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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A multiplexed ion-exchange membrane-based miRNA (MIX·miR) detection platform for rapid diagnosis of myocardial infarction. AMI, CAD, MIXmiR, NCAD, STEMI
2021 Comparative profiling of the resistance of different genotypes of mannose-binding lectin to Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection in Chinese Merino sheep based on high-throughput sequencing technology. MBL
2021 Dysregulation of miRNA in Leukemia: Exploiting miRNA Expression Profiles as Biomarkers. ---
2021 Myocardial Infarction: The Protective Role of MiRNAs in Myocardium Pathology. MI
2021 Role of exopolysaccharides (EPSs) as anti-Mir-155 in cancer cells. EMT, EPSs
2021 The Role and Expression of Angiogenesis-Related miRNAs in Gastric Cancer. GC, VEGFR2
2020 Characterization of microRNAs expressed in the cystic legion of the liver of Mus musculus perorally infected with Echinococcus multilocularis Nemuro strain. AE
2020 Dysregulation of tissue and serum microRNAs in organ transplant recipients with cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas. cSCC, NGS, OTR
2020 Effects of endurance racing on horse plasma extracellular particle miRNA. EP
10  2020 Exploring diverse roles of micro RNAs in banana: Current status and future prospective. ---
11  2020 Identification and the potential involvement of miRNAs in the regulation of artemisinin biosynthesis in A. annua. ART
12  2020 Micro-RNAs in the regulation of immune response against SARS CoV-2 and other viral infections. ---
13  2020 MicroRNA-33a-5p sponges to inhibit pancreatic β-cell function in gestational diabetes mellitus LncRNA DANCR. ABCA1, GDM, lncRNAs
14  2020 miR-130a-3p, a Preclinical Therapeutic Target for Crohn's Disease. CD, NCs, qRT-PCR, TNBS
15  2020 miR-96-5p attenuates malathion-induced apoptosis of human kidney cells by targeting the ER stress marker DDIT3. Bcl
16  2020 Peripheral circulation miRNA expression of pediatric brain tumors and its relation to tumor miRNA expression levels. JPA
17  2020 Specific circulating microRNAs during hepatitis E infection can serve as indicator for chronic hepatitis E. HEV
18  2020 The emerging role of miRNA clusters in breast cancer progression. BC, MCs
19  2020 The therapeutic potential of exosomal miR-22 for cervical cancer radiotherapy. hTERT, mRNA, MYCBP
20  2020 Upregulation of miR-101 during Influenza A Virus Infection Abrogates Viral Life Cycle by Targeting mTOR Pathway. IAV
21  2019 Determination of Dysregulated miRNA Expression Levels by qRT-PCR after the Application of Usnic Acid to Breast Cancer. qRT-PCR
22  2019 Down-regulation of miRNA 145 and up-regulation of miRNA 4516 may be associated with primary hypertension. HT
23  2019 Exosomal miRNAs are potential diagnostic biomarkers between malignant and benign thyroid nodules based on next-generation sequencing. AUC, MAPK, NG, NGS, PTC, ROC, TNF
24  2019 Identification and co-evolution pattern of stem cell regulator miR394s and their targets among diverse plant species. LCR
25  2019 Identification of potassium phosphite responsive miRNAs and their targets in potato. NGS
26  2019 Micro RNA-192 Is Negatively Associated With Cardiovascular Events Among Wait-Listed Potential Kidney Transplant Recipients on Hemodialysis Over a 5-year Follow-up Period. ---
27  2019 MicroRNA-193a and taxol combination: A new strategy for treatment of colorectal cancer. CRC
28  2019 miRNA-146a-5p is upregulated in serum and cartilage samples of patients with osteoarthritis. OA
29  2019 Mitochondria in migraine pathophysiology - does epigenetics play a role? mtDNA
30  2019 Novel miRNA expression in the delta opioid signaling pathway mediated cell survivability in an in vitro model of ER stress. DOR, ER
