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■ Abbreviation / Long Form : bTBI / blast-induced traumatic brain injury

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Abbreviation:   bTBI  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   blast-induced traumatic brain injury
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Axonal damage and behavioral deficits in rats with repetitive exposure of the brain to laser-induced shock waves: Effects of inter-exposure time. APP, PTSD
2021 Behavioral and Histopathological Impairments Caused by Topical Exposure of the Rat Brain to Mild-Impulse Laser-Induced Shock Waves: Impulse Dependency. LISW
2021 Biomechanical Analysis of Head Subjected to Blast Waves and the Role of Combat Protective Headgear Under Blast Loading: A Review. ---
2021 Blast-induced temporal alterations in blood-brain barrier properties in a rodent model. BBB
2021 Cerebrospinal Fluid Cavitation as a Mechanism of Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury: A Review of Current Debates, Methods, and Findings. CSF
2021 Characterization of the Jet-Flow Overpressure Model of Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice. OPC
2021 Chronic Anxiety- and Depression-Like Behaviors Are Associated With Glial-Driven Pathology Following Repeated Blast Induced Neurotrauma. MC, MDD
2021 Deformation of an airfoil-shaped brain surrogate under shock wave loading. DIC, IEDs, PDMS
2021 Evaluation of Blast Simulation Methods for Modeling Blast Wave Interaction with Human Head. ---
10  2021 Phosphorylated Neurofilament Heavy Chain in the Cerebrospinal Fluid Is a Suitable Biomarker of Acute and Chronic Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury. CSF, pNfH
11  2021 Structural disruption of the blood-brain barrier in repetitive primary blast injury. BBB
12  2021 Testing the blast response of foam inserts for helmets. ---
13  2021 The Effect of MaxiK Channel on Regulating the Activation of NLRP3 Inflammasome in Rats of Blast-induced Traumatic Brain Injury. NLRP3
14  2021 The Neurobehavioral Effects of Buprenorphine and Meloxicam on a Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury Model in the Rat. NSAIDs
15  2021 Visual Outcomes in Experimental Rodent Models of Blast-Mediated Traumatic Brain Injury. ---
16  2020 Assessment of Compression Driven Shock Tube Designs in Replicating Free-Field Blast Conditions for Traumatic Brain Injury Studies. ---
17  2020 Blast Exposure Leads to Accelerated Cellular Senescence in the Rat Brain. SA-beta-gal, SMP30
18  2020 Effect of Early Normobaric Hyperoxia on Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats. AQP4, HBO, IL-6, NBO, NSE, NSS
19  2020 Glial Activation in the Thalamus Contributes to Vestibulomotor Deficits Following Blast-Induced Neurotrauma. ---
20  2020 Improvement in cognitive dysfunction following blast induced traumatic brain injury by thymosin alpha1 in rats: Involvement of inhibition of tau phosphorylation at the Thr205 epitope. BWC, MWM test, NS, Talpha1, TBI, Treg
21  2020 Modulation of Post-Traumatic Immune Response Using the IL-1 Receptor Antagonist Anakinra for Improved Visual Outcomes. OCT, PERG, RGC, RT-qPCR, TNF
22  2020 Oral ascorbic acid 2-glucoside prevents coordination disorder induced via laser-induced shock waves in rat brain. AA2G, LISWs
23  2020 Sex Does Not Influence Visual Outcomes After Blast-Mediated Traumatic Brain Injury but IL-1 Pathway Mutations Confer Partial Rescue. IL-1, RGC, WT
24  2020 Sex-Specific Differences in Rodents Following a Single Primary Blast Exposure: Focus on the Monoamine and Galanin Systems. DRN, LC, TH
25  2020 Terahertz spectroscopic diagnosis of early blast-induced traumatic brain injury in rats. CSF, THz-TDS
26  2019 Acrolein-mediated alpha-synuclein pathology involvement in the early post-injury pathogenesis of mild blast-induced Parkinsonian neurodegeneration. PD, TH
27  2019 Activation of the Nrf2-ARE signal pathway after blast induced traumatic brain injury in mice. HO-1, NQO1, Nrf2, TBI
28  2019 Astrocyte Viability and Functionality in Spatially Confined Microcavitation Zone. ---
29  2019 Biomechanics of Blast TBI With Time-Resolved Consecutive Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Loads. ---
30  2019 Effects of Blast-induced Neurotrauma on Pressurized Rodent Middle Cerebral Arteries. ABS, MCA, RR, TBI
31  2019 Investigation of wave propagation through head layers with focus on understanding blast wave transmission. ---
