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Abbreviation : BMAL1
Long Form : brain and muscle Arnt-like protein-1
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Clock-modified mesenchymal stromal cells therapy rescues molecular circadian oscillation and age-related bone loss via miR142-3p/Bmal1/YAP signaling axis. BMSCs, miRNAs, SASP
2022 Muscle mitochondrial remodeling by intermittent glucocorticoid drugs requires an intact circadian clock and muscle PGC1α. PGC-1alpha
2022 Restoring the dampened expression of the core clock molecule BMAL1 protects against compression-induced intervertebral disc degeneration. IDD, IVDs
2021 Acute kidney injury due to COVID-19 and the circadian rhythm. ACE2, AKI, RAAS
2021 BMAL1 attenuates intracerebral hemorrhage-induced secondary brain injury in rats by regulating the Nrf2 signaling pathway. ICH, Nrf2, SBI
2021 Bmal1 inhibits phenotypic transformation of hepatic stellate cells in liver fibrosis via IDH1/α-KG-mediated glycolysis. HSCs, TGF-beta1
2021 Bmal1 Regulates Macrophage Polarize Through Glycolytic Pathway in Alcoholic Liver Disease. ALD
2021 Decreased expression of the clock gene Bmal1 is involved in the pathogenesis of temporal lobe epilepsy. AAV, DG, ILAE, SYN1, TLE
2021 Disrupted-in-schizophrenia 1 enhances the quality of circadian rhythm by stabilizing BMAL1. CLOCK, DISC1
10  2021 L-3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine Recovers Circadian Rhythm Disturbances in the Rat Models of Parkinson's Disease by Regulating the D1R-ERK1/2-mTOR Pathway. BP, CLOCK, CV, L-DOPA, PD
11  2021 L-Theanine inhibits melanoma cell growth and migration via regulating expression of the clock gene BMAL1. ---
12  2021 NADH inhibition of SIRT1 links energy state to transcription during time-restricted feeding. PPARalpha, SIRT1, TRF-CR
13  2021 p53 and clock genes play an important role in memory and learning ability depression due to long-term ultraviolet A eye irradiation. NAMPT, NMNAT, Per2, SIRT1, UVA
14  2021 Pharmacokinetics-based chronoefficacy of Fuzi against chronic kidney disease. AUC, BUN, CKD, CRE, NAG
15  2021 Roles of NPAS2 in circadian rhythm and disease. NPAS2
16  2021 The circadian clock gene Bmal1: Role in COVID-19 and periodontitis. ---
17  2020 A CLOCK-binding small molecule disrupts the interaction between CLOCK and BMAL1 and enhances circadian rhythm amplitude. CLOCK
18  2020 Altered circadian clock as a novel therapeutic target for constant darkness-induced insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism of polycystic ovary syndrome. GLUT4, IGFBP4, PCOS, PER, SHBG
19  2020 BMAL1 knockdown promoted apoptosis and reduced testosterone secretion in TM3 Leydig cell line. 3beta-HSD, CYP11A1, siRNA, StAR
20  2020 Clock Protein Bmal1 and Nrf2 Cooperatively Control Aging or Oxidative Response and Redox Homeostasis by Regulating Rhythmic Expression of Prdx6. ARE, LECs, Nrf2, Prdx6, ROS
21  2020 Decreased brain and muscle ARNT-like protein 1 expression mediated the contribution of hyperandrogenism to insulin resistance in polycystic ovary syndrome. DHEA, PCOS
22  2020 Deletion of Bmal1 Impairs Pancreatic beta-Cell Function via Mitochondrial Signaling Pathway. Fis1, Mfn1, Mfn2, siRNA
23  2020 Effect of a single bout of exercise on clock gene expression in human leukocyte. CRY1, Per1-3
24  2020 Implications of the circadian clock in implant dentistry. Cry, MSCs, NPAS2, Per
25  2020 miR-155 induces endothelial cell apoptosis and inflammatory response in atherosclerosis by regulating Bmal1. APOE, EC, TC, TG
