PD
97  2005 Effects of increasing temperatures on physiological changes in pigs at different relative humidities. EW, HP, IPt, RH, RR, RT, VFI
98  2004 Duration of vecuronium-induced neuromuscular block can be predicted by change of skin temperature over the thenar muscles. ET, TOF
99  2004 Effect of massage on blood flow and muscle fatigue following isometric lumbar exercise. MBV, SBF, VAS
100  2004 The effect of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on sympathetic skin response. AG, CG, NSG, SSR, TENS