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Abbreviation : AMD
Long Form : acid mine drainage
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A first evaluation of water resource conditions after an environmental reclamation effort at a former degraded coal mining area in Southern Brazil. ---
2021 A Multidisciplinary Approach for the Assessment of Origin, Fate and Ecotoxicity of Metal(loid)s from Legacy Coal Mine Tailings. loid
2021 A novel arsenic immobilization strategy via a two-step process: Arsenic concentration from dilute solution using schwertmannite and immobilization in Ca-Fe-AsO4 compounds. TSFs
2021 A novel method based on membrane distillation for treating acid mine drainage: Recovery of water and utilization of iron. DCMD, MB, PAMD
2021 Acid mine drainage and sewage impacted groundwater treatment by membrane distillation: Organic micropollutant and metal removal and membrane fouling. DCMD, PS
2021 Acid mine drainage potential of waste rocks in a gold mine (Thailand): application of a weathering cell test and multivariate statistical analysis. ---
2021 Addition of organic acids to acid mine drainage polluted wetland sediment leads to microbial community structure and functional changes and improved water quality. ---
2021 Advantageous microbial community development and improved performance of pilot-scale field systems treating high-risk acid mine drainage with crab shell. CS, qPCR, SMC, VFPs
2021 Application of a Fuzzy Logic Based Methodology to Validate the Hydrochemical Characterization and Determining Seasonal Influence of a Watershed Affected by Acid Mine Drainage. IPB
10  2021 Before-After Control-Impact field surveys and novel experimental approaches provide valuable insights for characterizing stream recovery from acid mine drainage. BACI, NCCWTP, NFCC
11  2021 Biochar-templated surface precipitation and inner-sphere complexation effectively removes arsenic from acid mine drainage. BC
12  2021 Characteristics and Environmental Response of White Secondary Mineral Precipitate in the Acid Mine Drainage From Jinduicheng Mine, Shaanxi, China. FT-IR, ICP-AES, SEM-EDS, XPS
13  2021 Co-treatment of acid mine drainage and municipal wastewater effluents: Emphasis on the fate and partitioning of chemical contaminants. MWW
14  2021 Combined effect of silver ion and pyrite on AMD formation generated by chalcopyrite bio-dissolution. ---
15  2021 Data on physico-chemical characteristics and elemental composition of gray forest soils (Greyzemic Phaeozems) in natural-technogenic landscapes of Moscow brown coal basin. EC, HPLC
16  2021 Differential protein abundance of vetiver grass in response to acid mine drainage. ---
17  2021 Effect of carbon source and metal toxicity for potential acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment with an anaerobic sludge using sulfate-reduction. SGA, SMA
18  2021 Effect of Silica Sodalite Functionalization and PVA Coating on Performance of Sodalite Infused PSF Membrane during Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage. AFM, fSSOD, Psf, SEM, SSOD, TGA
19  2021 Effect of various ligands on the selective precipitation of critical and rare earth elements from acid mine drainage. REEs
20  2021 Effective removal of arsenate from wastewater using aluminium enriched ferric oxide-hydroxide recovered from authentic acid mine drainage. OFAAT
21  2021 Effects of long-term discharge of acid mine drainage from abandoned coal mines on soil microorganisms: microbial community structure, interaction patterns, and metabolic functions. ---
22  2021 Enhanced Rare Earth Element Mobilization in a Mountain Watershed of the Colorado Mineral Belt with Concomitant Detection in Aquatic Biota: Increasing Climate Change-Driven Degradation to Water Quality. ARD, REEs
23  2021 Fabrication of aluminum beads derived from selectively recovered Al-rich precipitates and their application into defluoridation. SP
24  2021 Fungal and metabolome diversity of the rhizosphere and endosphere of Phragmites australis in an AMD-polluted environment. CCA, NMDS
25  2021 Genome-Wide Association Study of Natural Variation in Arabidopsis Exposed to Acid Mine Drainage Toxicity and Validation of Associated Genes with Reverse Genetics. GWAS
26  2021 Geochemical distribution and speciation of thallium in groundwater impacted by acid mine drainage (Southern China). Tl
27  2021 History of environmental contamination at Sunny Corner Ag-Pb-Zn mine, eastern Australia: A meta-analysis approach. ---
28  2021 Immobilization of heavy metal(loid)s in acid paddy soil by soil replacement-biochar amendment technology under normal wet condition. BC, DOC, SWC
29  2021 Implication of biofilms in the sustainability of acid mine drainage and metal dispersion near coal tailings. EFC
30  2021 Indicator species drive the key ecological functions of microbiota in a river impacted by acid mine drainage generated by rare earth elements mining in South China. REEs
31  2021 Long-term operation of a permeable reactive barrier with diffusive exchange. ---
32  2021 Mechanisms of Cr(VI) adsorption on schwertmannite under environmental disturbance: Changes in surface complex structures. ATR-FTIR, MCR-ALS, XPS
