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Abbreviation : CB
Long Form : carbon black
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Comparison of cytotoxicity effects induced by four different types of nanoparticles in human corneal and conjunctival epithelial cells. HCECs, HCjECs, NPs, PM, ROS, SIRT1, ZnO
2022 Nanomolar detection of food additive tert-butylhydroquinone in edible oils based on novel ternary metal oxide embedded β-cyclodextrin functionalized carbon black. beta-CD, tBHQ, TMO
2022 Porous carbon black-polymer composites for volatile organic compound adsorption and efficient microwave-assisted desorption. HCP
2021 A novel flow injection amperometric sensor based on carbon black and graphene oxide modified screen-printed carbon electrode for highly sensitive determination of uric acid. CV, EIS, FIamp, GO, SEM, SPCE, TEM, UA
2021 A novel modified Fe-Mn binary oxide graphite felt (FMBO-GF) cathode in a neutral electro-Fenton system for ciprofloxacin degradation. AC, CIP, EF, FMBO, FMBO-GF, FMBO-GF, GF, PTFE, TOC
2021 A Novel Voltametric Measurements of Beta Blocker Drug Propranolol on Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified with Carbon Black Nanoparticles. LOD, PROP, RSD
2021 A voltammetric sensor based on a carbon black and chitosan-stabilized gold nanoparticle nanocomposite for ketoconazole determination. CTS, KTO, LOD
2021 Additively manufactured carbon/black-integrated polylactic acid 3Dprintedsensor for simultaneous quantification of uric acid and zinc in sweat. UA
2021 An Experimental Study on the Dielectric Properties of Rubber Materials. SA, ZnO
10  2021 An Experimental Study on the Rheological Behavior of Carbon Black-Boron Nitride Hybrid Nanofluids and Development of a New Correlation. ---
11  2021 An investigation into the preparation of carbon black by partial oxidation of spent tyre pyrolysis oil. ---
12  2021 An iron-nitrogen doped carbon and CdS hybrid catalytic system for efficient CO2 photochemical reduction. Fe-N-C, TON
13  2021 Carbon nitride/positive carbon black anchoring PtNPs assembled bygamma-rays as ORR catalyst with excellent stability. CN, ORR
14  2021 Characterization 0.1 wt.% Nanomaterial/Photopolymer Composites with Poor Nanomaterial Dispersion: Viscosity, Cure Depth and Dielectric Properties. DLP, GNPs, MWCNTs, UV
15  2021 Characterization and Quantitation of Carbon Black Nanomaterials in Polymeric and Biological Aqueous Dispersants by Asymmetrical Flow Field Flow Fractionation. ---
16  2021 Citrullinated vimentin mediates development and progression of lung fibrosis. Cd, Cit-Vim, CS, DAMP, IPF, mut, PAD2, PM
17  2021 Color Toning of Mie Resonant Silicon Nanoparticle Color Inks. SiNPs
18  2021 Combination effect of nanoparticles on the acute pulmonary inflammogenic potential: additive effect and antagonistic effect. BALF, NiO, NPs, ROS
19  2021 Combination of Self-Healing Butyl Rubber and Natural Rubber Composites for Improving the Stability. ATR-FTIR, CNT, IL, NR
20  2021 Comparison of Three Interfacial Conductive Networks Formed in Carbon Black-Filled PA6/PBT Blends. PA6, PBT
21  2021 Controllable conversion of biomass to lignin-silica hybrid nanoparticles: High-performance renewable dual-phase fillers. ---
22  2021 Determination of permeation properties of hydrogen gas in sealing rubbers using thermal desorption analysis gas chromatography. EPDM, NBR, TDA GC
23  2021 Direct Visualization of Interfacial Regions between Fillers and Matrix in Rubber Composites Observed by Atomic Force Microscopy-Based Nanomechanics Assisted by Electron Tomography. AFM, IPR, IR
