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Abbreviation : AD
Long Form : adenosine deaminase
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 ADAD1 and ADAD2, testis-specific adenosine deaminase domain-containing proteins, are required for male fertility. ---
2017 [Metabolic effects of combined introduction of adrenalin and blocker of methanoprolol beta-adrenophyleters]. AMPD, CD, GPO, GR
2016 Serum adenosine deaminase, catalase, and carbonic anhydrase activities in patients with renal cell carcinoma. CA, CAT, RCC
2016 The RNA-editing deaminase ADAR is involved in stress resistance of Artemia diapause embryos. ADAR, Ar-ADAR, dsRBMs, NLS
2016 [Features of influence adenosine, AMP and hyperadrenalinemiya on the immune status, metabolic enzymes of purine nucleotides and the antioxidant defense system]. AMPD, CD, GPx, GR, LMIR, MDA
2015 [Glutathione redox system, immune status, antioxidant enzymes and metabolism of purine nucleotides in hypothyroidism]. AMPD, GPx, GR, SOD
2013 The role of oxidants and reactive nitrogen species in irritable bowel syndrome: a potential etiological explanation. CAT, GSH-Px, MDA, NO, SOD, XO
2012 Plasma adenosine deaminase isoform 2 in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. AD1, AD2
2012 Protective effect of ellagic acid and pumpkin seed oil against methotrexate-induced small intestine damage in rats. EA, MDA, MPO, MTX, NO, PGE2, PSO, XO
10  2010 Direct and indirect effects of kisspeptin on liver oxidant and antioxidant systems in young male rats. AST, BUN, HDL, SOD, TAC, TOS, XO
11  2009 Coherent activation of DNA tweezers: a "SET-RESET" logic system. AMP
12  2009 [Antibodies to enzymes of purine metabolism as a factor of gastrointestinal tract lesions in systemic scleroderma]. GDA, SS
13  2008 Low salt intake increases adenosine type 1 receptor expression and function in the rat proximal tubule. A1-AR, HS, LA, PT
14  2007 Oxidative stress in prefrontal cortex of rat exposed to MK-801 and protective effects of CAPE. CAT, GSH-Px, MDA, NO, PC, PFC, SOD, XO
15  2007 Purine catabolic enzymes and nitric oxide in patients with recurrent aphthous ulceration. MDA, NO, RAU, UA, XO
16  2006 Protective effects of caffeic acid phenethyl ester on skeletal muscle ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats. CAPE, CPK, I/R, MPO, PC, ROS, XO
17  2006 The effects of ginkgo biloba extract on tissue adenosine deaminase, xanthine oxidase, myeloperoxidase, malondialdehyde, and nitric oxide in cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity. ARF, i.p, MDA, MPO, MTP, NO, XO
18  2006 The protective effects of omega-3 fatty acids against MK-801-induced neurotoxicity in prefrontal cortex of rat. CAT, EFA, GSH-Px, MDA, NO, PC, PFC, SOD, XO
19  2006 The relationship between serum total sialic acid levels and adenosine deaminase activity in obesity. TSA
20  2005 The activities of liver adenosine deaminase, xanthine oxidase, catalase, superoxide dismutase enzymes and the levels of malondialdehyde and nitric oxide after cisplatin toxicity in rats: protective effect of caffeic acid phenethyl ester. CAPE, CAT, MDA, NO, SOD, XO
21  2004 Dissociated histaminergic neuron cultures from the tuberomammillary nucleus of rats: culture methods and ghrelin effects. TMN
22  2004 In vivo evidence suggesting a role for purine-catabolizing enzymes in the pathogenesis of cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats and effect of erdosteine against this toxicity. BUN, XO
23  2003 Adenosine deaminase and xanthine oxidase activities in bladder washing fluid from patients with bladder cancer: a preliminary study. BWF, XO
24  2003 Adenosine deaminase enzyme activity is increased and negatively correlates with catalase, superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase in patients with Behcet's disease: original contributions/clinical and laboratory investigations. BD, GSH-Px, RBC, SOD, TBARS
25  2003 Adenosine in the spinal cord and periphery: release and regulation of pain. 5-HT, AK, ATP, CNS, NA, NMDA
26  2002 The activities of serum adenosine deaminase and xanthine oxidase enzymes in Behcet's disease. BD, XO
27  2000 Evidence for control of adenosine metabolism in rat oxidative skeletal muscle by changes in pH. AK, PT
28  1998 Enhanced expression of G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 selectively increases the sensitivity of A2A adenosine receptors to agonist-induced desensitization. GPCR, GRK2, GRKs
29  1995 Validation of the determination of the activity of adenosine deaminase in the body effusions of cats. FIP
30  1995 [Opposite effect of p53 on nucleotide metabolizing enzyme activity in Rat1 cells and their sublines, transformed by N-RAS or v-mos oncogenes]. HPRT, WT
31  1992 Decrease in cold tolerance of aged rats caused by the enhanced endogenous adenosine activity. ---
32  1991 Twenty-four-hour changes of S-adenosylmethionine, S-adenosylhomocysteine adenosine and their metabolizing enzymes in rat liver; possible physiological significance in phospholipid methylation. AK, PC, PE, SAH, SAHH, SAM
33  1988 Effect of age and day time on the adenosine modulation of basal and insulin-stimulated glucose transport in rat adipocytes. AK
34  1986 [Biochemical and functional characteristics of thymus and spleen lymphocytes in C3HA mice during the growth of hepatoma 22 and after immunization with sheep erythrocytes]. PNP