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Abbreviation:   STED  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   stimulated emission depletion
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 3D super-resolution deep-tissue imaging in living mice. ---
2021 3D test sample for the calibration and quality control of stimulated emission depletion (STED) and confocal microscopes. PSF
2021 A protocol for single-source dual-pulse stimulated emission depletion setup with Bessel modulation. ---
2021 A Super-Resolved View of the Alzheimer's Disease-Related Amyloidogenic Pathway in Hippocampal Neurons. AbetaPP, APP-CTF
2021 Aberration correction in stimulated emission depletion microscopy to increase imaging depth in living brain tissue. ---
2021 Adaptive Lipid Immiscibility and Membrane Remodeling Are Active Functional Determinants of Primary Ciliogenesis. LICSR, RICS
2021 Blinking Fluorescent Probes for Tubulin Nanoscopy in Living and Fixed Cells. HMSiR, SMLM
2021 Cd-free InP/ZnSeS quantum dots for ultrahigh-resolution imaging of stimulated emission depletion. QDs
2021 Characterization of Neuromuscular Junctions in Mice by Combined Confocal and Super-Resolution Microscopy. AChR, ALS, CMS, DMD, NMJs, SMA
10  2021 Charge state depletion nanoscopy with a nitrogen-vacancy center in nanodiamonds. CSD, NDs, NV
11  2021 Cholesterol in the Viral Membrane is a Molecular Switch Governing HIV-1 Env Clustering. Chol, Env
12  2021 Combining cross-coupling reaction and Knoevenagel condensation in the synthesis of glyco-BODIPY probes for DC-SIGN super-resolution bioimaging. ---
13  2021 Comparing Super-Resolution Microscopy Techniques to Analyze Chromosomes. PALM, SIM, SMLM, Topo II
14  2021 Continuous-wave near-infrared stimulated-emission depletion microscopy using downshifting lanthanide nanoparticles. NIR
15  2021 Cortactin knockdown results in disruption of basal TBCs and alters turnover of Sertoli cell ESs in Rattus norvegicus†. CTTN, ESs, ORP9, siCTTN, TBCs
16  2021 Cytoplasmic Localization of Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen Inhibitors May Confer Advantages for Targeted Cancer Therapies. PSMA
17  2021 Deciphering the functional nano-anatomy of the tripartite synapse using stimulated emission depletion microscopy. ---
18  2021 Evaluation of sted super-resolution image quality by image correlation spectroscopy (QuICS). ICS, QuICS, SPLIT
19  2021 Expansion STED microscopy (ExSTED). ExM, ExSTED, SIM, SMLM
20  2021 Exploiting the robust network structure of zein/low-acyl gellan gum nanocomplexes to create Pickering emulsion gels with favorable properties. CLSM, cryo-SEM, GG
21  2021 Exploring the Release of Toxic Oligomers from alpha-Synuclein Fibrils with Antibodies and STED Microscopy. alphaS
22  2021 Focused Ion Microbeam Irradiation Induces Clustering of DNA Double-Strand Breaks in Heterochromatin Visualized by Nanoscale-Resolution Electron Microscopy. DSBs, TEM
23  2021 From Microscopy to Nanoscopy: Defining an Arabidopsis thaliana Meiotic Atlas at the Nanometer Scale. ---
24  2021 Halogen-modified carbazole derivatives for lipid droplet-specific bioimaging and two-photon photodynamic therapy. CLSM, LDs, ROS
25  2021 Inheritance of the reduced mitochondria of Giardia intestinalis is coupled to the flagellar maturation cycle. FIB/SEM, MROs
26  2021 isoSTED microscopy with water-immersion lenses and background reduction. ---
27  2021 Long-term STED imaging of membrane packing and dynamics by exchangeable polarity-sensitive dyes. ---
28  2021 Low-Power Two-Color Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy for Live Cell Imaging. ---
29  2021 Microtubule-sliding modules based on kinesins EG5 and PRC1-dependent KIF4A drive human spindle elongation. ---
30  2021 Microtubules and Dynein Regulate Human Neutrophil Nuclear Volume and Hypersegmentation During H. pylori Infection. ---
31  2021 MINSTED fluorescence localization and nanoscopy. ---
32  2021 Multiple Na,K-ATPase Subunits Colocalize in the Brush Border of Mouse Choroid Plexus Epithelial Cells. AQP1, NKCC1
