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Abbreviation : COP1
Long Form : constitutive photomorphogenesis 1
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A COP1-GATA2 axis suppresses AR signaling and prostate cancer. AR, CRPC, PCa
2021 DET1-mediated COP1 regulation avoids HY5 activity over second-site gene targets to tune plant photomorphogenesis. DET1, HY5
2021 Molecular dynamics and structural analysis of the binding of COP1 E3 ubiquitin ligase to beta-catenin and TRIB pseudokinases. TRIB1, TRIB2, TRIB3, WNT
2021 Pre-existing mycobacterial infection modulates Candida albicans-driven pyroptosis. IRF9, Mtb
2020 Emerging Molecular Links Between Plant Photomorphogenesis and Virus Resistance. BR, CCA1, CRY2, HD-Zip, NAC, PAP1, phot2, TFs
2020 LncRNA Fendrr inhibits hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced cardiomyocyte apoptosis by downregulating p53 expression. I/R, NRVM
2019 Stk40 deletion elevates c-JUN protein level and impairs mesoderm differentiation. KO, mESCs, STK40
2019 The hydrogen sulfide signal enhances seed germination tolerance to high temperatures by retaining nuclear COP1 for HY5 degradation. ABA, ABI5, HT, HY5
2018 COP1, a negative regulator of photomorphogenesis, positively regulates plant disease resistance via double-stranded RNA binding proteins. APC, DRB, TCV
10  2018 TILLER ANGLE CONTROL 1 modulates plant architecture in response to photosynthetic signals. DCMU, TAC1
11  2018 TOR and RPS6 transmit light signals to enhance protein translation in deetiolating Arabidopsis seedlings. rpS6, TOR
12  2018 Ubiquitin ligase COP1 coordinates transcriptional programs that control cell type specification in the developing mouse brain. ---
13  2017 COP1 integrates light signals to ROP2 for cell cycle activation. TOR
14  2017 DET1 and HY5 Control PIF4-Mediated Thermosensory Elongation Growth through Distinct Mechanisms. DET1, HY5, PIF4
15  2017 Overexpression of sweet sorghum cryptochrome 1a confers hypersensitivity to blue light, abscisic acid and salinity in Arabidopsis. ABA
16  2017 STK40 Is a Pseudokinase that Binds the E3Ubiquitin Ligase COP1. STK40
17  2016 Constitutive photomorphogenesis protein 1 (COP1) and COP9 signalosome, evolutionarily conserved photomorphogenic proteins as possible targets of melatonin. ---
18  2016 Convergence of CONSTITUTIVE PHOTOMORPHOGENESIS 1 and PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR signalling during shade avoidance. HY5, pif1
19  2016 Mutant p53 protects ETS2 from non-canonical COP1/DET1 dependent degradation. DET1, ETS2, mtp53
20  2016 Seedlings Transduce the Depth and Mechanical Pressure of Covering Soil Using COP1 and Ethylene to Regulate EBF1/EBF2 for Soil Emergence. ---
21  2015 A novel male sterility-fertility restoration system in plants for hybrid seed production. TBPm3
22  2015 COP1, the negative regulator of ETV1, influences prognosis in triple-negative breast cancer. ETV1, TNBC
23  2014 Transcription coactivator Arabidopsis ANGUSTIFOLIA3 modulates anthocyanin accumulation and light-induced root elongation through transrepression of Constitutive Photomorphogenic1. AN3
24  2014 UVB-dependent changes in the expression of fast-responding early genes is modulated by huCOP1 in keratinocytes. UV
25  2013 Conversion from CUL4-based COP1-SPA E3 apparatus to UVR8-COP1-SPA complexes underlies a distinct biochemical function of COP1 under UV-B. CUL4-DDB1, SPA, UVR8
26  2013 COP1 and GSK3beta cooperate to promote c-Jun degradation and inhibit breast cancer cell tumorigenesis. GSK-3
27  2013 Ethylene promotes hypocotyl growth and HY5 degradation by enhancing the movement of COP1 to the nucleus in the light. ACC, EIN3, HY5
28  2013 Photoreceptor signaling networks in plant responses to shade. PIFs, UVR8
29  2010 The E3 ubiquitin ligase complex component COP1 regulates PEA3 group member stability and transcriptional activity. RING, siRNA
30  2010 Transformation by Tribbles homolog 2 (Trib2) requires both the Trib2 kinase domain and COP1 binding. AML, TRIB2
31  2009 E3 ubiquitin ligase COP1 regulates the stability and functions of MTA1. MTA1, NuRD
32  2009 MTA1 coregulator regulates p53 stability and function. DSB, Mdm2, MTA1
33  2008 Identification of a novel cis-regulatory element for UV-B-induced transcription in Arabidopsis. CHS, UVB, UVR8
34  2007 Salt tolerance (STO), a stress-related protein, has a major role in light signalling. STO, STO
35  2006 Functional and expression analysis of Arabidopsis SPA genes during seedling photomorphogenesis and adult growth. SPA
36  2006 TRB3 links the E3 ubiquitin ligase COP1 to lipid metabolism. ACC, TRB3
37  2005 Light regulates COP1-mediated degradation of HFR1, a transcription factor essential for light signaling in Arabidopsis. CT161, HFR1
38  2004 Constitutive photomorphogenesis 1 and multiple photoreceptors control degradation of phytochrome interacting factor 3, a transcription factor required for light signaling in Arabidopsis. FR, phyA, PIF3
39  2004 The Arabidopsis repressor of light signaling, COP1, is regulated by nuclear exclusion: mutational analysis by bioluminescence resonance energy transfer. BRET
40  1999 A novel motif mediates the targeting of the Arabidopsis COP1 protein to subnuclear foci. ---