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Abbreviation : AR
Long Form : artificially reared
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Effects of whey protein hydrolysate on growth promotion and immunomodulation in mouse pups in artificial rearing system. ---
2019 Physiological changes of growth hormone during lactation in pup rats artificially reared. MR
2017 Early postnatal development of electrophysiological and histological properties of sensory sural nerves in male rats that were maternally deprived and artificially reared: Role of tactile stimulation. MR, PND, SU
2016 Comparison of Brain Development in Sow-Reared and Artificially Reared Piglets. FA, GM, MRI, SR, WM
2015 Propagation of maternal behavior across generations is associated with changes in non-maternal cognitive and behavioral processes. MR
2013 Behavioural response of grazing lambs to changes associated with feeding and separation from their mothers at weaning. DR
2012 Early postnatal experience and DRD2 genotype affect dopamine receptor expression in the rat ventral striatum. MR, SNPs
2012 The effect of artificial rearing on gut microbiota in a mouse pup-in-a-cup model. DGGE, MMS, MR
2011 Accumbal dopamine function in postpartum rats that were raised without their mothers. DA, MR, NAc
10  2011 Early adversity and serotonin transporter genotype interact with hippocampal glucocorticoid receptor mRNA expression, corticosterone, and behavior in adult male rats. GR, HPA, MR, PPI
11  2011 Early-life maternal separation and social isolation produce an increase in impulsive action but not impulsive choice. MR
12  2011 Effects of motherless rearing on basal and stress-induced corticosterone secretion in rat pups. PND
13  2011 Inadequate early social experience increases the incentive salience of reward-related cues in adulthood. CS, MR
14  2010 Impulsive rats are less maternal. MR
15  2010 Motherless rats show deficits in maternal behavior towards fostered pups. MR
16  2009 Artificial rearing of infant mice leads to n-3 fatty acid deficiency in cardiac, neural and peripheral tissues. ARA, DHA, DTA, EFA, LA, LNA
17  2009 Artificial rearing of rat pups reveals the beneficial effects of mother care on neonatal inflammation and adult sensitivity to pain. MR-CON, PND
18  2009 Effect of complete maternal and littermate deprivation on morphine-induced Fos-immunoreactivity in the adult male rat brain. MR
19  2008 The effects of early isolation on sexual behavior and c-fos expression in naive male Long-Evans rats. EXP, Fos-IR, MR
20  2007 Docosahexaenoic acid and n-6 docosapentaenoic acid supplementation alter rat skeletal muscle fatty acid composition. DAM
21  2007 Effect of restricted suckling on milk yield, milk composition and udder health in cows and behaviour and weight gain in calves, in dual-purpose cattle in the tropics. RS
22  2007 Experience-dependent cell survival in the maternal rat brain. MR
23  2007 Maternal isolation alters the expression of neural proteins during development: 'Stroking' stimulation reverses these effects. BDNF, MR
24  2007 Prenatal restraint stress and motherless rearing disrupts expression of plasticity markers and stress-induced corticosterone release in adult female Sprague-Dawley rats. BDNF, CORT, HPA, mPFC, MR, NAcc, SYN
25  2006 Artificial rearing alters the response of rats to natural and drug-mediated rewards. MR
26  2006 Contractile properties and myosin heavy chain composition of rat tongue retrusor musculature show changes in early adulthood after 19 days of artificial rearing. MHC
27  2006 Early adversity alters attention and locomotion in adult Sprague-Dawley rats. PPI
28  2006 Effects of early maternal separation of lambs and rearing with minimal and maximal human contact on meat quality. ---
29  2006 Maternal and littermate deprivation disrupts maternal behavior and social-learning of food preference in adulthood: tactile stimulation, nest odor, and social rearing prevent these effects. PND
30  2004 Adrenocortical response to stress in fasted and unfasted artificially reared 12-day-old rat pups. CORT, DEP, DEP, DR, SHRP
31  2004 Artificial rearing of mouse pups: development of a mouse pup in a cup model. MR
