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Abbreviation : BSEP
Long Form : bile salt export pump
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A novel differentiated HuH-7 cell model to examine bile acid metabolism, transport and cholestatic hepatotoxicity. BAAT, DEX, DMSO
2022 A study of exons 14, 15, and 24 of the ABCB11 gene in Egyptian children with normal GGT cholestasis. ABCB11, GGT, PFIC2
2022 Antisense oligonucleotides rescue an intronic splicing variant in the ABCB11 gene that causes progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 2. ASOs, PFIC2, WES
2022 Clinical outcomes of surgical management for rare types of progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis: a case series. FIC1, LDLT, MDR3, PFIC, PIBD, TJP2
2022 Differential effects of metformin-mediated BSEP repression on pravastatin and bile acid pharmacokinetics in humans: A randomized controlled trial. CDCA, PKs
2022 Dihydroflavonoids as Bioactive Components of Penthorum chinense, a Miao Ethnomedicine, against NAFLD through Bile Acid Metabolism Pathway. CYP7A1, FXR, NAFLD, PCB, RXRA
2022 FXR Signaling-Mediated Bile Acid Metabolism Is Critical for Alleviation of Cholesterol Gallstones by Lactobacillus Strains. BA, CGS, CYP7A1, FGF15, FGFR4, FXR, LD, Mdr2, SHP
2022 Hepatic bile acid synthesis and secretion: Comparison of in vitro methods. BAs, HepaRGs, ICO-heps, SCHHs
2022 Hepatotoxicity of the Major Anthraquinones Derived From Polygoni Multiflori Radix Based on Bile Acid Homeostasis. BAs, MRP2, PCA, PLS-DA, PMR
10  2022 Ilexsaponin A1 Ameliorates Diet-Induced Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease by Regulating Bile Acid Metabolism in Mice. BA, BSH, FXR, HFD, NAFLD, NTCP, TC
11  2022 Influence of Liver Extracellular Matrix in Predicting Drug-Induced Liver Injury: An Alternate Paradigm. DILI, DLM
12  2022 Liver transplantation in an infant with cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis, cholestasis, and rapid evolution of liver failure. BA, CTX, LT, NC
13  2022 Long-term oral administration of Epimedii Folium induced cholestasis in mice by interfering with bile acid transport. BA, CYP8B1, EF, FXR, MDR1, WEF
14  2022 Maralixibat for the treatment of PFIC: Long-term, IBAT inhibition in an open-label, Phase 2 study. FIC1, nt, QoL, sBA
15  2022 Oleanolic acid alleviates ANIT-induced cholestatic liver injury by activating Fxr and Nrf2 pathways to ameliorate disordered bile acids homeostasis. ANIT, BAs, CYP7A1, FXR, Nrf2, NTCP, OA, Ugt1a1
16  2022 Population pharmacokinetic model to generate mechanistic insights in bile acid homeostasis and drug-induced cholestasis. BA, PBK
17  2022 Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis: A Study in Children From a Liver Transplant Center in India. FIC1, MDR3, PFIC
18  2022 Sex-, age-, and organ-dependent improvement of bile acid hydrophobicity by ursodeoxycholic acid treatment: A study using a mouse model with human-like bile acid composition. BA, DKO, LCA, UDCA
19  2022 Tanshinone IIA alleviate rifampicin-induced cholestasis by regulating the expression and function of bile salt export pump. Tan IIA, TCA
20  2022 Tetrahydroxylated bile acids improve cholestatic liver and bile duct injury in the Mdr2-/- mouse model of sclerosing cholangitis via immunomodulatory effects. BA, CDCA, DKO, Egr-1, FACS, IFN-gamma, LPS, Mdr2, THBAs
21  2021 A homozygous R148W mutation in Semaphorin 7A causes progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis. BA, MRP2, SEMA7A, TBA
22  2021 Bsep expressionin hilar cholangiocarcinoma of rat model. ---
23  2021 Characterization of Novel Fluorescent Bile Salt Derivatives for Studying Human Bile Salt and Organic Anion Transporters. ASBT, NTCP, OATP, OATPs
24  2021 Disordered farnesoid X receptor signaling is associated with liver carcinogenesis in Abcb11-deficient mice. BA, FXR, HCC, ICC
25  2021 Distinct Bile Acid Profiles in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection Reveal Metabolic Interplay Between Host, Virus and Gut Microbiome. BAs, BSH, CHB, CHB, HBV, hdhA, NTCP
