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Abbreviation : AAV9
Long Form : adeno-associated virus serotype 9
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A translatable RNAi-driven gene therapy silences PMP22/Pmp22 genes and improves neuropathy in CMT1A mice. CMT1A
2022 AAV9-coGLB1 Improves Lysosomal Storage and Rescues Central Nervous System Inflammation in a Mutant Mouse Model of GM1 Gangliosidosis. GM1
2022 AAV9-MCT8 Delivery at Juvenile Stage Ameliorates Neurological and Behavioral Deficits in a Mouse Model of MCT8-Deficiency. AHDS, CNS, DKO, MCT8, Oatp1c1, rT3, TH
2022 AR cooperates with SMAD4 to maintain skeletal muscle homeostasis. AR, BMP, SBMA, TGF
2022 ATPase inhibitory factor 1 protects the heart from acute myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury through activating AMPK signaling pathway. AMI, I/R, IF1
2022 Bmi-1-RING1B prevents GATA4-dependent senescence-associated pathological cardiac hypertrophy by promoting autophagic degradation of GATA4. Ang II, SA-PCH, SASP, WT
2022 Cardiac Gene Therapy With Relaxin Receptor 1 Overexpression Protects Against Acute Myocardial Infarction. RXFP1
2022 Cardiac-Specific Overexpression of Caveolin-1 in Rats with Ischemic Cardiomyopathy Improves Arrhythmogenicity and Cardiac Remodeling. Cav-1, cTnT, Cx43, ICM, LAD, TGF-beta
2022 Cardiac-targeted PIASy gene silencing mediates deSUMOylation of caveolin-3 and prevents ischemia/reperfusion-induced Nav1.5 downregulation and ventricular arrhythmias. Cav-3, HEK293T, I/R, PIASy, shRNA, VF, VT
10  2022 Cell-Selective Adeno-Associated Virus-Mediated SCN1A Gene Regulation Therapy Rescues Mortality and Seizure Phenotypes in a Dravet Syndrome Mouse Model and Is Well Tolerated in Nonhuman Primates. DS, i.c.v, NHPs
11  2022 Chemogenetic activation of hypoglossal motoneurons in a mouse model of Pompe disease. AAV, DREADDs, GAA
12  2022 Deacetylation of Caveolin-1 by Sirt6 induces autophagy and retards high glucose-stimulated LDL transcytosis and atherosclerosis formation. AS, ECs, EM, GDM, LDL, STZ, T2DM
13  2022 Design and Production of Heart Chamber-Specific AAV9 Vectors. ---
14  2022 Effect of soluble amyloid precursor protein-alpha on adult hippocampal neurogenesis in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. sAPPalpha
15  2022 Engineered AAVs for non-invasive gene delivery to rodent and non-human primate nervous systems. CNS and PNS, NHP
16  2022 Fibronectin type III domain-containing 5 improves aging-related cardiac dysfunction in mice. AMPKalpha, FNDC5, NLRP3, TNF-alpha
17  2022 Gab1 overexpression alleviates doxorubicin-induced cardiac oxidative stress, inflammation, and apoptosis through PI3K/Akt signaling pathway. DOX, Gab1
18  2022 Gene therapy targeting protein trafficking regulator MOG1 in mouse models of Brugada syndrome, arrhythmias, and mild cardiomyopathy. BrS, KI, VTs
19  2022 Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate depletion by statins compromises skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity. GGPP, GGTase I and II
20  2022 Glyoxylase-1 combats dicarbonyl stress and right ventricular dysfunction in rodent pulmonary arterial hypertension. FAO, GLO1, PAH, RV
21  2022 Inhibition of METTL3 attenuates renal injury and inflammation by alleviating TAB3 m6A modifications via IGF2BP2-dependent mechanisms. AKI, I/R, LPS, m6A, METTL3, TECs, TNF-alpha
22  2022 LncGBP9 knockdown alleviates myocardial inflammation and apoptosis in mice with acute viral myocarditis via suppressing NF-κB signaling pathway. AVMC, CVB3, lncGBP9, lncRNAs
23  2022 METTL3-mediated m6A modification of TIMP2 mRNA promotes podocyte injury in diabetic nephropathy. DN, HG, IGF2BP2, m6A, STZ
24  2022 miR-486 attenuates cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury and mediates the beneficial effect of exercise for myocardial protection. I/R, OGDR