24  2021 Effect of Carbon Black and Hybrid Steel-Polypropylene Fiber on the Mechanical and Self-Sensing Characteristics of Concrete Considering Different Coarse Aggregates' Sizes. PP, SF
25  2021 Effect of Carbon Black on Rutting and Fatigue Performance of Asphalt. ---
26  2021 Effect of Secondary Carbon Nanofillers on the Electrical, Thermal, and Mechanical Properties of Conductive Hybrid Composites Based on Epoxy Resin and Graphite. CPC, GN
27  2021 Efficient Hybrid Particle-Field Coarse-Grained Model of Polymer Filler Interactions: Multiscale Hierarchical Structure of Carbon Black Particles in Contact with Polyethylene. hPF, PE
28  2021 Electrochemical sensor based on Ni-exchanged natural zeolite/carbon black hybrid nanocomposite for determination of vitamin B6. CV, DPV, EIS, NiZCB-GCE, VB6
29  2021 Engineered tyrosinases with broadened bio-catalysis scope: immobilization using nanocarriers and applications. CDs, CNTs, LDH
30  2021 Extending Porous Silicone Capacitive Pressure Sensor Applications into Athletic and Physiological Monitoring. PDMS
31  2021 Folic acid targets splenic extramedullary hemopoiesis to attenuate carbon black-induced coagulation-thrombosis potential. EMH, FA, FRA, MKs
32  2021 Free-electrodeposited anodic stripping voltammetry sensing of Cu(II) based on Ti3C2Tx MXene/carbon black. ASV, RSD
33  2021 Graphene/PVDF Composites for Ni-rich Oxide Cathodes Toward High-Energy Density Li-ion Batteries. LIBs
34  2021 Guar Gel Binders for Silicon Nanoparticle Anodes: Relating Binder Rheology to Electrode Performance. SiNP
35  2021 Highly Sensitive Ultrathin Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane/Carbon Black Fibrous Film Strain Sensor with Adjustable Scaffold Networks. TPU
36  2021 Insight into the effects of hydroxyl groups on the rates and pathways of tetracycline antibiotics degradation in the carbon black activated peroxydisulfate oxidation process. OTC, PDS, TC, TCs
37  2021 Joint Effects of Carbon Black Exposure and Dietary Antioxidant Vitamin Intake on Small Airway Dysfunction. CBPs, CCAM, ORs
38  2021 Long-term carbon black inhalation induced the inflammation and autophagy of cerebellum in rats. RC
39  2021 Low-dose exposure to black carbon significantly increase lung injury of cadmium by promoting cellular apoptosis. Cd, EHS, LDH, MT-1, PM2.5
40  2021 Magnetic, thermally stable, and superhydrophobic polyurethane sponge: A high efficient adsorbent for separation of the marine oil spill pollution. h-BN
41  2021 Manganese and Nickel Acetylacetonates as Curatives for Chloroprene Rubber Based on Heck's Reaction. CR, MgO, TEOA, ZnO
42  2021 MAS-NMR of [Pyr13][Tf2N] and [Pyr16][Tf2N] Ionic Liquids Confined to Carbon Black: Insights and Pitfalls. CPMG, IL, PFGSTE
43  2021 Modulating the electrocatalytic CO2 reduction performances of bismuth nanoparticles with carbon substrates with controlled degrees of oxidation. BiNPs, CO2RR
44  2021 Multi-tailoring of a modified MOF-derived CuxO electrochemical transducer for enhanced hydrogen peroxide sensing. ---
45  2021 Nanomaterial- and shape-dependency of TLR2 and TLR4 mediated signaling following pulmonary exposure to carbonaceous nanomaterials in mice. CNT, GO, KO, LPS, NMs, TLRs, WT
46  2021 Nature of Carbon Black Reinforcement of Rubber: Perspective on the Original Polymer Nanocomposite. ---
47  2021 Novel Ramie Fabric-Based Draping Evaporator for Tunable Water Supply and Highly Efficient Solar Desalination. SA
48  2021 Oxidant-induced epithelial alarmin pathway mediates lung inflammation and functional decline following ultrafine carbon and ozone inhalation co-exposure. EPR, IST
