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Abbreviation : CT
Long Form : cricothyroid
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Cricothyroid Muscle Dysfunction Affects Aerodynamic Performance in Patients with Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis. LEMG, SPL, UVFP
2021 Effects of cricothyroid and thyroarytenoid interaction on voice control: Muscle activity, vocal fold biomechanics, flow, and acoustics. FSAI, TA
2020 Abnormal Laryngeal Electromyography Findings in Asymptomatic Adults Across the Age Spectrum. LEMG, TA-LCA
2020 Real-time light-guided vocal fold injection as a simulation-based training tool. RL-VFI, SBT, VFI
2019 Selective stimulation of human intrinsic laryngeal muscles: Analysis in a mathematical three-dimensional space. EMG, FES, ILMs, LCA, PCA, QT, RLN, TA
2019 The impact of cricothyroid involvement on adductor recovery in unilateral vocal fold paralysis. LEMG, TA-LCA, UVFP
2019 Ultrasonography-guided electromagnetic needle tracking in laryngeal electromyography. LEMG, TA, US
2018 Dynamics of Intrinsic Laryngeal Muscle Contraction. HSV, ILMs, LCA/IA, PCA, TA
2018 Is cricothyroid muscle twitch predictive of the integrity of the EBSLN in Thyroid Surgery? EBSLN, EMG, NPV, PPV
10  2017 Hirano's cover-body model and its unique laryngeal postures revisited. TA
11  2017 Laryngeal electromyographic changes in postthyroidectomy patients with normal vocal cord mobility. LEMG, TA
12  2017 Neuromuscular compensation mechanisms in vocal fold paralysis and paresis. RLN, SLN
13  2017 Unilateral Laryngeal Pacing System and Its Functional Evaluation. EMG, RLN
14  2016 Electromyography-Guided Botulinum Toxin Injection Into the Cricothyroid Muscles in Bilateral Vocal Fold Abductor Paralysis. BTX, BVFAP, PEF, SF-36, VHI-30
15  2016 Interactions of subglottal pressure and neuromuscular activation on fundamental frequency and intensity. ILM, LCA/IA, SPL, TA
16  2016 Relationship of the Cricothyroid Space with Vocal Range in Female Singers. ---
17  2016 Synovial tissue morphology of the cricoarytenoid joint in the elderly: a histological comparison with the cricothyroid joint. CA
18  2016 Three-dimensional posture changes of the vocal fold from paired intrinsic laryngeal muscles. LCA, PCA, TA
19  2015 Clinical Usefulness of Ultrasonography-Guided Laryngeal Electromyography. TA, US-guided LEMG
20  2015 Development of a device for real-time light-guided vocal fold injection: A preliminary report. ---
21  2015 Expression of calcium-buffering proteins in rat intrinsic laryngeal muscles. ILM, SR, TA
22  2015 External Branch of the Superior Laryngeal Nerve Mediated Glottic Closing Force in the Porcine Model. eSLN, GCF, RLN
23  2015 Multi-Motor Unit Potential Analysis and Other Quantitative Techniques for Laryngeal Electromyogram. TA
24  2015 Quantitative laryngeal electromyography assessment of cricothyroid function in patients with unilateral vocal fold paralysis. LEMG, RLN, SLN, UVFP
25  2015 Refractory Dysphonia Due to Isolated Cricothyroid Muscle Dystonia. BTX, EMG
26  2014 Cricothyroid muscle and thyroarytenoid muscle dominance in vocal register control: preliminary results. TA
27  2014 Histopathological assessment of intrinsic laryngeal musculature in horses with dynamic laryngeal collapse. DLC
28  2014 Influence and interactions of laryngeal adductors and cricothyroid muscles on fundamental frequency and glottal posture control. ILMs, LCA/IA, TA
29  2014 Thyroarytenoid cross-innervation by the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve in the porcine model. eSLN, RLN, TA
30  2013 Comparative analysis on the efficiency of the injection laryngoplasty technique using calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA): the thyrohyoid approach versus the cricothyroid approach. CaHA, TH
31  2013 Cricothyroid muscle dysfunction impairs vocal fold vibration in unilateral vocal fold paralysis. LEMG, SF-36, TA-LCA, UVFP, VOS
32  2013 Reorganization of laryngeal motoneurons after crush injury in the recurrent laryngeal nerve of the rat. Amb, PCA, RLN, SLN, TA
