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Abbreviation : ASO
Long Form : antistreptolysin O
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A Case of Pediatric Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES) Secondary to Post-streptococcal Glomerulonephritis: A Literature Review and Assessment of Treatment Modalities. PRES, PSGN
2022 Acute post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis - immune-mediated acute kidney injury - case report and literature review. APSGN, GAS, GFR
2022 Long-Term Prognostic Factors in Patients With Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody-Associated Vasculitis: A 15-Year Multicenter Retrospective Study. ANA, ANCA, CRP, DCA, EMRs, ENA, GFR, GPA, MPA, MPO, NLR, OS, PR3
2022 Study of streptococcal antibody (anti-streptolysin O) among healthy children in Bangladesh. RF, ULN
2021 Application of Sigma metrics in the quality control strategies of immunology and protein analytes. CRP, CV, CysC, IgA, IgG, IgM, PA, QGI, RF, TEa
2021 Comparison of group A streptococcal titres in healthy children and those with pharyngitis and skin infections. ADB, GAS
2021 Identification of circular RNAs hsa_circ_0140271 in peripheral blood mononuclear cells as a novel diagnostic biomarker for female rheumatoid arthritis. anti-CCP, AS, AUC, circRNAs, HC, OA, PBMC, RA, ROC
2021 Normal values of antistreptolysin O for adults ages 30 to 70 in Syria: A cross sectional study. ULN
2021 Plasmapheresis, Rituximab, and Ceftriaxone Provided Lasting Improvement for a 27-Year-Old Adult Male with Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections (PANDAS). GAS, OCD, PANDAS, TPE
10  2021 Suspected acute rheumatic fever in a young man in England. ARF
11  2021 Utility of Human Immune Responses to GAS Antigens as a Diagnostic Indicator for ARF: A Systematic Review. ARF, ASK, NOS, OR, ULN
12  2020 Anti-streptococcal antibodies in Chinese patients with type-1 narcolepsy. ADB, NT1
13  2020 Cross-sectional study of population-specific streptococcal antibody titres in Uganda. ADB
14  2020 Development and Evaluation of a New Triplex Immunoassay That Detects Group A Streptococcus Antibodies for the Diagnosis of Rheumatic Fever. ADB, ARF
15  2020 Early childhood infections, antistreptococcal and basal ganglia antibodies in adult ADHD: a preliminary study. ABGA, ADHD, anti-DNase B, ELISA
16  2020 Elevated antistreptolysin O titer is closely related to cardiac mitral insufficiency in untreated patients with Takayasu arteritis. CI, TA
17  2020 New-Onset of Crohn's Disease Is Associated with Antistreptolysin O Positive Titers. CD, GAS
18  2020 Pediatric lupus nephritis - An evil cousin of its adult counterpart: A single-center based experience from a tertiary care hospital of Eastern India. ANA, BP, BUN, CBC, dsDNA, H and E, HCV, LN, MPO ANCA, MT, NIH, PAS, PR3 ANCA
19  2020 Reactive arthritis after COVID-19 infection. HLA-B27, NSAID, ReA, SARS-CoV-2
20  2020 Refractory Urticaria with Raised Antistreptolysin O (ASO) Titer: An Intriguing Case of Adult-Onset Still's Disease. AOSD, NUD, SLE
21  2020 Simultaneous Occurrence of Sydenham Chorea with Erythema Marginatum: A Case of Rheumatic Fever. ---
22  2019 Analysis of the Clinical Characteristics and Follow-up Study of Children with Cutaneous Polyarteritis Nodosa. CPAN
23  2019 Identifying Predictive Factors of Pediatric Septic Arthritis of the Knee in a Lyme Endemic Area. CRP, ESR, SA
24  2019 [Zwikszenie czstosci zachorowania na ostre popaciorkowcowe klbuszkowe zapalenie nerek w pierwszej polowie roku 2018 - doswiadczenie jednego osrodka]. APSGN
25  2018 Altered cerebral glucose metabolism normalized in a patient with a pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder after streptococcal infection (PANDAS)-like condition following treatment with plasmapheresis: a case report. PANDAS
26  2018 High antistreptolysin O titer is associated with coronary artery lesions in patients with Kawasaki disease. KD
27  2018 Streptococcal Serology in Acute Rheumatic Fever Patients: Findings From 2 High-income, High-burden Settings. ADB, ARF, NZ, ULN
28  2017 Association of rheumatic fever & rheumatic heart disease with plausible early & late-stage disease markers. IL-12, PARF, RF, RHD
29  2017 Clinical significance of the serum biomarker index detection in children with Henoch-Schonlein purpura. AUC, CRP, HSP, IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM, IL-6, SAA, WBC
