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Long Form:   training impulse
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A Validation Study of Heart Rate Variability Index in Monitoring Basketball Training Load. RPE, TL
2022 Effectiveness, implementation, and monitoring variables of intermittent hypoxic bicycle training in patients recovered from COVID-19: The AEROBICOVID study. FiO2, GH, GN, HR, RPE
2022 Physiological Demands and Muscle Activity of Jockeys in Trial and Race Riding. COM, EMG, HR
2022 Quantification of Respiratory and Muscular Perceived Exertions as Perceived Measures of Internal Loads During Domestic and Overseas Training Camps in Elite Futsal Players. DTC, OTC, RPE, RPE, RPE, TD
2022 Self-Paced Cycling at the Highest Sustainable Intensity With Blood Flow Restriction Reduces External but Not Internal Training Loads. BFR, TWD
2022 Subjective Measures of Workload and Sleep in Australian Army Recruits; Potential Utility as Monitoring Tools. BMT, d-RPE, RPE
2022 The dose-response relationship between training-load measures and aerobic fitness in elite academy soccer players. iTRIMP, TL
2022 The reliability, validity and sensitivity of an individualised sub-maximal fitness test in elite rugby league athletes. ---
2022 Validation of Internal and External Load Metrics in NCAA D1 Women's Beach Volleyball. AU, DC, sRPE
10  2022 Validation of session ratings of perceived exertion for quantifying training load in karate kata sessions. HR, sRPE, TL
11  2021 Associations between Well-Being State and Match External and Internal Load in Amateur Referees. ---
12  2021 Better position for the wearable sensor to monitor badminton sport training loads. BS, FT, JS, NS, PL
13  2021 Changes in Factors Regulating Serum Sodium Homeostasis During Two Ultra-Endurance Mountain Races of Different Distances: 69km vs. 121km. EAH
14  2021 Comparison of Heart Rate Monitoring Accuracy between Chest Strap and Vest during Physical Training and Implications on Training Decisions. EE, EPOC, HR, HRV, MAPE
15  2021 Internal Load of Female Varsity Ice Hockey Players During Training and Games During a Season. sRPE
16  2021 Internal Load of Male Varsity Ice Hockey Players During Training and Games Throughout an Entire Season. AU, sRPE
17  2021 Internal Physiological Load Measured Using Training Impulse in Varsity Men's and Women's Ice Hockey Players Between Game Periods. AU
18  2021 Monitoring Individual Sleep and Nocturnal Heart Rate Variability Indices: The Impact of Training and Match Schedule and Load in High-Level Female Soccer Players. CV, ET, HR, HR, HRV, MD, RD, sRPE
19  2021 The dose-response relationship between interval-training and VO2max in well-trained endurance runners: A systematic review. CT, IT, RE
20  2021 The Impact of Fluid Loss and Carbohydrate Consumption during Exercise, on Young Cyclists' Fatigue Perception in Relation to Training Load Level. sRPE
21  2021 The Influence of Different Training Load Quantification Methods on the Fitness-Fatigue Model. TL
22  2021 The integration of training and off-training activities substantially alters training volume and load analysis in elite rowers. OFF, TOTAL, TRAIN
23  2020 Association Between the Acute to Chronic Workload Ratio and Injury Occurrence in Young Male Team Soccer Players: A Preliminary Study. ACWR, sRPE
24  2020 Characterising the application of the "progressive overload" principle of exercise training within cardiac rehabilitation: A United Kingdom-based community programme. CR, CRF, CV, METs, sRPE, sRPE-TL, UK
25  2020 Effects of Different Training Intensity Distribution in Recreational Runners. CMJ, FOC, PET, RCT, RE, SJ, VT
26  2020 Investigating the workload, readiness and physical performance changes during intensified 3-week preparation periods in female national Under18 and Under20 basketball teams. CMJ, HRV, PL, sRPE-TL, YYIR1
27  2020 Session Rating of Perceived Exertion Is a Superior Method to Monitor Internal Training Loads of Functional Fitness Training Sessions Performed at Different Intensities When Compared to Training Impulse. bTRIMP, ES, eTRIMP, FFT, sRPE
28  2020 The interplay between internal and external load parameters during different strength training sessions in resistance-trained men. CK, HYP, IgA, POW, RT, sRPE, STR
29  2020 Training for the HandbikeBattle: an explorative analysis of training load and handcycling physical capacity in recreationally active wheelchair users. AU, TID
30  2020 [Effects of sustained military physical related activity on balance ability]. EPOC, HR, SMAAP, SMAML, SPAP, SPML, SPT, SVAP, SVML, SVT
31  2019 Acute Demands and Recovery From Common Interval Training Protocols. HR
32  2019 Menstrual cycle alters training strain, monotony, and technical training length in young. FP, LP, MC, OP, RPE
