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Abbreviation : CT
Long Form : carboxyl terminus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A short C-terminal peptide in Gγ regulates Gβγ signaling efficacy. PM
2021 Mutational effects of Pannexin 1 R217H depend on the carboxyl-terminus. Panx1
2021 Pannexin 1 plays a pro-survival role by attenuating P2X7 receptor-mediated Ca2+ influx. P2X7R, Panx1
2021 The Cx43 Carboxyl-Terminal Mimetic Peptide αCT1 Protects Endothelial Barrier Function in a ZO1 Binding-Competent Manner. Cx43, ECIS, GJ, ZO-1
2021 The short third intracellular loop and cytoplasmic tail of bitter taste receptors provide functionally relevant GRK phosphorylation sites in TAS2R14. GRK
2020 CKIP-1 acts downstream to Cx43 on the activation of Nrf2 signaling pathway to protect from renal fibrosis in diabetes. ---
2020 Cx43 Present at the Leading Edge Membrane Governs Promigratory Effects of Osteoblast-Conditioned Medium on Human Prostate Cancer Cells in the Context of Bone Metastasis. Cx43, ObCM, PCa
2020 Targeted disruption of Kv2.1-VAPA association provides neuroprotection against ischemic stroke in mice by declustering Kv2.1 channels. ---
2020 The Carboxyl Terminus of the Porcine Circovirus Type 2 Capsid Protein Is Critical to Virus-Like Particle Assembly, Cell Entry, and Propagation. Cap, PCV2, PCVADs, VLP, VLPs
10  2019 Calcium-calmodulin gating of a pH-insensitive isoform of connexin43 gap junctions. CaM, CaMBD, Cx43, N2a, NMVMs
11  2019 Responsive Protein Hydrogels Assembled from Spider Silk Carboxyl-Terminal Domain and Resilin Copolymers. ---
12  2019 Tubulin-Dependent Transport of Connexin-36 Potentiates the Size and Strength of Electrical Synapses. CaM, CaMKII, Cx36, GJP, NMDA
13  2018 Development and characterization of carboxy-terminus specific monoclonal antibodies for understanding MUC16 cleavage in human ovarian cancer. CA125, mAbs
14  2018 Matrix-glycoprotein interactions required for budding of a plant nucleorhabdovirus and induction of inner nuclear membrane invagination. IM, SYNV
15  2018 Phosphorylation of Cx43 residue Y313 by Src contributes to blocking the interaction with Drebrin and disassembling gap junctions. Cx43
16  2017 Chemical shift assignments of the connexin37 carboxyl terminal domain. Cx37
17  2017 Differential requirement of BAK1 C-terminal tail in development and immunity. BAK1, LRR-RLKs, PAMP
18  2017 Expanding the search for significant EGFR mutations in NSCLC outside of the tyrosine kinase domain with next-generation sequencing. ECD, JM, NGS, NSCLC, nsSNP, TKD, TKI
19  2017 Intramolecular signaling in a cardiac connexin: Role of cytoplasmic domain dimerization. ---
20  2016 Connexin 43 Acts as a Proapoptotic Modulator in Cisplatin-Induced Auditory Cell Death. 18alpha-GA, BFA, Cxs, siRNA
21  2016 Determinants of Cx43 Channel Gating and Permeation: The Amino Terminus. CL
22  2016 S-Acylation of the cellulose synthase complex is essential for its plasma membrane localization. CESA, CSC, VR2
23  2016 Structural Studies of the Nedd4 WW Domains and Their Selectivity for the Connexin43 (Cx43) Carboxyl Terminus. Cx43, Nedd4
24  2015 Connexin 43 Inhibition Sensitizes Chemoresistant Glioblastoma Cells to Temozolomide. Cx43, GBM, MGMT, TMZ
25  2015 Defective cancellous bone structure and abnormal response to PTH in cortical bone of mice lacking Cx43 cytoplasmic C-terminus domain. Cx43, PTH
26  2015 Degradation of gap junction connexins is regulated by the interaction with Cx43-interacting protein of 75 kDa (CIP75). CIP75, Cx40, Cx43, Cx45, ERAD, NMR
27  2015 Effects on channel properties and induction of cell death induced by c-terminal truncations of pannexin1 depend on domain length. Panx1
28  2015 Inhibition of each module of connective tissue growth factor as a potential therapeutic target for rheumatoid arthritis. CTGF, HUVECs, IGFBP, MMP-3, RA, TRAP, TSP1, vWF
29  2015 Regulation of beta2-adrenergic receptor cell surface expression by interaction with cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator-associated ligand (CAL). beta2AR, CAL
30  2014 Mutations of Cx43 that affect B cell spreading in response to BCR signaling. BCR, Cx43, GJ
31  2014 Structural order in Pannexin 1 cytoplasmic domains. ---
32  2013 Carboxy terminus and pore-forming domain properties specific to Cx37 are necessary for Cx37-mediated suppression of insulinoma cell proliferation. Cx37, RIN
33  2013 Cloning and functional characterization of novel variants and tissue-specific expression of alternative amino and carboxyl termini of products of slc4a10. CNS, Nt
