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2022 Allelic Diversification of the Wx and ALK Loci in Indica Restorer Lines and Their Utilisation in Hybrid Rice Breeding in China over the Last 50 Years. AC, ALK, ECQ, IRVs, RLs
2022 Assessment of the Characteristics of Waxy Rice Mutants Generated by CRISPR/Cas9. AAC
2022 Combined Effects of Different Alleles of FLO2, Wx and SSIIa on the Cooking and Eating Quality of Rice. AAC, BD, CEQ, CPV, CS, FLO2, HPV, PT, RIL, SB, SSIIa, TN67
2022 Du13 encodes a C2 H2 zinc-finger protein that regulates Wxb pre-mRNA splicing and microRNA biogenesis in rice endosperm. ---
2022 Genetic Analysis of a Collection of Rice Germplasm (Oryza sativa L.) through High-Density SNP Array Provides Useful Information for Further Breeding Practices. ALK
2022 Targeted Deletion of the First Intron of the Wxb Allele via CRISPR/Cas9 Significantly Increases Grain Amylose Content in Rice. ---
2022 The role of different Wx and BEIIb allele combinations on fine structures and functional properties of indica rice starches. BEIIb
2021 Novel Wx alleles generated by base editing for improvement of rice grain quality. AC, ECQ
2021 Posttranslational Modification of Waxy to Genetically Improve Starch Quality in Rice Grain. ELCs, GBSS
10  2021 QTL mapping for starch paste viscosity of rice (Oryza sativa L.) using chromosome segment substitution lines derived from two sequenced cultivars with the same Wx allele. AC, CSSLs, ECQs, RVA, SSRGs
11  2021 The Physicochemical Properties of Starch Are Affected by Wxlv in Indica Rice. ---
12  2021 Variability in waxy (Wx) allele, in-vitro starch digestibility, glycemic response and textural behaviour of popular Northern Himalayan rice varieties. AAC, CT, GL, pGI, RS
13  2020 A rare Waxy allele coordinately improves rice eating and cooking quality and grain transparency. AC, ECQ, NILs, Nip
14  2020 Effects of soluble starch synthase IIa allelic variation on rice grain quality with different Waxy backgrounds. AAC, ASV, CPV, GT, HPV, PaT, PTM
15  2020 Genetic diversity analysis of specialty glutinous and low-amylose rice (Oryza sativa L.) landraces of Assam based on Wx locus and microsatellite diversity. GBSS
16  2020 The origin of Wxla provides new insights into the improvement of grain quality in rice. ---
17  2020 Waxy Editing: Old Meets New. AC
18  2019 CRISPR/Cas9 mutations in the rice Waxy/GBSSI gene induce allele-specific and zygosity-dependent feedback effects on endosperm starch biosynthesis. GBSSI
19  2019 The qSAC3 locus from indica rice effectively increases amylose content under a variety of conditions. AC, CSSLs, LOD, qSAC3ind
20  2019 Three Major Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the Waxy Gene Correlated with the Amounts of Extra-long Chains of Amylopectin in Rice Cultivars with S or L-type Amylopectin. ELC, SNP
21  2019 Wxlv, the Ancestral Allele of Rice Waxy Gene. ---
22  2018 Rice Soluble Starch Synthase I: Allelic Variation, Expression, Function, and Interaction With Waxy. AAC, beta-GUS, GC, LTF, NILs, Nip, RNAi, SSSs, TVA
23  2017 Molecular Structure and Physicochemical Properties of Starches from Rice with Different Amylose Contents Resulting from Modification of OsGBSSI Activity. GLXN, GPC, HPAEC
24  2016 Genetic dissection of sorghum grain quality traits using diverse and segregating populations. RIL
26  2014 Genetic factors responsible for eating and cooking qualities of rice grains in a recombinant inbred population of an inter-subspecific cross. RILs, RVA, SSRGs, TCS17
27  2014 Genetic relatedness among indigenous rice varieties in the Eastern Himalayan region based on nucleotide sequences of the Waxy gene. ---
28  2014 Modulation of amylose content by structure-based modification of OsGBSS1 activity in rice (Oryza sativa L.). ---
