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Abbreviation : Ang II
Long Form : angiotensin
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Cardioprotective potential of amygdalin against angiotensin II induced cardiac hypertrophy, oxidative stress and inflammatory responses through modulation of Nrf2 and NF-κB activation. Amg, HF
2021 Losartan prevents bladder fibrosis and protects renal function in rat with neurogenic paralysis bladder. AT1, BC, CG, NPB, TGF-beta1, TSNG
2021 Nutritional modulation of blood pressure and vascular changes during severe menstrual cramps. BP, CNTN1, MDys, SDys
2021 Quyu Shengxin capsule (QSC) inhibits Ang-II-induced abnormal proliferation of VSMCs by down-regulating TGF-β, VEGF, mTOR and JAK-STAT pathways. CVD, QSC, VSMCs
2020 ADAMTS-5 Decreases in Aortas and Plasma From Aortic Dissection Patients and Alleviates Angiotensin II-Induced Smooth Muscle-Cell Apoptosis. AAD, ECM, MMP, NAD, SMC, TNF-alpha
2020 Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 augments the effects of endothelial progenitor cells-exosomes on vascular smooth muscle cell phenotype transition. ACE2, EPC-EXs, EPC-EXsACE2, VSMCs
2020 GC-MS-based metabolomics research on the anti-hyperlipidaemic activity of Prunella vulgaris L. polysaccharides. GC-MS, HDL, LDL, PVPs, TC, VSMC
2020 miR-142-5p and miR-212-5p cooperatively inhibit the proliferation and collagen formation of cardiac fibroblasts by regulating c-Myc/TP53INP1. CFs, MI, TGF-beta1
2020 Serum Ang and CysC Levels in Essential Hypertension Complicated by Hypertensive Emergencies. CysC
10  2019 Quercetin inhibition of myocardial fibrosis through regulating MAPK signaling pathway via ROS. ERK, JNK, MAPK, ROS
11  2018 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Attenuates Angiotensin II-Induced Renal Injury by Inhibiting Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Autophagy. MtD
12  2018 Cerebral ischemia induced inflammatory response and altered glutaminergic function mediated through brain AT1 and not AT2 receptor. TM
13  2018 Up-regulation of renal renin-angiotensin system and inflammatory mechanisms in the prenatal programming by low-protein diet: beneficial effect of the post-weaning losartan treatment. LP, RAS
14  2018 [Mechanism of angiotensin II (Ang II) on the proliferation of human hepatoma cell line HepG2 cells]. AT1
15  2016 Angiotensin II-mediated hypertension impairs nitric oxide-induced NKCC2 inhibition in thick ascending limbs. ET-1, NKCC2, NO, PDE5, THALs
16  2016 Comparison of sympathetic nerve activity normalization procedures in conscious rabbits. HFD, RSNA, SNA
17  2016 FGF21 represses cerebrovascular aging via improving mitochondrial biogenesis and inhibiting p53 signaling pathway in an AMPK-dependent manner. FGF21, FGFR1, HBVSMCs
18  2016 Prostanoids counterbalance the synergism between endothelin-1 and angiotensin II in mesenteric veins of trained rats. ET-1, ppET-1
19  2016 [Effects of Scrophulariae Radix and Split Component on Isoproterenol-Induced Ventricular Remodeling in Rat]. ANP, ELISA, HMI, LVMI
20  2015 Assesment of endocrinal and biochemical entities through liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry/mass spectrometer: Inter-relative investigation of the interaction based cardiovascular formulation. ALD, ATVS, LCMS/MS, MVA, OLM
21  2015 Characteristics of renal sympathetic nerve single units in rabbits with angiotensin-induced hypertension. ---
22  2014 Activation of the ACE2/Ang-(1-7)/Mas pathway reduces oxygen-glucose deprivation-induced tissue swelling, ROS production, and cell death in mouse brain with angiotensin II overproduction. ACE2, CX, NOX, OGD, ROS
23  2014 Modulation of oxidative stress by enalapril and valsartan in adrenaline treated rats: a comparative study. ACE, AMI, AST, MDA, RAS
24  2014 Transmembrane peptides as unique tools to demonstrate the in vivo action of a cross-class GPCR heterocomplex. cAMP, SCT, TM