33  2021 Metagenome-Assembled Genomes of Novel Taxa from an Acid Mine Drainage Environment. ---
34  2021 Mobile genetic elements mediate the mixotrophic evolution of novel Alicyclobacillus species for acid mine drainage adaptation. GI, ICE, IS, MGEs
35  2021 Odiel River (SW Spain), a Singular Scenario Affected by Acid Mine Drainage (AMD): Graphical and Statistical Models to Assess Diatoms and Water Hydrogeochemistry Interactions. IPB
36  2021 Optimisation of the operational parameters for a comprehensive bioelectrochemical treatment of acid mine drainage. SRR
37  2021 Physiological, Genomic and Transcriptomic Analyses Reveal the Adaptation Mechanisms of Acidiella bohemica to Extreme Acid Mine Drainage Environments. ---
38  2021 Phytostabilization of Phosphate Mine Wastes Used as a Store-and-Release Cover to Control Acid Mine Drainage in a Semiarid Climate. ---
39  2021 Pollution Characteristics and Risk Assessment of Potential Toxic Elements in a Tin-polymetallic Mine Area Southwest China: Environmental Implications by Multi-Medium Analysis. ---
40  2021 Response of soil protozoa to acid mine drainage in a contaminated terrace. ---
41  2021 Role of secondary minerals in the acid generating potential of weathered mine tailings: Crystal-chemistry characterization and closed mine site management involvement. ICP-AES, MLA, TSF, XANES, XRD, XRF
42  2021 Simulated acid mine drainage treatment in iron oxidizing ceramic membrane bioreactor with subsequent co-precipitation of iron and arsenic. CMBR, HRTs, TSB
43  2021 Sorption of arsenate(Ⅴ) to naturally occurring secondary iron minerals formed at different conditions: The relationship between sorption behavior and surface structure. SIMs
44  2021 Spatial and temporal variations of Cu and Cd mobility and their controlling factors in pore water of contaminated paddy soil under acid mine drainage: A laboratory column study. ---
45  2021 Spatial variation in the amino acid profile of four macroinvertebrate taxa along a highly polluted river. AA
46  2021 Sulfate and metal removal from acid mine drainage using sugarcane vinasse as electron donor: Performance and microbial community of the down-flow structured-bed bioreactor. DFSBR, SRB
47  2021 Sulfate migration and transformation characteristics in paddy soil profile affected by acid mine drainage. ---
48  2021 Suppression of arsenopyrite oxidation by microencapsulation using ferric-catecholate complexes and phosphate. LSV, PCDs, TSF
49  2021 Synthesis and application of cationised cellulose for removal of Cr(VI) from acid mine-drainage contaminated water. CHPTAC, FTIR, GTMAC, NMR
50  2021 The role of iron in the rare earth elements and uranium scavenging by Fe-Al-precipitates in acid mine drainage. Al, REE
51  2021 The Stratified Distribution of Dissolved Organic Matter in an AMD Lake Revealed by Multi-sample Evaluation Procedure. DOM, FT-ICR MS
52  2021 Thermoplasmata and Nitrososphaeria as dominant archaeal members in acid mine drainage sediment of Malanjkhand Copper Project, India. ---
53  2021 Vertical environmental gradient drives prokaryotic microbial community assembly and species coexistence in a stratified acid mine drainage lake. ---
54  2020 A combined abiotic oxidation-precipitation process for rapid As removal from high-As(III)-Mn(II) acid mine drainage and low As-leaching solid products. ---
55  2020 A hydro-thermal-geochemical modeling framework to simulate reactive transport in a waste coal area under amended and non-amended conditions. AC, BR, CR
56  2020 A novel approach for treating acid mine drainage through forming schwertmannite driven by a mixed culture of Acidiphilium multivorum and Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans prior to lime neutralization. ---
57  2020 A novel biofilm bioreactor derived from a consortium of acidophilic arsenite-oxidizing bacteria for the cleaning up of arsenite from acid mine drainage. ---
58  2020 Acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment by neutralization: Evaluation of physical-chemical performance and ecotoxicological effects on zebrafish (Danio rerio) development. ---
59  2020 Acid Mine Drainage as Energizing Microbial Niches for the Formation of Iron Stromatolites: The Tintillo River in Southwest Spain. ---
60  2020 Acid mine drainage formation and arsenic mobility under strongly acidic conditions: Importance of soluble phases, iron oxyhydroxides/oxides and nature of oxidation layer on pyrite. ---
61  2020 Acid Mine Drainage Remediation: Aluminum Chelation Using Functional Graphenic Materials. FGMs
62  2020 Acid mine drainage treatment using zero-valent iron nanoparticles in biochemical passive reactors. AFM, BPRs, SRB, TEM
63  2020 Acid mine drainage treatment with novel high-capacity bio-based anion exchanger. ---
64  2020 Acid-adapted microalgae exhibit phenotypic changes for their survival in acid mine drainage samples. ---
65  2020 Acidity and metallic elements release from AMD-affected river sediments: Effect of AMD standstill and dilution. ---
66  2020 Activating CaCO3 to enhance lead removal from lead-zinc solution to serve as green technology for the purification of mine tailings. ---
