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Abbreviation : AA
Long Form : atomic absorption
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Conjugation of Penicillin-G with Silver(I) Ions Expands Its Antimicrobial Activity against Gram Negative Bacteria. EDX, FT-IR-ATR, IZ, MBC, MIC, S. aureus, S. epidermidis, SEM, XRF
2020 Effect of Rice Flour Fermentation with Lactobacillus spicheri DSM 15429 on the Nutritional Features of Gluten-Free Muffins. DPPH, HPLC, LC-MS
2020 Lithium-7 qNMR as a method to quantify lithium content in brines using benchtop NMR. qNMR
2018 Elemental assessment of vegetation via portable X-ray fluorescence (PXRF) spectrometry. ICP, NIST, PXRF
2016 Spectroscopic and Thermodynamic Characterization of the Metal-Binding Sites in the LH1-RC Complex from Thermophilic Photosynthetic Bacterium Thermochromatium tepidum. ATR, FTIR, ITC, LH1-RC, Tch
2014 Equivalent width evaluation methods for Doppler, Lorentz, and Voigt profiles. ---
2013 Adsorption of carbon dioxide on Al/Fe oxyhydroxide. ATR-FTIR, DFT, STEM/EDS, XPS, XRD
2013 Characterisation of commercial LM-pectin in aqueous solution. DA, DE
2012 Application of ICP-MS for the study of disposition and toxicity of metal-based nanomaterials. ICP-MS, QDs
10  2012 Influence of mercury and selenium chemistries on the progression of cardiomyopathy in pygmy sperm whales, Kogia breviceps. CMP, ICP-MS
11  2012 Selective removal of mineral and organic components of bovine enamel by phosphoric acid. FTIR
12  2008 Large pore bi-functionalised mesoporous silica for metal ion pollution treatment. EA, ICP-AES, PXRD
13  2007 Virgin and recycled engine oil differentiation: a spectroscopic study. FTIR, ICP
14  2005 Dendrimer-mediated synthesis of platinum nanoparticles: new insights from dialysis and atomic force microscopy measurements. PAMAM
15  2005 Toxicity of sixty-three metals and metalloids to Hyalella azteca at two levels of water hardness. EC50s, LC50s
16  2004 Effects of Li+ transport and intracellular binding on Li+/Mg2+ competition in bovine chromaffin cells. iapp, iT
17  2004 Examination of cadmium sorption characteristics for a boreal soil near Fairbanks, Alaska. Cd, CPCRW, NOM
18  2004 The processing and characterization of animal-derived bone to yield materials with biomedical applications. Part II: milled bone powders, reprecipitated hydroxyapatite and the potential uses of these materials. Ca4P2O9, FTIR, ICP, MAS, NMR
19  2004 The processing and characterization of animal-derived bone to yield materials with biomedical applications: part 1: modifiable porous implants from bovine condyle cancellous bone and characterization of bone materials as a function of processing. DSC, ICP, MAS, NMR, SEM
20  2002 Effect of elastin on the calcification rate of collagen-elastin matrix systems. BHV, CEM, FTIR
21  2002 Field measurement of lead in workplace air and paint chip samples by ultrasonic extraction and portable anodic stripping voltammetry. UE-ASV
22  2002 Laboratory evaluation of a mercury CEM using atomic absorption with a deuterium background correction system. CEM
23  2001 Oxidation kinetics of the combustible fraction of construction and demolition wastes. CDW, FTIR, ICP-AES, TCLP, TGA, XRD
24  2000 Low-level (PPB) determination of cisplatin in cleaning validation (rinse water) samples. I. An atomic absorption spectrophotometric method. DDTC, Pt-DDTC
25  1999 No metal cofactor in orotidine 5'-monophosphate decarboxylase. XAS
26  1999 Use of a field portable X-Ray fluorescence analyzer to determine the concentration of lead and other metals in soil samples. XRF
27  1995 Binding of Co(III) to a DNA oligomer via reaction of [Co(NH3)5(OH2)]3+ with (5medC-dG)4. ---
28  1995 Failure of 29Si NMR to detect increased blood silicon levels in silicone gel breast implant recipients. MAS, NMR
29  1991 Comparative analysis of illicit heroin samples. GC/MS, HPLC, HS/GC, TLC
30  1990 Measurement of lithium transport in RBC from psychiatric patients receiving lithium carbonate and normal individuals by 7Li NMR spectroscopy. MIR, NMR, RBC
31  1988 Histological localization of methylmercury in mouse brain and kidney by emulsion autoradiography of 203Hg. ---
32  1987 Determination of ruthenium on DNA by XRF. DPV, OA, XRF
33  1984 Discrete microsample injection into a gaseous carrier. DI, FIA
34  1983 Analysis of arsenic in forensic cases utilizing a rapid, non-ashing technique and furnace atomic absorption. ---
35  1983 Comparison of electron paramagnetic resonance and atomic absorption serum copper measurements in human normal control and cancer patients. EPR
36  1981 Analysis of laboratory animal feed for toxic and essential elements by atomic absorption and inductively coupled argon plasma emission spectrometry. ---
37  1981 Evaluation of the Radiometer Ion Scanning System 820 for the analysis of lead in urine. PSA
38  1981 The effects of storage times, temperatures and container types on the accuracy of atomic-absorption determinations of Cd, Cu, Hg, Pb and Zn in whole heparinized blood. FAAS
39  1980 Light element abundance in brain nuclei using energy dispersive x-ray analysis and atomic absorption spectrophotometry. EDXA