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Abbreviation : AMA1
Long Form : apical membrane antigen 1
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2023 Immunodominant T cell peptides from four candidate malarial antigens as biomarkers of protective immunity against malaria. CelTOS, CSP, PBMCs, TRAP
2023 The Effects of HIV Infection on the Immune Response to Malaria Among Pregnant Women in Kumba, Southwest Cameroon: Protocol for a Cross-sectional Study. EBA, IFNgamma, Ig, IL, IRRID, ML, MSP, PCR, RDTs, SWR, TNF-alpha
2022 A prime-boost combination of a three-protein cocktail and multiepitopic MVA as a vaccine against Babesia bigemina elicits neutralizing antibodies and a Th1 cellular immune response in mice. RAP-1, TRAP-1
2022 Characterization of internal transcribed spacer-1 and apical membrane antigen-1 sequences provides insights into the genetic diversity of Eimeria tenella strains. ITS1, ML, MP, SNPs
2022 Immunization of Cattle With Recombinant Structural Ectodomains I and II of Babesia bovis Apical Membrane Antigen 1 [BbAMA-1(I/II)] Induces Strong Th1 Immune Response. BbAMA-1, IFN, Ig, IL, iNOS, TNF
2022 In silico structural modeling and quality assessment of Plasmodium knowlesi apical membrane antigen 1 using comparative protein models. mPkAMA1, PDB, PkAMA1, RMSD
2022 Influenza virus-like particle vaccine containing both apical membrane antigen 1 and microneme-associated antigen proteins of Plasmodium berghei confers protection in mice. ILN, MIC
2022 Preliminary evaluation of the protective effects of recombinant AMA1 and IMP1 against Eimeria stiedae infection in rabbits. IMP1
2022 Protective Immunity Induced by Immunization with Baculovirus, Virus-like Particle, and Vaccinia Virus Expressing the AMA1 of Plasmodium berghei. rBV, rVV, VLP
10  2022 Recombinant Vaccinia Virus Expressing Plasmodium berghei Apical Membrane Antigen 1 or Microneme Protein Enhances Protection against P. berghei Infection in Mice. MIC, rVV
11  2022 The AMA1-RON complex drives Plasmodium sporozoite invasion in the mosquito and mammalian hosts. RONs
12  2021 A bivalent vaccine against avian necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis. NE, RON2
13  2021 A universal ELISA assay for detecting six strains of ovine Babesia species in China. ---
14  2021 Antibodies from malaria-exposed Malians generally interact additively or synergistically with human vaccine-induced RH5 antibodies. GIA, IgGs, RH5
15  2021 Bioinformatics characterization of Plasmodium knowlesi apical membrane antigen 1 (PkAMA1) for multi-epitope vaccine design. DI, MHC, PkAMA1, PkAMA1
16  2021 cAMP-dependent protein kinase regulates secretion of apical membrane antigen 1 (AMA1) in Plasmodium yoelii. iKO
17  2021 Characterization of AMA1-RON2L complex with native gel electrophoresis and capillary isoelectric focusing. CIEF, Pf, RBCs, RON2
18  2021 Comparative analysis of the ex vivo IFN-gamma responses to CD8+ T cell epitopes within allelic forms of PfAMA1 in subjects with natural exposure to malaria. HLA
19  2021 Efficient refolding and functional characterization of PfAMA1(DI+DII) expressed in E. coli. ITC, MJ, RON2, SPR
20  2021 Sequence Analysis of Pvama-1 among Plasmodium Vivax Isolates in Sistan-Baluchistan. AA
21  2021 Structural and immunological characterization of an epitope within the PAN motif of ectodomain I in Babesia bovis apical membrane antigen 1 for vaccine development. B. bovis, BbAMA-1, P. falciparum, PAN
22  2020 A processing product of the Plasmodium falciparum reticulocyte binding protein RH1 shows a close association with AMA1 during junction formation. mAbs, PfRhs
23  2020 Bliss' and Loewe's additive and synergistic effects in Plasmodium falciparum growth inhibition by AMA1-RON2L, RH5, RIPR and CyRPA antibody combinations. AMA1-RON2L, CyRPA, RH5, RON2