30  2017 Concurrent Acute Glomerulonephritis and Retropharyngeal Abscess in 10 Year Boy: A Case Report. AGN, MRI, PIGN, PSGN
31  2017 [Retrospective analysis on 337 cases of 
Henoch-Schonlein purpura]. HSP
32  2016 A case of hyperkinetic movement disorder associated with LGI1 antibodies. LGI1
33  2016 A cytokine study of pediatric Tourette's disorder without obsessive compulsive disorder. IL-12p70, OCD, TD, TNF-alpha
34  2016 Cardiac Myosin Epitopes Recognized by Autoantibody in Acute and Convalescent Rheumatic Fever. ARF
35  2016 Clinical value of antistreptolysin O levels in adult patients with tonsillitis: report I. GABHS
36  2016 Parameters indicative of persistence of valvular pathology at initial diagnosis in acute rheumatic carditis: the role of albumin and CD19 expression. ARC
37  2016 Plasma and Synovial Fluid TrxR Levels are Correlated With Disease Risk and Severity in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis. AUC, CRP, DAS 28, HDA, LDA, RA, SF, TrxR
38  2016 Prevalence of rheumatic heart disease in patients with recurrent tonsillitis and elevated anti-streptolysin O titers. RHD
39  2016 Risk Factors Associated with Renal Involvement in Childhood Henoch-Schonlein Purpura: A Meta-Analysis. ESR, HSP, OR, WMD
40  2016 Risk factors of uveitis in ankylosing spondylitis: An observational study. AS, CIC, CRP, ESR
41  2016 Throat culture positivity rate and antibiotic susceptibility pattern of beta-hemolytic streptococci in children on secondary prophylaxis for rheumatic heart disease. BHS, MALDI-TOF, RF, RHD
43  2016 [Reference values of antistreptolysin O and asymptomatic carriers of beta-hemolytic streptococci in adolescents and adults at Municipality Francisco Linares Alcantara, Venezuela]. ---
44  2015 Acute suppurative oligoarthritis and osteomyelitis: a differential diagnosis that overlaps with acute rheumatic fever. ARF, GAS
45  2015 Antimicrobial peptide LL-37 along with peptidoglycan drive monocyte polarization toward CD14(high)CD16(+) subset and may play a crucial role in the pathogenesis of psoriasis guttata. iDC, PASI, PGN
46  2015 Clinical Characteristics and Outcome of Post-Infectious Glomerulonephritis in Children in Southern India: A Prospective Study. AKIN, ANS, PIGN, PSGN
47  2015 Concurrent peritonsillar abscess and poststreptococcal reactive arthritis complicating acute streptococcal tonsillitis in a young healthy adult: a case report. ---
48  2015 Crescentic acute glomerulonephritis with isolated C3 deposition: a case report and review of literature. ACE-II, CPAGN
49  2015 Detection of upper limit of normal values of anti-DNase B antibody in children's age groups who were admitted to hospital with noninfectious reasons. ADB, CRP
50  2015 Relationship between chronic tonsillitis and Henoch-Schonlein purpura. HSP
51  2015 Streptococcal infection and immune response in children with Tourette's syndrome. ADHD, IL-6, IL-8, NK, TNF-alpha, TS, YGTSS
52  2014 Evaluation of the validity of high serum antistreptolysin o titre only, as an indication for tonsillectomy. GABHS
53  2014 Evidence of streptococcal origin of acute non-necrotising cellulitis: a serological study. ADN, ASTA
54  2014 FbaA- and M protein-based multi-epitope vaccine elicits strong protective immune responses against group A streptococcus in mouse model. ELISA, GAS, PADRE, TA
55  2014 Maternal beta-hemolytic streptococcal pharyngeal exposure and colonization in pregnancy. ULN
56  2014 On the connection between autoimmunity, tic disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders: a meta-analysis on anti-streptolysin O titres. ---
57  2014 Prevalence of group a Beta-hemolytic streptococcus oropharyngeal colonization in children and therapeutic regimen based on antistreptolysin levels: data from a city from southern Brazil. GABHS, ROC
58  2014 Reference values for serum antistreptolysin O in Chinese adult men from a Chinese male population survey. ---
59  2013 Alpha lipoic acid attenuates inflammatory response during extracorporeal circulation. CRP, ECC, IL-6, LA
60  2013 Association between Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Gene -308 (G>A) and -850 (C>T) Polymorphisms in Turkish Children. GABHS, KSAD-S-PL, OCD, PAGE, PCR, RFLP, TNF
61  2013 Association between pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections disease and tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene-308 g/a, -850 c/t polymorphisms in 4-12-year-old children in Adana/Turkey. GABHS, PANDAS, TNF
