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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Characterization of nit sheath protein functions and transglutaminase-mediated cross-linking in the human head louse, Pediculus humanus capitis. LNSP, RNAi
2021 Differential white spot syndrome virus-binding proteins in two hemocyte subpopulations of Chinese shrimp (Fenneropenaeus chinensis). IMB, WSSV
2021 Enhanced bone regeneration via spatiotemporal and controlled delivery of a genetically engineered BMP-2 in a composite Hydrogel. BMP-2, Ni-NTA, TA
2021 Enzyme Catalyzed Hydrogel as Versatile Bioadhesive for Tissue Wound Hemostasis, Bonding, and Continuous Repair. ---
2021 Mild Enzyme-Induced Gelation Method for Nanoparticle Stabilization: Effect of Transglutaminase and Laccase Cross-Linking. ChS
2021 Missing Insight Into T and B Cell Responses in Dermatitis Herpetiformis. ---
2021 Nickel ions attenuate autophagy flux and induce transglutaminase 2 (TG2) mediated post-translational modification of SQSTM1/p62. BafA1, LAMP1, LC3, MW, ROS, TG2
2021 Production of transglutaminase in glutathione-producing recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ---
2021 Synergistic recovery and enhancement of gelling properties of oxidatively damaged myofibrillar protein by l-lysine and transglutaminase. Lys, MP
10  2021 The Effects of Transglutaminase and Refrigerated Storage on the Physicochemical Properties of Whole Wheat Dough and Noodles. AV, FA, MW, TPA, WEAX, WWD
11  2021 Unique autoantibody prevalence in long-term recovered SARS-CoV-2-infected individuals. CCP, CD, RA
12  2020 A Complete and Versatile Protocol: Decoration of Cell-Derived Matrices with Mass-Encoded Peptides for Multiplexed Protease Activity Detection. ECM, IGF-I, PSS
13  2020 An Interpenetrating Alginate/Gelatin Network for Three-Dimensional (3D) Cell Cultures and Organ Bioprinting. IPN
14  2020 Arthrospira platensis transglutaminase derived antioxidant peptide-packed electrospun chitosan/ poly (vinyl alcohol) nanofibrous mat accelerates wound healing, in vitro, via inducing mouse embryonic fibroblast proliferation. Ap, CS, PVA
15  2020 Cascade Pumping Overcomes Hydraulic Resistance and Moderates Shear Conditions for Slow Gelatin Fiber Shaping in Narrow Tubes. ---
16  2020 Chitosan/casein based microparticles with a bilayer shell-core structure for oral delivery of nattokinase. ---
17  2020 Cross-Linked Microencapsulation of CO2 Supercritical Extracted Oleoresins from Sea Buckthorn: Evidence of Targeted Functionality and Stability. dw
18  2020 ECM-based microchannel for culturing in vitro vascular tissues with simultaneous perfusion and stretch. ECM, HUVECs, PVA
19  2020 Effects of microbial transglutaminase and alginate on the water-binding, textural and oil absorption properties of soy patties. AL
20  2020 Effects of pre-heating soybean protein isolate and transglutaminase treatments on the properties of egg-soybean protein isolate composite gels. SDS-PAGE, SPI
21  2020 Enzyme-catalyzed acylation improves gel properties of rapeseed protein isolate. RPI
22  2020 From transglutaminases (TGs) to arylamine N-acetyltransferases (NATs): Insight into the role of a spatially conserved aromatic amino acid position in the active site of these two families of enzymes. NAT, NATs, TGs
23  2020 Functional Properties of Extracted Protein from Edible Insect Larvae and Their Interaction with Transglutaminase. PB
24  2020 Gel properties of transglutaminase-induced soy protein isolate-polyphenol complex: influence of epigallocatechin-3-gallate. EGCG, SPI, SPIE
25  2020 Innovation in the food industry using microbial transglutaminase: Keys to success and future prospects. MTG
26  2020 Insight into the advantages of premixing yeast-wheat gluten and combining ultrasound and transglutaminase pretreatments in producing umami enzymatic protein hydrolysates. ---
27  2020 Intestinal TG3- and TG2-Specific Plasma Cell Responses in Dermatitis Herpetiformis Patients Undergoing a Gluten Challenge. DH, IgA
28  2020 Microbial transglutaminase alters the immunogenic potential and cross-reactivity of horse and cow milk proteins. CM
29  2020 Preheating of Gelatin Improves its Printability with Transglutaminase in Direct Ink Writing 3D Printing. FG, PG
30  2020 Prevention of arachidonic acid-induced liver injury by controlling oxidative stress-mediated transglutaminase activation with garlic extracts. AA
31  2020 Roles of selenoprotein T and transglutaminase in active immunization against entomopathogenic fungi in the termite Reticulitermes chinensis. SelT, Tsf
32  2020 The characteristics of gelation of myofibrillar proteins combined with salt soluble Rhodotorula glutinis proteins by enzymatic crosslinking. MP, WHC