24  2020 Eimeria tenella Eimeria-specific protein that interacts with apical membrane antigen 1 (EtAMA1) is involved in host cell invasion. BiFC, EtAMA1, EtEsp, GST, IFA
25  2020 Further investigation of the characteristics and biological function of Eimeria tenella apical membrane antigen 1. DEPs, EtAMA1, EtESP, EtRON2, iTRAQ
26  2020 Identification and Characterization of a Novel Apical Membrane Antigen 3 in Eimeria tenella. EtAMA1
27  2020 Low genetic diversity and strong immunogenicity within the apical membrane antigen-1 of plasmodium ovale spp. imported from africa to china. ELISA, IFN, PoAMA-1
28  2020 Microarray analyses reveal strain-specific antibody responses to Plasmodium falciparum apical membrane antigen 1 variants following natural infection and vaccination. ---
29  2020 Plasmodium vivax AMA1: Implications of distinct haplotypes for immune response. ---
30  2020 Targeted repression of Plasmodium apicortin by host microRNA impairs malaria parasite growth and invasion. miRNAs
31  2020 Toxoplasma gondii Recombinant antigen AMA1: Diagnostic Utility of Protein Fragments for the Detection of IgG and IgM Antibodies. ELISAs
32  2020 Virus-like particle vaccine displaying Toxoplasma gondii apical membrane antigen 1 induces protection against T. gondii ME49 infection in mice. VLPs
33  2019 Analysis of serological data to investigate heterogeneity of malaria transmission: a community-based cross-sectional study in an area conducting elimination in Indonesia. ELISA, LLIN, SCR
34  2019 Cyclic AMP signalling controls key components of malaria parasite host cell invasion machinery. ACbeta, cAMP, PfEpac, PKA
35  2019 Harmonization study between three laboratories for expression of malaria vaccine clinical trial IgG antibody ELISA data in g/mL. AU, CF
36  2019 HIV infection drives IgM and IgG3 subclass bias in Plasmodium falciparum-specific and total immunoglobulin concentration in Western Kenya. CRP, GLURP-R0, VL
37  2019 Identification of conserved peptides containing B-cell epitopes of Babesia bovis AMA-1 and their potential as diagnostics candidates. ---
38  2019 Identification of the Binding Site of Apical Membrane Antigen 1 (AMA1) Inhibitors Using a Paramagnetic Probe. PRE
39  2019 Immunoglobulin G subclass and antibody avidity responses in Malian children immunized with Plasmodium falciparum apical membrane antigen 1 vaccine candidate FMP2.1/AS02A. IgG
40  2019 Limited genetic variability of Cytauxzoon felis apical membrane antigen-1 (ama1) from domestic cats and bobcats. ITS, SNP
41  2019 Multiplex serology demonstrate cumulative prevalence and spatial distribution of malaria in Ethiopia. CI, DBS, MSP-1, RDTs
42  2019 Population structure of avian malaria parasites. ---
43  2019 Protection induced by malaria virus-like particles containing codon-optimized AMA-1 of Plasmodium berghei. VLP
44  2019 RON2, a novel gene in Babesia bigemina, contains conserved, immunodominant B-cell epitopes that induce antibodies that block merozoite invasion. RON2
45  2019 Sero-identification of the aetiologies of human malaria exposure (Plasmodium spp.) in the Limu Kossa District of Jimma Zone, South western Ethiopia. CSP, DBS, LSA1, MSP-1
46  2019 Serologic responses to the PfEMP1 DBL-CIDR head structure may be a better indicator of malaria exposure than those to the DBL-alpha tag. CIDR, DBL-alpha, PfEMP1
47  2019 Serological evidence for a decline in malaria transmission following major scale-up of control efforts in a setting selected for Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum malaria elimination in Babile district, Oromia, Ethiopia. nPCR
48  2019 Structure of Rhoptry Neck Protein 2 is essential for the interaction in vitro with Apical Membrane Antigen 1 in Plasmodium vivax. ITC, MJs, PvAMA1, RONs, SAXS, SPR
49  2019 Toxoplasma gondii Tetravalent Chimeric Proteins as Novel Antigens for Detection of Specific Immunoglobulin G in Sera of Small Ruminants. ELISA, ROP1, SAG2, TLA
