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Abbreviation : ACL
Long Form : anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Climate Change Influences on the Potential Distribution of the Sand Fly Phlebotomus sergenti, Vector of Leishmania tropica in Morocco. ENM, RCPs
2022 Involvement of tryparedoxin peroxidase (TryP) and trypanothione reductase (TryR) in antimony unresponsive of Leishmania tropica clinical isolates of Iran. TR, TRYP, TryR
2021 Combination of topical liposomal amphotericin B and Glucantime in comparison with glucantime alone for the treatment of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis (ACL) caused by Leishmania tropica: study protocol for a randomized, controlled trial. CL
2021 Differential inflammatory responses associated with Leishmania major and Ltropica in culture. CXCL8, HC, MDMs, PBMCs, ZCL
2021 Geographical distribution and molecular epidemiology of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Fars Province, southern Iran. CL, ZCL
2021 Major risk factors and histopathological profile of treatment failure, relapse and chronic patients with anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis: A prospective case-control study on treatment outcome and their medical importance. IHC
2021 Prophylactic effect of cutaneous leishmaniasis against COVID-19: a case-control field assessment. CL
2021 The effect of oral miltefosine in treatment of antimoniate resistant anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis: An uncontrolled clinical trial. CL, MA
10  2021 Understanding the factors that determine the emergence of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis due to Leishmania tropica in Morocco: Density and mitochondrial lineage of Phlebotomus sergenti in endemic and free areas of leishmaniasis. ---
11  2020 Emerging and Re-Emerging Leishmaniases in the Mediterranean Area: What Can Be Learned from a Retrospective Review Analysis of the Situation in Morocco during 1990 to 2010? ZCL, ZVL
12  2020 Human immune response to Phlebotomus sergenti salivary gland antigens in a leishmaniasis-endemic focus in Iran. ---
13  2020 The potential role of nicotinamide on Leishmania tropica: An assessment of inhibitory effect, cytokines gene expression and arginase profiling. ARG, NAM
14  2019 Biodiversity, Leishmania genetic typing and host identification of phlebotomine species in endemic foci of southeastern Iran. CL, Di, Dt, Jt, Md, Rd, VL
15  2019 Host's immune response in unresponsive and responsive patients with anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis treated by meglumine antimoniate: A case-control study of Th1 and Th2 pathways. PBMCs
16  2019 Modelling and evaluating the risk of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in selected areas of Kerman Province, south of Iran. CDC, CL, ZCL
17  2019 Review of Leishmaniasis in the Middle East and North Africa. AVL, MENA, ZCL, ZVL
18  2019 Salvage therapy with Sodium chlorosum (formerly DAC N-055) for cases of refractory lupoid cutaneous leishmaniasis: results from a compassionate use study with 0.09% Sodium chlorosum in amphiphilic basic cream. LCL, OWCL
19  2018 Differential expression of TLRs 2, 4, 9, iNOS and TNF-alpha and arginase activity in peripheral blood monocytes from glucantime unresponsive and responsive patients with anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania tropica. ARG, TLRs
20  2018 Epidemiology and Control of Leishmaniasis in the Former USSR: A Review Article. VL, ZCL
21  2018 Gene expression analysis of antimony resistance in Leishmania tropica using quantitative real-time PCR focused on genes involved in trypanothione metabolism and drug transport. ---
22  2018 Leishmania tropica isolates from non-healed and healed patients in Iran: A molecular typing and phylogenetic analysis. ---
23  2018 Population Structure of Leishmania tropica Causing Anthroponotic Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Southern Iran by PCR-RFLP of Kinetoplastid DNA. CL, kDNA, PCR-RFLP, UPGMA
24  2018 The PCR-RFLP-Based Detection and Identification of the Leishmania Species Causing Human Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in the Khorasan-Razavi Province, Northeast of Iran. ZCL
25  2018 Unresponsiveness to meglumine antimoniate in anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis field isolates: analysis of resistance biomarkers by gene expression profiling. AQP1, gamma-GCS, MRPA, TDR1, TR
26  2017 Distribution pattern of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania tropica in Western Afghanistan during 2013-2014. CL, DEM
27  2017 Investigation of the spatial distribution of sandfly species and cutaneous leishmaniasis risk factors by using geographical information system technologies in Karaisali district of Adana province, Turkey. EMIS31, EVI, ZCL
