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Long Form:   slow wave
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Effect of Acute Psychological Stress on Motion-in-Depth Perception: An Event-Related Potential Study. ERP
2021 Homeostatic sleep regulation in the absence of the circadian sleep-regulating component: effect of short light-dark cycles on sleep-wake stages and slow waves. SD, SWS
2021 Schizophrenia-associated variation at ZNF804A correlates with altered experience-dependent dynamics of sleep slow waves and spindles in healthy young adults. ALSPAC, MST, NREM, PSG
2021 The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Scalp Event-Related Potentials: A Systematic Review. ERN, ERP, Nd, SES
2020 Are age and sex effects on sleep slow waves only a matter of electroencephalogram amplitude? EEG
2020 Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents: An event-related potential study of working memory. ADHD, DMTS, ERP, HC, WM, WMTB-C
2020 Caffeine as a Tool to Explore Active Cognitive Processing Stages in Two-Choice Tasks. ERP, SPL
2020 Childhood abuse history and attention bias in adults. ERPs
2020 Design and Application of an Inflatable Cuff to Aid High-Resolution Intestinal Slow Wave Recordings. HR
10  2020 Electrophysiological Evidences for the Rotational Uncertainty Effect in the Hand Mental Rotation: An ERP and ERS/ERD Study. EEG, ERP, ERS/ERD, RT
11  2020 Local Targeted Memory Reactivation in Human Sleep. NREM, PAC, TMR
12  2020 Simulation-based Analysis of Magnetogastrography Sensor Configurations for Characterizing Gastric Slow Wave Dysrhythmias. MFs, MGG, SQUIDs
13  2020 Slow Waves Promote Sleep-Dependent Plasticity and Functional Recovery after Stroke. SWopto
14  2020 Source localization for gastric electrical activity using simulated magnetogastrographic data. COG, GOF, MDP, MFs, MGG
15  2020 The claustrum coordinates cortical slow-wave activity. ---
16  2019 Biosignals to Detect the Imbalance of Explicit and Implicit Affect in Dementia: A Pilot Study. HF
17  2019 Components in the P300: Don't forget the Novelty P3! ERP, LPC, nP3, PCA, SCR
18  2019 Distributed slow-wave dynamics during sleep predict memory consolidation and its impairment in schizophrenia. NREM, PAC
19  2019 Effect of suvorexant on event-related oscillations and EEG sleep in rats exposed to chronic intermittent ethanol vapor and protracted withdrawal. AUD, EROs, REM, VEH
20  2019 Influence of mild-moderate hypocapnia on intracranial pressure slow waves activity in TBI. ABP, Ci, FV, ICP, TBI
21  2019 Isoflurane-Induced Burst Suppression Increases Intrinsic Functional Connectivity of the Monkey Brain. BS, EEG, FC, fMRI
22  2018 Closed-Loop Slow-Wave tACS Improves Sleep-Dependent Long-Term Memory Generalization by Modulating Endogenous Oscillations. tACS
23  2018 Intrinsic EEG and task-related changes in EEG affect Go/NoGo task performance. EC, EO
24  2018 Neural processing of social exclusion in individuals with psychopathic traits: Links to anger and aggression. ---
25  2017 Deficient manipulation of working memory in remitted depressed individuals: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence. RMD
26  2017 Local context influences memory for emotional stimuli but not electrophysiological markers of emotion-dependent attention. EPN, LPP
27  2016 Sequential Processing and the Matching-Stimulus Interval Effect in ERP Components: An Exploration of the Mechanism Using Multiple Regression. ERP, PN
28  2016 Slow waves, sharp waves, ripples, and REM in sleeping dragons. REM
29  2015 Are NREM sleep characteristics associated to subjective sleep complaints after mild traumatic brain injury? EEG, mTBI, NREM, PSG, PSQI
30  2015 Mortality salience modulates cortical responses to painful somatosensory stimulation: Evidence from slow wave and delta band activity. ---
31  2015 Top-down modulation of visual processing and knowledge after 250 ms supports object constancy of category decisions. PHT
