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Abbreviation : ASA
Long Form : antisperm antibodies
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Antisperm Antibody Testing: A Comprehensive Review of Its Role in the Management of Immunological Male Infertility and Results of a Global Survey of Clinical Practices. ---
2022 Immune infertility in men. BTB, ICSI
2022 Male reproductive health after 3 months from SARS-CoV-2 infection: a multicentric study. GAT, TUNEL
2022 Secondary Infertility: A Neglected Aspect of Buerger's Disease. BD, FSH, LH
2022 Sex difference in anti-sperm antibodies. ---
2021 Effect of endogenous hormones, antisperm antibody and oxidative stress on semen quality of crossbred bulls. ---
2021 Effects of paternal lymphocyte immunization in women with unexplained infertility. HSAaT, IL-10, PLI
2021 Epididymal Sperm Granuloma and Antisperm Antibodies in Donkeys. ---
2021 Multifunctional Metal-Organic Framework Exoskeletons Protect Biohybrid Sperm Microrobots for Active Drug Delivery from the Surrounding Threats. MOFs, NPs, ZIF-8
10  2021 Sperm Associated Antigens: Vigorous Influencers in Life. SPAGs
11  2021 Sperm Parameters, ASAs and Apoptosis After Processing by the Double Tube and Swim up Methods. DT, SU
12  2021 Spermatozoa Induce Maternal Mononuclear Cells for Production of Antibody with Cytotoxic Activity on Paternal Blood Mononuclear Cells. APCA, CDC, HLAs, PBMCs
13  2021 The impact of antisperm antibodies on human male reproductive function: an update. ---
14  2021 The prognostic value of seminal anti-sperm antibodies screening in men prepared for ICSI: a call to change the current antibody-directed viewpoint of sperm autoimmunity testing. ICSI
15  2020 A novel protein biochip screening serum anti-sperm antibody expression and natural pregnancy rate in a follow-up study in Chinese infertility. NHS
16  2020 A three-arm randomized study to compare sexual functions and fertility indices following open mesh hernioplasty (OMH), laparoscopic totally extra peritoneal (TEP) and transabdominal preperitoneal (TAPP) repair of groin hernia. OMH, TAPP, TEP
17  2020 Anti-sperm antibodies and reproductive failures. RPL
18  2020 Difference of regulatory T cells, IL10, IL6, IFNgamma, and IDO levels in female with high ASA and virgin: A research article. FOXP3, HSAaT, IFNgamma
19  2020 Distribution of Human Papillomavirus and Antisperm Antibody in Semen and Its Association with Semen Parameters Among Infertile Men. HPV, STIs
20  2020 Potential mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 action on male gonadal function and fertility: Current status and future prospects. ACE2, DFI
21  2020 Seminal antigenicity affects mitochondrial membrane potential and acrosome reaction ability of the spermatozoa during cryopreservation. ---
22  2020 Staphylococcusaureus protein A as a means of assessing sperm penetrability in cervical mucus in vitro. CM, Ig, SpA
23  2019 Characterization of antisperm antibody binding patterns in relation to sperm phenotypic attributes and field fertility in dairy bulls. CR
24  2019 Human MOSPD2: A bacterial Lmb mimicked auto-antigen is involved inimmune infertility. AOT, Lmb, MOSPD2, RIEP
25  2019 Prevalence of anti-sperm antibodies and relationship of degree of sperm auto-immunization to semen parameters and post-coital test outcome: a retrospective analysis of over 10 000 men. MAR, PCT, WHO
26  2018 Anti-sperm antibodies detection by a modified MAR test: Towards a better definition of its indications. ART, MAR
27  2018 Epididymal more than testicular abnormalities are associated with the occurrence of antisperm antibodies as evaluated by the MAR test. MAR, US
28  2017 Improvement in pregnancy outcomes in couples with immunologically male infertility undergoing prednisolone treatment and conventional in vitro fertilization preceded by sperm penetration assay: a randomized controlled trial. ICSI, IVF, SPA
29  2017 Secretory expression of a novel human spermatozoa antigen in E. coli and its application to a protein chip. AUC
30  2017 Sleep Deprivation and Late Bedtime Impair Sperm Health Through Increasing Antisperm Antibody Production: A Prospective Study of 981 Healthy Men. ---