33  2019 Monitoring Training and Match Physical Load in Junior Soccer Players: Starters versus Substitutes. ---
34  2019 Seasonal Accumulated Workloads in Collegiate Men's Soccer: A Comparison of Starters and Reserves. ES, GPS, HR, MD
35  2019 Test-retest reliability of TRIMP in collegiate ice hockey players. HR
36  2019 Training Progression in Recreational Cyclists: No Linear Dose-Response Relationship With Training Load. PAT, Pmax, TID, TL
37  2019 Using the Rating of Perceived Exertion and Heart Rate to Quantify Training Intensity in Female Soccer Players: Validity and Utility. sRPE
38  2018 Cardiorespiratory responses to heavy military load carriage over complex terrain. BM
39  2018 Intensity and Load Characteristics of Professional Road Cycling: Differences Between Men's and Women's Races. TSS
40  2018 Sex Differences in Training Loads during British Army Basic Training. ---
41  2018 Sleep patterns and nocturnal cardiac autonomic activity in female athletes are affected by the timing of exercise and match location. AM, CI, HM, HR, MD, NTD, RD, sRPE
42  2017 Heart Rate Monitoring in Basketball: Applications, Player Responses, and Practical Recommendations. HR, SHRZ
43  2017 Relationships Between Model Estimates and Actual Match-Performance Indices in Professional Australian Footballers During an In-Season Macrocycle. AF, CI, PRScore, sRPE
44  2017 Temporal Changes in Technical and Physical Performances During a Small-Sided Game in Elite Youth Soccer Players. SSG, TDC
45  2017 The Relationships Between Internal and External Measures of Training Load and Intensity in Team Sports: A Meta-Analysis. AL, CI, SDs, sRPE, sRPE-TL, TD
46  2017 Validity of Heart Rate-Based Indices to Measure Training Load and Intensity in Elite Football Players. ---
47  2017 Validity of the Online Athlete Management System to Assess Training Load. sRPE
48  2016 Cumulative Training Dose's Effects on Interrelationships Between Common Training-Load Models During Basketball Activity. SHRZ, sRPE, TL
49  2015 Influence of Yo-Yo IR2 Scores on Internal and External Workloads and Fatigue Responses of Tag Football Players during Tournament Competition. HR
50  2014 Convergent validity of a novel method for quantifying rowing training loads. time-in-zone
51  2014 Methods for quantifying training in sprint kayak. CR, HR, session-RPE, TL
52  2014 Physiological and Perceived Exertion Responses during International Karate Kumite Competition. HR, RPE, TL
53  2014 The relationships between internal and external training load models during basketball training. CIs, SHRZ, sRPE
54  2014 Training load quantification in elite swimmers using a modified version of the training impulse method. HR, sRPE
55  2014 Training mode's influences on the relationships between training-load models during basketball conditioning. HR, SHRZ, sRPE
56  2012 Quantification of training load in Canadian football: application of session-RPE in collision-based team sports. Session-RPE, TL
57  2011 Heart rate responses and training load during nonspecific and specific aerobic training in adolescent taekwondo athletes. TKD, TL
58  2011 Intermittent exercise alters the heart rate-blood lactate relationship used for calculating the training impulse (TRIMP) in team sport players. BLa, CT, IT
59  2011 Physical and thermal strain of firefighters according to the firefighting tactics used to suppress wildfires. CHSI, HR, PSI, RCT, VT
60  2011 The convergent validity between two objective methods for quantifying training load in young taekwondo athletes. HR, TKD, TL
61  2010 Exercise intensity and load during different races in youth and junior cyclists. RCT, VT
62  2009 A mathematical model for quantifying training. ---
63  2009 Quantifying training load: a comparison of subjective and objective methods. ACCURATE, HR, RPE, SHRZ
64  2009 Relation between individualized training impulses and performance in distance runners. LDR
65  2009 The analysis and utilization of cycling training data. PerPot
66  2009 Time trial exertion traits of cycling's Grand Tours. TT
67  2009 Workload demand in police officers during mountain bike patrols. RCP, VT
68  2007 A modified TRIMP to quantify the in-season training load of team sport players. ---
69  2007 Exercise intensity and load during uphill cycling in professional 3-week races. HR, HRR, LT, OBLA
70  2007 Methods to quantify intermittent exercises. DOMS, HR, TL, WER
71  2007 Workload demands in professional multi-stage cycling races of varying duration. HR, RCT, VT
72  2005 Regulation of energy expenditure during prolonged athletic competition. ---
73  2001 Exercise intensity and load during mass-start stage races in professional road cycling. HR, HR, LT, OBLA
74  2000 Exercise intensity during competition time trials in professional road cycling. HR, HR, LT, OBLA, TT
75  1980 Planning for future performance: implications for long term training. ---