34  2013 Identification of two regions in the p140Cap adaptor protein that retain the ability to suppress tumor cell properties. Csk, FAK, TER
35  2013 The carboxyl terminal residues 220-283 are not required for voltage gating of a chimeric connexin32 hemichannel. ---
36  2013 The juxtamembrane and carboxy-terminal domains of Arabidopsis PRK2 are critical for ROP-induced growth in pollen tubes. AtPRK2, JM, ROP
37  2012 Characterization of the structure and intermolecular interactions between the connexin 32 carboxyl-terminal domain and the protein partners synapse-associated protein 97 and calmodulin. CaM, Cx32, SAP97
38  2011 A peptide mimetic of the connexin43 carboxyl terminus reduces gap junction remodeling and induced arrhythmia following ventricular injury. Cx, Cx43-pS368, GJs, IBZ, IDs, LV, PDZ, PK
39  2011 Delivery of AAV2/9-microdystrophin genes incorporating helix 1 of the coiled-coil motif in the C-terminal domain of dystrophin improves muscle pathology and restores the level of α1-syntrophin and α-dystrobrevin in skeletal muscles of mdx mice. AAV
40  2011 Influence of v5/6-His tag on the properties of gap junction channels composed of connexin43, connexin40 or connexin45. ---
41  2011 Mechanism for modulation of gating of connexin26-containing channels by taurine. AS, CL
42  2011 The vinculin C-terminal hairpin mediates F-actin bundle formation, focal adhesion, and cell mechanical properties. ---
43  2010 Adenosine A2A receptor is involved in cell surface expression of A2B receptor. ---
44  2010 Fine-tuning synthesis of Yersinia pestis LcrV from runaway-like replication balanced-lethal plasmid in a Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium vaccine induces protection against a lethal Y. pestis challenge in mice. RASVs, SS
45  2010 Identification of CaMKII phosphorylation sites in Connexin43 by high-resolution mass spectrometry. CaMKII, Cx43
46  2010 Intramolecular loop/tail interactions are essential for connexin 43-hemichannel activity. CL, GJs
47  2009 Characterization of the structure and intermolecular interactions between the connexin40 and connexin43 carboxyl-terminal and cytoplasmic loop domains. Cx
48  2009 Connexin43 carboxyl-terminal peptides reduce scar progenitor and promote regenerative healing following skin wounding. Cx43
49  2009 Domain-and species-specific monoclonal antibodies recognize the Von Willebrand Factor-C domain of CCN5. IGFBP, TSP1, VWC
50  2009 p130Cas is required for mammary tumor growth and transforming growth factor-beta-mediated metastasis through regulation of Smad2/3 activity. FL, MECs, TGF-beta
51  2008 KCNE variants reveal a critical role of the beta subunit carboxyl terminus in PKA-dependent regulation of the IKs potassium channel. PKA
52  2008 NPR1 preferentially binds to the DNA-inactive form of Arabidopsis TGA2. PR, SAR
53  2006 Connexin hemichannels and gap junction channels are differentially influenced by lipopolysaccharide and basic fibroblast growth factor. bFGF, C6-Cx43, Cx, GJ, LPA, LPS
54  2006 Effect of charge substitutions at residue his-142 on voltage gating of connexin43 channels. ---
55  2006 Nuclear addressing provides a clue for the transforming activity of amino-truncated CCN3 proteins. ---
56  2006 Selectivity of connexin 43 channels is regulated through protein kinase C-dependent phosphorylation. PKC, pS368
57  2006 Sodium channel inactivation in heart: a novel role of the carboxy-terminal domain. ---
58  2005 CD63 interacts with the carboxy terminus of the colonic H+-K+-ATPase to decrease [corrected] plasma membrane localization and 86Rb+ uptake. ---
59  2005 Role of intramolecular interaction in connexin50: mediating the Ca2+-dependent binding of calmodulin to gap junction. CaM, CL, Cx50
60  2005 The structure of human apolipoprotein E2, E3 and E4 in solution. 2. Multidomain organization correlates with the stability of apoE structure. UV CD
61  2004 Identification and characterization of proteins that interact with the carboxy terminus of poly(A)-binding protein and inhibit translation in vitro. PABPs, Paip2
62  2004 Interaction with cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator-associated ligand (CAL) inhibits beta1-adrenergic receptor surface expression. beta1AR, CAL, PDZ
63  2004 Scribble protein domain mapping reveals a multistep localization mechanism and domains necessary for establishing cortical polarity. LRRs
64  2004 Tyrosine phosphorylation of GluR2 is required for insulin-stimulated AMPA receptor endocytosis and LTD. AMPA, LFS
65  2003 ADAMTS1/METH1 inhibits endothelial cell proliferation by direct binding and sequestration of VEGF165. ---