62  2013 Perianal and periumbilical dermatitis: Report of a woman with group G streptococcal infection and review of perianal and periumbilical dermatoses. ---
63  2013 Post-streptococcal acute glomerulonephritis associated with pneumococcal infection. PSAGN
64  2013 Risk factors and outcome of atypical acute post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis in pediatrics. APSGN
65  2013 The imbalance of Th17/Treg in Chinese children with Henoch-Schonlein purpura. ESR, HSP, IL-10, IL-17, Treg
66  2013 [Polyarthralgia as an initial symptom of sarcoidosis]. ---
67  2012 Antibasal Ganglia Antibodies and Antistreptolysin O in Noncomorbid ADHD. ---
68  2012 Chorea as a first manifestation in young patients with systemic lupus erythematosus who was initially diagnosed with rheumatic Fever. aPL, SLE
69  2012 Henoch-Schonlein purpura in children from the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. HSP
70  2011 Antistreptolysin O Levels in Patients with Behcet's Disease. CRP, ESR
71  2011 Do the filarial lymphoedema patients''3 months recall' on acute dermato-lymphangio-adenitis (ADLA) correlate with streptococcal serology? ADLA, LE
72  2011 Management of Amavata with 'Amrita Ghrita': A clinical study. CBC, CRP, RA
73  2011 Post-streptococcal antibodies are associated with metabolic syndrome in a population-based cohort. PDI
74  2011 The relationship between group A streptococcal infections and Tourette syndrome: a study on a large service-based cohort. ABGA, GAS
75  2010 Anti-Tribbles homolog 2 (TRIB2) autoantibodies in narcolepsy are associated with recent onset of cataplexy. HLA, TRIB2
76  2010 Clinical comparison of psoriasis in Korean adults and children: correlation with serum anti-streptolysin O titers. ---
77  2010 Clinical course of guttate psoriasis: long-term follow-up study. ---
78  2010 Upper limit of normal antistreptolysin-O titer in healthy school children. GABHS
79  2010 [Clinical characteristics and diagnosis of acute pandysautonomia in childhood]. CSF, ECG, EEG, EMG, MRI, SEP
80  2009 Elevated anti-streptococcal antibodies in patients with recent narcolepsy onset. ADB, CRP
81  2009 Impairment of static upright posture in subjects with undifferentiated arthritis in sacroiliac joint in conjunction with elevation of streptococcal serology. ANOVA, SI
82  2009 The evaluation of relationship between group A streptococcal infection with tic disorders in children. GABHS, OCD, RADT, YGTSS
83  2008 Clinical manifestations associated with high titer of anti-streptolysin O in Behcet's disease. BD, CI, EN, OR
84  2008 Concurrent influenza A and group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal pharyngotonsillitis. GABHS, PT
85  2008 Normal ranges of streptococcal antibody titers are similar whether streptococci are endemic to the setting or not. ADB, GAS
86  2008 Scleredema of Buschke: a rare post-streptococcal complication. ---
87  2007 A rare case of postinfectious glomerulonephritis caused by pneumococcus in an adult patient. ANA, ANCA, PIGN
88  2007 Better diagnosis and treatment of throat infections caused by group A beta-haemolytic streptococci. GABHS, RADT
89  2007 Evidence-based correlation between anti-streptolysin O serum titer and sacroiliac joint disorder. PSReA, SI, SI/S
90  2007 Is there any relationship between streptococcal infection and multiple sclerosis? ADNase B, MS
91  2006 A clinical study of Suogudan granule in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. ESR, RA, RF, SGDG
92  2006 New normal ranges of antistreptolysin O and antideoxyribonuclease B titres for Australian children. ADB, ULN
93  2006 Rheumatic fever presenting as monoarticular arthritis. RF, SA
94  2006 Streptococcal origin of a case of Henoch-Schoenlein purpura nephritis. APSGN, HSPN, NAPlr
95  2006 Type III mixed cryoglobulinemia and antiphospholipid syndrome in a patient with partial DiGeorge syndrome. APS, CT, DGS, DPGN, MMF, RF
96  2005 Asymptomatic infection by Streptococcus pyogenes in schoolchildren and diagnostic usefulness of antideoxyribonuclease B. ADNase B, BHS, ULN
97  2005 Henoch-Schonlein purpura with hypocomplementemia in children. HSP, PSAGN
98  2005 Orbital myositis following streptococcal pharyngitis in a pediatric patient. ---
99  2004 Characterisation of group A streptococcal (GAS) isolates from children with tic disorders. GAS
100  2004 Colour Doppler echocardiography in children with group A streptococcal infection related tic disorders. ---