33  2021 Nanostraw-Assisted Cellular Injection of Fluorescent Nanodiamonds via Direct Membrane Opening. FND
34  2021 Neutrophil extracellular traps drive epithelial-mesenchymal transition of human colon cancer. CRC, EMT, NETs, VIM
35  2021 Nonspecific binding of common anti-CFTR antibodies in ciliated cells of human airway epithelium. CFTR, HBE, ICCS
36  2021 Optimization of Advanced Live-Cell Imaging through Red/Near-Infrared Dye Labeling and Fluorescence Lifetime-Based Strategies. FLIM, NA
37  2021 Organic Nanoparticles-Assisted Low-Power STED Nanoscopy. CSONPs
38  2021 Pore Forming Protein Induced Biomembrane Reorganization and Dynamics: A Focused Review. ClyA, FCS, LLO, MD, PFTs
39  2021 Publisher Correction: 3D test sample for the calibration and quality control of stimulated emission depletion (STED) and confocal microscopes. ---
40  2021 Pupil function design for multifocal confocal, STED, and isoSTED microscopy. ---
41  2021 Ratiometric photon reassignment based on fluorescence lifetime to improve resolution in pulse STED microscopy. ---
42  2021 Responsive Carbonized Polymer Dots for Optical Super-resolution and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of Nucleic Acids in Living Cells. CPD, FLIM
43  2021 Shedding New Lights Into STED Microscopy: Emerging Nanoprobes for Imaging. PL
44  2021 STED Imaging the Dynamics of Lysosomes by Dually Fluorogenic Si-Rhodamine. SRM
45  2021 STED lithography in microfluidics for 3D thrombocyte aggregation testing. MPL, vWF
46  2021 STED microscopy reveals in-situ photoluminescence properties of single nanostructures in densely perovskite thin films. NCs
47  2021 STED Nanoscopy Imaging of Cellular Lipid Droplets Employing a Superior Organic Fluorescent Probe. LDs
48  2021 Stimulated emission depletion microscopy for biological imaging in four dimensions: A review. ---
49  2021 Stimulated Emission Depletion Spectroscopy of Color Centers in Hexagonal Boron Nitride. PLE
50  2021 Super resolution microscopy reveals DHA-dependent alterations in glioblastoma membrane remodelling and cell migration. DHA, GBM
51  2021 Super-Resolution Imaging of Highly Curved Membrane Structures in Giant Vesicles Encapsulating Molecular Condensates. GUVs
52  2021 Super-Resolution Imaging of the A- and B-Type Lamin Networks: A Comparative Study of Different Fluorescence Labeling Procedures. ---
53  2021 Super-Resolution Imaging With Lanthanide Luminescent Nanocrystals: Progress and Prospect. ---
54  2021 Super-Resolution STED Microscopy-Based Mobility Studies of the Viral Env Protein at HIV-1 Assembly Sites of Fully Infected T-Cells. Env
55  2021 Super-resolution vibrational microscopy by stimulated Raman excited fluorescence. FM, SREF
56  2021 The nanoscale organization of the Wnt signaling integrator Dishevelled in the vegetal cortex domain of an egg and early embryo. cWnt, SIM, TEM, VCD
57  2021 The Nanoscopic Organization of Synapse Structures: A Common Basis for Cell Communication. SIM, SMLM
58  2021 The subcellular arrangement of alpha-synuclein proteoforms in the Parkinson's disease brain as revealed by multicolor STED microscopy. aSyn, CTT, LBs, PD, PTM, Ser129-p
59  2021 Transient Fluorescence Labeling: Low Affinity-High Benefits. ---
60  2021 Triple-Color STED Nanoscopy: Sampling Absorption Spectra Differences for Efficient Linear Species Unmixing. ICM, PIE
61  2021 Unpicking the Secrets of African Swine Fever Viral Replication Sites. ASFV
62  2021 Unraveling the Nanoscopic Organization and Function of Central Mammalian Presynapses With Super-Resolution Microscopy. PALM, SIM, STORM
63  2021 Visualization of the structure of native human pulmonary mucus. CLSM, cryo-SEM, ESEM
64  2021 [Comparison and progress review of various super-resolution fluorescence imaging techniques]. SIM, SMLM
65  2020 A Bioorthogonally Applicable, Fluorogenic, Large Stokes-Shift Probe for Intracellular Super-Resolution Imaging of Proteins. ---
66  2020 A novel water-soluble quinoline-indole derivative as a three-photon fluorescent probe for identifying nucleolus RNA and mitochondrial DNA. ---
67  2020 A set of monomeric near-infrared fluorescent proteins for multicolor imaging across scales. FPs, NIR