33  2020 Transglutaminase 3 Reduces the Severity of Psoriasis in Imiquimod-Treated Mouse Skin. ---
34  2020 Transglutaminase modifies the physical stability and digestibility of chickpea protein-stabilized oil-in-water emulsions. ---
35  2019 12R-lipoxygenase activity is reduced in photodamaged facial stratum corneum. A novel activity assay indicates a key function in corneocyte maturation. 12R-LOX, CE, CLE, CPE, eLOX-3, PE, PP, SC, TEWL
36  2019 Acid and rennet-induced coagulation behavior of casein micelles with modified structure. CCP, WHC
37  2019 Aldosterone nongenomically induces angiotensin II receptor dimerization in rat kidney: role of mineralocorticoid receptor and NADPH oxidase. ATR, MR, NADPH, ROS
38  2019 Celiac Disease Prevalence is Increased in Primary Sjogren's Syndrome and Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis: Lessons from a Large Multi-Center Study. ADs, CD, pSS, SLE, SSc
39  2019 Cell surface transglutaminase required for nodavirus entry into freshwater prawn hemocytes. MrNV, MrNV-CP
40  2019 Cross-linking of shrimp tropomyosin catalyzed by transglutaminase and tyrosinase produces hypoallergens for potential immunotherapy. TM, Tyr
41  2019 Dramatic promotion of wound healing using a recombinant human-like collagen and bFGF cross-linked hydrogel by transglutaminase. bFGF, HLC, SEM
42  2019 Effect of enzymatic crosslinking on the handling properties of dough as a function of NaCl levels for CWRS varieties, Pembina and Harvest. CWRS, GMP, GO
43  2019 Effects of Transglutaminase on the Protein Network and In Vitro Starch Digestibility of Asian Wheat Noodles. ---
44  2019 Extracellular production of active-form Streptomyces mobaraensis transglutaminase in Bacillus subtilis. SPsacB
45  2019 Inhibition of transglutaminase activity in periodontitis rescues periodontal ligament collagen content and architecture. PD, SHG
46  2019 Insect hemolymph coagulation: Kinetics of classically and non-classically secreted clotting factors. CCs, Glt, PPO2
47  2019 LEKTI domains D6, D7 and D8+9 serve as substrates for transglutaminase 1: implications for targeted therapy of Netherton syndrome. KLK
48  2019 Optimization of microencapsulation conditions of transglutaminase by freeze drying. ---
49  2019 Resveratrol Exerts Therapeutic Effects on Mice With Atopic Dermatitis. AD, DNCB, EVPL, FLG, IL, KLK7
50  2019 Serotonylation: Serotonin Signaling and Epigenetics. Gln, PAH
51  2019 The importance of 12R-lipoxygenase and transglutaminase activities in the hydration-dependent ex vivo maturation of corneocyte envelopes. 12R-LOX, cath-D, CEs, CLE, CPE, PE, PIs, PP, RCEM, RH
52  2019 Transglutaminase 2 limits the extravasation and the resultant myocardial fibrosis associated with factor XIII-A deficiency. apo
53  2018 Characterization of Paroxysmal Gluten-Sensitive Dyskinesia in Border Terriers Using Serological Markers. BTs, IE, PD, PGSD
54  2018 Effect of Partial Hydrolysis with Papain on the Characteristics of Transglutaminase-Crosslinked Tofu Gel. ---
55  2018 Effect of transglutaminase on rennet-induced gelation of skim milk and soymilk mixtures. ---
56  2018 Effects of Modified Processing Methods on Structural Changes of Black Soybean Protein Isolate. BSPI, CD, ECBSPI, EGBSPI, SDS-PAGE, WHTGBSPI
57  2018 Gelling and bile acid binding properties of gelatin-alginate gels with interpenetrating polymer networks by double cross-linking. IPN
58  2018 Gluten-free diet during pregnancy alleviates signs of diabetes and celiac disease in NOD mouse offspring. anti-tTG, GF, NOD, STD
59  2018 Higher susceptibility to osmolality of the medaka (Oryzias latipes) mutants in orthologue genes of mammalian skin transglutaminases. ---
60  2018 Improving the Water Resistance and Mechanical Properties of Feather Keratin/Polyvinyl Alcohol/Tris(Hydroxymethyl)Aminomethane Blend Films by Cross-Linking with Transglutaminase, CaCl₂, and Genipin. ---
61  2018 Isoenergic modification of whey protein structure by denaturation and crosslinking using transglutaminase. ---
62  2018 Isozyme-specific comprehensive characterization of transglutaminase-crosslinked substrates in kidney fibrosis. ---
63  2018 Mechanistic role of transglutaminase-2 in focal adhesions. FA, shTG
64  2018 Optimisation of plant protein and transglutaminase content in novel beef restructured steaks for older adults by central composite design. LF, PPI, RP
65  2018 Optimization of transglutaminase (TG) immobilization on the surface of polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membrane and its characteristics in a membrane reactor. PES
66  2018 Physicochemical evaluation of low-fat yoghurt produced with microbial transglutaminase. ---