50  2018 Antibody responses to P. falciparum Apical Membrane Antigen 1(AMA-1) in relation to haemoglobin S (HbS), HbC, G6PD and ABO blood groups among Fulani and Masaleit living in Western Sudan. ELISA, G6PD, Hb, HbS
51  2018 Construction of an Adenovirus Vaccine Expressing the Cross-reactive Antigen AMA1 for Neospora caninum and Toxoplasma gondii and Its Immune Response in an Animal Model. ---
52  2018 De novo transcriptome assembly and preliminary analyses of two avian malaria parasites, Plasmodium delichoni and Plasmodium homocircumflexum. MSP-1
53  2018 Down selecting adjuvanted vaccine formulations: a comparative method for harmonized evaluation. Ag85A, HBsAg
54  2018 Genetic diversity of three surface protein genes in Plasmodium malariae from three Asian countries. HD, PCR, pi, TRAP
55  2018 High Level of Specific Anti-Plasmodium Falciparum Merozoite IgG1 Antibodies in Rural Asymptomatic Individuals of Dienga, South-Eastern Gabon. PfMAgs, RH5
56  2018 Histopathological changes and oxidative damage in hepatic tissue of rats experimentally infected with Babesia bigemina. CAT, LDH, MDA, NOx, PCO, TAC
57  2018 Host genetic polymorphisms and serological response against malaria in a selected population in Sri Lanka. MSP1-19
58  2018 Plasmodium RON12 localizes to the rhoptry body in sporozoites. RON
59  2018 Receptor-ligand and parasite protein-protein interactions in Plasmodium vivax: Analysing rhoptry neck proteins 2 and 4. ---
60  2018 Recombinant lactococcus lactis expressing Eimeria tenella AMA1 protein and its immunological effects against homologous challenge. BWG
61  2018 Unraveling Haplotype Diversity of the Apical Membrane Antigen-1 Gene in Plasmodium falciparum Populations in Thailand. GMS
62  2017 A Plasmodium vivax Plasmid DNA- and Adenovirus-Vectored Malaria Vaccine Encoding Blood-Stage Antigens AMA1 and MSP142 in a Prime/Boost Heterologous Immunization Regimen Partially Protects Aotus Monkeys against Blood-Stage Challenge. Ad
63  2017 Analysis of polymorphisms and selective pressures on ama1 gene in Plasmodium knowlesi isolates from Sabah, Malaysia. ---
64  2017 Avidity of anti-malarial antibodies inversely related to transmission intensity at three sites in Uganda. GuHCl, MSP1-19
65  2017 Cross-reactivity between apical membrane antgen 1 and rhoptry neck protein 2 in P. vivax and P. falciparum: A structural and binding study. PfAMA1, RON
66  2017 EDiP: the Epitope Dilution Phenomenon. Lessons learnt from a malaria vaccine antigen and its applicability to polymorphic antigens. EDiP
67  2017 Generation, characterization and immunogenicity of a novel chimeric recombinant protein based on Plasmodium vivax AMA-1 and MSP119. MSP-1
68  2017 Heterologous expression of Plasmodium vivax apical membrane antigen 1 (PvAMA1) for binding peptide selection. PvAMA1, rPvAMA1
69  2017 Low levels of genetic diversity associated with evidence of negative selection on the Babesia bovis apical membrane antigen 1 from parasite populations in Thailand. BbAMA-1
70  2017 Maternal Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Associated Hypergammaglobulinemia Reduces Transplacental Transfer of Immunoglobulin G to Plasmodium falciparum Antigens in Cameroonian Neonates. CMRs, CSP, IgG, MSP-1, OR, TTc
71  2017 Recombinant anticoccidial vaccines - a cup half full? IMP1
72  2017 Strain-specific Plasmodium falciparum growth inhibition among Malian children immunized with a blood-stage malaria vaccine. GIA
73  2017 The establishment of a WHO Reference Reagent for anti-malaria (Plasmodium falciparum) human serum. ECBS, ELISA, WHO
74  2017 The shape of the iceberg: quantification of submicroscopic Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax parasitaemia and gametocytaemia in five low endemic settings in Ethiopia. qPCR
75  2017 Variation in the immune responses against Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein-1 and apical membrane antigen-1 in children residing in the different epidemiological strata of malaria in Cameroon. HIP, HWP, SCEF, SS
