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Long Form : antioxidant enzymes
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Polymorphism in the Catalase Gene Promoter Confers Protection against Severe RSV Bronchiolitis. Nrf2, RSV, SNPs
2020 Effects of EDTA, citric acid, and tartaric acid application on growth, phytoremediation potential, and antioxidant response of Calendula officinalis L. in a cadmium-spiked calcareous soil. CA, Cd, TA
2019 Evaluation of trace elements associated with antioxidant enzymes in blood of primary epithelial ovarian cancer patients. Cu,Zn-SOD, EOC, ICP/MS, Mn, MnSOD, OS, ROS, Se, SI-II, SIII, Zn
2019 Trolox prevents high glucose-induced apoptosis in rat myocardial H9c2 cells by regulating GLUT-4 and antioxidant defense mechanism. GLUT4, OS, ROS
2018 Protective Role of Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2-Related Factor 2 Against Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Human Metapneumovirus Infections. hMPV, Nrf2, RSV, WT
2018 The role of cytochrome P450 2E1 on ethanol-mediated oxidative stress and HIV replication in human monocyte-derived macrophages. CYP2E1, MDM, ROS
2016 Chronic Effects of Ethanol and/or Darunavir/Ritonavir on U937 Monocytic Cells: Regulation of Cytochrome P450 and Antioxidant Enzymes, Oxidative Stress, and Cytotoxicity. ART, CYP2E1, EtOH, ROS, SOD1
2016 Effect of Polyaryl Hydrocarbons on Cytotoxicity in Monocytic Cells: Potential Role of Cytochromes P450 and Oxidative Stress Pathways. BaP, BeA, BeF, NPH, PAHs, PHE, ROS, SOD1
2016 Epigenetic regulation of redox state mediates persistent cardiorespiratory abnormalities after long-term intermittent hypoxia. AM, BP, CB, IH, LT, OSA, ROS, ST
10  2015 Apigenin-7-glycoside prevents LPS-induced acute lung injury via downregulation of oxidative enzyme expression and protein activation through inhibition of MAPK phosphorylation. BALF, COX-2, HO-1, IkappaB, iNOS, LPS, MAPK, MPO, NF-kappaB, PMN
11  2015 Lobeline improves acute lung injury via nuclear factor-kappaB-signaling pathway and oxidative stress. ALI, MAPKs
12  2015 Respiratory syncytial virus infection down-regulates antioxidant enzyme expression by triggering deacetylation-proteasomal degradation of Nrf2. Nrf2, RSV
13  2015 Selectable marker-free co-expression of Nicotiana rustica CN and Nicotiana tabacum HAK1 genes improves resistance to tobacco mosaic virus in tobacco. qRT-PCR, SA, TMV
14  2015 Sirtuin 1 Promotes Hyperoxia-Induced Lung Epithelial Cell Death Independent of NF-E2-Related Factor 2 Activation. SIRT1
15  2014 Lymphocyte levels of redox-sensitive transcription factors and antioxidative enzymes as indicators of pro-oxidative state in depressive patients. CAT, GLR, GPx, MDD, NF-kappaB, PBMC
16  2014 Significance of selected antioxidant enzymes in cancer cell progression. CAT, GR, GSH-Px, GST, ROS, SOD
17  2014 The role of genetic polymorphisms in antioxidant enzymes and potential antioxidant therapies in neonatal lung disease. ---
18  2013 Antioxidant enzymes as defense mechanism against oxidative stress in midgut tissue and hemocytes of Bombyx mori larvae subjected to various stressors. LPO, OS
19  2013 Tissue specific oxidative stress profile in relation to glycaemic regulation in mice. ---
20  2012 Study of changes in antioxidant enzymes status in diabetic post menopausal group of women suffering from cardiovascular complications. CAT, FPG, FR, GPx, GR, LDL-C, MDA, OS, PPPG, SOD, TC, TG, VLDL-C
21  2012 Toona sinensis Roem leaf extracts improve antioxidant activity in the liver of rats under oxidative stress. GPx, GR, GST, SD, TS, TSL
22  2011 Catalase and superoxide dismutase conjugated with platelet-endothelial cell adhesion molecule antibody distinctly alleviate abnormal endothelial permeability caused by exogenous reactive oxygen species and vascular endothelial growth factor. HUVEC, PECAM-1, ROS, SOD, VEGF
23  2011 Fluoxetine decreases glutathione reductase in erythrocytes of chronically isolated wistar rats. CAT, CuZnSOD, GLR, GPx
24  2011 Nanocarriers for vascular delivery of antioxidants. PEG, PNCs, SOD
25  2010 Chronic social isolation compromises the activity of both glutathione peroxidase and catalase in hippocampus of male wistar rats. CAT, CORT, CPSI, CTs, GLR, GLU, GPx, HIPPO, SODs
26  2009 Exposure to supplemental oxygen downregulates antioxidant enzymes and increases pulmonary arterial contractility in premature lambs. OX24, PA
27  2009 Induction of antioxidant and phase 2 drug-metabolizing enzymes by falcarindiol isolated from Notopterygium incisum extract, which activates the Nrf2/ARE pathway, leads to cytoprotection against oxidative and electrophilic stress. DMEs
28  2009 Pterocarpus marsupium extract reveals strong in vitro antioxidant activity. LDH, ROS