25  2022 Mitochondrial damage and activation of the cytosolic DNA sensor cGAS-STING pathway lead to cardiac pyroptosis and hypertrophy in diabetic cardiomyopathy mice. cGAS, DCM, IFN, mtDNA, mtROS, NLRP3, PA, STZ, TBK1
26  2022 Molecular Signature of Astrocytes for Gene Delivery by the Synthetic Adeno-Associated Viral Vector rAAV9P1. CNS
27  2022 N6-methyladenosine-modified TRAF1 promotes sunitinib resistance by regulating apoptosis and angiogenesis in a METTL14-dependent manner in renal cell carcinoma. CDX-R, m6A
28  2022 Nogo-B promotes angiogenesis and improves cardiac repair after myocardial infarction via activating Notch1 signaling. CMECs, MI, OGD
29  2022 Prevalence of Anti-Adeno-Associated Virus Serotype 9 Antibodies in Adult Patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. AAVs, OA, rAAV9, SMA, SMN1
30  2022 Regulation of sclerostin by the SIRT1 stabilization pathway in osteocytes. CK2, SIRT1, USP4
31  2022 Rescue of the Congenital Hereditary Endothelial Dystrophy Mouse Model by Adeno-Associated Viruse-Mediated Slc4a11 Replacement. AAV, CHED
32  2022 SARS-CoV-2 infection impairs the insulin/IGF signaling pathway in the lung, liver, adipose tissue, and pancreatic cells via IRF1. hPSC, IRF-1
33  2022 Shensong Yangxin attenuates metabolic syndrome-induced atrial fibrillation via inhibition of ferroportin-mediated intracellular iron overload. AF, FPN, GO, HCHF, RNA-Seq, ROS, SSYX
34  2022 STARD3NL inhibits the osteogenic differentiation by inactivating the Wnt/β-catenin pathway via binding to Annexin A2 in osteoporosis. ANXA2, STARD3NL
35  2022 Structural basis of receptor usage by the engineered capsid AAV-PHP.eB. AAVR
36  2022 The m6A reader YTHDF3-mediated PRDX3 translation alleviates liver fibrosis. HSC, m6A, PRDX3, ROS, YTHDF1-3
37  2022 The protective effect of LCZ696 in coxsackievirus B3-induced acute viral myocarditis mice. AVMC, Drp1, GFP, HF, HR, LVEF, WB
38  2022 The Transcription Factor EB (TFEB) Sensitizes the Heart to Chronic Pressure Overload. ALP, TFEB
39  2022 Tubule-mitophagic secretion of SerpinG1 reprograms macrophages to instruct anti-septic acute kidney injury efficacy of high-dose ascorbate mediated by NRF2 transactivation. AKI, ChIP, FACS, GSEA, LIE, Nrf2, SerpinG1
40  2021 A strategy of vascular-targeted therapy for liver fibrosis. EC, LECT2, rVEGF, VEGF
41  2021 AAV9-Mediated Cardiac CNTF Overexpression Exacerbated Adverse Cardiac Remodeling in Streptozotocin-Induced Type 1 Diabetic Models. CNTF
42  2021 AAV9-mediated FIG4 delivery prolongs life span in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 4J mouse model. CMT4J, plt
43  2021 AAV9-mediated gene delivery of MCT1 to oligodendrocytes does not provide a therapeutic benefit in a mouse model of ALS. ALS, MCT1
44  2021 Adeno-associated viral vector serotype 9-based gene replacement therapy for SURF1-related Leigh syndrome. hSURF1, i.t, SURF1, WT
45  2021 Adeno-Associated Virus Vector-Mediated Expression of Antirespiratory Syncytial Virus Antibody Prevents Infection in Mouse Airways. mAb, RSV
46  2021 Adeno-Associated Virus-Mediated Gene Therapy in the Mashlool, Atp1a3Mashl/+, Mouse Model of Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood. AHC, i.c.v
47  2021 ALKBH5 regulates cardiomyocyte proliferation and heart regeneration by demethylating the mRNA of YTHDF1. CM, m6A, YAP
48  2021 Autophagic degradation of CCN2 (cellular communication network factor 2) causes cardiotoxicity of sunitinib. CCN2, GA, TOLLIP
49  2021 Ciliary neurotrophic factor overexpression protects the heart against pathological remodelling in angiotensin II-infused mice. Ang II, CNTF, Nrf2
50  2021 Co-editing PINK1 and DJ-1 Genes Via Adeno-Associated Virus-Delivered CRISPR/Cas9 System in Adult Monkey Brain Elicits Classical Parkinsonian Phenotype. PD, SNs