32  2015 Trials and intensity effects in single-trial ERP components and autonomic responses in a dishabituation paradigm with very long ISIs. ERPs, ISIs, OR, PCA, PPT, PVC, RP, SCR
33  2015 Tumor necrosis factor enhances the sleep-like state and electrical stimulation induces a wake-like state in co-cultures of neurons and glia. AP, BI, SYN, TNF
34  2014 Sequential processing in the equiprobable auditory Go/NoGo task: children vs. adults. LP, N1-1, PN
35  2014 Stimulus-to-matching-stimulus interval influences N1, P2, and P3b in an equiprobable Go/NoGo task. PN
36  2014 Trial effects in single-trial ERP components and autonomic responses at very long ISIs. OR, PCA, PN, RP, SCR
37  2013 Description-based reappraisal regulate the emotion induced by erotic and neutral images in a Chinese population. ERP, LPP
38  2013 Impulsiveness in patients with bulimia nervosa: electrophysiological evidence of reduced inhibitory control. BN, ERPs, P3a, sLORETA
39  2013 Sequential processing in the equiprobable auditory Go/NoGo task: a temporal PCA study. LP, PN
40  2012 Patterns of impaired internal anal sphincter activity in patients with anal fissure. AF, EMG, MRAP, USW
41  2012 Quantification of cardio-respiratory interactions in healthy children during night-time sleep using joint symbolic dynamics. ECG
42  2011 A distinctive subpopulation of medial septal slow-firing neurons promote hippocampal activation and theta oscillations. MSvDB
43  2011 Non-rapid eye movement sleep characteristics in idiopathic REM sleep behavior disorder. PSG, REM
44  2011 Simultaneous real-time measurement of EEG/EMG and L-glutamate in mice: A biosensor study of neuronal activity during sleep. EEG, EMG, PFC, REM
45  2011 Sleep slow wave changes during the middle years of life. EEG, NREM
46  2011 Slow wave propagation and plasticity of interstitial cells of Cajal in the small intestine of diabetic rats. ---
47  2010 Automated gastric slow wave cycle partitioning and visualization for high-resolution activation time maps. ATs, GI, HR
48  2010 Cardiorespiratory phase-coupling is reduced in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. OSA, REM
49  2009 Electrogastrographic characteristics in subjects with stomach remnant. DF, EGG, PR, RSG
50  2009 Laterality of neocortical slow-wave oscillations in anesthetized mice. LFPs
51  2007 Circadian patterns of gastric electrical and mechanical activity in dogs. ---
52  2007 Cognitive brain potentials in kindergarten children with subtyped risks of reading retardation. ERP
53  2007 Discrete Laplacian recordings of the electroenterogram from abdominal surface in humans. ---
54  2007 Effects of the fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitor URB597 on the sleep-wake cycle, c-Fos expression and dopamine levels of the rat. FAAH, l-DOPA
55  2007 Growth status related to brain responses, nutrition, home environment, and behavior in infants and toddlers. ERPs
56  2007 Identification of the slow wave component of the electroenterogram from Laplacian abdominal surface recordings in humans. DF, ECG, EEnG, SB, TFSW
57  2007 Percutaneous implantation of gastric electrodes - a novel technique applied in animals and in patients. GES
58  2006 ERP/CSD indices of impaired verbal working memory subprocesses in schizophrenia. CSD
59  2005 Electrogastrography: basic knowledge, recording, processing and its clinical applications. EGG, GI, ICC
60  2005 Noninvasive measurement and analysis of intestinal myoelectrical activity using surface electrodes. EEnG, IMA, SB
61  2005 Reduced sustained brain activity during processing of positive emotional stimuli in major depression. ERP, MDD
62  2004 Effects of the menstrual cycle on auditory event-related potentials. ERPs
63  2004 Long-lasting novelty-induced neuronal reverberation during slow-wave sleep in multiple forebrain areas. REM
64  2004 Memory of faces: a slow wave ERP study of major depression. ERP, MDD
