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Abbreviation:   cART  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   combination antiretroviral therapy
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Cannabinoid receptor type 2 agonist JWH-133 decreases cathepsin B secretion and neurotoxicity from HIV-infected macrophages. CatB, CB2R, HAND, MDM
2022 Human Hematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC)-Engrafted NSG Mice for HIV Latency Research. HSC
2022 Human Monocyte-Derived Macrophages (MDM): Model 2. MDM
2022 Inducing Long-Term HIV-1 Latency in the TKO-BLT Mouse Model. BLT, GVHD
2022 Jurkat-Derived (J-Lat, J1.1, and Jurkat E4) and CEM-Derived T Cell Lines (8E5 and ACH-2) as Models of Reversible Proviral Latency. LRAs
2022 Pre-cART Immune Parameters in People Living With HIV Might Help Predict CD8+ T-Cell Characteristics, Inflammation Levels, and Reservoir Composition After Effective cART. CA, MS, sCD14, sCD163, US
2021 A comprehensive data-driven analysis framework for detecting impairments in brain function networks with resting state fMRI in HIV-infected individuals on cART. CNS, HAND, rs-fMRI
2021 A Cross-Sectional Study of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Associated Neurocognitive Deficit in Central India. HAND, IHDS, PAOFI, PLHIV
2021 A Gut Reaction to SIV and SHIV Infection: Lower Dysregulation of Mucosal T Cells during Acute Infection Is Associated with Greater Viral Suppression during cART. NHP, RMs
10  2021 A longitudinal analysis of brain extracellular free water in HIV infected individuals. FW, NfL
11  2021 A Longitudinal Analysis of Cerebral Blood Flow in Perinatally HIV Infected Adolescents as Compared to Matched Healthy Controls. CBF, GM, PHIV, WM
12  2021 A Lower CD4 Count Predicts Most Causes of Death except Cardiovascular Deaths. The Austrian HIV Cohort Study. ---
13  2021 A Prospective Study Evaluating Changes in Histology, Clinical and Virologic Outcomes in HBV-HIV Co-infected Adults in North America. NIH
14  2021 A Two-Color Haploid Genetic Screen Identifies Novel Host Factors Involved in HIV-1 Latency. LTR, PLWH, shRNA
15  2021 Absence of Antenatal Care and Antiretroviral Therapy Associated with Preterm Delivery in Women with HIV: An 11-Year Retrospective Cohort in South Carolina. PTD
16  2021 Allopregnanolone and neuroHIV: Potential benefits of neuroendocrine modulation in the era of antiretroviral therapy. Tat
17  2021 Alterations of Brain Metabolites in Adults With HIV: A Systematic Meta-analysis of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Studies. BG, Cho, mI, NAA, PWH
18  2021 Alzheimer's-Like Pathology at the Crossroads of HIV-Associated Neurological Disorders. Abeta42, AD, CSF, HIV
19  2021 An assessment of factors associated with neurocognitive decline in people living with HIV. CHARTER, NCI
20  2021 An observational study of the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in treatment-experienced people living with HIV in Singapore. MetS, NRTIs, PIs, PLHIV
21  2021 Antibody-mediated depletion of viral reservoirs is limited in SIV-infected macaques treated early with antiretroviral therapy. ---
22  2021 Assessing risk factors for hypertension in young adults with perinatally acquired HIV infection: A case-control study. CKD
23  2021 Assessment of liver disease by non-invasive methods in perinatally infected Brazilian adolescents and young adults living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). APRI, FIB-4, HIV, UNIFESP
24  2021 Association between circulating exhausted CD4+ T cells with poor meningococcal C conjugate vaccine antibody response in HIV-infected children and adolescents. HU, MCC, SBA
25  2021 Association between obesity and combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) adherence among persons with early-stage HIV infection initiating cART. BMI, PLWH
