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Abbreviation : DF
Long Form : directed forgetting
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Directed forgetting in associative memory: Dissociating item and associative impairment. ---
2021 Forgetting positive social feedback is difficult: ERP evidence in a directed forgetting paradigm. AMP, LPP
2021 Metamemory and Memory Discrepancies in Directed Forgetting of Emotional Information. JOLs
2021 Separation of item and context in item-method directed forgetting. ---
2020 Can you voluntarily forget what you are planning to forget? Behavioral evidence for the underlying truth of the cost-benefit principle. ---
2020 Effects of acute exercise on directed forgetting. ---
2020 Eye movement analyses of strong and weak memories and goal-driven forgetting. ---
2020 Pre-experimental sleep effects on directed forgetting. WMC
2020 What can directed forgetting tell us about clinical populations? ---
10  2019 Can self-referential information improve directed forgetting? Evidence from a multinomial processing tree model. ---
11  2019 Can't forget: disruption of the right prefrontal cortex impairs voluntary forgetting in a recognition test. DLPFC, rTMS
12  2019 Differential impairment of positive and negative schizotypy in list-method and item-method directed forgetting. ---
13  2019 Directed forgetting for categorised pictures: recognition memory for perceptual details versus gist. ---
14  2019 Elaborately rehearsed information can be forgotten: A new paradigm to investigate directed forgetting. CR, ERP, LPC, TBF, TBR
15  2019 Forgetting cues are ineffective in promoting forgetting in the item-method directed forgetting paradigm. NC, RTs, TBF
16  2019 High-Intensity Acute Exercise and Directed Forgetting on Memory Function. ---
17  2019 Intentional inhibition but not source memory is related to hallucination-proneness and intrusive thoughts in a university sample. ICIM
18  2019 Intentionally remembering or forgetting own- and other-race faces: Evidence from directed forgetting. ORB
19  2019 Item-based directed forgetting for categorized lists: Forgetting of words that were not presented. ---
20  2019 Many ways to forget - Neurophysiology of directed forgetting mechanisms in schizophrenia. SCZ
21  2019 The role of forgetting cues in directed forgetting: Ceasing maintenance rehearsal. M-F, M-R
22  2018 Frontal Control Process in Intentional Forgetting: Electrophysiological Evidence. LPC
23  2017 Effects of cortisol on the memory bias for emotional words? A study in patients with depression and healthy participants using the Directed Forgetting task. MDD
24  2017 Item-method directed forgetting and working memory capacity: A hierarchical multinomial modeling approach. WMC
25  2017 Long-term effects of directed forgetting. ---
26  2017 Self-Referential Information Alleviates Retrieval Inhibition of Directed Forgetting Effects-An ERP Evidence of Source Memory. ERP, FN400, LPC, TBF
27  2017 Suppress to Forget: The Effect of a Mindfulness-Based Strategy during an Emotional Item-Directed Forgetting Paradigm. ---
28  2017 The challenge of forgetting: Neurobiological mechanisms of auditory directed forgetting. ---
29  2016 Directed forgetting of memories in cocaine users. ---
30  2016 Emotional contexts modulate intentional memory suppression of neutral faces: Insights from ERPs. LPP
31  2016 What Is the Effect of Basic Emotions on Directed Forgetting? Investigating the Role of Basic Emotions in Memory. TBF, TBR
32  2015 'Forget me (not)?' - Remembering Forget-Items Versus Un-Cued Items in Directed Forgetting. TBF, TBR, UI
33  2015 Neurophysiological correlates of emotional directed-forgetting in persons with Schizophrenia: An event-related brain potential study. ERP, LPP, SCZ
34  2014 The Role of Memory Traces Quality in Directed Forgetting: A Comparison of Young and Older Participants. RKG
35  2013 Intentional forgetting reduces the semantic processing of to-be-forgotten items: an ERP study of item-method directed forgetting. nDF
36  2013 Listwise directed forgetting is present in young-old adults, but is absent in old-old adults. ---
37  2013 Reduced directed forgetting for negative words suggests schizophrenia-related disinhibition of emotional cues. SCZ
38  2012 Emotion, directed forgetting, and source memory. F items
39  2011 Are patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder generally more doubtful? Doubt is warranted! OCD
40  2011 Directed forgetting: differential effects on typical and distinctive faces. ---
41  2011 Memory control in post-traumatic stress disorder: evidence from item method directed forgetting in civil war victims in Northern Uganda. PTSD
42  2009 Failing to report details of an event: a review of the directed forgetting procedure and applications to reports of childhood sexual abuse. CSA
43  2008 Memory awareness following episodic inhibition. RP
44  2005 Directed forgetting in schizophrenia: prefrontal memory and inhibition deficits. TBF, TBR
45  2005 Directed forgetting of autobiographical events. ---
46  2003 Disruption of inhibitory control of memory following lesions to the frontal and temporal lobes. RIF
47  2000 The impact of posthypnotic amnesia and directed forgetting on implicit and explicit memory: new insights from a modified process dissociation procedure. IUM, PHA
48  1989 Directed forgetting and posthypnotic amnesia: information processing and social contexts. PHA