26  2021 Dolomiaea souliei ethyl acetate extract protected against alpha-naphthylisothiocyanate-induced acute intrahepatic cholestasis through regulation of farnesoid x receptor-mediated bile acid metabolism. ANIT, AST, CYP7A1, DSE, FXR, IL-10, IL-1beta, IL-6, MRP2, NTCP, TNF-alpha, UDCA
27  2021 Effect of Different Ratios of Yinchen and Gancao Decoction on ANIT-Treated Cholestatic Liver Injury in Mice and Its Potential Underlying Mechanism. ALP, ANIT, AST, CCL2, CXCL2, IC, IL-1beta, TBA, TBIL, TLR4, TNF-alpha, YGD
28  2021 Effects of microplastics (MPs) and tributyltin (TBT) alone and in combination on bile acids and gut microbiota crosstalk in mice. 7-ketoLCA, alpha-MCA, AST, IFNgamma, Mpeg1, MPs, T-alpha-MCA, TBT, TCA, TG
29  2021 FXR activation prevents liver injury induced by Tripterygium wilfordii preparations. FXR, JNK, OCA, OSTB, Q-PCR, RA, TGT, TWT
30  2021 Glycyrrhetinic Acid Protects alpha-Naphthylisothiocyanate- Induced Cholestasis Through Regulating Transporters, Inflammation and Apoptosis. ANIT, FXR, GA, GL, MRP2, NF-kappaB, Nrf2, NTCP, TNF-alpha
31  2021 Intrahepatic Cholestasis, Refractory Epilepsy, Skeletal Dysplasia, Endocrine Failure, and Dysmorphic Features in a Child With a Monoallelic 2q24-32.2 Deletion Encompassing ABCB11. ---
32  2021 Islatravir Is Not Expected to Be a Victim or Perpetrator of Drug-Drug Interactions via Major Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes or Transporters. BCRP, MATE, MRP, OAT, OATP, OCT
33  2021 Kinsenoside Alleviates 17alpha-Ethinylestradiol-Induced Cholestatic Liver Injury in Rats by Inhibiting Inflammatory Responses and Regulating FXR-Mediated Bile Acid Homeostasis. EE, EIC, KD, NTCP
34  2021 Loss of bile salt export pump aggravates lipopolysaccharide-induced liver injury in mice due to impaired hepatic endotoxin clearance. BDL, KCs, KO, LPS, Mdr2, WT
35  2021 Machine Learning Models to Predict Inhibition of the Bile Salt Export Pump. ---
36  2021 Metabolites isolated from the human intestinal fungus Penicillium oxalicum SL2 and their agonistic effects on PXR and FXR. FGF, FXR, PXR, SHP1
37  2021 Modeling Human Bile Acid Transport and Synthesis in Stem Cell-Derived Hepatocytes with a Patient-Specific Mutation. i-Heps
38  2021 Molecular overview of progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis. PFIC
39  2021 Nifuroxazide mitigates cholestatic liver injury by synergistic inhibition of Il-6/Β-catenin signaling and enhancement of BSEP and MDRP2 expression. CD68, IL-6, LCA, MDRP2, NIF, PCNA, UDCA
40  2021 Novel Bile Acid-Dependent Mechanisms of Hepatotoxicity Associated with Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors. DILI, SCHH, TKIs
41  2021 Protective Functions of ZO-2/Tjp2 Expressed in Hepatocytes and Cholangiocytes Against Liver Injury and Cholestasis. CA, TJs
42  2021 Sodium butyrate alleviates cholesterol gallstones by regulating bile acid metabolism. CGS, Fgf-15, FXR, IBAT, LD, Mdr2, SCFAs, SHP, T-alpha-MCA, TbetaMCA
43  2021 Tectorigenin alleviates intrahepatic cholestasis by inhibiting hepatic inflammation and bile accumulation via activation of PPARgamma. ANIT, CLD, DDC
44  2021 The ESCRT-III molecules regulate the apical targeting of bile salt export pump. aa, CHMP5, ESCRT-III, SACs
45  2021 Vertical sleeve gastrectomy confers metabolic improvements by reducing intestinal bile acids and lipid absorption in mice. BAs, FXR, TCA, VSG
46  2021 [2,3,5,4'-Tetrahydroxystibane-2-O-beta-D-glucoside induces liver injury by disrupting bile acid homeostasis and phospholipids efflux]. ALP, beta-MCA, CDCA, DCA, FXR, HDCA, Mdr2, TBA, TSG, UDCA
47  2021 [Cytotoxicity and underlying mechanism of evodiamine in HepG2 cells]. ALP, ALT, AST, CCK-8, EVO, LDH, MDA, MMP, MRP2, SOD, TBIL
48  2020 ABCB11 deficiency presenting as transient neonatal cholestasis: Correlation with genotypes and BSEP expression. BRIC, PFIC, PPV, TNC
49  2020 Absence of Bsep/Abcb11 attenuates MCD diet-induced hepatic steatosis but aggravates inflammation in mice. BAs, FXR, MCD, WT