29  2009 Targeted detoxification of selected reactive oxygen species in the vascular endothelium. PECAM-1, ROS, SOD
30  2008 Decreased expression of antioxidant enzymes is associated with aggressive features in ependymomas. MnSOD, Trx, TrxR
31  2008 Effects of antenatal dexamethasone on antioxidant enzymes and nitric oxide synthase in the rat lung. CAT, DEX, GSH-Px, NOS
32  2007 Comparison of age-related differences in expression of antioxidant enzyme mRNA and activity in various tissues of pigs. CAT, GPx, ROS, SOD
33  2007 Differential expression profiles of antioxidant enzymes and glutathione redox status in hyperthyroid rats: a temporal analysis. GR, SOD
34  2007 Peroxiredoxins and antioxidant enzymes in pilocytic astrocytomas. MnSOD, PAs
35  2006 Differential expression of manganese superoxide dismutase, copper/zinc superoxide dismutase, and catalase in gastric adenocarcinoma and normal gastric mucosa. ---
36  2006 Differential expressions of antioxidant status in aging rats: the role of transcriptional factor Nrf2 and MAPK signaling pathway. MAPK, Nrf2
37  2006 EGFR-activated signaling and actin remodeling regulate cyclic stretch-induced NRF2-ARE activation. ARE, CS, MV
38  2006 Grape seed proanthocyanidin extract (GSPE) and antioxidant defense in the brain of adult rats. ACh, AChE, CAT, CB, CC, ChAT, GSPE, GSPE, HC, LPO, MDA, PA, PCC, PO, SOD
39  2006 Systemic polyethylene glycol-modified (PEGylated) superoxide dismutase and catalase mixture attenuates radiation pulmonary fibrosis in the C57/bl6 mouse. SOD
40  2005 Antioxidant enzymes in renal cell carcinoma. RCC
41  2004 Distribution of antioxidant enzymes in developing human lung, respiratory distress syndrome, and bronchopulmonary dysplasia. CuZnSOD, EC-SOD, HO-1, MnSOD, Trx
42  2004 Protection of liver cells from ethanol cytotoxicity by curcumin in liver slice culture in vitro. ---
43  2004 Regional responses in antioxidant system to exercise training and dietary vitamin E in aging rat brain. CAT, CC, GSH-Px, HC, LF-like AFS, LP, MDA, mos
44  2003 Antioxidative enzymes in human nasal mucosa after exposure to ozone. Possible role of GSTM1 deficiency. CAT, GPx, GR, GST, SOD
45  2003 Dietary vitamin E and physical exercise: II. Antioxidant status and lipofuscin-like substances in aging rat heart. AO, CAT, LF, LP, MDA, SOD
46  2003 Expression of antioxidant enzymes in astrocytic brain tumors. MnSOD, Trx, TrxR
47  2003 Multiple organ pathology, metabolic abnormalities and impaired homeostasis of reactive oxygen species in Epas1-/- mice. HIF, ROS, SOD
48  2003 Parallelism and dissociation in the actions of an Aroclor 1260-based transformer fluid on testicular androgenesis and antioxidant enzymes. GST, i.p, i.t.t, LP, PCBs
49  2002 Melatonin regulation of antioxidant enzyme gene expression. GPx, MLT, SODs
50  2001 Expression and prognostic significance of catalase in malignant mesothelioma. MnSOD
51  2001 Free radical defenses in the liver and kidney of human growth hormone transgenic mice: possible mechanisms of early mortality. GH, GPx, SOD
52  1998 Antioxidant enzyme regulation and resistance to oxidants of human bronchial epithelial cells cultured under hyperoxic conditions. BSO, CAT, CuZnSOD, GPx, LDH, MnSOD, mRNA
53  1998 Expression and developmental profile of antioxidant enzymes in human lung and liver. CAT, GPx, mRNA, ROS
54  1997 Effects of antihypertensive drugs on antioxidant enzyme activities and renal function in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats. ---
55  1997 Effects of antihypertensive drugs or glycemic control on antioxidant enzyme activities in spontaneously hypertensive rats with diabetes. SHR
56  1997 Expression of glomerular antioxidant enzymes in human glomerulonephritis. IgMN, MCD, MGN, SOD
57  1997 Modulation of endogenous antioxidant enzymes by nitric oxide in rat C6 glial cells. GPx, IFN-gamma, LPS, NO, PTIO, SNAP, SODs
58  1996 Differential patterns of antioxidant enzyme mRNA expression in guinea pig lung and liver during development. CAT, GPx, PCR, RT, SOD
59  1996 Effect of lung surfactant liposomes on the rabbit fetal lung type II cell antioxidant enzymes following prenatal dexamethasone treatment. GPx, RDS, SF, SOD
60  1996 Effect of probucol on mRNA expression of glomerular antioxidant enzymes in rat with subtotal nephrectomy. GI, GSH-Px, MDA, SOD
61  1995 [Change in lipid peroxidation depending on hormonal reactions during lengthy electric stimulation of the rabbit hypothalamic dorsomedial nucleus]. ES, LPO
62  1992 Rat lung antioxidant enzymes: differences in perinatal gene expression and regulation. CAT, Cu,Zn SOD, GP, MnSOD
63  1991 Rat lung antioxidant enzyme induction by ozone. SOD
64  1990 Role of intrinsic antioxidant enzymes in renal oxidant injury. ---