26  2020 Morphological characteristics of interalveolar septum and mandible in BMAL1 gene knockout mice. BMD
27  2020 Non-invasive 40-Hz Light Flicker Ameliorates Alzheimer's-Associated Rhythm Disorder via Regulating Central Circadian Clock in Mice. AD, CLOCK, Per2, SCN, sEPSCs, sIPSCs
28  2020 Noninvasive 40-Hz Light Flicker Rescues Circadian Behavior and Abnormal Lipid Metabolism Induced by Acute Ethanol Exposure via Improving SIRT1 and the Circadian Clock in the Liver-Brain Axis. ALD, CLOCK, FASN, Per2, SCN, SIRT1, SREBP-1, TG
29  2020 The Rhythmicity of Clock Genes is Disrupted in the Choroid Plexus of the APP/PS1 Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. AD, CP, Per2
30  2020 The role of circadian clock gene BMAL1 in vascular proliferation. Egr-1, ERK, PDGF, VSMCs
31  2019 CRY2 suppresses trophoblast migration and invasion in recurrent spontaneous abortion. CRY2, RSA
32  2019 Deficiency of Bmal1 disrupts the diurnal rhythm of haemostasis. PAI-1, tPA
33  2019 Disruption of the Pituitary Circadian Clock Induced by Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism: Consequences on Daily Pituitary Hormone Expression Profiles. LHB, Per2, PRL, TEF
34  2019 Effects of photoperiod on circadian clock genes in skin contribute to the regulation of hair follicle cycling of Inner Mongolia white cashmere goats. CRY1, Per1
35  2019 NSP-C contributes to the upregulation of CLOCK/BMAL1-mediated transcription. CLOCK, NSP, siRNA
36  2019 Reduced delivery of epididymal adipocyte-derived exosomal resistin is essential for melatonin ameliorating hepatic steatosis in mice. ER, Exos
37  2019 Resveratrol Maintains Lipid Metabolism Homeostasis via One of the Mechanisms Associated with the Key Circadian Regulator Bmal1. FFA, OA, PA, RES, ROS
38  2019 The circadian clock gene Bmal1 is required to control the timing of retinal neurogenesis and lamination of Muller glia in the mouse retina. ---
39  2018 An Inhibitor of Casein Kinase 1epsilon/delta (PF670462) Prevents the Deterioration of Dextran Sodium Sulfate-induced Ulcerative Colitis Caused by UVB Eye Irradiation. DSS, IL, NFIL-3, Rev-Erb, RORgammat, UV
40  2018 BMAL1 regulates balance of osteogenic-osteoclastic function of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in type 2 diabetes mellitus through the NF-kappaB pathway. BMSCs, IkappaB, p-p65, RANKL/OPG, T2DM
41  2018 BMAL1 suppresses ROS-induced endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition and atherosclerosis plaque progression via BMP signaling. EndMT, HAECs, ox-LDL, ROS
42  2018 Circadian rhythms of factors involved in luteal regression are modified in p55 tumour necrosis factor receptor (TNFRp55)-deficient mice. CRY1, TNF
43  2018 Deletion of BMAL1 in Smooth Muscle Cells Protects Mice From Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms. AAA, MR, SMC, TIMP4
44  2018 Deletion of Bmal1 Prevents Diet-Induced Ectopic Fat Accumulation by Controlling Oxidative Capacity in the Skeletal Muscle. NFAT
45  2018 Disruption of the Circadian Clock Alters Antioxidative Defense via the SIRT1-BMAL1 Pathway in 6-OHDA-Induced Models of Parkinson's Disease. PD, SIRT1
46  2018 Low-Grade Inflammation Aggravates Rotenone Neurotoxicity and Disrupts Circadian Clock Gene Expression in Rats. Dbp, NPAS2, PD, ROT
47  2018 Melatonin Attenuates Dysregulation of the Circadian Clock Pathway in Mice With CCl4-Induced Fibrosis and Human Hepatic Stellate Cells. alpha-SMA, CLOCK, CRY1 and 2, RORalpha