31  2016 Antisperm antibodies in repeat-breeding cows: Frequency, detection and validation of threshold levels employing sperm immobilization, sperm agglutination and immunoperoxidase assay. RB, SAT, SIT
32  2016 Antisperm protein targets in azoospermia men. OA
33  2016 Correlation of ImmunoBead and ImmunoSphere™ Immunoglobulin G (IGG) tests on detecting antisperm antibody (ASA) on sperm. IGG
34  2016 Effect of Bovine Sperm-Bound Antisperm Antibodies on Oviductal Binding Index. BI
35  2016 Incarcerated Inguinal Hernia Mesh Repair: Effect on Testicular Blood Flow and Sperm Autoimmunity. PI, RI
36  2016 Incidence of Sperm Surface Autoantibodies and Relationship with Routine Semen Parameters and Sperm Kinematics. CASA, HOS
37  2016 The Epidemiology of Anti-Sperm Antibodies Among Couples with Unexplained Infertility in North West Bank, Palestine. ELISA, IgG, IVF-ICSI
38  2015 Antisperm antibodies in infertile men and their effect on semen parameters: a systematic review and meta-analysis. SMD
39  2015 Functional deficit of sperm and fertility impairment in men with antisperm antibodies. AR, OS, ROS
40  2015 Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor gene association with cryptorchidism. HLA-C, NK
41  2015 Prostasomes: Their Characterisation: Implications for Human Reproduction: Prostasomes and Human Reproduction. ---
42  2015 Screening for Chlamydia trachomatis in Egyptian women with unexplained infertility, comparing real-time PCR techniques to standard serology tests: case control study. ---
43  2014 Antisperm antibodies and testicular blood flow after inguinal hernia mesh repair. EDV, PSV, RI
44  2014 Antisperm antibodies: invaluable tools toward the identification of sperm proteins involved in fertilization. ---
45  2014 Diagnosis and classification of autoimmune orchitis. ---
46  2014 Does bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell transfusion prevent antisperm antibody production after traumatic testis rupture? MSCs
47  2014 Incidence of antibodies in women after failure of assisted reproduction. AOA, APLA, ART, AZPA, ELISA, ICSI, IUI, IVF
48  2014 The role of the antisperm antibodies in male infertility assessment after microsurgical varicocelectomy. ---
49  2013 Antibodies to prostate-specific antigen in immunoinfertile women and men. ---
50  2013 Antisperm antibodies and fertility association. ---
51  2013 Cryptorchidism is not a risk factor for antisperm antibody production in post-orchidopexy males with infertility. ---
52  2013 Effect of P/E-selectin blockage on antisperm antibody development and histopathological alterations in experimental orchitis. PESG
53  2013 Effects of Varicocelectomy on Anti-sperm Antibody in Patients with Varicocele. ---
54  2013 Male fertility and varicocoele: role of immune factors. MAR, ROS
55  2013 Sperm exposure during menses is a risk factor for developing antisperm antibody (ASA) in female. I-IBT, WHO
56  2012 Do men with prostate abnormalities (prostatitis/benign prostatic hyperplasia/prostate cancer) develop immunity to spermatozoa or seminal plasma? BPH, ELISA, HSE, IBT, LIS, PSA, SIT, TAT
57  2012 Increased level of antibodies cross-reacting with Ves v 5 and CRISP-2 in MAR-positive patients. Crisp2
58  2012 Methods for direct and indirect antisperm antibody testing. ---
59  2012 Oxidative, inflammatory and immunologic status in children with undescended testes. IL-6, MDA, UDT
60  2012 Presence of DNA of adeno-associated virus in subfertile couples, but no association with fertility factors. AAV, WBC
61  2012 Sperm cells induce distinct cytokine response in peripheral mononuclear cells from infertile women with serum anti-sperm antibodies. PBMCs
62  2012 Testicular microlithiasis is not a risk factor for the production of antisperm antibody in infertile males. BTB, TM
63  2012 The relationship between antisperm antibodies prevalence and genital chlamydia trachomatis infection in women with unexplained infertility. ---
64  2011 Antisperm antibodies are not associated with pregnancy rates after IVF and ICSI: systematic review and meta-analysis. ARTs, OR
65  2011 Assessment of anti-sperm antibodies in couples after testicular sperm extraction. FSH, NOA, TESE
66  2011 Cutting-edge issues in autoimmune orchitis. ICSI