51  2021 Conditional depletion of macrophages ameliorates cholestatic liver injury and fibrosis via lncRNA-H19. BA, BDL, CD11b-DTR, lncRNA H19
52  2021 Constitutive activation of ERK1/2 signaling protects against myocardial ischemia via inhibition of mitochondrial fragmentation in the aging heart. Drp1, ERK, MEK
53  2021 Development of an AAV9-RNAi-mediated silencing strategy to abrogate TRPM4 expression in the adult heart. shRNAmiR30, TRPM4
54  2021 Elabela gene therapy promotes angiogenesis after myocardial infarction. APJ, ELA, LVDd, LVDs, MI, NT-proBNP, VEGF
55  2021 Epidermal growth factor receptor-dependent maintenance of cardiac contractility. EGFR
56  2021 Exercise downregulates HIPK2 and HIPK2 inhibition protects against myocardial infarction. hESC-CMs, HIPK2, MI, NRCMs, OGD/R
57  2021 Gain of toxic function by long-term AAV9-mediated SMN overexpression in the sensorimotor circuit. SMA, SMN
58  2021 Gene therapy knockdown of Hippo signaling induces cardiomyocyte renewal in pigs after myocardial infarction. GFP, Sav, shRNA
59  2021 HINT1 (Histidine Triad Nucleotide-Binding Protein 1) Attenuates Cardiac Hypertrophy Via Suppressing HOXA5 (Homeobox A5) Expression. HINT1, HOXA5
60  2021 In utero adenine base editing corrects multi-organ pathology in a lethal lysosomal storage disease. ABE, LSD
61  2021 In vivo base editing rescues Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome in mice. ABEs
62  2021 In Vivo Expression of Reprogramming Factor OCT4 Ameliorates Myelination Deficits and Induces Striatal Neuroprotection in Huntington's Disease. GDNF, HD, NSC, OCT4, OPCs, SVZ
63  2021 Neuritin improves the neurological functional recovery after experimental intracerebral hemorrhage in mice. ICH, Nrn, sEPSCs
64  2021 Overexpression of circRNA SNRK targets miR-103-3p to reduce apoptosis and promote cardiac repair through GSK3beta/beta-catenin pathway in rats with myocardial infarction. AMI, MI, miRNAs, qRT-PCR
65  2021 Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus Serotype 9 Gene Therapy in Spinal Muscular Atrophy. SMA
66  2021 Redd1 knockdown prevents doxorubicin-induced cardiac senescence. DOX, Redd1, SASP
67  2021 S-Nitrosylation of Histone Deacetylase 2 by Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase as a Mechanism of Diastolic Dysfunction. DD, HDAC2, nNOS, NO
68  2021 Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein 5 Protects Against Cardiac Rupture and Improves Cardiac Function Through Inhibiting Mitochondrial Dysfunction. MI, SFRP5
69  2021 Short-Chain Fatty Acids Reduced Renal Calcium Oxalate Stones by Regulating the Expression of Intestinal Oxalate Transporter SLC26A6. CaOx, SCFA, SCFAs
70  2021 sRAGE Inhibits the Mucus Hypersecretion in a Mouse Model with Neutrophilic Asthma. ERK, HMGB1, NA, PAS, PI3K, RAGE, sRAGE
71  2021 Suppressing Hippo signaling in the stem cell niche promotes skeletal muscle regeneration. shRNA
72  2021 Synapsin-caveolin-1 gene therapy preserves neuronal and synaptic morphology and prevents neurodegeneration in a mouse model of AD. AD, Cav-1, MLR, SynCav1
73  2021 Targeting E3 Ubiquitin Ligase WWP1 Prevents Cardiac Hypertrophy Through Destabilizing DVL2 via Inhibition of K27-Linked Ubiquitination. cTnT, TAC
74  2021 Therapeutic potential of d-cysteine against in vitro and in vivo models of spinocerebellar ataxia. PCs, SCA
75  2021 Upregulation of miR-128 Mediates Heart Injury by Activating Wnt/β-catenin Signaling Pathway in Heart Failure Mice. ISO, TAC
76  2020 A comparison of in vivo viral targeting systems identifies adeno-associated virus serotype 9 (AAV9) as an effective vector for genetic manipulation of Leydig cells in adult mice. ---
77  2020 AAV9-mediated AIRE gene delivery clears circulating antibodies and tissue T-cell infiltration in a mouse model of autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type-1. AAV9-AIRE, AIRE, APS-1, TSAs