68  2020 Activity-Dependent Remodeling of Synaptic Protein Organization Revealed by High Throughput Analysis of STED Nanoscopy Images. pySODA
69  2020 Advances in fluorescence microscopy techniques to study kidney function. DIVER, FCS, FLIM, FRAP, FRET, nSPIRO, PALM, SIM, STORM
70  2020 An OregonGreen488-labelled d-amino acid for visualizing peptidoglycan by super-resolution STED nanoscopy. FDAAs, OGDA
71  2020 Background Reduction in STED-FCS Using a Bivortex Phase Mask. CH, FCS
72  2020 Clostridial C3 Toxins Enter and Intoxicate Human Dendritic Cells. ---
73  2020 Controlling the non-linear emission of upconversion nanoparticles to enhance super-resolution imaging performance. UCNPs
74  2020 Cristae undergo continuous cycles of membrane remodelling in a MICOS-dependent manner. CJs, CM, FRAP, SPT
75  2020 Cumulative effects of photobleaching in volumetric STED imaging-artefacts and possible benefits. ---
76  2020 Demonstration of stimulated emission depletion phenomenon in luminescence of solid-state scintillator excited by soft X-rays. SR, SXs, UV
77  2020 Dual-color STED super-resolution microscope using a single laser source. ---
78  2020 Fluorescent Polymer Dot-Based Multicolor Stimulated Emission Depletion Nanoscopy with a Single Laser Beam Pair for Cellular Tracking. ---
79  2020 High photon count rates improve the quality of super-resolution fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy. FCS
80  2020 Hydrogen sulfide inhibits aortic valve calcification in heart via regulating RUNX2 by NF-kappaB, a link between inflammation and mineralization. CAVD, CBS, CSE, IL-1beta, NF-kappaB, TNF-alpha, VIC
81  2020 Improving the image quality in STED nanoscopy using frequency spectrum modulation. ---
82  2020 Investigating Tunneling Nanotubes in Cancer Cells: Guidelines for Structural and Functional Studies through Cell Imaging. TEM and SEM, TNTs
83  2020 Long-term STED imaging of amyloid fibers with exchangeable Thioflavin T. ThT
84  2020 Mechanical Tension of Biomembranes Can Be Measured by Super Resolution (STED) Microscopy of Force-Induced Nanotubes. ---
85  2020 Opposing Effects of Cohesin and Transcription on CTCF Organization Revealed by Super-resolution Imaging. CTCF, TADs, TI
86  2020 Phosphatidylserine positive microparticles improve hemostasis in in-vitro hemophilia A plasma models. CAT, MPs, OHP, PS, SEM
87  2020 Photoactivatable Fluorophore for Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) Microscopy and Bioconjugation Technique for Hydrophobic Labels. ---
88  2020 Photobleaching reduction in modulated super-resolution microscopy. CW
89  2020 Quantitative expansion microscopy for the characterization of the spectrin periodic skeleton of axons using fluorescence microscopy. MPS, pro-ExM
90  2020 Recent advances in luminescent materials for super-resolution imaging via stimulated emission depletion nanoscopy. AIE
91  2020 Recent Advances on Organic Fluorescent Probes for Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) Microscopy. AIEgens
92  2020 Rho-kinase inhibition by fasudil modulates pre-synaptic vesicle dynamics. ---
93  2020 Self-Assembly Propensity Dictates Lifetimes in Transient Naphthalimide-Dipeptide Nanofibers. NI
94  2020 Simultaneous super-linear excitation-emission and emission depletion allows imaging of upconversion nanoparticles with higher sub-diffraction resolution. NIR, UCNPs
95  2020 Single Molecule Nonlinearity in a Plasmonic Waveguide. TDI
96  2020 Spaser Nanoparticles for Ultranarrow Bandwidth STED Super-Resolution Imaging. ---
97  2020 Stimulated emission depletion (STED) super resolution imaging of RNA- and protein-containing domains in fixed cells. smRNA
98  2020 Sub-second, super-resolved imaging of biological systems using parallel EO-STED. EO
99  2020 Super-Resolution Fluorescence Imaging of Arabidopsis thaliana Transfer Cell Wall Ingrowths using Pseudo-Schiff Labelling Adapted for the Use of Different Dyes. ---
100  2020 Super-Resolution Imaging of Tight and Adherens Junctions: Challenges and Open Questions. AJ, SIM, SMLM, TJ