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Abbreviation : APS
Long Form : aerodynamic particle sizer
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Aerosol and bioaerosol particle size and dynamics from defective sanitary plumbing systems. ---
2021 Characterisation of particles within and aerosols produced by nano-containing consumer spray products. DLS, ICP-MS, NTA, SMPS, spICP-MS, TEM-EDX
2021 Non-respiratory particles emitted by guinea pigs in airborne disease transmission experiments. IMI
2021 Source apportionment of atmospheric particle number concentrations with wide size range by nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF). NMF, NSMPS, PNC, TPNC
2020 Release of graphene-related materials from epoxy-based composites: characterization, quantification and hazard assessment in vitro. GNPs, GO, GRMs, rGO, SMPS
2020 Simple Method to Measure the Aerodynamic Size Distribution of Porous Particles Generated on Lyophilizate for Dry Powder Inhalation. MSLI
2020 Validation of Low-Cost Sensors in Measuring Real-Time PM10 Concentrations at Two Sites in Delhi National Capital Region. NCR, OPS, PM, QQ-plots, SMPS
2020 Voltage and e-liquid composition affect nicotine deposition within the oral cavity and carbonyl formation. FMPS, GC-MS
2019 Inhalable co-amorphous budesonide-arginine dry powders prepared by spray drying. Arg, ATR-FTIR, BUD, mDSC, NGI, SEM, XRPD
10  2019 Investigation of Fugitive Aerosols Released into the Environment during High-Flow Therapy. MMAD
11  2018 Improving the UNC Passive Aerosol Sampler Model Based on Comparison with Commonly Used Aerosol Sampling Methods. ICC, UNC sampler
12  2018 Laboratory comparison of new high flow rate respirable size-selective sampler. RASCAL
13  2018 Particle size spectrometer using inertial classification and electrical measurement techniques for real-time monitoring of particle size distribution. PSL
14  2017 A novel aerodynamic sizing method for pharmaceutical aerosols using image-based analysis of settling velocities. APSDs, CIs, DPIs
15  2017 Human exposure to polyhexamethylene guanidine phosphate from humidifiers in residential settings: Cause of serious lung disease. AM, GM, GSD, PHMG, PSD, RH, SD, SMPS
16  2017 Surgical smoke control with local exhaust ventilation: Experimental study. CPC, LEV, SMPS, VOCs
17  2016 Comparative Study on the Size Distributions, Respiratory Deposition, and Transport of Particles Generated from Commonly Used Medical Nebulizers. MAD, SDFs
18  2016 Inhalation Properties and Stability of Nebulized Naked siRNA Solution for Pulmonary Therapy. N-siRNA
19  2016 Oxidative stress markers are elevated in exhaled breath condensate of workers exposed to nanoparticles during iron oxide pigment production. 3-ClTyr, 3-NOTyr, 8-OHdG, EBC, HHE, HNE, MDA, o-Tyr, SMPS
20  2015 Markers of oxidative damage of nucleic acids and proteins among workers exposed to TiO2 (nano) particles. 3-ClTyr, 3-NOTyr, o-Tyr, SMPS
21  2015 [Pollution Characteristics and Light Extinction Effects of Water-soluble Ions in PM2.5 During Winter Hazy Days at North Suburban Nanjing]. IC, PILS, SMPS
22  2014 Comparison of optical particle sizing and cascade impaction for measuring the particle size of a suspension metered dose inhaler. ACI, API, FPF, LD, MDI
23  2014 Spatial and temporal variability of incidental nanoparticles in indoor workplaces: impact on the characterization of point source exposures. CPC, NP, SMPS
24  2013 Particle production in reflection and transmission mode laser ablation: implications for laserspray ionization. CHCA, DHAP, DHB, NPG, SA, SMPS
25  2013 The influence of human physical activity and contaminated clothing type on particle resuspension. NAA, RF
26  2012 A novel device for measuring respirable dustiness using low-mass powder samples. ---
27  2012 Ash particulate formation from pulverized coal under oxy-fuel combustion conditions. BLPI, SMPS
28  2012 Release of carbon nanotubes from an epoxy-based nanocomposite during an abrasion process. CNT, SMPS, TEM
29  2011 Comparison of air sampling methods for aerosolized spores of B. anthracis Sterne. CFU, CV, PTFE
30  2011 Comparison of the SidePak personal monitor with the Aerosol Particle Sizer (APS). PM
31  2011 Particle formation in ambient MALDI plumes. CHCA, DHB, MALDI, NA, SA, SMPS
32  2010 Predicting the clinical effect of a short acting bronchodilator in individual patients using artificial neural networks. BSA
33  2010 Sampling port for real-time analysis of bioaerosol in whole body exposure system for animal aerosol model development. CFU
34  2009 Crystallization of progesterone for pulmonary drug delivery. ACI, FPF, IPA
35  2008 Passive aerosol sampler for particle concentrations and size distributions. ---
36  2007 Emissions from cooking microwave popcorn. GC/MS, PM, SMPS, VOCs
37  2007 The size and concentration of droplets generated by coughing in human subjects. SMPS
38  2006 Comparison of the Grimm 1.108 and 1.109 portable aerosol spectrometer to the TSI 3321 aerodynamic particle sizer for dry particles. PAS
39  2006 Comparison of two methods for obtaining quantitative mass concentrations from aerosol time-of-flight mass spectrometry measurements. ATOFMS, BAM, MOUDI
40  2005 Application of USP inlet extensions to the TSI impactor system 3306/3320 using HFA 227 based solution metered dose inhalers. ACI, BDP
41  2004 Aerodynamic particle size analysis of aerosols from pressurized metered-dose inhalers: comparison of Andersen 8-stage cascade impactor, next generation pharmaceutical impactor, and model 3321 Aerodynamic Particle Sizer aerosol spectrometer. ACI, CFC, GSD, HFA, MMAD, NGI, SSI
42  2003 A system for the production and delivery of monodisperse salbutamol aerosols to the lungs. MMAD, STAG
43  2003 Balancing ethanol cosolvent concentration with product performance in 134a-based pressurized metered dose inhalers. BDP, MDIs, MMAD, MRM
44  2003 On-line analysis of the size distribution of fine and ultrafine aerosol particles in flue and stack gas of a municipal waste incineration plant: effects of dynamic process control measures and emission reduction devices. PAH, SMPS, wet-ESP
45  2003 Particle characteristics and lung deposition patterns in a human airway replica of a dry powder formulation of polylactic acid produced using supercritical fluid technology. DPI, PLA
46  2002 On-line analysis of urban particulate matter focusing on elevated wintertime aerosol concentrations. LAMS, PM, TEOM
47  2001 Design and validation of a high-flow personal sampler for PM2.5. HFPS, WINS
48  2001 Study of fifteen respirable aerosol samplers used in occupational hygiene. ---
49  2000 Time-of-flight aerodynamic particle size analyzers: their use and limitations for the evaluation of medical aerosols. pMDIs, TOF
50  1992 An approach to evaluating and correcting aerodynamic particle sizer measurements for phantom particle count creation. LPP, SPP
51  1992 Fungal and actinomycete spore aerosols measured at different humidities with an aerodynamic particle sizer. RH
52  1987 Respirable dust control in grinding gray iron castings. ---
53  1987 Response characteristics of scattered light aerosol sensors used for control monitoring. ---