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Long Form:   slow-twitch
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Age-dependent mechanical and microstructural properties of the rabbit soleus muscle. FT
2019 EGF receptor (EGFR) inhibition promotes a slow-twitch oxidative, over a fast-twitch, muscle phenotype. COPD, EGFR
2018 Effect of speed endurance training and reduced training volume on running economy and single muscle fiber adaptations in trained runners. SERCA1, UCP3
2014 Fiber-type-specific sensitivities and phenotypic adaptations to dietary fat overload differentially impact fast- versus slow-twitch muscle contractile function in C57BL/6J mice. EDL, FA, FT, HFDs, HFL, LFD, RT
2011 A new method for non-invasive estimation of human muscle fiber type composition. FT
2008 Heterogeneous recruitment of quadriceps muscle portions and fibre types during moderate intensity knee-extensor exercise: effect of thigh occlusion. FT, MOD, OCC, RF, VL, VM
2008 Neuromuscular blockade of slow twitch muscle fibres elevates muscle oxygen uptake and energy turnover during submaximal exercise in humans. CP, FT
2007 Comparison of the effects of inorganic phosphate on caffeine-induced Ca2+ release in fast- and slow-twitch mammalian skeletal muscle. FT, SR
2007 Relationship between extracellular matrix, contractile apparatus, muscle mass and strength in case of glucocorticoid myopathy. ECM, EDL, FT, SOL
10  2006 Matching of sarcoplasmic reticulum and contractile properties in rat fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibres. EDL, FT, SR
11  2006 Plasticity of neuromuscular junction architectures in rat slow and fast muscle fibers following temporary denervation and reinnervation processes. FT, NMJ, NT, SVD
12  2006 Relationship between efficiency and pedal rate in cycling: significance of internal power and muscle fiber type composition. ---
13  2005 Endurance training: volume-dependent adaptational changes in myosin. EDL, ET, FT, MyHC, MyLC, PLA, SOL
14  2005 Muscle fiber type effects on energetically optimal cadences in cycling. FT
15  2004 Recruitment of fibre types and quadriceps muscle portions during repeated, intense knee-extensor exercise in humans. CP, FT
16  2004 Slow-twitch fiber glycogen depletion elevates moderate-exercise fast-twitch fiber activity and O2 uptake. FT
17  2003 Plasticity of the transverse tubules following denervation and subsequent reinnervation in rat slow and fast muscle fibres. DHPR, EDL, FT, SOL
18  2002 Effect of support stimulation on unloaded soleus in rat. CSA, HS, Sup
19  2001 Eccentric exercise-induced morphological changes in the membrane systems involved in excitation-contraction coupling in rat skeletal muscle. E-C, FT
20  2001 Effects of sprint and endurance training on passive stress-strain relation of fast- and slow-twitch skeletal muscle in Wistar rat. FT
21  2001 [Structural and metabolic characteristics of m. vastus lateralis of monkeys during 30-day hypokinesia: effects of prophylactic Gz-accelerations]. BR, FT, SDH
22  1999 Significance of skeletal muscle properties on fitness, long-term physical training and serum lipids. CHD, CPT, HDL-C, KGDH, LPL, LTPA, PFK
23  1998 Muscle fibre composition and glycogen synthase activity in hypertension-prone men. BMI, M/I
24  1997 Muscle atrophy and hormonal regulation in women in 120 day bed rest. CSA, FT
25  1996 Skeletal muscle fiber distribution influences serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol level. HDL-C, LPL
26  1996 Total and sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium contents of skinned fibres from rat skeletal muscle. FT, SR
27  1995 Alteration of regulatory enzyme activities in fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles and muscle fibres in low-intensity endurance-trained rats. alpha-KGDH, FT, PFK-1
28  1995 Effects of creatine phosphate and P(i) on Ca2+ movements and tension development in rat skinned skeletal muscle fibres. CP, FT, SR
29  1994 Sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ pump expression in denervated skeletal muscle. EDL, FT, SR
30  1994 Skeletal muscle fiber type, resistance training, and strength-related performance. ---
31  1992 Comparison of the histochemical and contractile properties of human triceps surae. ETM, FT, PF, TPF
32  1992 Effects of anabolic steroids and high intensity exercise on rat skeletal muscle fibres and capillarization. A morphometric study. FG, FOG
33  1992 Exercise-limiting factors in respiratory distress. COPD, CoQ10, FT, IHD
34  1991 Comparison of the histochemical and contractile properties of human gastrocnemius muscle. FT
35  1991 Human respiratory muscles: fibre morphology and capillary supply. COPD, DIA
36  1991 Muscle fibre types, ubiquinone content and exercise capacity in hypertension and effort angina. FT, HT, IHD
37  1991 Relationship of skeletal muscle fiber type to serum high density lipoprotein cholesterol and apolipoprotein A-I levels. apoA-I, CHD, HDL-C, TC, TG
38  1990 Changes in total fiber numbers of disused soleus muscle on rats. FT
39  1990 The influence of motor unit composition and stature on fractionated patellar reflex times in untrained men. FTa, LAT, MT, TRT
40  1989 Creatine phosphate in fiber types of skeletal muscle before and after exhaustive exercise. CP, FT
41  1989 Enzyme activities of FT and ST muscle fibers in heavy-resistance trained athletes. CS, FT, HAD, LD, MK
42  1989 Histochemical characteristics of human expiratory and inspiratory intercostal muscles. DIA, EXT, INT, VAS
43  1989 Muscle fiber-specific glycogen utilization in strength-trained males and females. FT, MVC, OD
44  1988 Comparison of the histochemical and contractile properties of human triceps surae. FI, FT, MVC, TPT
45  1988 Fibre conduction velocity and fibre composition in human vastus lateralis. FT
