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Abbreviation:   bZIP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   basic region leucine zipper
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Developmental genome-wide occupancy analysis of bZIP transcription factor NRL uncovers the role of c-Jun in early differentiation of rod photoreceptors in the mammalian retina. ---
2022 Dimerization processes for light-regulated transcription factor Photozipper visualized by high-speed atomic force microscopy. HS-AFM, LOV, PZ, TFs
2022 In silico analysis of cis-elements and identification of transcription factors putatively involved in the regulation of the OAS cluster genes SDI1 and SDI2. GBF1, HYH, SLIM1, TFs
2022 Joint actions of diverse transcription factor families establish neuron-type identities and promote enhancer selectivity. bHLH, HD, MA, NHR, RNAi, TFs, ZF
2022 Regulation of c-Fos gene transcription by stimulus-responsive protein kinases. MEKK1, MKK6, SRF, TCF
2022 S1-bZIP Transcription Factors Play Important Roles in the Regulation of Fruit Quality and Stress Response. SIRT, uORFs
2022 TGA transcription factors-Structural characteristics as basis for functional variability. ---
2022 The retrograde signalling regulator ANAC017 recruits the MKK9-MPK3/6, ethylene, and auxin signalling pathways to balance mitochondrial dysfunction with growth. ChIP-seq, MKK, MPK
2022 Wheat ocs-Element Binding Factor 1 Enhances Thermotolerance by Modulating the Heat Stress Response Pathway. ---
10  2021 Chromatin Accessibility Predetermines Odontoblast Terminal Differentiation. TFs
11  2021 Expression Analysis of MaTGA8 Transcription Factor in Banana and Its Defence Functional Analysis by Overexpression in Arabidopsis. qRT-PCR, SA
12  2021 Genome-wide identification, characterisation, and evolution of ABF/AREB subfamily in nine Rosaceae species and expression analysis in mei (Prunus mume). ABA, ABF/AREB
13  2021 Insight into the bZIP Gene Family in Solanum tuberosum: Genome and Transcriptome Analysis to Understand the Roles of Gene Diversification in Spatiotemporal Gene Expression and Function. TFs
14  2021 Prognostic impact of CEBPA bZIP domain mutation in acute myeloid leukemia. AML, CEBPA, OS
15  2021 Regulatory mechanisms of heme regulatory protein BACH1: a potential therapeutic target for cancer. Bach1, MAF
16  2021 Stress response proteins NRP1 and NRP2 are pro-survival factors that inhibit cell death during ER stress. ER, NRP, TM, UPR
17  2021 The impact of bZIP Atf1ortholog global regulators in fungi. ---
18  2020 A genome-wide comparative analysis of bZIP transcription factors in G. arboreum and G. raimondii (Diploid ancestors of present-day cotton). TFs
19  2020 ABA-dependent bZIP transcription factor, CsbZIP18, from Camellia sinensis negatively regulates freezing tolerance in Arabidopsis. ABA, CBF, REL, WT
20  2020 Genome-Wide Identification, Evolutionary Patterns, and Expression Analysis of bZIP Gene Family in Olive (Olea europaea L.). LPGs
21  2020 Identification of BBX proteins as rate-limiting cofactors of HY5. HY5
22  2020 In-cell infrared difference spectroscopy of LOV photoreceptors reveals structural responses to light altered in living cells. ICIRD, LOV
23  2020 Ion homeostasis for salinity tolerance in plants: a molecular approach. ATAF, CUC, NHXs, PMP, SOS
24  2020 Modulation of BIN2 kinase activity by HY5 controls hypocotyl elongation in the light. BIN2, BZR1, HY5
25  2020 Overexpression of NRF1-742 or NRF1-772 Reduces Arsenic-Induced Cytotoxicity and Apoptosis in Human HaCaT Keratinocytes. ARE, CNC, NRF1, Nrf2
26  2020 TaABI5, a wheat homolog of Arabidopsis thaliana ABA insensitive 5, controls seed germination. ABA, ABI5
27  2020 The CmbZIP1 transcription factor of chrysanthemum negatively regulates shoot branching. PIN1
28  2020 The emerging role of XBP1 in cancer. ER, ERS, MHC, UPR, XBP1
29  2020 Xbp1-u and Xbp1-s from Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus): Transcriptional profiling upon Streptococcus agalactiae infection and the potential role in B cell activation and differentiation. xbp1
30  2019 A novel sweetpotato bZIP transcription factor gene, IbbZIP1, is involved in salt and drought tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis. ABA
31  2019 A stress-responsive bZIP transcription factor OsbZIP62 improves drought and oxidative tolerance in rice. ABA, OsbZIP62V, SAPKs
32  2019 AP-1 regulates the expression of IL17-4 and IL17-5 in the pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas. AP-1, LPS
33  2019 Genome-Wide Identification and Characterization of the AREB/ABF/ABI5 Subfamily Members from Solanum tuberosum. ABA, EMSA
34  2019 OsbZIP81, A Homologue of Arabidopsis VIP1, May Positively Regulate JA Levels by Directly Targetting the Genes in JA Signaling and Metabolism Pathway in Rice. ABA, JA, MeJA, RDSA, SA, TFs
