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Long Form:   solitary tract
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Dedicated C-fiber vagal sensory afferent pathways to the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus. NTS, PVN, RTX
2019 5-HT3R-sourced calcium enhances glutamate release from a distinct vesicle pool. NTS
2019 Expression and Function of Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1 Ion Channels in the Caudal Nucleus of the Solitary Tract. NTS, TRPA1
2019 Extensive Inhibitory Gating of Viscerosensory Signals by a Sparse Network of Somatostatin Neurons. ChR2, NTS, SST, YFP
2018 Allopregnanolone Effects on Transmission in the Brain Stem Solitary Tract Nucleus (NTS). ALLO, NTS, sIPSCs, ST-eEPSCs
2017 Dynasore blocks evoked release while augmenting spontaneous synaptic transmission from primary visceral afferents. NTS, sEPSC, ST-EPSC
2016 Dedicated C-fibre viscerosensory pathways to central nucleus of the amygdala. CeA, NTS, TRPV1
2016 Distinct Calcium Sources Support Multiple Modes of Synaptic Release from Cranial Sensory Afferents. TRPV1
2016 Inhibitory modulation of optogenetically identified neuron subtypes in the rostral solitary nucleus. ChR2, rNST
10  2015 Temperature differentially facilitates spontaneous but not evoked glutamate release from cranial visceral primary afferents. ---
11  2015 Vanilloids selectively sensitize thermal glutamate release from TRPV1 expressing solitary tract afferents. NTS, sEPSCs, TRPV1
12  2014 Cannabinoid 1 and transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 receptors discretely modulate evoked glutamate separately from spontaneous glutamate transmission. ACEA, CB1, GPCRs, NADA, TRPV1
13  2014 Channeling satiation: a primer on the role of TRP channels in the control of glutamate release from vagal afferent neurons. NTS, TRP
14  2014 External QX-314 inhibits evoked cranial primary afferent synaptic transmission independent of TRPV1. ST-EPSCs, TRPV1
15  2014 Frequency-dependent facilitation of synaptic throughput via postsynaptic NMDA receptors in the nucleus of the solitary tract. EPSCs, NTS
16  2014 Isolation of TRPV1 independent mechanisms of spontaneous and asynchronous glutamate release at primary afferent to NTS synapses. NTS
17  2013 Gustatory solitary tract development: a role for neuropilins. DiI, Npn-1, Npn-2, rNST, Sema-3A, SEMA3F
18  2013 Peptide and lipid modulation of glutamatergic afferent synaptic transmission in the solitary tract nucleus. NTS
19  2013 The mu-opioid receptor agonist DAMGO presynaptically suppresses solitary tract-evoked input to neurons in the rostral solitary nucleus. EGFP, rNST
20  2012 Excitatory and inhibitory synaptic function in the rostral nucleus of the solitary tract in embryonic rat. rNST
21  2012 Independent transmission of convergent visceral primary afferents in the solitary tract nucleus. EPSCs
22  2012 Low-fidelity GABA transmission within a dense excitatory network of the solitary tract nucleus. ---
23  2012 The unsilent majority-TRPV1 drives "spontaneous" transmission of unmyelinated primary afferents within cardiorespiratory NTS. TRPV1
24  2011 GABA(B)-mediated inhibition of multiple modes of glutamate release in the nucleus of the solitary tract. EPSCs, GABA, mEPSC, TRPV1
25  2011 Ghrelin inhibits visceral afferent activation of catecholamine neurons in the solitary tract nucleus. CA, NTS, ST-EPSCs
26  2011 TRPV1 marks synaptic segregation of multiple convergent afferents at the rat medial solitary tract nucleus. ST-EPSCs
27  2010 Heterosynaptic crosstalk: GABA-glutamate metabotropic receptors interactively control glutamate release in solitary tract nucleus. EPSCs, mGluRs, NTS
28  2010 Primary afferent activation of thermosensitive TRPV1 triggers asynchronous glutamate release at central neurons. ---