67  2018 Sensory evaluation of low-fat yoghurt produced with microbial transglutaminase and comparison with physicochemical evaluation. ---
68  2018 Transglutaminase diseases: from biochemistry to the bedside. FXIII, Gln
69  2018 Transglutaminase mediated microencapsulation of sea buckthorn supercritical CO2 extract in whey protein isolate and valorization in highly value added food products. ---
70  2018 Transglutaminase-mediated cross-linking of WDR54 regulates EGF receptor-signaling. ---
71  2017 A sensitive HPLC-MS/MS method for the simultaneous detection of microbial transglutaminase, and bovine and porcine fibrinogen/thrombin in restructured meat. PPFG
72  2017 Advances of Coagulation Factor XIII. FXIII
73  2017 Ex vivo Culture of Duodenal Biopsies from Patients with Dermatitis Herpetiformis Indicates that Transglutaminase 3 Antibody Production Occurs in the Gut. DH
74  2017 Fungus-derived hydroxyl radicals kill hepatic cells by enhancing nuclear transglutaminase. ROS
75  2017 Global identification and analysis of isozyme-specific possible substrates crosslinked by transglutaminases using substrate peptides in mouse liver fibrosis. ---
76  2017 Impact of food processing and simulated gastrointestinal digestion on gliadin immunoreactivity in rolls. PEP
77  2017 Microstructural, textural, and sensory properties of whole-wheat noodle modified by enzymes and emulsifiers. GOx, SEM, SSL, WWD, WWN
78  2017 Pepsin-Assisted Transglutaminase Modification of 
Functional Properties of a Protein Isolate Obtained 
from Industrial Sunflower Meal. ---
79  2017 Physicochemical Properties of Meat Batter Added with Edible Silkworm Pupae (Bombyx mori) and Transglutaminase. ---
80  2017 Pluripotency and a secretion mechanism of Drosophila transglutaminase. ---
81  2017 Polyphosphate and myofibrillar protein extract promote transglutaminase-mediated enhancements of rheological and textural properties of PSE pork meat batters. MP, PSE, TPP
82  2017 Production of dry-cured formed ham with different concentrations of microbial transglutaminase: Mass spectrometric analysis and sensory evaluation. ---
83  2017 Study of antioxidant effects on malignant glioma cells by constructing a tumor-microvascular structure on microchip. ---
84  2017 The hot-water extract of leaves of noni, Morinda citrifolia, promotes the immunocompetence of giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii. DHC, HMLE, PA, PO, RBs, SOD, THC
85  2017 Transglutaminase from newly isolated Streptomyces sp. CBMAI 1617: Production optimization, characterization and evaluation in wheat protein and dough systems. ---
86  2017 Transglutaminase-catalyzed incorporation of polyamines masks the DNA-binding region of the transcription factor Relish. DCA, IMD, NF-kappaB
87  2017 Transglutaminases Derived from Astrocytes Accelerate Amyloid beta Aggregation. AD
88  2017 [Transglutaminase-based antibody-drug conjugation: antibody site-specific mutation and identification]. LDH
89  2016 A fundamental investigation into aspects of the physiology and biochemistry of the stratum corneum in subjects with sensitive skin. BH, PCA, SC, TEWL
90  2016 A sensitive high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for the detection of microbial transglutaminase in different types of restructured meat. LOD
91  2016 Cheese whey protein recovery by ultrafiltration through transglutaminase (TG) catalysis whey protein cross-linking. UF
92  2016 Compositional Changes and Baking Performance of Rye Dough As Affected by Microbial Transglutaminase and Xylanase. ---
93  2016 Expression of Transglutaminase in Foreskin of Children with Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans. BXO
94  2016 Novel enzymatically cross-linked hyaluronan hydrogels support the formation of 3D neuronal networks. FXIIIa, HA, MW
95  2016 RNA Interference Directed against the Transglutaminase Gene Triggers Dysbiosis of Gut Microbiota in Drosophila. IMD-AMPs
96  2016 Serum transglutaminase 3 antibodies correlate with age at celiac disease diagnosis. GFD
97  2016 The known two types of transglutaminases regulate immune and stress responses in white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei. CHH, CP, DHC, HCs, TGI, TGII, TGs, THC
98  2015 ATPase4A Autoreactivity and Its Association With Autoimmune Phenotypes in the Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium Study. ABG, APS, PA, PCA, TPO
99  2015 Controlled release of fibrin matrix-conjugated platelet derived growth factor improves ischemic tissue regeneration by functional angiogenesis. PDGF, SMA, vWF
100  2015 Crosslinking of a Peritrophic Matrix Protein Protects Gut Epithelia from Bacterial Exotoxins. RNAi