32  2019 Synergistic Role of Oxidative Stress and Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability as Injury Mechanisms in the Acute Pathophysiology of Blast-induced Neurotrauma. BBB, NOX, TJPs
33  2019 The mechanical behavior of brain surrogates manufactured from silicone elastomers. IEDs, PDMS
34  2018 A Preliminary High-Definition Fiber Tracking Study of the Executive Control Network in Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury. DLPFC, ECN, HDFT, QA
35  2018 A Single Primary Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury in a Rodent Model Causes Cell-Type Dependent Increase in Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate Oxidase Isoforms in Vulnerable Brain Regions. 4-HNE, NADPH
36  2018 Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury Triggered by Moderate Intensity Shock Wave Using a Modified Experimental Model of Injury in Mice. PSS
37  2018 Blast-induced traumatic brain injury: the experience from a level I trauma center in southern Thailand. IED
38  2018 Caffeine attenuates brain injury but increases mortality induced by high-intensity blast wave exposure. WBBI
39  2018 Effect of Tissue Material Properties in Blast Loading: Coupled Experimentation and Finite Element Simulation. ICP
40  2018 Establishment of a novel rat model of blast-related diffuse axonal injury. DAI, MRI
41  2018 Hemostatic nanoparticles increase survival, mitigate neuropathology and alleviate anxiety in a rodent blast trauma model. hDNPs
42  2018 Temporal and Spatial Effects of Blast Overpressure on Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability in Traumatic Brain Injury. BBB, EB, TJPs
43  2017 Central Nervous System Changes Induced by Underbody Blast-Induced Hyperacceleration: An in Vivo Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study. Cr, DTI, Gln, MRS, SD, uBIH
44  2017 Defective methionine metabolism in the brain after repeated blast exposures might contribute to increased oxidative stress. ---
45  2017 Effects of Mild Blast Traumatic Brain Injury on Cerebral Vascular, Histopathological, and Behavioral Outcomes in Rats. FJC, LDF, MAP, MCA, MWM, PenME
46  2017 Mangiferin attenuates blast-induced traumatic brain injury via inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasome. NLRP3
47  2017 Phosphodiesterase-4 inhibition restored hippocampal long term potentiation after primary blast. GluR1, LTP, OHSCs, PDE4
48  2017 Protection against Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury by Increase in Brain Volume. 3-NT, AQP4, BOP, IJV, NeuN
49  2017 Reparative Effects of Poloxamer P188 in Astrocytes Exposed to Controlled Microcavitation. ---
50  2016 A Compact Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury Model in Mice. ---
51  2016 An open air research study of blast-induced traumatic brain injury to goats. NSE, TNT
52  2016 Biomechanical Responses of the Brain in Swine Subject to Free-Field Blasts. ICP, IOP
53  2016 Blast shockwaves propagate Ca(2+) activity via purinergic astrocyte networks in human central nervous system cells. CNS, GFAP, MMP-9
54  2016 Blast-induced traumatic brain injury: a new trend of blast injury research. ---
55  2016 Bridging the Gap of Standardized Animals Models for Blast Neurotrauma: Methodology for Appropriate Experimental Testing. ---
56  2016 Chronic caffeine exposure attenuates blast-induced memory deficit in mice. MWM
57  2016 Mechanism of Traumatic Brain Injury at Distant Locations After Exposure to Blast Waves: Preliminary Results from Animal and Phantom Experiments. SW
58  2016 Primary blast causes mild, moderate, severe and lethal TBI with increasing blast overpressures: Experimental rat injury model. BOP, PMR
59  2016 Primary blast injury causes cognitive impairments and hippocampal circuit alterations. SOR
60  2016 Primary Blast Injury Depressed Hippocampal Long-Term Potentiation through Disruption of Synaptic Proteins. AMPA, cAMP, GluR1, LTP, OHSCs, PSD-95
61  2016 Propofol Inhibits NLRP3 Inflammasome and Attenuates Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats. DMSO, NLRP3
62  2015 A modified beam-walking apparatus for assessment of anxiety in a rodent model of blast traumatic brain injury. EPM, MBW
63  2015 A Novel Preclinical Model of Moderate Primary Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury. DSA, OHS, SW
64  2015 A novel rat model of blast-induced traumatic brain injury simulating different damage degree: implications for morphological, neurological, and biomarker changes. ---