67  2020 Anaerobic co-digestion of landfill leachate and acid mine drainage using up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor. COD, HRT, UASB
68  2020 Anthropogenic Effects of Coal Mining on Ecological Resources of the Central Indus Basin, Pakistan. EDA, NSDWQ, PTE, SQGs, WHO, WWF
69  2020 Arsenic behavior during gallic acid-induced redox transformation of jarosite under acidic conditions. GA, NOM
70  2020 Arsenic oxidation and immobilization in acid mine drainage in karst areas. ---
71  2020 Assessing local acid mine drainage impacts on natural regeneration-revegetation of São Domingos mine (Portugal) using a mineralogical, biochemical and textural approach. ---
72  2020 Assessment of the leaching potential of flotation tailings from rare earth mineral extraction in cold climates. REEs
73  2020 Attenuation of organics contamination in polymers processing effluent using iron-based sludge: process optimization and oxidation mechanism. RSM
74  2020 Bacterial response to sharp geochemical gradients caused by acid mine drainage intrusion in a terrace: Relevance of C, N, and S cycling and metal resistance. DNRA, RF
75  2020 Bioleaching of pyritic coal wastes: bioprospecting and efficiency of selected consortia. ---
76  2020 Biological treatment removal of rare earth elements and yttrium (REY) and metals from actual acid mine drainage. COD, DFSBR, REY
77  2020 Biosulfidogenesis Mediates Natural Attenuation in Acidic Mine Pit Lakes. IPB, LZ
78  2020 Carrier-microencapsulation of arsenopyrite using Al-catecholate complex: nature of oxidation products, effects on anodic and cathodic reactions, and coating stability under simulated weathering conditions. CME
79  2020 Characterization and application of an anaerobic, iron and sulfate reducing bacterial culture in enhanced bioremediation of acid mine drainage impacted soil. AIS
80  2020 Characterization and reusability suggestions of the sludge generated from a synthetic acid mine drainage treatment using sodium ferrate (VI). BET
81  2020 Comparative analysis of brewing wastewater and lactate as carbon sources for microbial community treating acid mine drainage in anaerobic MBBR systems. COD, MBBR
82  2020 Competitive Growth of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria with Bioleaching Acidophiles for Bioremediation of Heap Bioleaching Residue. SRB
83  2020 Contrasting seasonal variations of geochemistry and microbial community in two adjacent acid mine drainage lakes in Anhui Province, China. PT, TF
84  2020 Corrigendum to "Acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment by neutralization: Evaluation of physical-chemical performance and ecotoxicological effects on zebrafish (Danio rerio) development" [Chemosphere 253 (2020) 126665]. ---
85  2020 Crab shell amendments enhance the abundance and diversity of key microbial groups in sulfate-reducing columns treating acid mine drainage. CS, qPCR, SMC, SRB
86  2020 Development of a MIP model to maximize NPV and minimize adverse environmental impact-a heuristic approach. ABC, BSWD, MIP, NAF, NPV, PAF
87  2020 Ecotoxicity assessment of a molybdenum mining effluent using acute lethal, oxidative stress, and osmoregulatory endpoints in zebrafish (Danio rerio). Mo
88  2020 Effect of Chitosan's Degree of Deacetylation on the Performance of PES Membrane Infused with Chitosan during AMD Treatment. DD, PES
89  2020 Effect of Fe2+, Mn2+ catalysts on the performance of electro-Fenton degradation of antibiotic ciprofloxacin, and expanding the utilizing of acid mine drainage. CIP, EF, M-GF, TOC
90  2020 Effect of Nitrate Ions on Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans-Mediated Bio-oxidation of Ferrous Ions and Pyrite. A. ferrooxidans LX5
91  2020 Effects of adsorbed phosphate on jarosite reduction by a sulfate reducing bacterium and associated mineralogical transformation. SRB
92  2020 Elemental sulfur-driven sulfidogenic process under highly acidic conditions for sulfate-rich acid mine drainage treatment: Performance and microbial community analysis. SRB
93  2020 Environmental behavior of metal-rich residues from the passive treatment of acid mine drainage. Out, WA
94  2020 Evaluation of Non-Acid-Forming material layering for the prevention of acid mine drainage of pyrite and jarosite. NAF, PAF
95  2020 Experimental research on various slags as a potential adsorbent for the removal of sulfate from acid mine drainage. CSS, FS
96  2020 Fate of oxalic-acid-intervened arsenic during Fe(II)-induced transformation of As(V)-bearing jarosite. ASSs
97  2020 Ferric Uptake Regulator Provides a New Strategy for Acidophile Adaptation to Acidic Ecosystems. AcFur, Fur
98  2020 Genomic data of two Bacillus and two Pseudomonas strains isolated from the acid mine drainage site at Mamut Copper Mine, Ranau, Malaysia. ---
99  2020 Highly efficient removal of aluminum, iron, and manganese ions using Linde type-A zeolite obtained from hazardous waste. CCRD, LTA, MIW
100  2020 Hydraulic conductivity and self-healing performance of Engineered Cementitious Composites exposed to Acid Mine Drainage. ECC, Ht