50  2020 Da-Huang-Xiao-Shi decoction protects against3, 5-diethoxycarbonyl-1,4-dihydroxychollidine-induced chronic cholestasis by upregulating bile acid metabolic enzymes and efflux transporters. BAs, Cyp2b10, DDC, DHXSD, FXR, Mdr2, MRP3, Ugt1a1
51  2020 Drug Induced Liver Injury (DILI). Mechanisms and Medicinal Chemistry Avoidance/Mitigation Strategies. ADRs, DILI, LTKB, RM
52  2020 Effects of Rhein on Bile Acid Homeostasis in Rats. FXR, MRP3, SHP, t-CBAs, TBA, UCBAs
53  2020 Genotype correlates with the natural history of severe bile salt export pump deficiency. SBD
54  2020 Heterozygous knockout of Bile salt export pump ameliorates liver steatosis in mice fed a high-fat diet. FXR, HFD, NASH, WT
55  2020 Metformin Disrupts Bile Acid Efflux by Repressing Bile Salt Export Pump Expression. HPH
56  2020 Pharmacological Premature Termination Codon Readthrough of ABCB11 in Bile Salt Export Pump Deficiency: An In Vitro Study. 4-PB, HEK293, NTCP, PFIC2
57  2020 Phytochemicals protect L02 cells against hepatotoxicity induced by emodin via the Nrf2 signaling pathway. DMY, Nrf2
58  2020 Picroside II alleviates liver injury induced by alpha-naphthylisothiocyanate through AMPK-FXR pathway. AMPK, ANIT, NTCP, PIC, UGT1A1
59  2020 Picroside II protects against cholestatic liver injury possibly through activation of farnesoid X receptor. AhR, ANIT, CYP7A1, FXR, PPARalpha, PXR, Sult2a1, Ugt1a1
60  2020 Proposal of a liver histology-based scoring system for bile salt export pump deficiency. ---
61  2020 Protective effects of n-Butanol extract and iridoid glycosides of Veronica ciliata Fisch. Against ANIT-induced cholestatic liver injury in mice. ALP, AST, BE, CAT, DBIL, GGT, i.g, IG, IL-6, MDA, MRP2, NF-kappaB, NTCP, SOD, TBA, TBIL, TNF-alpha, UCDA
62  2020 Spironolactone ameliorates lipopolysaccharide-induced cholestasis in rats by improving Mrp2 function: Role of transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms. BSIBF, LPS, MRP2, SL
63  2020 Successful Treatment with Rituximab and Immunoadsorption for an Auto-Antibody Induced Bile Salt Export Pump Deficiency in a Liver Transplanted Patient. GGT, LT
64  2020 The protective mechanism of Lactobacillus plantarum FZU3013 against non-alcoholic fatty liver associated with hyperlipidemia in mice fed a high-fat diet. CYP7A1, NAFL, TC, TG
65  2020 [Lipid-lowering effect and mechanism of Danhong Injection on hyperlipidemia rats based on lipid metabolism disorder]. ACOX1, AI, AMP, CAT, CETP, HDL-C, LCAT, LDL-C, PPARgamma, SOD, TC, TG
66  2019 A Change in Bile Flow: Looking Beyond Transporter Inhibition in the Development of Drug-induced Cholestasis. DIC, DILI
67  2019 Alloimmunity and Cholestasis After Liver Transplantation in Children With Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis. AIBD, LT
68  2019 Association between bile salt export pump polymorphisms and intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy susceptibility: a meta-analysis of case-control studies. CI, ICP, OR
69  2019 Changes in Bile Acid Concentrations after Administration of Ketoconazole or Rifampicin to Chimeric Mice with Humanized Liver. ALP, DILI, TCA
70  2019 Constitutive Androstane Receptor Differentially Regulates Bile Acid Homeostasis in Mouse Models of Intrahepatic Cholestasis. ATP, BA, BKO, CAR, DKO, FXR, PFIC5, SHP, TKO
71  2019 Development of an in vitro cholestatic drug-induced liver injury evaluation system using HepG2-hNTCP-C4 cells in sandwich configuration. BA, DILI, SCHepG2-hNTCP-C4
72  2019 Development of Bifunctional Three-Dimensional Cysts from Chemically Induced Liver Progenitors. CLiPs, MDR-1
73  2019 Effect of a Common Genetic Variant (p.V444A) in the Bile Salt Export Pump on the Inhibition of Bile Acid Transport by Cholestatic Medications. DILI, GCA, TCA
74  2019 Emodin Rescues Intrahepatic Cholestasis via Stimulating FXR/BSEP Pathway in Promoting the Canalicular Export of Accumulated Bile. HE, IHC, siRNA
75  2019 Grifola frondosa polysaccharides ameliorate lipid metabolic disorders and gut microbiota dysbiosis in high-fat diet fed rats. BA, CYP7A1, HFD