35  2019 Role of the novel gene BZW2 in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma. BZW2, HCC, RAPA
36  2019 TET enzymes augment activation-induced deaminase (AID) expression via 5-hydroxymethylcytosine modifications at the Aicda superenhancer. 5hmC, AID, AID, BATF, CSR
37  2019 TOX and TOX2 transcription factors cooperate with NR4A transcription factors to impose CD8+ T cell exhaustion. HMG, NF-kappaB, WT
38  2018 A Naturally-Occurring Dominant-Negative Inhibitor of Keap1 Competitively against Its Negative Regulation of Nrf2. CNC
39  2018 Basic leucine zipper transcription factor SlbZIP1 mediates salt and drought stress tolerance in tomato. ---
40  2018 Nach Is a Novel Subgroup at an Early Evolutionary Stage of the CNC-bZIP Subfamily Transcription Factors from the Marine Bacteria to Humans. ARE
41  2018 The SMILE transcriptional corepressor inhibits cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB)-mediated transactivation of gluconeogenic genes. CREB, CRTC2, G6Pase, PEPCK, PGC-1alpha, SMILE
42  2017 An update on aureochromes: Phylogeny - mechanism - function. LOV
43  2017 BACH transcription factors in innate and adaptive immunity. BACH
44  2017 Basic leucine zipper domain transcription factors: the vanguards in plant immunity. TFs
45  2017 BnaABF2, a bZIP transcription factor from rapeseed (Brassica napus L.), enhances drought and salt tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis. ABA, ABFs, AREBs
46  2017 Deficiency of long isoforms of Nfe2l1 sensitizes MIN6 pancreatic beta cells to arsenite-induced cytotoxicity. ARE, CNC, GSIS, L-Nfe2l1, MMA, Nfe2l2, NFE2L2, ROS, T2D
47  2017 Genome-Wide Identification and Structural Analysis of bZIP Transcription Factor Genes in Brassica napus. ---
48  2017 Identification of a novel bZIP transcription factor in Camellia sinensis as a negative regulator of freezing tolerance in transgenic arabidopsis. ABA, DEGs, EL, MDA, OE, TSS, WT
49  2017 The DNA target determines the dimerization partner selected by bHLHZ-like hybrid proteins AhRJun and ArntFos. bHLH, LZ
50  2017 Two Cassava Basic Leucine Zipper (bZIP) Transcription Factors (MebZIP3 and MebZIP5) Confer Disease Resistance against Cassava Bacterial Blight. SA, VIGS, Xam
51  2016 Expression analysis of bZIP transcription factor encoding genes in response to water deficit stress in rice. ABA, MSI, RWC, WDS
52  2016 High-throughput sequencing and degradome analysis reveal altered expression of miRNAs and their targets in a male-sterile cybrid pummelo (Citrus grandis). AP2, ARFs, DREB, SBP-box, TIR1
53  2016 PHLPP2 down regulation influences nuclear Nrf2 stability via Akt-1/Gsk3beta/Fyn kinase axis in acetaminophen induced oxidative renal toxicity: Protection accorded by morin. CNC, Nrf2
54  2016 Small Maf proteins (MafF, MafG, MafK): History, structure and function. CNC, sMafs
55  2016 Transcriptomic and Metabolomic Networks in the Grape Berry Illustrate That it Takes More Than Flavonoids to Fight Against Ultraviolet Radiation. UV
56  2015 A light-regulated bZIP module, photozipper, induces the binding of fused proteins to the target DNA sequence in a blue light-dependent manner. AUREO1, BL, PZ
57  2015 A novel strategy to produce sweeter tomato fruits with high sugar contents by fruit-specific expression of a single bZIP transcription factor gene. ORFs, SIRT, uORFs
58  2015 Allosterically regulated unfolding of the A'alpha helix exposes the dimerization site of the blue-light-sensing aureochrome-LOV domain. LOV
59  2015 Calcium-dependent protein kinases responsible for the phosphorylation of a bZIP transcription factor FD crucial for the florigen complex formation. CDPKs, FT
60  2015 cJun and CREB2 in the postsynaptic neuron contribute to persistent long-term facilitation at a behaviorally relevant synapse. P-LTF
61  2015 Data-driven prediction and design of bZIP coiled-coil interactions. ---
62  2015 Deciphering the combinatorial DNA-binding code of the CCAAT-binding complex and the iron-regulatory basic region leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor HapX. CBC
63  2015 Genomic identification of group A bZIP transcription factors and their responses to abiotic stress in carrot. TF
64  2015 Molecular Mechanism of Photozipper, a Light-Regulated Dimerizing Module Consisting of the bZIP and LOV Domains of Aureochrome-1. AUREO1, BL, LOV, PZ
65  2015 The polyamine spermine induces the unfolded protein response via the MAPK cascade in Arabidopsis. MKK9, MPK3, UPR
66  2015 What is Known Regarding the Participation of Factor Nrf-2 in Liver Regeneration? ARE, Nrf2, OS, PH
67  2014 A novel wheat bZIP transcription factor, TabZIP60, confers multiple abiotic stress tolerances in transgenic Arabidopsis. ABA, TFs
68  2014 Involvement of transcription factor XBP1s in the resistance of HDAC6 inhibitor Tubastatin A to superoxidation via acetylation-mediated proteasomal degradation. ---