49  2021 Oxidized carbon black nanoparticles induce endothelial damage through C-X-C chemokine receptor 3-mediated pathway. EPR, FTIR, XPS
50  2021 Phlogopite-Reinforced Natural Rubber (NR)/Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer Rubber (EPDM) Composites with Aminosilane Compatibilizer. AEAPS, EPDM, NR, SA
51  2021 Photo-assisted simultaneous electrochemical detection of multiple heavy metal ions with a metal-free carbon black anchored graphitic carbon nitride sensor. LOD
52  2021 Polycarbonate/Poly(vinylidene fluoride)-Blend-Based Nanocomposites-Effect of Adding Different Carbon Nanofillers/Organoclay. CNTs, GNPs, PC, PVDF
53  2021 Preparation and Characterization of Eco-Friendly Spent Coffee/ENR50 Biocomposite in Comparison to Carbon Black. ENR
54  2021 Preparation of highly effective carbon black supported Pd-Pt bimetallic catalysts for nitrobenzene hydrogenation. ---
55  2021 Rapid and Low Cost Manufacturing of Cuff Electrodes. ---
56  2021 Reinforcement Mechanism of Carbon Black-Filled Rubber Nanocomposite as Revealed by Atomic Force Microscopy Nanomechanics. AFM, IR
57  2021 Relationship between Width and Height of pi* Peak in C K-XANES of Graphitic Carbons. MG, XANES
58  2021 Removal of Congo red dyes from aqueous solutions by porous gamma-alumina nanoshells. CR
59  2021 Retained particle surface area dose drives inflammation in rat lungs following acute, subacute, and subchronic inhalation of nanomaterials. MWCNTs, NM, PSLT
60  2021 Serum Protects Cells and Increases Intracellular Delivery of Molecules by Nanoparticle-Mediated Photoporation. FBS
61  2021 Silicone Rubber Composites Reinforced by Carbon Nanofillers and Their Hybrids for Various Applications: A Review. AFM, CNTs, GE, nm, phr, SEM, SR, TEM
62  2021 Simple and high-yield preparation of carbon-black-supported ∼1 nm platinum nanoclusters and their oxygen reduction reactivity. ORR
63  2021 Stretchable Carbon and Silver Inks for Wearable Applications. GNPs, TPU
64  2021 Synergistic Manipulation of Zero-Dimension and One-Dimension Hybrid Nanofillers in Multi-Layer Two-Dimension Thin Films to Construct Light Weight Electromagnetic Interference Material. EM, EMI, scCO2
65  2021 The Entangled Conductive Structure of CB/PA6/PP MFCs and Their Electromechanical Properties. CPCs, MFCs, PA6, PP
66  2021 The Influence of Local Strain Distribution on the Effective Electrical Resistance of Carbon Black Filled Natural Rubber. DC, DIC, EER, NR
67  2021 Theoretical and experimental approach of fuel gas and carbon black production from coal tar pitch by thermal plasma process. CO, CTP
68  2021 Thermal, Morphological, Electrical Properties and Touch-Sensor Application of Conductive Carbon Black-Filled Polyamide Composites. DC, PA66
69  2021 Thermoplastic Starch-Based Composite Reinforced by Conductive Filler Networks: Physical Properties and Electrical Conductivity Changes during Cyclic Deformation. CPC, TPS
70  2021 Transcriptomics of single dose and repeated carbon black and ozone inhalation co-exposure highlight progressive pulmonary mitochondrial dysfunction. ETC
71  2021 Ultrathin Stretchable Triboelectric Nanogenerators Improved by Postcharging Electrode Material. TENG, TPU
72  2021 Use of Surface Penetration Technology to Fabricate Superhydrophobic Multifunctional Strain Sensors with an Ultrawide Sensing Range. NRL
73  2020 A Flexible and Low-Cost Tactile Sensor Produced by Screen Printing of Carbon Black/PVA Composite on Cellulose Paper. GF, PVA
74  2020 Accelerating charge transfer at an ultrafine NiFe-LDHs/CB interface during the electrocatalyst activation process for water oxidation. LDHs