76  2019 Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activities of Grifola frondosa polysaccharides and their relationships with the modulation of intestinal microflora in diabetic mice induced by high-fat diet and streptozotocin. BAs, CYP7A1, FBG, FFA, HFD, LDL-C, OGT, STZ, TG
77  2019 Invitro bile acid-dependent hepatocyte toxicity assay system using human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatocytes: Current status and disadvantages to overcome. BA, DILI, iPS cell, SCH
78  2019 MicroRNA-210 Promotes Bile Acid-Induced Cholestatic Liver Injury by Targeting Mixed-Lineage Leukemia-4 Methyltransferase in Mice. BAs, FXR, KLF4, miR-210, MLL4, PBC, SHP
79  2019 Moving beyond Binary Predictions of Human Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI) toward Contrasting Relative Risk Potential. DILI, HRM
80  2019 n-3 Fatty Acids Abrogate Dyslipidemia-Induced Changes in Bile Acid Uptake, Synthesis, and Transport in Young and Aged Dyslipidemic Rats. ALA, ASBT, BA, BAT, CYP7A1, DHA, EPA, FA, FXR, HF, HMG-CoA, HNF4A, LRH-1, mRNA, NTCP, SHP
81  2019 Novel Mechanisms of Valproate Hepatotoxicity: Impaired Mrp2 Trafficking and Hepatocyte Depolarization. DILI, MRP2, P-gp, ZO2
82  2019 Pioglitazone prevents cholesterol gallstone formation through the regulation of cholesterol homeostasis in guinea pigs with a lithogenic diet. ABC, CGD, EZE, HMGCR, LD, NPC1L1, PIO, SREBP2
83  2019 Probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG prevents progesterone metabolite epiallaopregnanolone sulfate-induced hepatic bile acid accumulation and liver injury. CA, FXR, ICP, LGG
84  2019 Protective effect of pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate on isoniazid/rifampicin‑induced liver injury in rats. PDTC, RIF, TNF
85  2019 Quantitative systems toxicology (QST) reproduces species differences in PF-04895162 liver safety due to combined mitochondrial and bile acid toxicity. QST
86  2019 Severe Hepatotoxicity of Mithramycin Therapy Caused by Altered Expression of Hepatocellular Bile Transporters. FXR
87  2019 The Role of the Sodium-taurocholate Co-transporting Polypeptide (NTCP) and Bile Salt Export Pump (BSEP) in Related Liver Disease. ---
88  2019 Use of a Bile Salt Export Pump Knockdown Rat Susceptibility Model to Interrogate Mechanism of Drug-Induced Liver Toxicity. KD
89  2019 Vesicle- and Hepatocyte-Based Assays for Identification of Drug Candidates Inhibiting BSEP Function. ---
90  2018 Allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation eliminates alloreactive inhibitory antibodies after liver transplantation for bile salt export pump deficiency. ---
91  2018 Can Bile Salt Export Pump Inhibition Testing in Drug Discovery and Development Reduce Liver Injury Risk? An International Transporter Consortium Perspective. DILI
92  2018 Clinical phenotype and molecular analysis of a homozygous ABCB11 mutation responsible for progressive infantile cholestasis. PFIC2
93  2018 De Novo Endotoxin-Induced Production of Antibodies against the Bile Salt Export Pump Associated with Bacterial Infection following Major Hepatectomy. LPS
94  2018 Do In Vitro Assays Predict Drug Candidate Idiosyncratic Drug-Induced Liver Injury Risk? iDILI
95  2018 Drug-induced Cholestasis: Mechanisms, Models, and Markers. BAs, DILI
96  2018 Dysregulation of BSEP and MRP2 May Play an Important Role in Isoniazid-Induced Liver Injury via the SIRT1/FXR Pathway in Rats and HepG2 Cells. DBIL, FXR, MRP2, SIRT1, TBA, TBIL
97  2018 Effect of YHHJ on the expression of the hepatocellular bile acid transporters multidrug resistance-associated protein 2 and bile salt export pump in ethinylestradiol-induced cholestasis. EE, ICP, MRP2, TBA, TBIL
98  2018 Effects of Red Ginseng Extract on the Pharmacokinetics and Elimination of Methotrexate via Mrp2 Regulation. MRP2, P-gp, RGE
99  2018 Functional analysis of the correlation between ABCB11 gene mutation and primary intrahepatic stone. ABCB, MDCK, PIS
100  2018 Glycyrrhizin has a high likelihood to be a victim of drug-drug interactions mediated by hepatic organic anion-transporting polypeptide 1B1/1B3. MRP, OATP, PBPK