76  2016 A novel approach to identifying patterns of human invasion-inhibitory antibodies guides the design of malaria vaccines incorporating polymorphic antigens. ELISA
77  2016 A promising new ELISA diagnostic test for cattle babesiosis based on Babesia bigemina Apical Membrane Antigen-1. ---
78  2016 Analysis of the immune response of a new malaria vaccine based on the modification of cryptic epitopes. CTLs, MHC, TCR
79  2016 Antimalarial drug discovery targeting apical membrane antigen 1. ---
80  2016 Characterization of a novel inhibitory human monoclonal antibody directed against Plasmodium falciparum Apical Membrane Antigen 1. humAbAMA1, RON2
81  2016 Demonstration of the Blood-Stage Plasmodium falciparum Controlled Human Malaria Infection Model to Assess Efficacy of the P. falciparum Apical Membrane Antigen 1 Vaccine, FMP2.1/AS01. AS01, CHMI, PCR, PMR
82  2016 Effect of recombinant malarial antigen on monocyte functionality. MSP7, NBT, WARP
83  2016 Evaluation of Immunoglobulin G Responses to Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax in Malian School Children Using Multiplex Bead Assay. MBA
84  2016 Evidence for spleen dysfunction in malaria-HIV co-infection in a subset of pediatric patients. pLDH, qRT-PCR
85  2016 Hierarchical phosphorylation of apical membrane antigen 1 is required for efficient red blood cell invasion by malaria parasites. CPD, GSK-3, PKA
86  2016 Measurement of ex vivo ELISpot interferon-gamma recall responses to Plasmodium falciparum AMA1 and CSP in Ghanaian adults with natural exposure to malaria. CSP, HLA, PBMCs
87  2016 Molecular cloning, characterization and antigenicity of Babesia sp. BQ1 (Lintan) (Babesia cf. motasi) apical membrane antigen-1 (AMA-1). ORF
88  2016 Multilevel Precision-Based Rational Design of Chemical Inhibitors Targeting the Hydrophobic Cleft of Toxoplasma gondii Apical Membrane Antigen 1 (AMA1). MJ, RON2
89  2016 Not a Simple Tether: Binding of Toxoplasma gondii AMA1 to RON2 during Invasion Protects AMA1 from Rhomboid-Mediated Cleavage and Leads to Dephosphorylation of Its Cytosolic Tail. TgAMA1
90  2016 Screening and characterization of apical membrane antigen 1 interacting proteins in Eimeria tenella. EtMIC2
91  2016 Seroprevalence of Antibodies against Plasmodium falciparum Sporozoite Antigens as Predictive Disease Transmission Markers in an Area of Ghana with Seasonal Malaria Transmission. CelTOS, CSP
92  2016 Stability of the Plasmodium falciparum AMA1-RON2 Complex Is Governed by the Domain II (DII) Loop. DII, MJ, RON
93  2016 Strain-specific Plasmodium falciparum multifunctional CD4(+) T cell cytokine expression in Malian children immunized with the FMP2.1/AS02A vaccine candidate. c1L, c3D7, PBMCs, Pf
94  2016 Structure-Activity Studies of beta-Hairpin Peptide Inhibitors of the Plasmodium falciparum AMA1-RON2 Interaction. RON2
95  2016 The Binding of Plasmodium falciparum Adhesins and Erythrocyte Invasion Proteins to Aldolase Is Enhanced by Phosphorylation. CDPK1, CTD, EBL, MTRAP, RH, TRAP
96  2015 alpha-Thalassaemia trait is associated with antibody prevalence against malaria antigens AMA-1 and MSP-1. CI, OR
97  2015 AMA1-deficient Toxoplasma gondii parasites transiently colonize mice and trigger an innate immune response that leads to long-lasting protective immunity. ---
98  2015 An Extended Surface Loop on Toxoplasma gondii Apical Membrane Antigen 1 (AMA1) Governs Ligand Binding Selectivity. AMAs, EtRON2, RON2
99  2015 Attenuation of Plasmodium falciparum in vitro drug resistance phenotype following culture adaptation compared to fresh clinical isolates in Cambodia. CCA, GLURP, HRP-2, IEV, MSP-1, PfMDR1
100  2015 Babesia divergens apical membrane antigen-1 (BdAMA-1): A poorly polymorphic protein that induces a weak and late immune response. BdAMA-1