65  2004 Overactive corpus cavernosum: a novel cause of erectile dysfunction. APs, CC, ECG, ED, EMG
66  2003 Event-related potential correlates of impaired visuospatial working memory in schizophrenia. WM
67  2003 Event-related slow-wave activity in two subtypes of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. AD/HD, ERPs
68  2002 A retrospective study of clozapine and electroencephalographic abnormalities in schizophrenic patients. EEG, FIRDA
69  2002 EEG measurements by means of radiotelemetry after intracerebroventricular (ICV) cannulation in rodents. EEG, i.c.v, PS
70  2002 Genetic influence on ERP slow wave measures of working memory. ERP
71  2002 Hemispheric asymmetry in visual discrimination and memory: ERP evidence for the spatial frequency hypothesis. ERPs
72  2002 P300 and slow wave from oddball and single-stimulus visual tasks: inter-stimulus interval effects. ERPs
73  2002 Slow event-related brain activity of aphasic patients and controls in word comprehension and rhyming tasks. ERP
74  2002 [Effects of task load on early and late components of auditory event-related brain potentials]. ERPs, NT
75  2001 A slow wave investigation of working memory biases in mood disorders. ERP, MDE
76  2001 Event-related potential correlates of verbal and pictorial feature comparison in aphasics and controls. CNV, ERPs, TT
77  2000 Interrelationships between growth hormone and sleep. GH
78  2000 Small bowel motility: relationship between smooth muscle contraction and electroenterogram signal. MI, SB
79  1999 Brain gene expression during REM sleep depends on prior waking experience. IEG, REM
80  1999 The effects of varying stimulus intensity on P300 during REM sleep. ERPs
81  1998 Evidence against a role for the growth hormone-releasing peptide axis in human slow-wave sleep regulation. GHRH, GHRP
82  1998 Interrelations between sleep and the somatotropic axis. GH
83  1997 Auditory event-related potentials and statistical probability mapping in obsessive-compulsive disorder. ERPs, OCD
84  1997 Simultaneous stimulation of slow-wave sleep and growth hormone secretion by gamma-hydroxybutyrate in normal young Men. GH, GHB
85  1996 ABR slow wave and stimulus duration. ABR, TI
86  1996 Ca2+ role in myogenic and neurogenic activities of canine ileum circular muscle. CM, CPA, DMP, IJP, TSW
87  1996 Ceruletide improves event-related potential indicators of cognitive processing in young but not in elderly humans. AERP, CCK
88  1996 Event-related brain potentials during identification of tachistoscopically presented pictures. ERPs
89  1996 Heart rate variations during sleep in preadolescents. REM
90  1996 Relationships between sleep quality and glucose regulation in normal humans. ISR
91  1994 Intestinal myoelectric alterations in rats chronically infected with the tapeworm Hymenolepis diminuta. MMC, RBAP, SSP
92  1993 "Virtual N400" and slow wave topography to auditory sentence incongruence. ---
93  1993 Digital period analysis of EEG in depression: periodicity, coherence, and interhemispheric relationships during sleep. DPA
94  1993 Sleep-promoting effects of growth hormone-releasing hormone in normal men. GHRH, REM
95  1993 Spontaneous activity in the thalamic reticular nucleus during the sleep/wake cycle of the freely-moving rat. REM, TRN
96  1992 A quantitative estimation of growth hormone secretion in normal man: reproducibility and relation to sleep and time of day. IGF-I
97  1991 Lateralization patterns of event-related potential and performance indices in schizophrenia: relationship to clinical state and neuroleptic treatment. LPC, LVF, RT, RVF
98  1991 Ro 5-4864, like picrotoxin, enhances EPSP-spike coupling in the freely behaving rat. DG, EPSP, i.p, PS, PTX
99  1991 The long-latency auditory evoked potential as a measure of the level of consciousness during sufentanil anesthesia. ---
100  1991 Toward a functional categorization of slow waves: taking into account past and future events. ---