29  2014 Wheat genome specific granule-bound starch synthase I differentially influence grain starch synthesis. DP, DPA, GBSSI
30  2012 Simple and rapid molecular techniques for identification of amylose levels in rice varieties. CAPS, MAGE, PAGE, SNP
31  2011 A single nucleotide polymorphism in the Waxy gene explains a significant component of gel consistency. GC
32  2010 Development of genome-specific primers for homoeologous genes in allopolyploid species: the waxy and starch synthase II genes in allohexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) as examples. SNPs, SSII
33  2007 Allelic variation of the Waxy gene in foxtail millet [Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv.] by single nucleotide polymorphisms. SNPs
34  2007 Identification of variant transcripts of waxy gene in non-glutinous rice (O. sativa L.) with different amylose content. ---
35  2006 Microsatellites, single nucleotide polymorphisms and a sequence tagged site in starch-synthesizing genes in relation to starch physicochemical properties in nonwaxy rice (Oryza sativa L.). AAC, ADH, BD, COH, CPV, HD, HPV, PT, PV, SB, SBE1, SBE3, SNP, STS
36  2005 Proteomic analysis of the expression of proteins related to rice quality during caryopsis development and the effect of high temperature on expression. sHSP
37  2004 Genome-specific primer sets for starch biosynthesis genes in wheat. Agp-L, CAPS, SNPs, SUT
38  2003 Introduction of Wx transgene into rice wx mutants leads to both high- and low-amylose rice. GBSS
39  2003 Stable inheritance of the antisense Waxy gene in transgenic rice with reduced amylose level and improved quality. ---
40  2001 Comparison of Waxy gene regulation in the endosperm and pollen in Oryza sativa L. ---
41  2000 Antisense waxy genes with highly active promoters effectively suppress waxy gene expression in transgenic rice. ADH1
42  1998 Aberrant splicing of intron 1 leads to the heterogeneous 5' UTR and decreased expression of waxy gene in rice cultivars of intermediate amylose content. 5'-UTR
43  1997 Silencing of waxy genes in rice containing Wx transgenes. ---
44  1996 Adjacent sequences influence DNA repair accompanying transposon excision in maize. ---
45  1996 Dosage effects of the three Wx genes on amylose synthesis in wheat endosperm. ---
46  1995 Production of waxy (amylose-free) wheats. GBSS
47  1995 The amylose content in rice endosperm is related to the post-transcriptional regulation of the waxy gene. ---
48  1994 Genetic control of amylose content in wheat endosperm starch and differential effects of three Wx genes. CNN, CS
49  1994 Waxy protein deficiency and chromosomal location of coding genes in common wheat. ---
50  1993 Identification of three Wx proteins in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). pI, SGA
51  1992 Alternative splicing induced by insertion of retrotransposons into the maize waxy gene. ---
52  1992 Changes in state of the Wx-m5 allele of maize are due to intragenic transposition of Ds. ---
53  1991 Molecular analysis of the Bg-rbg transposable element system of Zea mays L. ---
54  1991 The maize transposable Ds1 element is alternatively spliced from exon sequences. Ac, Ds1
55  1990 Filler DNA is associated with spontaneous deletions in maize. bp, bz-R
56  1988 An RFLP adjacent to the maize waxy gene has the structure of a transposable element. RFLP
57  1985 Genetic and molecular analysis of the Enhancer (En) transposable element system of Zea mays. En
58  1985 Molecular basis of mutations at the waxy locus of maize: correlation with the fine structure genetic map. Ac, Ds
59  1984 The Spm (En) transposable element controls the excision of a 2-kb DNA insert at the wx allele of Zea mays. En, Spm
60  1983 Isolation of the transposable maize controlling elements Ac and Ds. Ac, Ds
61  1983 Molecular identification and isolation of the Waxy locus in maize. Ds