33  2013 The influence of thyroarytenoid and cricothyroid muscle activation on vocal fold stiffness and eigenfrequencies. TA
34  2012 Aerodynamic and nonlinear dynamic acoustic analysis of tension asymmetry in excised canine larynges. SLNp
35  2012 Age-related changes in rat intrinsic laryngeal muscles: analysis of muscle fibers, muscle fiber proteins, and subneural apparatuses. PCA, TA
36  2012 Differences in neuromuscular junctions of laryngeal and limb muscles in rats. EDL, NMJs, PCA, SOL, TA
37  2012 Neuromuscular control of fundamental frequency and glottal posture at phonation onset. LCA, TA
38  2012 Prospective electromyographic evaluation of functional postthyroidectomy voice and swallowing symptoms. AVA, EBSLN, ILN, LEMG, MPT, TA, TT, VSL
39  2012 Restraining mechanisms in regulating glottal closure during phonation. TA
40  2011 Cooperative regulation of vocal fold morphology and stress by the cricothyroid and thyroarytenoid muscles. TA
41  2011 Laryngeal muscle activity and vocal fold adduction during chest, chestmix, headmix, and head registers in females. TA, VPs
42  2011 The clinical value of laryngeal electromyography in laryngeal immobility. LEMG, TA
43  2010 Comparative Analysis of Efficiency of Injection Laryngoplasty Technique for with or without Neck Treatment Patients: A Transcartilaginous Approach Versus the Cricothyroid Approach. TC
44  2010 Quantitative analysis of myosin heavy chain expression change in laryngeal muscle after irradiation in rats. MyHC, PCA, RT-PCR, TA
45  2010 Quantitative PCR analysis of laryngeal muscle fiber types. MyHC, PCA, SYBR-RT-PCR, TA
46  2009 An in vivo model of external superior laryngeal nerve paralysis: laryngoscopic findings. ESLN, FVLS
47  2009 Control of vocal fold cover stiffness by laryngeal muscles: a preliminary study. LCA, LSR, RLN, SLN, TA
48  2009 Effect of dystrophin deficiency on selected intrinsic laryngeal muscles of the mdx mouse. IA, ILM, SCA
49  2009 Exploring the phonatory effects of external superior laryngeal nerve paralysis: an in vivo model. ESLN
50  2009 Relationship between transglottal pressure and fundamental frequency of phonation--study using a rubber model. ---
51  2009 The nucleus retroambiguus control of respiration. EO, IIC, NRA, PAG
52  2008 Effects of a semioccluded vocal tract on laryngeal muscle activity and glottal adduction in a single female subject. LCA, TA
53  2008 Immunohistochemical analysis of myosin heavy chain expression in laryngeal muscles of the rabbit, cat, and baboon. EO, MyHC, PCA, TA
54  2008 Myosin heavy chain isoforms in human laryngeal muscles: an expression study based on gel electrophoresis. CrPh, IA, MyHC, PCA, TA, TPh, Vo
55  2008 The human cricothyroid muscle: three muscle bellies and their innervation patterns. ESLN
56  2007 A complex muscle fiber network in the cricothyroid muscle: a scanning electron microscopic study. ---
57  2007 Refinements in modeling the passive properties of laryngeal soft tissue. IA, LCA, PCA, TA
58  2007 The innervation of the posterior cricoarytenoid muscle: exploring clinical possibilities. IA, PCA, RLNs
59  2006 Electromyography findings of the cricopharyngeus in association with ipsilateral pharyngeal and laryngeal muscles. AAI, CP, EMG, IAI, IC, PCA, TA
60  2006 Patterns of laryngeal electromyography and the activity of the respiratory system during spontaneous laughter. EMG, LCA, PAG, PCA, TA
61  2005 Active and passive properties of canine abduction/adduction laryngeal muscles. IA, LCA, PCA, TA
62  2004 Correspondence between laryngeal vocal fold movement and muscle activity during speech and nonspeech gestures. TA
63  2004 Differential expression of myosin heavy chain isoforms between abductor and adductor muscles in the human larynx. LCA, MyHC, PCA, TA, VOC
64  2004 Fiber types in rat laryngeal muscles and their transformations after denervation and reinnervation. EO, IHC, mAbs, MyHCs, RLN, TA, TA-X
65  2004 Laryngeal electromyographic, cardiovascular, and respiratory effects of neuropeptide injections into the nucleus tractus solitarius of rats. BP, EMG, NKA, NTS, TA, VIP