31  2019 Upregulation of miRNA-223-3p ameliorates RIP3-mediated necroptosis and inflammatory responses via targeting RIP3 after spinal cord injury. RIP3, SCI
32  2018 Ascophyllum nodosum extract mitigates salinity stress in Arabidopsis thaliana by modulating the expression of miRNA involved in stress tolerance and nutrient acquisition. ANE
33  2018 Diverse RNA interference strategies in early-branching metazoans. cis-NAT, endo-siRNAs, piRNAs, RNAi
34  2018 Down-Regulation of miR-327 Alleviates Ischemia/Reperfusion-Induced Myocardial Damage by Targeting RP105. Ad-miR-327-i group, MIRI
35  2018 Gene Manipulation with Micro RNAs at Single-Human Cancer Cell. CHS
36  2018 Hypomethylation of the miRNA-34a gene promoter is associated with Severe Preeclampsia. MSP
37  2018 Identification of small molecule inhibitors for differentially expressed miRNAs in gastric cancer. GEO
38  2018 Isolation, Purification, and Detection of Micro RNAs in Plant Senescence. ---
39  2018 Leishmania donovani Activates Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1alpha and miR-210 for Survival in Macrophages by Downregulation of NF-kappaB Mediated Pro-inflammatory Immune Response. HIF-1alpha, VL
40  2018 Serum miRNA levels are related to glucose homeostasis and islet autoantibodies in children with high risk for type 1 diabetes. ---
41  2017 Association between Microrna 146a and Microrna 196a2 Genes Polymorphism and Breast Cancer Risk in North Indian Women OR, SNP
42  2017 Comparison of the Functional microRNA Expression in Immune Cell Subsets of Neonates and Adults. IL
43  2017 Computational Identification of MicroRNAs and Their Transcript Target(s) in Field Mustard (Brassica rapa L.). ---
44  2017 Identification and Characterization of miRNAs in Response to Leishmania donovani Infection: Delineation of Their Roles in Macrophage Dysfunction. ---
45  2017 MicroRNAs and Their Regulatory Role in Sugarcane. siRNAs
46  2017 miR-183 and miR-21 expression as biomarkers of progression and survival in tongue carcinoma patients. ---
47  2017 MiR-628-5p decreases the tumorigenicity of epithelial ovarian cancer cells by targeting at FGFR2. EOC, FGFR2
48  2017 miRNAs, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AAMD, AMD, CFH, MHC, RCA, SNPs
49  2016 Dectin-1 is required for miR155 upregulation in murine macrophages in response to Candida albicans. BMDMs
50  2016 High-Throughput Sequencing Reveals Circulating miRNAs as Potential Biomarkers of Kidney Damage in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. SLE
51  2016 Micro RNAs: an arguable appraisal in medicine. ---
52  2016 MS-analysis of SILAC-labeled MYC-driven B lymphoma cells overexpressing miR-17-19b. ---
53  2016 Progress in micro RNA focused research in endocrinology. ---
54  2016 Promotion of astrocytoma cell invasion by micro RNA-22 targeting of tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase-2. DAs, miR-22, mRNA, TIMP2
55  2016 Reciprocal regulation between mRNA and microRNA enables a bistable switch that directs cell fate decisions. ---
56  2016 The Sequence and Structure Determine the Function of Mature Human miRNAs. SSRs
57  2016 Toxicity study of ochratoxin A using HEK293 and HepG2 cell lines based on microRNA profiling. OTA
58  2015 Cross Platform Standardisation of an Experimental Pipeline for Use in the Identification of Dysregulated Human Circulating MiRNAs. ---
59  2015 Obesity Associated Modulation of miRNA and Co-Regulated Target Transcripts in Human Adipose Tissue of Non-Diabetic Subjects. BMI, DNMT1, SI
60  2015 Small RNA Profiling of Two Important Cultivars of Banana and Overexpression of miRNA156 in Transgenic Banana Plants. ---
61  2015 SMiRK: an Automated Pipeline for miRNA Analysis. ---
62  2015 Synergy between NAFLD and AFLD and potential biomarkers. AFLD, HCC, HSC, NAFLD
63  2015 Uncovering Direct Targets of MiR-19a Involved in Lung Cancer Progression. LNA