67  2010 Antisperm antibodies and human reproduction. IBD, ICSI, IUI, IVF
68  2010 Incidence of anti-zona pellucida and anti-sperm antibodies among infertile Jordanian women and its relation to mycoplasmas. AZP-Ab
69  2009 Effect of testis nondescent or orchidopexy on antisperm antibodies and testis histology in rats. ---
70  2009 In situ reconstruction of humoral immune response against sperm: comparison of SCID and NOD/SCID mouse models. PBL
71  2009 Incidence of antisperm antibodies in males with systemic autoimmune diseases. I-IBT, SIT
72  2009 Lack of association between antisperm antibodies and language dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease. AD, PPA
73  2008 A novel tissue engineering-based assay for immunological infertility. ---
74  2008 A prediction model for ongoing pregnancy after in vitro fertilization in couples with male subfertility. IVF, TMC
75  2008 Acrosin antibodies and infertility. I. Detection of antibodies towards proacrosin/acrosin in women consulting for infertility and evaluation of their effects upon the sperm protease activities. IBT, ZP
76  2008 Antisperm antibodies detected by mixed agglutination reaction and immunobead test are not associated with chronic inflammation and infection of the seminal tract. MAR
77  2008 Antisperm immunity and infertility. ---
78  2008 Are antisperm antibodies really associated with proven chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases of the male reproductive tract? MAR, MRT, NIH, PCR, PPL, WHO
79  2008 Clinical relevance of polymorphonuclear (PMN-) elastase determination in semen and serum during infertility investigation. PMN, SP
80  2008 [The importance of the presence of antisperm antibodies in serum and ejaculate of men with infertility]. ---
81  2007 Antisperm antibodies in infertile men and their correlation with seminal parameters. MAR
82  2007 Application of proteomic methods for identification of sperm immunogenic antigens. MS, SP
83  2007 Equatorial segment protein (ESP) is a human alloantigen involved in sperm-egg binding and fusion. ESP
84  2007 Human sperm protein encyclopedia and alloantigen index: mining novel allo-antigens using sera from ASA-positive infertile patients and vasectomized men. ECL, IBT, IEF, NEPHGE
85  2007 Naturally-occurring antisperm antibodies in men: interference with fertility and clinical implications. An update. ART, Ig
86  2007 Organ-sparing surgery does not lead to greater antisperm antibody levels than orchidectomy. ---
87  2007 Radial spoke protein 44 (human meichroacidin) is an axonemal alloantigen of sperm and cilia. hMCA, MORN, PIP5K, RSP44, RT-PCR, TSGA2
88  2007 Role for tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) and interleukin 1-beta (IL-1beta) determination in seminal plasma during infertility investigation. ELISA, Ig, IL-1beta, SP, TNF-alpha
89  2006 Identification of evolutionary conserved mouse sperm surface antigens by human antisperm antibodies (ASA) from infertile patients. ---
90  2006 IUI in male subfertility: are we able to select the proper patients? AUC, IUI, TMC
91  2006 Molecular identities of human sperm proteins reactive with antibodies in sera of immunoinfertile women. ELISA
92  2005 Antisperm antibodies in semen, sera and follicular fluids of infertile patients: relation to reproductive outcome after in vitro fertilization. IVF
93  2005 Are antisperm antibodies indeed sperm-specific? ---
94  2005 Circulating antibodies to human spermatozoa in patients with ulcerative colitis. ---
95  2005 Diagnosis and treatment of immunologically infertile males with antisperm antibodies. D-IBT, HZA, ICSI-ET, IUI, PCT, TI
96  2005 Monoclonal antibody from vasectomized mouse identifies a conserved testis-specific antigen TSA70. ---
97  2005 Preclinical evaluation for noninvasive reversal following long-term vas occlusion with styrene maleic anhydride in langur monkeys. PSA, SMA
98  2005 Recent advances in contraceptive vaccine development: a mini-review. CV, LHRH, ZP
99  2005 Search for peptide sequences involved in human antisperm antibody-mediated male immunoinfertility by using phage display technology. ELISA
100  2005 Testicular microlithiasis and antisperm antibodies following testicular biopsy in boys with cryptorchidism. TM