26  2021 Association of Immunosuppression and Viral Load With Subcortical Brain Volume in an International Sample of People Living With HIV. dVL, ENIGMA
27  2021 Associations Between Plasma Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Ribonucleic Acid Levels and Incidence of Invasive Cancer in People With HIV After Initiation of Combination Antiretroviral Therapy. AIDS, HIV, PWH, VL
28  2021 Atazanavir / ritonavir versus Lopinavir / ritonavir-based combined antiretroviral therapy (cART) for HIV-1 infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis. HIV-1
29  2021 Blockade of beta adrenergic receptors protects the blood brain barrier and reduces systemic pathology caused by HIV-1 Nef protein. SI, SNS
30  2021 Blood-Brain Barrier Impairment in Patients Living with HIV: Predictors and Associated Biomarkers. BBBi, CNS, CSAR, CSF, HAND, PLWH
31  2021 Bone and fat hormonal crosstalk with antiretroviral initiation. BMD, DXA, PLWH, ucOCN
32  2021 Breast Milk Virome and Bacterial Microbiome Resilience in Kenyan Women Living with HIV. CMV, WLHIV
33  2021 Cannabinoid control of gingival immune activation in chronically SIV-infected rhesus macaques involves modulation of the indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase-1 pathway and salivary microbiome. Delta9-THC, mpi, PD, PLWH, RMs
34  2021 CD4/CD8 Ratio and the Risk of Kaposi Sarcoma or Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in the Context of Efficiently Treated Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection: A Collaborative Analysis of 20 European Cohort Studies. COHERE, HIV, HR, IQR, KS, NHL
35  2021 Cellular and Immune Therapy for Treating HIV-1 Infection. ---
36  2021 Central Nervous System (CNS) Viral Seeding by Mature Monocytes and Potential Therapies To Reduce CNS Viral Reservoirs in the cART Era. BBB, CNS, HIV, PBMC, PLWH
37  2021 Central nervous system disease with JC virus infection in adults with congenital HIV. CNS, CSF, JCV, JCV GCN, mRS, PML
38  2021 Characterization of HIV-1 drug resistance among patients with failure of second-line combined antiretroviral therapy in central Ethiopia. HIVDR, IQR, LPV, PI, TDF, ZDV
39  2021 Chronic Opioid Administration is Associated with Prevotella-dominated Dysbiosis in SIVmac251 Infected, cART-treated Macaques. HIV, SIV
40  2021 Clinical characteristics and outcomes in HIV-associated diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in China: A retrospective single-center study. DLBCL, HIV, LDH, OS, PFS, PS
41  2021 Clinical characteristics and successful treatment outcomes of children and adolescents with Kaposi sarcoma in Southwestern Tanzania. CI, HHV-8, IQR, KS, OS
42  2021 Clinical Reasoning: An Unexpected Response to Therapy in a Patient With HIV and Focal Seizures. TB
43  2021 Coevolved Multidrug-Resistant HIV-1 Protease and Reverse Transcriptase Influences Integrase Drug Susceptibility and Replication Fitness. INSTIs, PI, PR, RTI
44  2021 Cohort profile: the Netherlands Cohort Study on Acute HIV infection (NOVA), a prospective cohort study of people with acute or early HIV infection who immediately initiate HIV treatment. AEHI, NOVA
45  2021 Combined cART including Tenofovir Disoproxil, Emtricitabine, and Dolutegravir has potent therapeutic effects in HIV-1 infected humanized mice. DTG, TDF
46  2021 Contemporary trends in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders in Ghana. ANI, HAD, HAND, MND, PLWH
47  2021 Correction to: Inflammation and microbial translocation measured prior to combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) and long-term probability of clinical progression in people living with HIV. ---
48  2021 Cost-effectiveness of the long-acting regimen cabotegravir plus rilpivirine for the treatment of HIV-1 and its potential impact on adherence and viral transmission: A modelling study. DOT, LA, PLWH