66  2003 Endocytosis of synaptotagmin 1 is mediated by a novel, tryptophan-containing motif. ---
67  2003 Investigation of the role of the C-terminus of Bax and of tc-Bid on Bax interaction with yeast mitochondria. tc-Bid
68  2003 Mechanism of regulation of the gap junction protein connexin 43 by protein kinase C-mediated phosphorylation. Cx43, GJH, PKC
69  2002 APP transgenic mice Tg2576 accumulate Abeta peptides that are distinct from the chemically modified and insoluble peptides deposited in Alzheimer's disease senile plaques. AD, Tg
70  2002 Dimerization of G protein-coupled receptors: CB1 cannabinoid receptors as an example. ---
71  2002 Functional demonstration of connexin-protein binding using surface plasmon resonance. Cx43, SPR
72  2002 Interaction between metabotropic glutamate receptor 7 and alpha tubulin. mGluRs
73  2002 Role for O-glycosylation of RFP in the interaction with enhancer of polycomb. EPC1, GST
74  2002 Role of the carboxyl terminal of connexin43 in transjunctional fast voltage gating. Cx43, Cx43M257
75  2001 CYR61 stimulates human skin fibroblast migration through Integrin alpha vbeta 5 and enhances mitogenesis through integrin alpha vbeta 3, independent of its carboxyl-terminal domain. ---
76  2001 Direct and differential interaction of beta-arrestins with the intracellular domains of different opioid receptors. ---
77  2001 Direct binding of beta-arrestins to two distinct intracellular domains of the delta opioid receptor. DOR
78  2001 Effects of nicotine on APP secretion and Abeta- or CT(105)-induced toxicity. AD, APP
79  2001 Tandem ligation of unprotected peptides through thiaprolyl and cysteinyl bonds in water. NT
80  2001 The carboxyl terminal domain regulates the unitary conductance and voltage dependence of connexin40 gap junction channels. Cx
81  2000 Dopamine D5 receptor agonist high affinity and constitutive activity profile conferred by carboxyl-terminal tail sequence. WT
82  2000 Identification of a protein kinase activity that phosphorylates connexin43 in a pH-dependent manner. Cx43, GST
83  2000 Mad1 function is regulated through elements within the carboxy terminus. bHLH-LZ
84  2000 Structure-function analysis of the 7B2 CT peptide. PC2
85  2000 The juxtamembrane but not the carboxyl-terminal domain of the insulin receptor mediates insulin's metabolic functions in primary adipocytes and cultured hepatoma cells. IR, IRK, JM
86  1999 Characterization of the carboxyl-terminal domain of the rat glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) receptor. A role for serines 426 and 427 in regulating the rate of internalization. GIP
87  1999 Hetero-domain interactions as a mechanism for the regulation of connexin channels. Cx43
88  1999 Molecular dissection of transjunctional voltage dependence in the connexin-32 and connexin-43 junctions. Cx32, Cx43
89  1998 A 17mer peptide interferes with acidification-induced uncoupling of connexin43. Cx43
90  1998 Dopamine D1B receptor chimeras reveal modulation of partial agonist activity by carboxyl-terminal tail sequences. ---
91  1998 The carboxyl-terminal domain of insulin-like growth factor-I receptor interacts with the insulin receptor and activates its protein tyrosine kinase. IR and IGFIR, PTKs
92  1997 An etiological role of amyloidogenic carboxyl-terminal fragments of the beta-amyloid precursor protein in Alzheimer's disease. AD, betaAPP
93  1997 Expression of three functional domains of connexin 32 as thioredoxin fusion proteins in Escherichia coli and generation of antibodies. Cx32, IL, Trx
94  1997 Positive charges of the initial C-terminus domain of Cx32 inhibit gap junction gating sensitivity to CO2. Cx32
95  1997 Structure of connexin43 and its regulation by pHi. Cx43
96  1996 Association of TRAF1, TRAF2, and TRAF3 with an Epstein-Barr virus LMP1 domain important for B-lymphocyte transformation: role in NF-kappaB activation. aa, EBV, TNFR, TRAFs
97  1996 Interaction between the insulin receptor and its downstream effectors. Use of individually expressed receptor domains for structure/function analysis. IR, JM, PH
98  1996 Internal cleavage of the inhibitory 7B2 carboxyl-terminal peptide by PC2: a potential mechanism for its inactivation. CPE, PC2
99  1994 High prevalence of natural antibodies against Plasmodium falciparum 83-kilodalton apical membrane antigen (PF83/AMA-1) as detected by capture-enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using full-length baculovirus recombinant PF83/AMA-1. HPIEC, kD
100  1993 Schistosoma mansoni 28-kDa glutathione S-transferase and immunity against parasite fecundity and egg viability. Role of the amino- and carboxyl-terminal domains. Sm28 GST