48  2018 Micro-CT observation of in vivo temporal change in mandibular condyle morphology in BMAL1 knockout mice. ---
49  2018 The Clock Genes Are Involved in The Deterioration of Atopic Dermatitis after Day-and-Night Reversed Physical Stress in NC/Nga Mice. AD, Per, ROR
50  2018 The cryptochrome inhibitor KS15 enhances E-box-mediated transcription by disrupting the feedback action of a circadian transcription-repressor complex. ---
51  2018 The Interaction between Bmal1 and Per2 in Mouse BMSC Osteogenic Differentiation. BMSCs, Per2
52  2018 Transcriptional programming of lipid and amino acid metabolism by the skeletal muscle circadian clock. ---
53  2018 Tyrosine hydroxylase down-regulation after loss of Abelson helper integration site 1 (AHI1) promotes depression via the circadian clock pathway in mice. AHI1, KO, TH
54  2017 BMAL1 facilitates trophoblast migration and invasion via SP1-DNMT1/DAB2IP pathway in recurrent spontaneous abortion. DAB2IP, DNMT1, RSA, Sp1
55  2017 Bmal1 interference impairs hormone synthesis and promotes apoptosis in porcine granulosa cells. CYP11A1, CYP19A1, ESR2, FSHR, Per2, StAR
56  2017 Disturbances of diurnal phase markers, behavior, and clock genes in a rat model of depression; modulatory effects of agomelatine treatment. CMS, MDD, Per
57  2017 Expression of circadian clock genes in human colorectal adenoma and carcinoma. CK1epsilon, CRY1, Per
58  2017 No Escaping the Rat Race: Simulated Night Shift Work Alters the Time-of-Day Variation in BMAL1 Translational Activity in the Prefrontal Cortex. Arc, S6K1
59  2017 Repeated manganese administration produced abnormal expression of circadian clock genes in the hypothalamus and liver of rats. CRY1, Dbp, Mn, NPAS2, PD
60  2016 Brain and muscle aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like protein-1 cooperates with glycogen synthase kinase-3beta to regulate osteogenesis of bone-marrow mesenchymal stem cells in type 2 diabetes. BMSCs, GSK-3beta, NLK, T2DM, TCF
61  2016 Deficiency of circadian clock protein BMAL1 in mice results in a low bone mass phenotype. ---
62  2016 Dysregulation of metallothionein and circadian genes in human hepatocellular carcinoma. Dbp, HCC, MFT-1, MT-1
63  2016 Effects of BMAL1-SIRT1-positive cycle on estrogen synthesis in human ovarian granulosa cells: an implicative role of BMAL1 in PCOS. GCs, hGCs, PCOS, qRT-PCR, SIRT1
64  2016 The Tibetan medicine Zuotai influences clock gene expression in the liver of mice. Dbp, NFIL-3, NPAS2, TEF
65  2015 A long noncoding RNA perturbs the circadian rhythm of hepatoma cells to facilitate hepatocarcinogenesis. CLOCK, HCC, HULC, lncRNA
66  2015 Association between brain-muscle-ARNT-like protein-2 (BMAL2) gene polymorphism and type 2 diabetes mellitus in obese Japanese individuals: A cross-sectional analysis of the Japan Multi-institutional Collaborative Cohort Study. BMAL2, CI, OR, SNPs
67  2015 Circadian timing in central and peripheral tissues in a migratory songbird: dependence on annual life-history states. CRY1, LHSs, Per2
68  2014 CaMKII is essential for the cellular clock and coupling between morning and evening behavioral rhythms. CaMKII, CLOCK, SCN
69  2014 CLOCK/BMAL1 regulates circadian change of mouse hepatic insulin sensitivity by SIRT1. IR, KO, SIRT1
70  2014 Glucocorticoids mediate circadian timing in peripheral osteoclasts resulting in the circadian expression rhythm of osteoclast-related genes. ChIP, CTSK, NFATc1, Per1, SCN
71  2014 Whole blood thrombin generation in Bmal1-deficient mice. CAT, ETP, SEM, TG, WT