49  2021 CRISPR/Cas9-Induced Mutagenesis Corroborates the Role of Transportin-SR2 in HIV-1 Nuclear Import. CPSF6, IN
50  2021 Crucial Role of Central Nervous System as a Viral Anatomical Compartment for HIV-1 Infection. CNS, HAND, HIV-1, PLWH, RNA
51  2021 Current status of hepatitis C virus among people living with human immunodeficiency virus in Egypt. HIV, IDU
52  2021 Detection of HIV mRNA in routine liquid-based cytology specimens of HIV-infected women. HSIL, LBC, PB, RT-PCR
53  2021 Differences in HIV clinical outcomes amongst heterosexuals in the United Kingdom by ethnicity. BAME, CI
54  2021 Differential Responsiveness of the Platelet Biomarkers, Systemic CD40 Ligand, CD62P, and Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-BB, to Virally-Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy. PDGF-BB, sCD40L
55  2021 Does antiretroviral therapy cause congenital malformations? A systematic review and meta-analysis. ART, CI, RR
56  2021 Dual Antiretroviral Therapy-All Quiet Beneath the Surface? HIV
57  2021 Early antiretroviral therapy initiation effect on metabolic profile in vertically HIV-1-infected children. ---
58  2021 Early Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy Following In Utero HIV Infection Is Associated With Low Viral Reservoirs but Other Factors Determine Viral Rebound. ---
59  2021 EBV-positive HIV-associated diffuse large B cell lymphomas are characterized by JAK/STAT (STAT3) pathway mutations and unique clinicopathologic features. EBV, GCB, HIV-DLBCL
60  2021 Editorial: Advances in Understanding NeuroHIV Associated Changes in Neuroimmune Communication in the Combined Anti-retroviral Therapy (cART) Era. ---
61  2021 Effect of aprepitant on kynurenine to tryptophan ratio in cART treated and cART naive adults living with HIV. HIV
62  2021 Effect of innate and adaptive immune mechanisms on treatment regimens in an AIDS-related Kaposi's Sarcoma model. HHV-8, KS, MAM, MIM, NAKS
63  2021 Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy on the Trend in CD4+ T-Cell Counts among Patients with HIV/AIDS Treated with Antiretroviral Therapy: A Retrospective Cohort Study. HIV/AIDS, TCM
64  2021 Effects of combination antiretroviral drugs (cART) on hippocampal neuroplasticity in female mice. BDNF, HAND, MWM
65  2021 Effects of perinatal HIV-infection on the cortical thickness and subcortical gray matter volumes in young adulthood. CT, FI, GM, PHIV
66  2021 Effects of Probiotic Mixture Supplementation on the Immune Response to the 13-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine in People Living with HIV. ---
67  2021 Efficacy and Safety of Triple versus Dolutegravir-based Dual Therapy in Patients with HIV-1 Infection: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. AEs, CI, DTG, RD
68  2021 Epstein-Barr virus oral shedding and viremia and their association with oral hairy leukoplakia in HIV+ individuals. EBV, OHL
69  2021 Establishment of a miRNA profile in paediatric HIV-1 patients and its potential as a biomarker for effectiveness of the combined antiretroviral therapy. ---
70  2021 Evaluation of Platelet Activation by HIV Protease Inhibitors - The HIV-PLA II Study. CVE, ETP, MFI, PIs
71  2021 Exosome-mediated stable epigenetic repression of HIV-1. ---
72  2021 Expression of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transactivator of Transcription (HIV-Tat1-86) Protein Alters Nociceptive Processing that is Sensitive to Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Interventions. HIV
73  2021 Expression of microRNA-155 in circulating T cells is an indicator of immune activation levels in HIV-1 infected patients. HIV, miR-155
74  2021 Factors Associated With Being Overweight and Obesity in People Living With Human Immunodeficiency Virus on Antiretroviral Therapy: Socioclinical, Inflammation, and Metabolic Markers. BMI, HIV