69  2014 Simulations of potentials of mean force for separating a leucine zipper dimer and the basic region of a basic region leucine zipper dimer. PMFs, WHAM
70  2014 The Aspergillus nidulans metZ gene encodes a transcription factor involved in regulation of sulfur metabolism in this fungus and other Eurotiales. SMR
71  2014 Transcription factor Nrf1 is topologically repartitioned across membranes to enable target gene transactivation through its acidic glucose-responsive domains. AD1, CNC, ER, NHB1, NST, TADs
72  2013 Blue-light-induced unfolding of the Jalpha helix allows for the dimerization of aureochrome-LOV from the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum. FMN, LOV
73  2013 cAMP response element-binding protein interacts with and stimulates the proteasomal degradation of the nuclear receptor coactivator GRIP1. CREB, PKA
74  2013 CREBZF expression and hormonal regulation in the mouse uterus. ---
75  2013 Effect of flanking bases on the DNA specificity of EmBP-1. ---
76  2013 Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress response and its physiological roles in plants. ER, UPR
77  2013 Isolation, expression, and characterization of blue light receptor AUREOCHROME gene from Saccharina japonica (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae). AUREO, LOV, RACE
78  2013 Measuring protein interactions using Forster resonance energy transfer and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. FD, FLIM, FPs, FRET, HP1alpha, PPI
79  2013 Networks of bZIP protein-protein interactions diversified over a billion years of evolution. ---
80  2013 Overexpression of Arachis hypogaea AREB1 gene enhances drought tolerance by modulating ROS scavenging and maintaining endogenous ABA content. ABA, ROS, WT
81  2013 The Arabidopsis B-BOX protein BBX25 interacts with HY5, negatively regulating BBX22 expression to suppress seedling photomorphogenesis. BBX, COP1, HY5
82  2013 Two residues in the basic region of the yeast transcription factor Yap8 are crucial for its DNA-binding specificity. ---
83  2013 Unraveling transcription factor interactions with heterochromatin protein 1 using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. FRET, HP1
84  2012 A novel DNA binding mechanism for maf basic region-leucine zipper factors inferred from a MafA-DNA complex structure and binding specificities. EHR
85  2012 BcAtf1, a global regulator, controls various differentiation processes and phytotoxin production in Botrytis cinerea. SAPK
86  2012 CREBZF, a novel Smad8-binding protein. BMPs, MH2, R-Smads, TGF-beta
87  2012 Deregulation of sucrose-controlled translation of a bZIP-type transcription factor results in sucrose accumulation in leaves. SC-uORF, SIRT
88  2012 Forced homodimerization of the c-Fos leucine zipper in designed bHLHZ-like hybrid proteins MaxbHLH-Fos and ArntbHLH-Fos. bHLHZ, LZ
89  2012 Redox-mediated mechanisms regulate DNA binding activity of the G-group of basic region leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factors in Arabidopsis. LHCB2.4
90  2012 Simulations of temperature and salt concentration effects on bZIP, a basic region leucine zipper. MD
91  2012 Transcriptional activity of neural retina leucine zipper (Nrl) is regulated by c-Jun N-terminal kinase and Tip60 during retina development. JNK1, NRL, Tip60
92  2011 Acute kidney injury and the potential for ATF3-regulated epigenetic therapy. AKI, ARF, ATF3, I/R
93  2011 Complex formation and interactions between transcription factors essential for human prolactin receptor gene transcription. BRET, hPRLR, ZF
94  2011 Curcumin differentially regulates endoplasmic reticulum stress through transcriptional corepressor SMILE (small heterodimer partner-interacting leucine zipper protein)-mediated inhibition of CREBH (cAMP responsive element-binding protein H). AMPK, ATF6, CREBH, ER, LKB1, SMILE
95  2011 Design of peptide inhibitors that bind the bZIP domain of Epstein-Barr virus protein BZLF1. ---
96  2011 Identification and molecular cloning of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) activating transcription factor 3 (ATF3) transcript and its induction in spleen following intraperitoneal polyriboinosinic polyribocytidylic acid injection. ATF3, ESTs, i.p, ORF, QPCR, RACE
97  2011 NFE2L3 (NRF3): the Cinderella of the Cap'n'Collar transcription factors. CNC
98  2011 Pregnenolone sulfate activates basic region leucine zipper transcription factors in insulinoma cells: role of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and transient receptor potential melastatin 3 channels. AP-1, CRE, TRPM3
99  2010 Arabidopsis thaliana transcription factors bZIP19 and bZIP23 regulate the adaptation to zinc deficiency. ZIP
100  2010 Aspergillus fumigatus flbB encodes two basic leucine zipper domain (bZIP) proteins required for proper asexual development and gliotoxin production. aa, AfuflbB, WT