78  2020 AAV9-Mediated Expression of SMN Restricted to Neurons Does Not Rescue the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Phenotype in Mice. CSF, SMA, SMN1
79  2020 Cdk5 Inhibitory Peptide Prevents Loss of Neurons and Alleviates Behavioral Changes in p25 Transgenic Mice. AD, Cdk5, Tg
80  2020 Clinically relevant high levels of human C-reactive protein induces endothelial dysfunction and hypertension by inhibiting the AMPK-eNOS axis. AMPK, hCRP, hCRPtg, NO
81  2020 Combinatorial treatment for spinal muscular atrophy: An Editorial for 'Combined treatment with the histone deacetylase inhibitor LBH589 and a splice-switch antisense oligonucleotide enhances SMN2 splicing and SMN expression in Spinal Muscular Atrophy cells' on page 264. ASO, HDAC, SMA
82  2020 CRISPR based editing of SIV proviral DNA in ART treated non-human primates. ---
83  2020 CTRP15 derived from cardiac myocytes attenuates TGFbeta1-induced fibrotic response in cardiac fibroblasts. CFs, CTRP15, ECM, IR, IRS-1, NMVCs, siRNA, TAC, TGF
84  2020 Cytosolic DNA sensor cGAS plays an essential pathogenetic role in pressure overload-induced heart failure. cGAS, HF, LV, TAC
85  2020 Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs Approach to Treatment of Sleep-disordered Breathing. DREADD
86  2020 Epigenetic repression of miR-17 contributed to di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate-triggered insulin resistance by targeting Keap1-Nrf2/miR-200a axis in skeletal muscle. DEHP, miRNA
87  2020 Exogenous Cardiac Bridging Integrator 1 Benefits Mouse Hearts With Pre-existing Pressure Overload-Induced Heart Failure. cBIN1, EF, HF, LV, LW, PV, RyRs, T-tubule, TAC
88  2020 Fasudil Promotes alpha-Synuclein Clearance in an AAV-Mediated alpha-Synuclein Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease by Autophagy Activation. PD, ROCK
89  2020 Gene therapy for follistatin mitigates systemic metabolic inflammation and post-traumatic arthritis in high-fat diet-induced obesity. FST, OA
90  2020 Genetic ablation of Cullin-RING E3 ubiquitin ligase 7 restrains pressure overload-induced myocardial fibrosis. CM, CRL7, Cul7, ISEL, PI3K, TAC
91  2020 High-mobility group AT-hook 1 promotes cardiac dysfunction in diabetic cardiomyopathy via autophagy inhibition. ---
92  2020 Inhibition of Histone H3K27 Acetylation Orchestrates Interleukin-9-Mediated and Plays an Anti-Inflammatory Role in Cisplatin-Induced Acute Kidney Injury. AKI, CP, IL-9, KIM-1
93  2020 Integrin beta3 Deficiency Results in Hypertriglyceridemia via Disrupting LPL (Lipoprotein Lipase) Secretion. LPL, PKD, TIH
94  2020 LRRC4 Suppresses E-Cadherin-Dependent Collective Cell Invasion and Metastasis in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer. EOC, HGSC
95  2020 Mst1 knockdown alleviates cardiac lipotoxicity and inhibits the development of diabetic cardiomyopathy in db/db mice. DCM, FOXO3, JNK, MEKK1, MST1
96  2020 Mutual antagonism between indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 and nuclear factor E2-related factor 2 regulates the maturation status of DCs in liver fibrosis. APCs, DCs, IDO1, Nrf2
97  2020 Overexpression of IkappaBalpha in cardiomyocytes alleviates hydrogen peroxide-induced apoptosis and autophagy by inhibiting NF-kappaB activation. DeltaPsim, I/R, IkappaBalpha, LDH, MDA, NF-kappaB, NRVMs, PDTC
98  2020 Overexpression of the histidine triad nucleotide-binding protein 2 protects cardiac function in the adult mice after acute myocardial infarction. AdV, HINT2, NMN, NMVMs, PET/CT
99  2020 Secreted frizzled-related protein 2 prevents pressure-overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy by targeting the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway. AB, LV, SFRP2
100  2020 Serpina3n is closely associated with fibrotic procession and knockdown ameliorates bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis. ECM