29  2010 Synaptic characteristics of rostral nucleus of the solitary tract neurons with input from the chorda tympani and glossopharyngeal nerves. CT, DIC, EPSCs, rNST
30  2009 Convergence of cranial visceral afferents within the solitary tract nucleus. NTS
31  2008 Activation of delta-opioid receptors reduces excitatory input to putative gustatory cells within the nucleus of the solitary tract. EPSCs, Met-E, NST, PBN
32  2008 Comparison of baroreceptive to other afferent synaptic transmission to the medial solitary tract nucleus. ADN, CAP, EPSCs, NTS
33  2008 Isoflurane differentially modulates inhibitory and excitatory synaptic transmission to the solitary tract nucleus. NTS
34  2008 Organization and properties of GABAergic neurons in solitary tract nucleus (NTS). EGFP, EPSCs, IPSCs
35  2008 Oxytocin enhances cranial visceral afferent synaptic transmission to the solitary tract nucleus. NTS, OT, PVN
36  2007 A-type potassium channels differentially tune afferent pathways from rat solitary tract nucleus to caudal ventrolateral medulla or paraventricular hypothalamus. CVLM, PVN
37  2007 Propofol enhances both tonic and phasic inhibitory currents in second-order neurons of the solitary tract nucleus (NTS). EPSCs, IPSCs, NTS
38  2007 Prostaglandin E2 depresses solitary tract-mediated synaptic transmission in the nucleus tractus solitarius. evEPSCs, mEPSCs, NTS, sEPSCs, TTX
39  2007 Visceral afferents directly activate catecholamine neurons in the solitary tract nucleus. CA, NTS, ST-EPSCs
40  2006 Vasopressin inhibits glutamate release via two distinct modes in the brainstem. AVP, NTS, V-M
41  2005 Microvascular patterns in human medullary tegmentum at the level of the area postrema. AP, DMVN, MVD, STN, vWF
42  2005 Proopiomelanocortin neurons in nucleus tractus solitarius are activated by visceral afferents: regulation by cholecystokinin and opioids. CCK, EGFP, GI, NTS, POMC
43  2004 Strategies for cellular identification in nucleus tractus solitarius slices. EPSCs, NTS
44  2004 TNF alpha-p55 receptors: medullary brainstem immunocytochemical localization in normal and vagus nerve-transected rats. DMN, NST, p55-ir
45  2002 Ketamine differentially blocks sensory afferent synaptic transmission in medial nucleus tractus solitarius (mNTS). eEPSCs, mNTS
46  2002 Vanilloid receptors presynaptically modulate cranial visceral afferent synaptic transmission in nucleus tractus solitarius. ADN, CAP, cap, NBQX, NTS, VR1
47  2002 Vanilloid-sensitive afferents activate neurons with prominent A-type potassium currents in nucleus tractus solitarius. CAP, KA, NTS, TOCs
48  2001 Reliability of monosynaptic sensory transmission in brain stem neurons in vitro. EPSCs, IPSC, non-NMDA, NTS
49  2001 Stimulatory effect of endothelin-1 on neurons in the nucleus tractus solitarii is mediated by non-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors. AP5, CNQX, ET-1, Glu, NMDA, NTS
50  1999 Cholinergic systems in the nucleus of the solitary tract of rats. Glu, mNTS, NMDA, NTS
51  1996 Distribution of GABA and glycine in the lamb nucleus of the solitary tract. GABA, NST
52  1996 Synaptic connections and interactions between area postrema and nucleus tractus solitarius. AP, NTS
53  1996 Synaptic interactions due to convergent input from gustatory afferent fibers in the rostral nucleus of the solitary tract. EPSP, GABAA, IPSP, PSP, rNST, rST
54  1995 Dynamics of sensory afferent synaptic transmission in aortic baroreceptor regions on nucleus tractus solitarius. EPSPs, IPSPs, mNTS, NTS
55  1995 In vitro study of afferent synaptic transmission in the rostral gustatory zone of the rat nucleus of the solitary tract. AMPA, APV, CNQX, EPSPs, GABA, IPSPs, NMDA, PSPs, rNST
56  1986 Central connections of the lingual-tonsillar branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve and the superior laryngeal nerve in lamb. HRP, NST, SLN
57  1986 Central projections of the hamster superior laryngeal nerve. DCN, NA, NST, SLN