72  2013 Effect of amphetamine on the clock gene expression in rat striatum. Per, Rev-erbalpha
73  2013 Glucocorticoid-mediated Period2 induction delays the phase of circadian rhythm. GC, GRE, Per1, Per2
74  2013 Prospero-related homeobox 1 (Prox1) functions as a novel modulator of retinoic acid-related orphan receptors alpha- and gamma-mediated transactivation. CRY1, NPAS2, Prox1
75  2013 Sex differences in the circadian variation of cytochrome p450 genes and corresponding nuclear receptors in mouse liver. AhR, CAR, CRY1, FXR, PPARalpha, PXR, RT-PCR
76  2013 The clock gene brain and muscle Arnt-like protein-1 (BMAL1) is involved in hair growth. ---
77  2013 TNF-alpha modulates expression of the circadian clock gene Per2 in rheumatoid synovial cells. Cry, Dbp, E4BP4, HLF, PCR, Per, RA, TEF, TNF
78  2012 Age-related BMAL1 change affects mouse bone marrow stromal cell proliferation and osteo-differentiation potential. ALP, MSCs, OCN, Osx
79  2012 Brain and muscle Arnt-like protein-1 (BMAL1) controls circadian cell proliferation and susceptibility to UVB-induced DNA damage in the epidermis. ---
80  2012 Diurnal variation of hepatic antioxidant gene expression in mice. CAT, COX-2, CRY1, Dbp, HO-1
81  2012 Diurnal-and sex-related difference of metallothionein expression in mice. Dbp, MT
82  2012 Obesity alters the expression profile of clock genes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells. CRY, PER, PMN
83  2012 Transforming growth factor-beta inhibits the expression of clock genes. AD, CSF, Dbp, Per, TEF, TGF-beta
84  2011 Aryl hydrocarbon receptor deficiency enhances insulin sensitivity and reduces PPAR-alpha pathway activity in mice. AhR, KO, PPAR-alpha, siRNA, WT
85  2011 Circadian clock gene expression in brain regions of Alzheimer 's disease patients and control subjects. AD, BNST, Per1, Per2
86  2011 Deficient of a clock gene, brain and muscle Arnt-like protein-1 (BMAL1), induces dyslipidemia and ectopic fat formation. CLOCK
87  2011 Progression of the prothrombotic state in aging Bmal1-deficient mice. KO
88  2009 Molecular characterization and chromosomal mapping of porcine brain and muscle Arnt-like protein-1 gene. pBMAL1, RH
89  2008 Crosstalk between the AHR signaling pathway and circadian rhythm. ---
90  2007 Aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like (BMAL1) is associated with susceptibility to hypertension and type 2 diabetes. SHR
91  2007 Characterization of the molecular clock in mouse peritoneal macrophages. NF-kappaB
92  2007 Clock mutation facilitates accumulation of cholesterol in the liver of mice fed a cholesterol and/or cholic acid diet. CA, CH, CYP7A1, HMGCR, LDLR
93  2007 Evidence for circadian regulation of activating transcription factor 5 but not tyrosine hydroxylase by the chromaffin cell clock. ---
94  2006 Reciprocal regulation of brain and muscle Arnt-like protein 1 and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha defines a novel positive feedback loop in the rodent liver circadian clock. PPARalpha
95  2005 Brain and muscle Arnt-like protein-1 (BMAL1), a component of the molecular clock, regulates adipogenesis. ---
96  2004 A BMAL1 mutant with arginine 91 substituted with alanine acts as a dominant negative inhibitor. bHLH, bHLH-PAS, EMSA
97  1997 cDNA cloning and tissue-specific expression of a novel basic helix-loop-helix/PAS protein (BMAL1) and identification of alternatively spliced variants with alternative translation initiation site usage. ARNT, bHLH, CNS, ESTs, RACE