65  2015 A Wireless Intracranial Brain Deformation Sensing System for Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury. ---
66  2015 Development of a new biomechanical indicator for primary blast-induced brain injury. CSF, ICP
67  2015 Dexamethasone potentiates in vitro blood-brain barrier recovery after primary blast injury by glucocorticoid receptor-mediated upregulation of ZO-1 tight junction protein. BBB, DEX, ZO
68  2015 Effects of blast overpressure on neurons and glial cells in rat organotypic hippocampal slice cultures. OHCs, PI
69  2015 High-Fidelity Simulation of Primary Blast: Direct Effects on the Head. ABS, CNPase, GFAP, PbTBI
70  2015 The Complexity of Biomechanics Causing Primary Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury: A Review of Potential Mechanisms. ---
71  2015 The Temporal Pattern of Changes in Serum Biomarker Levels Reveals Complex and Dynamically Changing Pathologies after Exposure to a Single Low-Intensity Blast in Mice. ---
72  2015 Time Course and Size of Blood-Brain Barrier Opening in a Mouse Model of Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury. BBB, EB
73  2015 Untangling the Effect of Head Acceleration on Brain Responses to Blast Waves. ---
74  2014 Altering endoplasmic reticulum stress in a model of blast-induced traumatic brain injury controls cellular fate and ameliorates neuropsychiatric symptoms. BBB, CHOP, EB, EPM, ER, GADD34, SAL, UPR
75  2014 An open-source toolbox for automated phenotyping of mice in behavioral tasks. Elk-1, KO, SOR
76  2014 Blast-induced traumatic brain injury of goats in confined space. EEG, NSE, TNT
77  2014 Changes of serum Tau, GFAP, TNF-alpha and malonaldehyde after blast-related traumatic brain injury. GFAP, MDA, TNF-alpha
78  2014 Computational study of human head response to primary blast waves of five levels from three directions. ICP
79  2014 Diffusion tensor imaging reveals white matter injury in a rat model of repetitive blast-induced traumatic brain injury. DTI
80  2014 Emodin inhibits inducible nitric oxide synthase in a rat model of craniocerebral explosive injury. iNOS, NO
81  2014 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy ameliorates local brain metabolism, brain edema and inflammatory response in a blast-induced traumatic brain injury model in rabbits. BBB, HBOT
82  2014 Neurotransmitter Systems in a Mild Blast Traumatic Brain Injury Model: Catecholamines and Serotonin. mbTBI
83  2014 Real-time optical diagnosis of the rat brain exposed to a laser-induced shock wave: observation of spreading depolarization, vasoconstriction and hypoxemia-oligemia. DC, EEG, LISW
84  2014 Significant head accelerations can influence immediate neurological impairments in a murine model of blast-induced traumatic brain injury. ---
85  2013 Blast traumatic brain injury in the rat using a blast overpressure model. BOP, IEDs, TBI
86  2013 Blood-brain barrier dysfunction after primary blast injury in vitro. BBB, IEDs, TEER
87  2013 Functional MRI in the investigation of blast-related traumatic brain injury. fMRI
88  2013 Gangliosides and ceramides change in a mouse model of blast induced traumatic brain injury. MALDI
89  2013 Repeated blast exposure alters open field behavior recorded under low illumination. OF
90  2013 Smooth muscle phenotype switching in blast traumatic brain injury-induced cerebral vasospasm. CVS, SAH, VSMC
91  2012 A Multiscale Approach to Blast Neurotrauma Modeling: Part II: Methodology for Inducing Blast Injury to in vitro Models. IEDs
92  2012 Cognitive sequelae of blast-induced traumatic brain injury: recovery and rehabilitation. mTBI, PTSD
93  2012 Serum-based protein biomarkers in blast-induced traumatic brain injury spectrum disorder. ---
94  2012 Shear forces during blast, not abrupt changes in pressure alone, generate calcium activity in human brain cells. ---
95  2011 Blast-induced color change in photonic crystals corresponds with brain pathology. BID
96  2011 Blast-induced phenotypic switching in cerebral vasospasm. SAH
97  2011 Development of a multimodal blast sensor for measurement of head impact and over-pressurization exposure. OEF, OIF
98  2011 High-strain-rate brain injury model using submerged acute rat brain tissue slices. DIC, PSHPB
99  2011 Mechanisms of primary blast-induced traumatic brain injury: insights from shock-wave research. SW
100  2011 Studies on blast traumatic brain injury using in-vitro model with shock tube. ---