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Abbreviation : DF
Long Form : dark-field
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Characterization of Amorphous Solid Dispersions and Identification of Low Levels of Crystallinity by Transmission Electron Microscopy. ASDs, DSC, FEL, FTIR, HME, PVP/VA, PXRD, SAED, TEM
2021 Single gold nanostars with multiple branches as multispectral orientation probes in single-particle rotational tracking. AuNR, DIC, LSPR
2021 Structure-dependent amplification for denoising and background correction in Fourier ptychographic microscopy. FPM
2020 A search for apatite crystals in the gap zone of collagen fibrils in bone using dark-field illumination. BF, EDS, EELS, FIB, TEM
2020 Graphene/graphitic carbon nitride decorated with AgBr to boost photoelectrochemical performance with enhanced catalytic ability. CB, GNP, HAADF, TH, VB
2020 Resonance Coupling in an Individual Gold Nanorod-Monolayer WS2 Heterostructure: Photoluminescence Enhancement with Spectral Broadening. PL
2020 Single-particle spectroscopy and defocused imaging of anisotropic gold nanorods by total internal reflection scattering microscopy. LSPR, TIRS
2019 Characterization of Choroidal Nevi with Dark-Field Infrared Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy. CFP, SLO
2019 Correlation between the translational and rotational diffusion of rod-shaped nanocargo on a lipid membrane revealed by single-particle tracking. SA
10  2019 Improving the imaging capability of an on-axis transmission Kikuchi detector. BF, TKD
11  2019 Influence of the capping material on pyridine-induced chemical interface damping in single gold nanorods. CID, LSPR
12  2019 Microbubbles as a contrast agent in grating interferometry mammography: an ex vivo proof-of-mechanism study. CNR, DPC, GIM
13  2019 Polarization- and wavelength-dependent defocused scattering imaging of single gold nanostars with multiple long branches. LSPR
14  2019 Single-particle correlation study: chemical interface damping induced by biotinylated proteins with sulfur in plasmonic gold nanorods. CID, LSPR, SEM
15  2019 Single-particle Correlation Study: Polarization-dependent Differential Interference Contrast Imaging of Two-dimensional Gold Nanoplates. DIC
16  2019 Visualization of unstained DNA nanostructures with advanced in-focus phase contrast TEM techniques. SALVE, TEM, VPP
17  2018 Direct Visualization of Wavelength-Dependent Single Dipoles Generated on Single Gold Nanourchins with Sharp Branches. LSPR
18  2018 Single particle study: size and chemical effects on plasmon damping at the interface between adsorbate and anisotropic gold nanorods. ARs, CID, LSPR
19  2018 Synthesis of Iron Oxide/Gold Composite Nanoparticles Using Polyethyleneimine as a Polymeric Active Stabilizer for Development of a Dual Imaging Probe. IONPs, PAS, PEI
20  2018 Three-dimensional reconstruction and quantification of dislocation substructures from transmission electron microscopy stereo pairs. TEM
21  2018 Translation from murine to human lung imaging using x-ray dark field radiography: A simulation study. ---
22  2018 Two-color dark-field (TCDF) microscopy for metal nanoparticle imaging inside cells. NPs, TCDF
23  2018 Ultrafast laser printing of self-organized bimetallic nanotextures for multi-wavelength biosensing. EM, RGB, SEPL, SES
24  2017 Antibody Conjugated, Raman Tagged Hollow Gold-Silver Nanospheres for Specific Targeting and Multimodal Dark-Field/SERS/Two Photon-FLIM Imaging of CD19(+) B Lymphoblasts. NB, SERS, TEM, TPE-FLIM
25  2017 Graphene-supporting films and low-voltage STEM in SEM toward imaging nanobio materials without staining: Observation of insulin amyloid fibrils. LV-STEM, SE, SEM
26  2017 Platinum-coated Core-Shell Gold Nanorods as Multifunctional Orientation Sensors in Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy. DIC, Pt-AuNRs
27  2017 Single gold bipyramids with sharp tips as sensitive single particle orientation sensors in biological studies. DIC, LSPR
28  2017 Three-dimensional defocused orientation sensing of single bimetallic core-shell gold nanorods as multifunctional optical probes. Pd, Pt
29  2017 Transmission scanning electron microscopy: Defect observations and image simulations. BF, CTEM, SEM, STEM, TEM, TSEM
30  2016 Characterizing the optical properties of single palladium-coated core-shell gold nanorods as multifunctional orientation probes. DIC, Pd-AuNRs, SPR
31  2016 Controlling magnetic and electric dipole modes in hollow silicon nanocylinders. CL
32  2016 Elucidation of ultraviolet radiation-induced cell responses and intracellular biomolecular dynamics in mammalian cells using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. SERS, UV
33  2016 Invitro investigations of gold nanocages: Toxicological profile in human keratinocyte cell line. BF, HaCaT
34  2015 Analysis of HR-STEM theory for thin specimen. ADF, BF, CTF, WPA
35  2015 Biosynthesized silver nanoparticles performing as biogenic SERS-nanotags for investigation of C26 colon carcinoma cells. CRM, DIC, HaCaT, SERS
36  2014 An inexpensive approach for bright-field and dark-field imaging by scanning transmission electron microscopy in scanning electron microscopy. BF, STEM-in-SEM, TE, YAG
37  2014 Dark-field imaging based on post-processed electron backscatter diffraction patterns of bulk crystalline materials in a scanning electron microscope. EBSD, ECCI
38  2014 Limitations of haemozoin-based diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum using dark-field microscopy. BF
39  2014 Localization and relative quantification of carbon nanotubes in cells with multispectral imaging flow cytometry. BF, CNTs
40  2014 Nanostructured hybrid layered-spinel cathode material synthesized by hydrothermal method for lithium-ion batteries. BF
41  2014 Simultaneous orientation and thickness mapping in transmission electron microscopy. ---
42  2013 AC/AB stacking boundaries in bilayer graphene. DFT, STEM, TEM
43  2012 Use of astronomy filters in fluorescence microscopy. BF
44  2011 Domain (grain) boundaries and evidence of "twinlike" structures in chemically vapor deposited grown graphene. HRTEM, TEM
45  2010 Dependence of beam broadening on detection angle in scanning transmission electron microtomography. STEMT, TEMT
46  2009 Characterization of Si nanocrystals by different TEM-based techniques. Si-nc, STEM-ADF, TEM
47  2005 Dark-field transmission electron microscopy for a tilt series of ordering alloys: toward electron tomography. TEM
48  2005 Darkfield orthogonal polarized spectral imaging for studying endovascular laser-tissue interactions in vivo - a preliminary study. OPS
49  1997 Image contrast of biological macromolecules in electron microscopy under accelerated voltage. BF
50  1997 Image contrast of biological materials in high-voltage electron microscopy. BF
51  1990 Efficacy of azithromycin for therapy of active syphilis in the rabbit model. ---
52  1990 Prevalence of borreliae in Ixodes ricinus ticks from southern Moravia, Czechoslovakia. GS
53  1988 Processing of quantitative scanning transmission electron micrographs. EM, STEM