64  2014 A genome-wide perspective of miRNAome in response to high temperature, salinity and drought stresses in Brassica juncea (Czern) L. ---
65  2014 hsa-mir-30c promotes the invasive phenotype of metastatic breast cancer cells by targeting NOV/CCN3. NOV
66  2014 Micro RNA-373 is down-regulated in pancreatic cancer and inhibits cancer cell invasion. EMT, miR-373
67  2014 MicroRNA gene polymorphisms and environmental factors increase patient susceptibility to hepatocellular carcinoma. aOR, CI, OR, PCR-RFLP, SNPs
68  2014 MicroRNA-302a functions as a putative tumor suppressor in colon cancer by targeting Akt. ---
69  2014 MicroRNAs in endometrial cancers from black and white patients. ---
70  2013 Characterization and deep sequencing analysis of exosomal and non-exosomal miRNA in human urine. ---
71  2013 Identification and characterization of miRNA transcriptome in potato by high-throughput sequencing. ---
72  2013 miRNAs: a new method for erythroid differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells without the presence of growth factors. ---
73  2013 Small yet mighty - microRNAs in plant-microbe interactions. ---
74  2012 Differential expression profile and genetic variants of microRNAs sequences in breast cancer patients. ---
75  2012 Impact of miR-155 and miR-126 as novel biomarkers on the assessment of disease progression and prognosis in adult T-cell leukemia. ATL, RT-qPCR
76  2012 miR-192, miR-194, miR-215, miR-200c and miR-141 are downregulated and their common target ACVR2B is strongly expressed in renal childhood neoplasms. ACVR2B, NRs, TGF
77  2012 Role of regulatory micro RNAs in type 2 diabetes mellitus-related inflammation. NASH, T2DM
78  2011 Comparative miRNA expression profiles in individuals with latent and active tuberculosis. LTBI, PBMCs, TB
79  2011 Many routes to a micro RNA. ---
80  2011 Micro RNAs as a new therapeutic target towards leukaemia signalling. AML
81  2011 miRNA expression profiling in formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded placental tissue samples from pregnancies with severe preeclampsia. FFPE
82  2011 NF-кB-regulated micro RNAs (miRNAs) in primary human brain cells. 15-LOX, Abeta42, CFH, IL-1beta, PDTC, SYN-2, TSPAN12
83  2011 Oxidative stress activation of miR-125b is part of the molecular switch for Hailey-Hailey disease manifestation. HHD
84  2011 Up-regulation of NF-kB-sensitive miRNA-125b and miRNA-146a in metal sulfate-stressed human astroglial (HAG) primary cell cultures. AD, HAG, PBN, PDTC, RNAs, ROS
85  2010 Cancer therapy via modulation of micro RNA levels: a promising future. ---
86  2010 Cleavage of a non-conserved target by a specific miR156 isoform in root apexes of Medicago truncatula. ---
87  2010 Micro RNA-125b (miRNA-125b) function in astrogliosis and glial cell proliferation. AD, CDKN2A, DS, GFAP, IL-6, miRNA-125b, mRNAs, NHA
88  2010 MicroRNAs in breast cancer pathogenesis. ---
89  2010 MIR-23A microRNA cluster inhibits B-cell development. ---
90  2010 Post-transcriptional gene-expression regulation by micro RNA (miRNA) network in renal disease. ASOs, miRNA, siRNA
91  2009 Characterization of an NF-kappaB-regulated, miRNA-146a-mediated down-regulation of complement factor H (CFH) in metal-sulfate-stressed human brain cells. AD, CFH, HN, mRNA, RNAs, ROS
92  2009 Detection of cancer with serum miRNAs on an oligonucleotide microarray. ---
93  2009 Evolution of an X-linked primate-specific micro RNA cluster. mRNAs
94  2009 miRNA and neurons. ---
95  2009 [miRNAs in cancer: the case of liver tumors]. ---
96  2008 Oncogenic role of miR-17-92 cluster in anaplastic thyroid cancer cells. ATC
97  2007 Induction of microRNAome deregulation in rat liver by long-term tamoxifen exposure. ---
98  2007 Instability of miRNA and cDNAs derivatives in RNA preparations. ---
99  2006 "Mir"acles in hox gene regulation. Ubx
100  2006 A role for Dicer in immune regulation. Treg