75  2021 Flavonoid-based inhibition of cyclin-dependent kinase 9 without concomitant inhibition of histone deacetylases durably reinforces HIV latency. CDK9, HDAC, L7G
76  2021 Functional brain network reorganization in HIV infection. HIV, rs-fMRI
77  2021 GALT CD4+PD-1hi T follicular helper (Tfh) cells repopulate after anti-retroviral therapy. GIT, HAART, HIV, SIV, Tfh
78  2021 Genotypic HIV-1 tropism determination might help to identify people with exhausted treatment options and advanced disease. FPR, GRT
79  2021 Gingival tissue as a reservoir for human immunodeficiency virus type-1: Preliminary results of a cross-sectional observational study. CP, IL
80  2021 Growth deficits in antiretroviral and HIV exposed uninfected versus unexposed children in Malawi and Uganda persist through 60 months-of-age. AHEU, BF, HUU
81  2021 Hematological cancers in individuals infected by HIV. KSHV
82  2021 Hepatitis B and C infections in HIV-1 patients on combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) in Ghana: implications for immunologic recovery, clinical response to treatment, and hepatotoxicity. ALP, ART, AST, HBsAg
83  2021 HIV DNA reservoir and elevated PD-1 expression of CD4T-cell subsets particularly persist in the terminal ileum of HIV-positive patients despite cART. PB, PD-1, RE, TI
84  2021 HIV TAT-mediated microglial senescence: Role of SIRT3-dependent mitochondrial oxidative stress. HAND, mPMs
85  2021 HIV viral exposure and mortality in a multicenter ambulatory HIV adult cohort, United States, 1995-2016. CD4, PY, VE, VL
86  2021 HIV-1 Accessory Proteins: Which one is Potentially Effective in Diagnosis and Vaccine Development? HIV-1
87  2021 HIV-1 Vpr protein impairs lysosome clearance causing SNCA/alpha-synuclein accumulation in neurons. ---
88  2021 HIV-Associated Apathy/Depression and Neurocognitive Impairments Reflect Persistent Dopamine Deficits. DA, HIV-1
89  2021 HIV-induced neuroinflammation inhibits oligodendrocyte maturation via glutamate-dependent activation of the PERK arm of the integrated stress response. AMPAR, HAND, ISR, KA, OL, OPCs
90  2021 Hodgkin Lymphoma in People Living with HIV. HL, HRL, PLWH
91  2021 Human immunodeficiency viral infection and differences in interstitial ventricular fibrosis and left atrial size. CMR, ECV, HIV, LA, LGE, PLWH
92  2021 Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Coinfection: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Challenges. COVID-19, HIV, SARS-CoV-2
93  2021 Immune Activation and Microbial Translocation as Prognostic Biomarkers for AIDS-Related Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in the AMC-034 Study. ARL, EPOCH
94  2021 Immune reconstruction effectiveness of combination antiretroviral therapy for HIV-1 CRF01_AE cluster 1 and 2 infected individuals. IR
95  2021 Immune Responses and Viral Persistence in Simian/Human Immunodeficiency Virus SHIV.C.CH848-Infected Rhesus Macaques. HIV, NHP, SHIVs, SIV, T/F
96  2021 Immunogenicity of an inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in people living with HIV-1: a non-randomized cohort study. PLWH
97  2021 Immunophenotypic characterization of TCR gammadelta T cells and MAIT cells in HIV-infected individuals developing Hodgkin's lymphoma. HL, MAIT, NADCs, TCR
98  2021 Impact of Advanced HIV Disease on Quality of Life and Mortality in the Era of Combined Antiretroviral Treatment. AHD, HRQoL, PWHIV
99  2021 Incidence and associated factors of type 2 diabetes mellitus onset in the Brazilian HIV/AIDS cohort study. HR, IFG, PLH, T2DM
100  2021 Increased acquired protease inhibitor drug resistance mutations in minor HIV-1 quasispecies from infected patients suspected of failing on national second-line therapy in South Africa. bPIs, HTS, HTS-GRT, RAMs, RTI