28  2017 Susceptibility status of wild population of Phlebotomus sergenti (Diptera: Psychodidae) to different imagicides in a endemic focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis in northeast of Iran. CL, VL
29  2015 Identification of Leishmania species by kinetoplast DNA-polymerase chain reaction for the first time in Khaf district, Khorasan-e-Razavi province, Iran. CL, PCR, ZCL
30  2013 Effect of large-scale installation of deltamethrin-impregnated screens and curtains in Bam, a major focus of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Iran. ---
31  2013 Identification of antimony resistance markers in Leishmania tropica field isolates through a cDNA-AFLP approach. ABC, MAPK, PGK, PTP
32  2013 Investigation of Double-Band Electrophoretic Pattern of ITS-rDNA Region in Iranian Isolates of Leishmania tropica. ITS
33  2012 Bacterial superinfection in zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis. ZCL
34  2011 An overview of a diagnostic and epidemiologic reappraisal of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Iran. CL, ZCL
35  2011 Cutaneous leishmaniasis in bam: a comparative evaluation of pre- and post-earthquake years (1999-2008). PCR
36  2011 Emergence of a new focus of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis due to Leishmania tropica in rural communities of Bam district after the earthquake, Iran. PCR
37  2011 Susceptibility Status of Phlebotomus papatasi and P. sergenti (Diptera: Psychodidae) to DDT and Deltamethrin in a Focus of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis after Earthquake Strike in Bam, Iran. CL, ZCL
38  2010 Risk factors for anthroponotic cutaneous Leishmaniasis at the household level in Kabul, Afghanistan. ---
39  2009 Aspects of the bionomics of Phlebotomus sergenti sandflies from an endemic area of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Aleppo Governorate, Syria. ---
40  2009 Immune response to Leishmania antigen in anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis. IL, PBMC
41  2009 In vitro activity of Arbutus unedo against Leishmania tropica promastigotes. ---
42  2008 Identification of Leishmania parasites in clinical samples obtained from cutaneous leishmaniasis patients using PCR-RFLP technique in endemic region, Sanliurfa province, in Turkey. PCR-RFLP
43  2007 Deltamethrin-impregnated bed nets and curtains in an anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis control program in northeastern Iran. IBs, NIBs
44  2007 Differences in transmission seasons as an epidemiological tool for characterization of anthroponotic and zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in northern Afghanistan. ZCL
45  2007 Efficacy of local heat therapy by radiofrequency in the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis, compared with intralesional injection of meglumine antimoniate. CL, RF
46  2007 Serodiagnosis of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis (ACL) caused by Leishmania tropica in Sanliurfa Province, Turkey, where ACL Is highly endemic. ELISA, VL
47  2007 Zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis outbreak in Mazar-e Sharif, northern Afghanistan: an epidemiological evaluation. ISAF, VL, ZCL
48  2006 A double blind, randomised placebo controlled trial of rifampicin with omeprazole in the treatment of human cutaneous leishmaniasis. LT
49  2006 Insecticide-treated bednets to prevent anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Aleppo Governorate, Syria: results from two trials. ITNs
50  2004 Epidemiology of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Afghan refugee camps in northwest Pakistan. ---
51  2004 Subsidized sales of insecticide-treated nets in Afghan refugee camps demonstrate the feasibility of a transition from humanitarian aid towards sustainability. IRS, ITNs, KAP
52  2003 A woman and her son with abnormal complicated anthrponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis. ---
53  2003 The prolonged epidemic of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Kabul, Afghanistan: 'bringing down the neighbourhood'. OR
54  2000 A randomized controlled trial of insecticide-treated bednets and chaddars or top sheets, and residual spraying of interior rooms for the prevention of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Kabul, Afghanistan. ITNs
55  1998 Anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Kabul, Afghanistan: vertical distribution of cases in apartment blocks. ---
56  1998 Serodiagnosis and epidemiology of visceral leishmaniasis in Turkey. IVL
57  1989 [The activization of an Ashkhabad focus of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis]. ---
58  1988 [Clinico-epidemiologic forms of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Tunisia]. SCL, ZCL