75  2020 An SDS-PAGE based method for the quantification of carbon black in biological samples. MSC, PM, SDS-PAGE
76  2020 Biocompatible, Flexible Strain Sensor Fabricated with Polydopamine-Coated Nanocomposites of Nitrile Rubber and Carbon Black. NBR, PDA
77  2020 Calcium channel blocker lercanidipine electrochemistry using a carbon black-modified glassy carbon electrode. BDDE, DHP, GCE
78  2020 Carbon Black and Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite for Binder-Free Supercapacitors with Reduced Graphene Oxide Paper as the Current Collector. GO, rGO, SC
79  2020 Carbon Black as Conductive Additive and Structural Director of Porous Carbon Gels. ---
80  2020 Carbon content in airway macrophages and genomic instability in Chinese carbon black packers. CBMN, CBP, CCAM
81  2020 CB Nanoparticles Optimized 3D Wearable Graphene Multifunctional Piezoresistive Sensor Framed by Loofah Sponge. LS
82  2020 Cellular Responses of Human Lymphatic Endothelial Cells to Carbon Nanomaterials. CNHs, CNMs, DDSs, MWCNTs
83  2020 Characterizing Distributions of Tensile Strength and Crack Precursor Size to Evaluate Filler Dispersion Effects and Reliability of Rubber. SBR
84  2020 Class-selective voltammetric determination of hydroxycinnamic acids structural analogs using a WS2/catechin-capped AuNPs/carbon black-based nanocomposite sensor. CF, CM, DPV, hCN, SP, SPE
85  2020 Co-expression of Hsp70 Protein and Autophagy Marker Protein LC3 in A549 Cells and THP1 Cells Exposed to Nanoparticles of Air Pollution. NPCB, NPCB-BaP, PM, UD
86  2020 Combined toxic effects of CBNPs and Pb on rat alveolar macrophage apoptosis and autophagy flux. MMP, PM
87  2020 Comparison of Carbon Supports in Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. AC, AEMFCs, MWCNT, SEM
88  2020 Comprehensive Analysis of Mechanical Properties of CB/SiO2/PVDF Composites. EDS, PVDF, SEM, TG
89  2020 CsPbI2Br Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Carbon Black-Containing Counter Electrodes. CEs, PSCs
90  2020 Differentiation of carbon black from black carbon using a ternary plot based on elemental analysis. BC
91  2020 Effect of Carbon Black Nanofiller on Adhesion Properties of SBS Rubber Surfaces Treated by Low-Pressure Plasma. phr, PU, SBS, SEM, XPS
92  2020 Effect of Filler Synergy and Cast Film Extrusion Parameters on Extrudability and Direction-Dependent Conductivity of PVDF/Carbon Nanotube/Carbon Black Composites. CNTs
93  2020 Effect of Melt-Compounding Protocol on Self-Aggregation and Percolation in a Ternary Composite. PCL, PLA
94  2020 Effect of the Topology of Carbon-Based Nanofillers on the Filler Networks and Gas Barrier Properties of Rubber Composites. CNTs, GE, SBR
95  2020 Electro-Fenton and photoelectro-Fenton degradation of sulfamethazine using an active gas diffusion electrode without aeration. EF, PEF, PTFE, SMT
96  2020 Electrochemical sensor based on ionic liquid and carbon black for voltammetric determination of Allura red colorant at nanomolar levels in soft drink powders. IL, SWAdASV
97  2020 Fabrication of an efficient vanadium redox flow battery electrode using a free-standing carbon-loaded electrospun nanofibrous composite. VRFBs
98  2020 Facile and Low-Cost SPE Modification Towards Ultra-Sensitive Organophosphorus and Carbamate Pesticide Detection in Olive Oil. AChE, LIFT, SPEs
99  2020 Facile Fabrication of 3D Porous Sponges Coated with Synergistic Carbon Black/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes for Tactile Sensing Applications. PDMS
100  2020 Graphene oxide size-dependently altered lipid profiles in THP-1 macrophages. GO, IL-6, MCP-1, PPAR, ROS