25  2013 DHEA inhibits vascular remodeling following arterial injury: a possible role in suppression of inflammation and oxidative stress derived from vascular smooth muscle cells. DHEA, VSMCs
26  2013 Impact of aldosterone antagonists on the substrate for atrial fibrillation: aldosterone promotes oxidative stress and atrial structural/electrical remodeling. AF, RAAS
27  2013 Mast cells: a pivotal role in pulmonary fibrosis. MCD
28  2012 Altered serum levels of IL-33 in patients with advanced systolic chronic heart failure: correlation with oxidative stress. CHF, CHF, E-SOD, IL-33, LVEF, MDA, NT-proBNP, sST2
29  2012 Combination of direct renin inhibition with angiotensin type 1 receptor blockade improves aldosterone but does not improve kidney injury in the transgenic Ren2 rat. 3-NT, beta-NAG, RAAS
30  2012 Regulation of glomerulotubular balance: II: impact of angiotensin II on flow-dependent transport. GTB, KO, NHE3
31  2011 Endothelin but Not Angiotensin II May Mediate Hypertension-Induced Coronary Vascular Calcification in Chronic Kidney Disease. CAC, ET-1
32  2011 Mast cells are required for the development of renal fibrosis in the rodent unilateral ureteral obstruction model. CC, MCD, UUO
33  2010 Effect of telmisartan in limiting the cardiotoxic effect of daunorubicin in rats. ---
34  2010 Therapeutic targeting of mitochondrial superoxide in hypertension. ---
35  2009 Angiotensin II induces inflammatory response partly via toll-like receptor 4-dependent signaling pathway in vascular smooth muscle cells. TLR4, VSMCs
36  2009 Comparative effect of direct renin inhibition and AT1R blockade on glomerular filtration barrier injury in the transgenic Ren2 rat. AT1R, RAS, SD
37  2009 [Effects of Xiongshao capsule on the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells in rabbits with atherosclerosis]. AS, TEM, VSMC, XSC
38  2008 Mast cell renin and a local renin-angiotensin system in the airway: role in bronchoconstriction. BC
39  2008 [Effect of Compound Qidan Liquid on early ventricular remodeling after acute myocardial infarction in Chinese mini-pigs]. AMI, BP, CIV, CQD, HyA, LAD, LM, LVP, MCR, PCIII, TC, VR
40  2006 Angiotensin II does not stimulate proliferation of rat thyroid PC Cl3 cell line. ERK, PKB, PKCzeta, siRNA
41  2006 Effects of i.c.v. losartan on the angiotensin II-mediated vasopressin release and hypothalamic fos expression in near-term ovine fetuses. AVP, i.c.v
42  2006 [Effects of quercetin on angiotensin II induced interleukin-6 in vascular smooth muscle cells]. IL-6, VSMCs
43  2005 Interaction between arginine vasopressin and angiotensin II receptors in the central regulation of sodium balance. AVP, LPO
44  2005 Tissue-specific expression of renin-angiotensin system components in IgA nephropathy. ACE, IgAN, non-IgAN, RAS
45  2003 Effects of valsartan with or without benazepril on blood pressure, angiotensin II, and endoxin in patients with essential hypertension. BEN, DBP, SBP, VAL
46  2003 Evidence for renal vascular remodeling in angiotensin II-induced hypertension. GFR
47  2003 Serial analysis of gene expression in mouse kidney following angiotensin II administration. SAGE
48  2002 Sustained activation of the central baroreceptor pathway in angiotensin hypertension. CVLM, Fos-Li, NTS, RVLM
49  2001 Cyclic AMP elevating agents and nitric oxide modulate angiotensin II-induced leukocyte-endothelial cell interactions in vivo. ---
50  2001 Desensitization of angiotensin II: effect on [Ca2+]i, inositol triphosphate, and prolactin in pituitary cells. TRH
51  2001 Effect of ethylisopropyl amiloride, a Na+ - H+ exchange inhibitor, on cardioprotective effect of ischaemic and angiotensin preconditioning. EIPA, LVDP
52  2001 Gene expression profiling of rat brain neurons reveals angiotensin II-induced regulation of calmodulin and synapsin I: possible role in neuromodulation. ---