66  2004 Laryngeal electromyography in normal Brazilian population. CAL, CAP, TA
67  2004 Laryngeal electromyography: technical features. CAL, CAP, LEMG, TA
68  2003 Substance P inputs to laryngeal motoneurons in the rat. LCS, PCA
69  2002 Different mechanism of vocal cord paralysis between spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA 1 and SCA 3) and multiple system atrophy. IA, MSA, PCA, SCA1, VCP
70  2002 Effect of substance P injection into the nucleus tractus solitarius of rats on cricothyroid and thyroarytenoid motor activity and cardiovascular and respiratory systems. BP, DMN, EMG, GR, NTS, SP, TA
71  2002 Effects of suture tension and surgical approach during unilateral arytenoid lateralization on the rima glottidis in the canine larynx. ANOVA, RG
72  2002 Electronic analysis of intrinsic laryngeal muscles in canine sound production. fs, ILM, PCA, RLN, SLN, TA
73  2002 Multi-MUP analysis of laryngeal muscles. MUP, TA
74  2002 Pitch-synchronous changes in the anterior cricothyroid space during singing. USG
75  2002 Post-thyroidectomy superior laryngeal nerve injury. EBSLN, LEMG, NHR
76  2002 Rules for controlling low-dimensional vocal fold models with muscle activation. LCA, PCA, TA
77  2002 Scanning electron microscopic study of the muscle fiber ends at the myotendinous junction in the posterior cricoarytenoid and cricothyroid muscles in rats. PCA
78  2002 Serotonin inputs to inspiratory laryngeal motoneurons in the rat. PCA
79  2002 The cricothyroid space: a guide for successful thyroidectomy. ---
80  2001 Control of vocal loudness in young and old adults. EMG, LCA, SPL, TA
81  2001 Inducing vocal register transition in an in vivo evoked phonation canine model. TA
82  2000 Monosynaptic inputs from the nucleus tractus solitarii to the laryngeal motoneurons in the nucleus ambiguus of the rat. CT-HRP, NTS, PCA
83  2000 Response of the cricothyroid and thyroarytenoid muscles to stereotactic injection of substance P into the region of the nucleus tractus solitarius in developing dogs. EMG, NTS, SP, TA
84  2000 Scanning electron microscopic study of the neuromuscular junctions of the cricothyroid and thyroarytenoid muscles in rats. TA
85  1999 Cricothyroid subluxation: a new innovation for enhancing the voice with laryngoplastic phonosurgery. ---
86  1999 Differential effects of clonidine on upper airway abductor and adductor muscle activity in awake goats. EMG, PCA, TA, TA
87  1999 Effect of intravenous substance P on laryngeal adductor activity in young dogs. EMG, SP, TA
88  1999 Geometric structure of the human and canine cricothyroid and thyroarytenoid muscles for biomechanical applications. TA
89  1999 Postnatal development of myosin heavy chain isoforms in rat laryngeal muscles. LCA, MHC, PCA, SDS-PAGE, TA
90  1998 Asymmetry of the laryngeal reflex responses to superior laryngeal nerve stimulation unrelated to the length of the recurrent nerves in the porcine model. SLN, TA
91  1998 Functional differences between the two bellies of the cricothyroid muscle. ---
92  1998 Myosin heavy chain composition in rat laryngeal muscles after denervation. LCA, MHC, PCA, SDS-PAGE, TA, VOC
93  1997 Activation of intrinsic laryngeal muscles during cough. AR, EMG, PCA, SLN, TA
94  1997 [Morphological development of the intrinsic laryngeal muscles in rat--a scanning electron microscopic and histochemical study]. EDL, ILMs, PCA, SNA, SOL, TA
95  1996 Differential effects of propofol, thiamylal and ketamine on the cricothyroid and posterior cricoarytenoid muscles of the canine larynx. EMG, PCA
96  1996 Influence of continuous positive airway pressure on EMG activities of the cricothyroid and posterior cricoarytenoid muscles of the canine larynx. CPAP, PCA, PEEP
97  1996 Laryngeal muscle activity during speech breaks in adductor spasmodic dysphonia. ADSD, PCA, ST, TA, TH
98  1995 Histochemical properties of intrinsic laryngeal muscles in cats. LCA, PCA, TA
99  1995 Morphology of the nerve terminals of laryngeal muscles in the Japanese monkey (Macaca fuscata). IA, LCA, PCA, TA
100  1995 Thyroid cartilage movements during breathing. ExSLN, PCA, RLN, TCD