46  1988 Hindlimb suspension increases insulin binding and glucose metabolism. 2-DG, AS
47  1988 Skeletal muscle fiber type composition and performance during repeated bouts of maximal, concentric contractions. APT, FT, IPT
48  1987 Development of rat muscle during short- and long-term hindlimb suspension. SOL
49  1987 Effects of muscle fiber distribution on the mechanical efficiency of human locomotion. FT
50  1987 Enzymatic adaptations consequent to long-term strength training. CK, CS, EX, FT, HK, HR, LDH, MK, PFK
51  1987 Skeletal muscle biopsy studies of cardiac patients. ACOCM, COCM, CS, FT, VL
52  1986 Influence of subtypes of fast-twitch fibers on isokinetic strength in untrained men. FT
53  1986 The effects of an arm ergometer training programme on wheelchair subjects. FT
54  1986 [Morphological and biochemical changes in the pars obliqua of the vastus medialis muscle in degenerative disorders of the knee joint]. FT
55  1985 Fibre types, capillary supply and enzyme activities in human intercostal muscles. EXT, INT
56  1985 High-energy phosphate compounds in slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibres. Changes during exercise in some neuromuscular diseases. FT, HOGA
57  1985 Muscle fiber types and size in trained and untrained muscles of elite athletes. ---
58  1985 Muscle fibre variation in the gluteus medius of the horse. ---
59  1984 Collagen of slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibres in different types of rat skeletal muscle. FT, MG, MRF, MS
60  1984 Effects of exhaustive, isometric training on lactate accumulation in different muscle fiber types. FT, MIS
61  1984 Impaired muscle function with aging. A background factor in the incidence of fractures of the proximal end of the femur. FT
62  1984 Is there a change in relative muscle fibre composition with age? FT
63  1984 Muscle capillary supply and fiber type characteristics in weight and power lifters. FT
64  1984 Muscle fiber type composition and G-tolerance. ACM, FT
65  1983 Electrolytes in slow and fast muscle fibers of humans at rest and with dynamic exercise. FT, TB, VL
66  1983 Muscle fiber type characteristics of M. deltoideus in wheelchair athletes. Comparison with other trained athletes. FT
67  1983 Relationship between muscle morphology and metabolism in obese women: the effects of long-term physical training. FTa
68  1983 The effect of prolonged skeletal muscle stretch-shortening cycle on recoil of elastic energy and on energy expenditure. FT
69  1983 Training and growth induced changes in the middle gluteal muscle of young Standardbred trotters. FTa, HAD
70  1982 Cross-adaptive responses to different forms of leg training: skeletal muscle biochemistry and histochemistry. FT, HADH, LDH, PFK, PHOSP, SDH
71  1982 Dietary effects on glycogen and lipoprotein lipase activity in skeletal muscle in man. CHO, LPL
72  1982 High-energy phosphate compounds during exercise in human slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibres. FT
73  1982 Lactate in blood, mixed skeletal muscle, and FT or ST fibres during cycle exercise in man. FT
74  1982 Metabolic effects of two frequencies of short-term surface electrical stimulation on human muscle. ---
75  1982 Muscle hypertrophy in bodybuilders. FT
76  1982 Store and recoil of elastic energy in slow and fast types of human skeletal muscles. FT
77  1982 The relationship of serum creatine kinase, fiber type, and isometric exercise. CK, FT
78  1982 Variability of fiber type distributions within human muscles. FT
79  1981 Anaerobic performance in middle and long distance runners. FT, LA, LD, LDH, MD, PFK
80  1981 Muscle fibre recruitment and metabolism in prolonged exhaustive dynamic exercise. FT
81  1981 Muscle metabolism, lactate breaking point, and biomechanical features of endurance running. ---
82  1981 Muscle strength and fatigue after selective glycogen depletion in human skeletal muscle fibers. FT, LG, MG
83  1981 Performance and muscle metabolite changes in exercise with repeated maximal dynamic contractions. FT, MVC
84  1980 Effects of strength training and immobilization on human muscle fibres. FT
85  1980 Maximal isometric strength and fiber type composition in power and endurance athletes. FT
86  1980 Mean arterial pressure, O2-uptake, and muscle force time during dynamic and rhythmic-static exercise in men with high percentages of fast- and slow-twitch fibers. FT, MAP, RIC
87  1979 A multiple regression model for blood lactate removal in man. LA
88  1979 Central and peripheral circulation in relation to muscle-fibre composition in normo- and hyper-tensive man. FT
89  1979 EMG frequency spectrum, muscle structure, and fatigue during dynamic contractions in man. FT, iEMG, PSDF
90  1979 Mechanical efficiency of fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers in man during cycling. FT
91  1978 Energy metabolism in different human skeletal muscles during voluntary isometric contractions. FT, MVC
92  1978 Maximal oxygen uptake and muscle fiber types in trained and untrained humans. FT
93  1978 Muscle fatigue and its relation to lactate accumulation and LDH activity in man. FT, LDH
94  1978 Relationship between lactate accumulation, LDH activity, LDH isozyme and fibre type distribution in human skeletal muscle. FT
95  1977 Actomyosin ATPase, myokinase, CPK and LDH in human fast and slow twitch muscle fibres. CPK, FT, LDH, MK
96  1977 Characteristics of skeletal muscle in competitive cyclists. FT, LDH, MDH, PH, SDH
97  1977 Glycogen synthetase and phosphorylase activity in slow and fast twitch skeletal muscle fibres in man. FT
98  1977 Lactate in fast and slow twitch skeletal muscle fibres of man during isometric contraction. FT, MVC
99  1976 Lactate dehydrogenase in human skeletal muscle. H-LDH
100  1976 Muscle fiber composition and enzyme activities of elite distance runners. SDH