32  2003 Artificially-reared female rats show reduced prepulse inhibition and deficits in the attentional set shifting task--reversal of effects with maternal-like licking stimulation. PPI
33  2003 Intestinal adherent bacteria and bacterial translocation in breast-fed and formula-fed rats in relation to susceptibility to infection. AdC, BT, MR
34  2000 The effects of neonatal ethanol and/or cocaine exposure on isolation-induced ultrasonic vocalizations. USVs
35  2000 Thymic stress in artificially reared and maternally reared rat pups. HPA, MR
36  1999 Effect of intermittent feeding on the development of disaccharidase activities in artificially reared rat pups. ---
37  1999 The behavioral response to novelty is altered in rats neonatally exposed to cocaine. ---
38  1998 Gut hypertrophy in response to the ratios of casein and whey protein in milk formulas in artificially reared rat pups. MR
39  1998 The effects of clonidine on rat pups neonatally exposed to cocaine. PND
40  1997 Simplified preparation of a refined milk formula comparable to rat's milk: influence of the formula on development of the gut and brain in artificially reared rat pups. MR, MVM
41  1996 Effects of artificial rearing on electrophysiology and behavior in adult rats. ERP
42  1996 Is docosahexaenoic acid necessary in infant formula? Evaluation of high linolenate diets in the neonatal rat. DHA, LA, LNA
43  1996 Neonatal cocaine and/or ethanol exposure: effects on a runway task with suckling reward. PND
44  1996 Problem solving following neonatal exposure to cocaine, ethanol, or cocaine/ethanol in combination in rats. PND
45  1995 Alterations in geniculate ganglion proteins following fungiform receptor damage. NST
46  1995 Behavioral effects of neonatal cocaine exposure using a rodent model. PND
47  1995 Effects of neonatal ethanol exposure on saccharin consumption. PN
48  1995 Effects of orochemical stimulation on postnatal development of gustatory recipient zones within the nucleus of the solitary tract. MR, NST
49  1994 Effects of neonatal cocaine exposure on two measures of balance and coordination. ---
50  1994 Hyperactivity in preweanling rats following postnatal alcohol exposure. PNs
51  1993 Use of pup in a cup model to study gastrointestinal development: interaction of nutrition and pituitary hormones. MF
52  1992 Artificial rearing alters development of the nucleus of the solitary tract. NST
53  1991 Neonatal alcohol exposure alters suckling behavior in neonatal rat pups. PN
54  1990 Artificial rearing of rat pups using rat milk. MR, MR-SHAM
55  1990 Passive avoidance performance following neonatal alcohol exposure. GD
56  1989 Dietary protein restriction in artificially reared neonatal rats causes a reduction of insulin-like growth factor-I gene expression. MR
57  1987 Effects of early-life undernutrition in artificially reared rats: subsequent body and organ growth. MR
58  1987 Growth and development of rats artificially reared on rats' milk or rats' milk/milk-substitute combinations. MR
59  1987 Hormonal regulation of adaptive intestinal growth in artificially reared rat pups. ---
60  1987 Quantitative histological changes in the small intestine of rats artificially reared on different milk substitutes. MR
61  1986 A phenomenon: left-biassed asymmetrical eye-opening in artificially reared rat pups. MR
62  1986 Endogenous corticosterone rather than dietary sucrose as a modulator for intestinal sucrase activity in artificially reared rat pups. ---
63  1985 Rat milk maintains intestinal lactase activity in rat pups whereas artificial formulas do not. MF
64  1985 Type of milk substitute influences growth of the gastrointestinal tract in artificially reared rat pups. GI, SI and LI
65  1984 Growth and development of rats artificially reared on different milk-substitutes. MR
66  1983 Small intestine of artificially reared rat pups: effect of caloric intake and dietary composition on growth and disaccharidase activities. CMF, MF, RCF
67  1983 Small intestine of artificially reared rat pups: weight gain and changes in alkaline phosphatase, lactase and sucrase activities during development. CMF, MF
68  1983 Somatic and central nervous system growth in artificially reared rat pups. NR