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Abbreviation : DCL1
Long Form : Dicer-like 1
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 HYL1-CLEAVAGE SUBTILASE 1 (HCS1) suppresses miRNA biogenesis in response to light-to-dark transition. COP1, HCS1, HYL1, miRNA, SE
2022 RNA and Protein Determinants Mediate Differential Binding of miRNAs by a Viral Suppressor of RNA Silencing Thus Modulating Antiviral Immune Responses in Plants. AGO1, VSRs
2022 Unpaired nucleotides on the stem of microRNA precursor are important for precise cleavage by Dicer-like 1 in Arabidopsis. miRNA, pri-miRNA
2021 Direct Molecular Evidence for an Ancient, Conserved Developmental Toolkit Controlling Posttranscriptional Gene Regulation in Land Plants. DSRMs, dsRNA, HYL1
2021 Serrate-Associated Protein 1, a splicing-related protein, promotes miRNA biogenesis in Arabidopsis. miRNAs, pri-miRNAs, SEAP1
2021 Structural basis of microRNA processing by Dicer-like 1. miRNAs
2021 Systematic Characterization of MicroRNA Processing Modes in Plants With Parallel Amplification of RNA Ends. miRNAs, PARE, SPARE
2020 HUA ENHANCER1 Mediates Ovule Development. ARF6, HEN1, HYL1, TF
2020 Hyponastic Leaves 1 protects pri-miRNAs from nuclear exosome attack. D-bodies, HYL1, miRNAs, pri-miRNAs
10  2020 mRNA adenosine methylase (MTA) deposits m6A on pri-miRNAs to modulate miRNA biogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. HYL1, m6A, miRNAs, MTA, mta, pri-miRNAs, TGH
11  2020 The diversity of post-transcriptional gene silencing mediated by small silencing RNAs in plants. miRNA, nt, PTGS, siRNA, sRNAs
12  2019 Alternative use of miRNA-biogenesis co-factors in plants at low temperatures. HYL1, miRNAs, SE
13  2019 SERRATE, a miRNA biogenesis factor, affects viroid infection in Nicotiana benthamiana and Nicotiana tabacum. miRNA, PSTVd, SE
14  2018 Discovering Structural Motifs in miRNA Precursors from the Viridiplantae Kingdom. miRNA
15  2018 Regulation of Plant Microprocessor Function in Shaping microRNA Landscape. HYL1, SE
16  2017 Arabidopsis thaliana miRNAs promote embryo pattern formation beginning in the zygote. HYL1, SE, WT
17  2017 The SnRK2 kinases modulate miRNA accumulation in Arabidopsis. ABA, miRNAs, SE
18  2015 Asymmetric bulges and mismatches determine 20-nt microRNA formation in plants. miRNAs, nt
19  2015 Functional mapping of the plant small RNA methyltransferase: HEN1 physically interacts with HYL1 and DICER-LIKE 1 proteins. ---
20  2015 Genome-wide view of natural antisense transcripts in Arabidopsis thaliana. NATs, NPCs, PCs
21  2015 In vitro Reconstitution Assay of miRNA Biogenesis by Arabidopsis DCL1. IP, miRNAs, N. benthamiana, pri-miRNAs
22  2015 Repression of microRNA biogenesis by silencing of OsDCL1 activates the basal resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae in rice. ---
23  2015 The Roles of Arabidopsis CDF2 in Transcriptional and Posttranscriptional Regulation of Primary MicroRNAs. miRNA, pri-miRNAs
24  2014 Diversity, expression and mRNA targeting abilities of Argonaute-targeting miRNAs among selected vascular plants. AGO, mi
25  2014 Global and local perturbation of the tomato microRNA pathway by a trans-activated DICER-LIKE 1 mutant. miRNA
26  2014 Long non-coding RNAs: a novel endogenous source for the generation of Dicer-like 1-dependent small RNAs in Arabidopsis thaliana. lncRNAs, sRNAs
27  2014 miRNAs trigger widespread epigenetically activated siRNAs from transposons in Arabidopsis. AGO1, ddm1, het, met1, miRNAs, PTGS, RDR6, siRNAs, TGS
28  2014 Recovery of dicer-like 1-late flowering phenotype by miR172 expressed by the noncanonical DCL4-dependent biogenesis pathway. miRNAs
29  2013 Bidirectional processing of pri-miRNAs with branched terminal loops by Arabidopsis Dicer-like1. miRNAs, pri-miRNAs
30  2013 Dissecting the interactions of SERRATE with RNA and DICER-LIKE 1 in Arabidopsis microRNA precursor processing. miRNA, pri-miRNA, SE, ZnF
31  2013 Identification of miRNAs and miRNA-mediated regulatory pathways in Carica papaya. miRNAs
32  2013 Interaction of small RNA-8105 and the intron of IbMYB1 RNA regulates IbMYB1 family genes through secondary siRNAs and DNA methylation after wounding. sRNAs
33  2013 Uncovering DCL1-dependent small RNA loci on plant genomes: a structure-based approach. MFE, miRNA, sRNAs
34  2012 Genome-wide analysis of plant nat-siRNAs reveals insights into their distribution, biogenesis and function. cis-NATs, Pol IV, RDR2, siRNAs
35  2012 Genome-wide identification of reverse complementary microRNA genes in plants. miRNAs, RC, sRNAs
36  2011 Host-dependent suppression of RNA silencing mediated by the viral suppressor p19 in potato. AGO1, TBSV
37  2011 Misregulation of AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 8 underlies the developmental abnormalities caused by three distinct viral silencing suppressors in Arabidopsis. ARF8, mi, si, ta-si, TuMV, VSRs
38  2010 Cucumber mosaic virus 2b protein inhibits RNA silencing pathways in green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. AGO1, CMV2b
39  2010 DNA methylation mediated by a microRNA pathway. AGO1, lmiRNAs, miRNAs, nt
40  2010 siRNAs from miRNA sites mediate DNA methylation of target genes. AGO1, hc-siRNA, miRNA, Pol IV, RDRs
41  2009 A loop-to-base processing mechanism underlies the biogenesis of plant microRNAs miR319 and miR159. miRNA
42  2008 Genome-wide analysis for discovery of rice microRNAs reveals natural antisense microRNAs (nat-miRNAs). miRNAs, nat-miRNAs
43  2007 Location of a possible miRNA processing site in SmD3/SmB nuclear bodies in Arabidopsis. HYL1, miRNA, SE
44  2006 A diverse and evolutionarily fluid set of microRNAs in Arabidopsis thaliana. miRNAs, siRNAs
45  2006 Characterization of 43 non-protein-coding mRNA genes in Arabidopsis, including the MIR162a-derived transcripts. npcRNAs, ORF
46  2005 Germ line transcripts are processed by a Dicer-like protein that is essential for developmentally programmed genome rearrangements of Tetrahymena thermophila. DCR1
47  2004 Arabidopsis micro-RNA biogenesis through Dicer-like 1 protein functions. miRNAs