53  2001 Measurement of Cyclic AMP and Cyclic GMP in Xenopus Oocytes Stimulated with Angiotensin II and Atrial Natriuretic Factor. ANF, cAMP, cGMP
54  2001 [The effect of inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis on vasoregulatory factors in pregnant rats]. ET, L-NAME, NO, PGI2, PIH
55  2000 Angiotensin II type 1 receptor antagonist decreases plasma levels of tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin-6 and soluble adhesion molecules in patients with chronic heart failure. ANP, BNP, cGMP, CHF, IL-6, sICAM-1, sVCAM-1, TNF-alpha
56  2000 Cardiovascular dysfunction in hypercholesterolemia associated with enhanced formation of AT1-receptor and of eicosanoids. ACE, cGMP, NO
57  1999 Role of angiotensin in cardioprotective effect of ischemic preconditioning. CK, LDH, TTC
58  1998 Protective effect of angiotensin II-induced increase in nitric oxide in the renal medullary circulation. L-NAME, MBF, NO, NOS
59  1997 Angiotensin II type-2 (AT2) receptor-mediated inhibition of NMDA receptor signalling in neuronal cells. AT1, AT2, EPR, NG108, NMDA, NO
60  1997 Comparative vasoconstrictor effects of angiotensin II, III, and IV in human isolated saphenous vein. Ang III, Ang IV, CRC, SV
61  1997 Opposite feedback control of renin and aldosterone biosynthesis in the adrenal cortex by angiotensin II AT1-subtype receptors. ---
62  1997 The angiotensin AT2 receptor down-regulates neurofilament M in PC12W cells. NF-M, NGF
63  1997 Thromboxane A2 receptor mediation of calcium and calcium transients in rat cardiomyocytes. CATR, TXA2
64  1996 Neuroendocrine and cardiovascular effects of serotonin: selective role of brain angiotensin on vasopressin. AVP, HR, MAP, OT, PRL
65  1996 The role of brain angiotensin in thirst and AVP release induced by hemorrhage. ---
66  1995 Angiotensin as neuromodulator/neurotransmitter in central control of body fluid and electrolyte homeostasis. PVN
67  1995 Interaction of Phe8 of angiotensin II with Lys199 and His256 of AT1 receptor in agonist activation. ---
68  1994 Structural analysis and regulation of angiotensin II receptors. ---
69  1993 Angiotensinogen mRNA and pressor reactions to angiotensin in brain stem areas of spontaneously hypertensive rats. SHRSP, WKY
70  1993 Effect of endothelin, angiotensin II and ANP on proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells and cardiomyocytes. ANP, ET, VSMCs
71  1993 KCl and angiotensin responses in isolated rat renal arterioles: effects of diltiazem and low-calcium medium. EA
72  1992 Angiotensin II receptor subtypes in cultured rat renal mesangial cells. ---
73  1992 Identification of amino acid residues of rat angiotensin II receptor for ligand binding by site directed mutagenesis. ---
74  1990 Electrophysiological evidence that systemic angiotensin influences rat area postrema neurons. AP, BP, NTS
75  1990 Importance of endogenous angiotensin II in the cardiovascular responses to sympathetic stimulation in conscious rabbits. BCO, HR, MAP
76  1989 Atrial natriuretic peptide reverses angiotensin-induced venoconstriction in dogs. ANP, LVEDP, MAP, MCFP, TPVR
77  1989 Chronic CEI alters effect of low Na+ diet in normal and coarcted pups. II. Na+ and H2O balance. BP, CEI, NICH, RA
78  1989 Kinetic studies of the pharmacologic response to captopril in rats. I. Role of the renin-angiotensin system. ACE, Ang I, GHR, NR, SDR
79  1989 The renin-angiotensin system. Normal physiology and changes in older hypertensives. ---
80  1986 Independent osmoregulatory control of central and systemic angiotensin II concentrations in dogs. CSF
81  1984 Chronic angiotensin II infusion decreases renal norepinephrine overflow in conscious dogs. MAP, NE
82  1984 The dependence of the salt appetite of the rat on the hormonal consequences of sodium deficiency. i.c.v